Easy waxoff wax remover August 2020 review: the new and safest way to remove earwax

easy waxoff review

We all know how uncomfortable it could get when there is earwax filled in our ears, it could be a serious problem if the wax stays too long in our ears. Don’t get us wrong ear wax has its importance it helps to remove dead skin cells and other debris from the ear canal. Earwax lowers the risk of infection and prevents the ear canal from feeling itchy. It also helps to reduce irritation caused when water enters the ear canal.

However, when the body overproduces this earwax, it poses a great threat to us. The overproduced earwax can build up and block our ear canal thereby causing serious complications.

The ear is an import part of our body and it is important to take care of it by removing excess build-up of wax. One of the common ways people make use of is the use of cotton buds or q-tips but is it totally safe? Inserting cotton bud into the ear can cause earwax blockage. This is because the cotton bud tends to push the wax further down the ear canal.

Use of other objects to clean earwax is also unadvisable as it is unhygienic. People tend to use match sticks, small metals and even their car keys to remove wax, if you’re among such people please abstain from that method because these objects can end up causing injuries to the ear canal.

There are many recommended methods that you need to see the doctor to help you out with, but there is a new and safer way to remove excess wax we would like to recommend to you. Yes, it’s a product and the name is easy waxoff wax remover. We will tell you all you need to know about this product and by the time you’re done with this article you would see more than enough reasons to acquire this product. Stay with us.

What is this easy waxoff wax remover?

This is a hand held device that thoroughly removes buildup earwax from the ear. It comes with a spiral tip which can be able to reach spaces the q-tips cannot, the spiral tips are made of silicon and can cause no damage to your ear canal when usage unlike the q-tips which can cause pain and push the wax further down the ear canal.

It does a thorough job in cleaning the ears of not only excess wax but dust particles, debris consisting of bacteria and fungi. The soft tip won’t irritate the ear or scratch it, unlike dry cotton buds that can rub uncomfortably on the skin.

Easy waxoff can also be re-used, unlike the q-tip which you have to discard after first use, the tip of your easy waxoff can be washed off with soap and water allowing it to be used repeatedly

More over the device can be used by anyone of any age without any risk.

What are the specifications and features of the easy waxoff?

  • The easy waxoff is made up of plastic and soft silicone.
  • Weighs about 28g
  • The handle is rubber coated and easy to grip and use
  • Package include 1 handle 16 silicone tips
  • Comes in color combination of white and blue
  • Easy successful ear cleaning wax remover
  • Can be used by all age grades
  • Soft spiral tips to avoid injuring the ear

How does it work?

The only way you can tell the efficiency of this product is if you use it, only then will you understand the importance of having this remover kit in your home.

The spiral silicone cleaner tip has been designed to be able to fit into the human ear canal much perfectly, after which a soft, gentle and thorough cleaning in done when the handle is slightly rotated. When you rotate the handle of the device, the spiral tip spirally and softly drills through the wax collecting the debris as the process continues the excess of drilling through the wax build up is to avoid pushing wax further into the ear canal.

After usage the soft tip can be washed and kept for future usage.

Advantages of easy waxoff

  • Easy to use: it removes earwax in an easier and safer way compared to cotton buds and other objects. It require no special skill to use. Just remove earwax by screwing the handle as directed by the arrow sign on it. There is not much to learn in using this product, just attach the silicone tip and slightly rotate to clear.
  • Saves cost: everybody is not the same, there are people who produce a greater number of excess wax daily or weekly as the case maybe, there by having to go visit the doctor to get their ear wax removed and it sure costs a lot of money. If you’re seeing this review and you fall in this category then this product will favor you a lot because with your affordable easy waxoff, you get to save money and save your time as well.
  • Non disposable: this is an environmental friendly advantage this product gives, the tips can be washed and reused unlike other cleaning kits that have to be constantly and properly disposed.
  • No age segregation: what we mean by this is that the easy waxoff is meant for anyone of any age or size, the gentility of the silicone tips is conducive for even the tenderest ears. That is why the kit comes with tips of different sizes to fit different ear holes  
  • Painless when using: the soft silicon tip allows for smooth and painless removal of wax blockage in the ear helping you maintain a healthy ear canal. The soft spiral tip enables you to remove wax from the ear canal without irritating the soft parts of the ear

How much is the easy waxoff?

You can get your product at a whopping 50% discount but only if you purchase from their site, please not that some individuals buy this kit at discount price and re sale it to you at the initial price so take advantage of this opportunity and get your discount.

With the 50% discount you get a unit of your easy waxoff wax remover kit at $49 from the regular $98.

 There are more sweet offers, you can get three packs of this product for $98 and five packs for $135

But this is only exclusive to their site and remember, other retail stores are taking advantage of this discount. So be sure to enjoy your discount from here.

Furthermore, every order is currently qualified for free shipping worldwide that is only through the website.

Why should I buy this wax remover?

Well to be frank with you, easy waxoff is the only way to perfectly clean wax built up in your ear without having to visit a doctor. Quote us anywhere no other cleaning tool with perfectly get wax out of your ears other than this!

Q-tips will not even come close to getting the job done, it will only complicate issues for you by pushing wax deep down your ear canal putting you at risk of infection or even hearing lose.

Another reason you should consider having this product is that it is non-disposable one you buy it all you need to do is to wash it and reuse it so think about how economic that could be for you.

Where and how can I buy mine easy waxoff?

Easy waxoff can be easily purchased online from the manufacturer’s website. Through this you are sure to get the original product and not to get scammed of your hard earned money

Only through the manufacturer’s site can you enjoy the ongoing 50% discount. Get your easy wax off through this steps

  • Go to their official site by clicking here
  • Choose the number of units you want to buy
  • Enjoy the amazing discount
  • Get rid of your old Q-tips!

Why remove earwax?

As mentioned earlier, earwax, also known as cerumen has its importance. It helps to trap debris and infectious bacteria that could be harmful to the ear canal.

It’s natural for the body to produce earwax, but over time, the body can overproduce this earwax which can be a problem as it can cause itching and make you uncomfortable. Too much of earwax can also temporarily mute your hearing ability or even cause tinnitus (a perception of noise such as ringing sound).

Earwax is a good thing but in small amounts that’s is why it is important to constantly remove wax from your ear from time to time.

Other removal methods you should not try

In as much as it is important to practice removal of earwax at home there are methods that we strongly advise you to abstain from and not do at home without directions from your doctor. These methods are unsafe to practice at home on your own

  • Using of cottons swabs: sadly some makers of cotton swabs don’t even make the original thing anymore, a lot of people complain about the cotton wool of the swabs being stuck in their ears after usage. You can imagine how terrible that is. Furthermore, cotton swabs don’t do a nice job at all as they tend to push the wax further down the ear canal causing today blockage. So if you are fund of using swabs to remove wax, you might want to abstain from that from that on.
  • Using other items: avoid using items like match sticks, car key tips, spoon tips even pen tops to remove wax from your ear. It is unhygienic and you can easily get your ears infected through this. A lot of bacterial infections in the ear are caused through this method. You can also cause irritations and wounds to your ear canal causing you pain.
  • Avoid candling: this involves inserting a long, hollow tube made of fabric soaked in beeswax into your ear and lighting the other end. This is said to create suction through the tube and draw out wax. The truth is this method does not actually work! The wax you think it draws out is melted wax from the candle itself, it is very risky as it could add more wax into your ears and you are at risk of having your ear burned from the lit candle.
  • Irrigation: this is actually a good method of earwax evacuation, but the problem here is that it is unsafe to do it on your own, when you introduce warm water into your ear canal you ought be in certain position to make sure the water doesn’t enter you inner ear and that is a big problem, you need the help of your practitioner to carry out this method. This method takes skill to accomplish. So please don’t apply this method at home.


With your soft tip rotating ear cleaning clean you are sure of properly getting rid of wax blockage without any pains at all and most importantly, without having to visit your doctor from time to time and spend those big bucks. It reaches where the q-tips cannot and does a thorough job removing stubborn dry wax as well.

We highly recommend this product, it is currently the safest and the most effective home earwax removal kit for now.


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