Blaux portable ac august 2020 latest review: know these new facts before you buy

A hot weather is something any human being dwelling on this earth always pray against, it can be terrible for you when you have to work in an office with a faulty air conditioner or when the weather is just hot during the day. The air conditioner is an easy way out when it comes to getting rid of the heat.

But to acquire a good long lasting air conditioner unit and even maintaining it can force you to dig deeper into your purse. Moreover, the use of an air conditioner greatly adds to your electricity bills. You can’t just afford to be in a situation you would to pay over a 400 bucks per month just to fight the heat.

However, this is the case for developed countries with 24hr constant power supply, what of places with little or no power supply? Or area with naturally hot climate. So can we say that middle classed people are doomed because they cannot afford an air condition unit to fight the heat?

This summer has already started to give us hints that it’s coming with some extra hotness, so can there be a solution for this? Can something else much cheaper than an air conditioner do the trick? These have been the question on everyone’s lips and it’s probably the same kind of question on your mind right now.

Over the recent years, inventors have been able to come up with an idea and that is portable air coolers. One which we highly recommend to you is the blaux portable ac.  Don’t get us wrong there are other good and affordable portable air coolers in the market but we are going to specifically talk about the blaux portable ac and clear some doubts you as a potential buyer may have about this product. Let’s get to it then

What is blaux portable ac?

This is a portal personal air conditioner knows for its simple design and strong cooling power. This is a product that gives you an equal result in effectiveness to that of an actual air conditioner. This portable air cooler works is many beneficial ways, it does not just cool the arounf you it also works like an air filter by purifying the air around you. This portable cooler has a cube like shape which makes it less complex and easier to assess. It is a also rechargeable cooler that makes use of fast charge technology and a very long lasting battery life.

Due to its light weight you can carry it to where ever you want to go, so you do not have to about those trips anymore and you can also kiss goodbye to hot sweaty days during work. When the blaux portable ac is activated, as it provides coolness it also removes dust particles from air with the aid of its  filters this ensures the safety of consumers, so if you are having some kind of respiratory reaction due to dust particles that should not be a factor for you not to buy this product.

Furthermore, the key thing this company did in making this portable ac stand out is the power source, this is one key thing we look out for while reviewing products. This device is supported by a type C charger cord which makes easy for you to use it anywhere. You don’t have to worry about losing your charger since your phone charger can also do the trick so kudos to them.

What are the features of the blaux portable ac?

Now let’s talk about the distinctive features of this device

Simple design and portability

The device comes in white and grey making it blend with environment. Due to its compact size it can be easily moved from one place to the other without causing any inconvenience, the portability of this device makes it the no 1 demanded portable ac in the market as of this minute.

Powerful filters.

Another good feature of this device is its ability to purify the air around you using its air filters. Are you working in a place with potential air pollution? Then what’s keeping you from getting this unit? Majority of the deadly diseases that are life threatening these days are caused by air borne pollutants

This is one feature you having to look out for when getting a portable air cooler and the blaux portable ac has really done a good job of that.

Led indicators

This device comes with a led ring indicator which is seen on this surface this indicates if your device is on and working, you can also be aware if its charging or not the light indicator for charging is different from that of when the device is turned on. You can also know when your cooling unit is fully charged as well.

Noise free

This is one very important feature of the blaux portable ac. The portable ac makes when powered makes sound less than or equal to 40 db. This is conducive for customers who need high concentration in carrying out their activities

Long lasting battery

The most unique feature that made this portable ac a must have is its lasting cooling time, when fully charged the device can stay on for almost 24hrs with constant usage. This feature is also accompanied by its fast charging technology.

Technical facts about the blaux portable ac

  • Usb charging cable( type C)
  • Allows adjustment of fan speed levels
  • Noisless technology with around 40dB
  • Nominal power: DC5V
  • Run time: 8hours in first gear, 5 hours in second gear and 3.5 hours in the third gear

How do I use the blaux portable ac?

This device is made easy to use, there is no need there is no need to consult the user manual at all. On receiving this device, you need to charge it first. Only when it is fully charged can you be able to place it anywhere you want. The ice box is filled with water most preferably ice cold water or even better, ice cubes. As the ice water loses its chill the cooling air is discharged to the surrounding giving you a characteristic cool feel similar to that of a mounted ac

It is important to pay attention to the battery consumption during usage so that when the battery is low you can easily charge up. You can also improvise by using your power bank in case you find yourself in areas with low or faulty power supply.

To understand the usage of this mini air cooler perfectly for this image steps below.

Step 1

blaux portable ac usage step 1

Add water through the point indicated above the unit. most preferably ice cold water.

step 2

Insert the air filters, these filters can be replaced every 4-6 months

step 3

blaux portable ac usage step 3

Turn on the unit and enjoy the cool freshness

Is the blaux portable ac a scam?

Companies that venture into similar products are always trying to be competitive and will find way to bring down their counter parts. We can confidently tell you that the blaux portable ac is not a scam. Please ignore youtube videos bringing about this propaganda.

The only hitch you might get in this product is the delayed delivery time which is due to the corona virus pandemics. But the efficiency of this product is unquestionable. We are an independent review body and we don’t give reviews on our products without trying them out first.

Customer reviews on this device

“I used to think this device was a scam until I purchased on form my little girl. From the way she enjoys her sleep and how long it lasted over the nights blaux is really a life saver” –kelvin (USA)

“anytime I thought of going to work, I felt depressed because of the heat I always had to deal with everyday, thanks to blaux portable ac that feeling is gone for good” –javier (Colombia)

“I got one as a birthday gift for my grandmother last month and she is loving it” –kate (Australia)

Pros and cons


  • Long lasting battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Does not require mounting of any kind
  • Budget friendly
  • Can be used anywhere at home, in the car, at the office


  • Does not cover a large area just good for a room
  • Limited stock
  • Can only be purchased online

How much is the blaux portal ac?

The affordable price of this portable ac is what makes it one of the highiest portable coolers in the market today. The price of one unit of the blaux portable ac is at $89.99. it may interest you to know that there is an ongoing discount promo but that is only exclusive to purchasing it at their official site.

A lot of private online retail shops are maximizing this opportunity so we see no reason why you should not as a consumer.

That’s not all there are more discount packages you should know about.  You can get two units of this portable ac at $179.98, $202.48 for three units and $247.47 for four units of this portable ac

Where can I get my blaux portable ac

About the manufacture

“Blaux” is the brains behind this wonderful innovation. A company owed by Strong current enterprises based in in Hong Kong,

You can contact them through:

  • Email:
  • Phone (USA): 609-414-7087
  • Phone (Canada): 778-300-0854
  • Phone (UK): 08708200084
  • Phone (Australia & New Zealand): (02) 86078316
  • Address: 68308, G/F Kowloon east building 12 lei yue mun road, kwung tong Hong Kong

Where to buy blaux portable ac

To avoid being scammed we strongly advise that you place your orders from their official site by clicking here. The site is secured so you don’t have to worry about anything. Buying from the official site also gives you the chance to enjoy the great discount price this offer comes with.

Multiple payment options are available this include paypal, mastercard visa etc.

Do not worry about your payment information as the site provides a 256-bit SSL encryption which protects the privacy of your payment information.

Our final verdict on the blaux portable ac

The blaux portable ac can be considered to be an easy way out for the coming heat this summer is threatening to have. We would recommend you get this product that is if you are tired of the outrageous expecting your wall mounted ac constantly creats for you

This portable cooler cannot fully replace a wall air conditioner but it sure does the trick in purifying air around the room and giving you that cool and refreshing environment.

If you are having a faulty ac and cannot afford the high cost of a new one then this device is for you. If the goal is to cool  very big areas like churches or a vast staff room then this device is not for you as its coverage is only limited to 45yards(a small room) the only way to get that efficiency for a large amount of space is if you buy more than one unit of this portable air cooler.

We would also like to give you ways by which you can make the best out of your air coolers

  1. Always fill the tank with water most preferably ice cold water and include some ice cubes
  2. Change the filters from time to time a filters effect can last up to 2 months after which you need to change it. The used filters can be washed with detergent and re used again
  3. Don’t forget to charge it after usage.

This product is current the best buy in the quest for portable air coolers. It is worth every penny and it would help improve your daily activities.

we hope you enjoyed this review

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