BiteEraser August 2020 latest review: Avoid being scammed, you need to read this first

BiteEraser review

Bites from insects can be really irritating, not only does it give your skin a characteristic rough look but it also makes you uncomfortable. Some bites from insects can lead to serious outcomes in some cases the outcome can be fatal. Skin inflammations caused by insect bites should not be overlooked for any reason. Some insect stings such as bee stings can cause a hitch to the follow of blood that’s if the affected area is directly above the vein.

Insect bites like mosquito bites exposes the victims to dreaded ailments like malaria and yellow fever. So you see, nothing good ever comes from an insect bite.

Even if our immune system could help us neutralize the dangers of these bites some insects have a tendency of leaving signature bite marks on the skin of their victims most especially young kids. That’s why you see children with uneven skin color on their arms and legs.

Insect bites that are dangerous include bees, mosquitoes, wasp, tse tse fly, fire ant etc. people stick to the use of some skin ointments to relief themselves from insect bites. But this is risky some of these ointments contain chemical compound which some peoples’ skins may react negatively to.

We have had people complain of skin burns or swellings after using such ointments. We are glad to tell you there is a cheaper and safer method to get free from insect bites and get that good health you have always wanted for your kids. We want to tell you about the biteEraser.

Stay with us in this article as we tell you all you need to know about this product.

What is biteEraser?

This is a compact hand held suction pencil-like gadget which effectively removes active elements from mosquito and other insect bites, it does not emit any form of chemical substance when being applied. The biteErazer gives instant relief from itchiness and pains caused by insect bite by the use of thermal pulse technology.

biteErazer review

When you are bitten by an insect it injects some micro-organisms into you tissues these micro-organisms can be bacteria. When these bacteria are injected into the tissues of the skin it causes inflammation which is the bump or rash you see on your skin after being bitten.

The biteEraser does its trick by emitting of heat and vibration from its tip when applied to the inflamed area, the heat instantly kills the bacteria from the tissues and gives an instant relief from the itching.

How does the biteEraser work?

BiteErazer uses thermal pulse technology (heat) to stop bite irritations

The main thing that makes biteEraser stand out is the earlier mentioned fact about bacteria being easily destroyed by heat. So there is a guaranteed immediate relief when you use the biteEraser. It is better you use this device within 4 hours of the bite to get a better result.

What are features of the biteEraser?

  • Compact and portable: This is light, hand held and can easily be carried to anywhere you are going to, you can easily slide it into your pocket. It can be held by anyone even a child.
  • LED indicator: a key feature that lets you know that the device is working is the red LED ring at the tip which comes on when the button at the left side of the device is pressed.
  • Powerful AA battery: to generate enough heat to facilitate the killing of these inflammatory pathogens the biteErazer makes use of two AA batteries to do its trick.
  • Metal plate: this is the part located at the tip of this device that vibrates and heats up when applied to the affected area.
  • The on button: this powers the device when the on button is held the red LED light turns on and then can you use the device.

Why is this device better than ointments?

This device is preferable to some creams or ointments because it doesn’t release any chemical substances unlike the ointments and in some cases customers often complain of some adverse skin reaction as a result of applying cream. The truth is some of these creams contain chemicals that tend to affect for skin integrity in the process of getting rid of insect bite so why put yourself and your family at such risk?

biteEraser review

Another point to consider in choosing this device is that its save to be with anyone even a little child it poses no threats at all.

Pros and cons of the biteEraser


  • Easy to use
  • Simple sleek design
  • Does not emit any form of chemicals and drugs
  • The  biteErazer is highly Portable
  • Harmless: this device poses no threat to the user in any way
  • Can be re-used


  • There is need to avoid the device coming in contact with water
  • There is a lot of fake biteErazers going on sale in the market as of now, it is always advisable to buy this device from the official site only then are you assured of getting the original one

Who can use this device?

This is an important point of this review, not anyone is allowed to use this device, kids under the age of 4 years old are not advised to use this device for any reason because their skins are still too tender.

biteEraser review

But other than that, anyone else can enjoy this device even the elderly ones   

How do I use the biteEraser?

This device is made to be easy and straight forward in using almost anybody can use it even children. It does not require any special skill at all.

biteEraser review
  1. First of all you have to make sure the batteries are in place.
  2. Turn on the device by pressing and holding the single button the red ring LED light around the metal plate is how you know the device is on
  3. While still holding the button pressed place the metal plate surface directly on the inflamed area
  4. Hold that position for 45 seconds and allow the heat and vibration of the metal surface to work on the inflamed area then remove the device and release the “on” button

It is important not to exceed this 45 seconds usage time, after that you will notice an instant free flow of blood throughout the tissue and hence the inflammation gone.

What are the benefits of using this device?

Instant relief

You get an instant relief from the pain, swelling and the itchiness caused by the bites of these harmful insects when you use the biteEraser

No side effects

There is absolutely no side effects in using this product due to the fact that it contains no chemical component nor drugs and this is the edge this insect bite remover has given other similar products in the market.


Why go for an expensive cream that can be exhausted during usage? Why not go for something that you can keep using till you get tired of it. This is another thing you stand to gain when you acquire the product. The product is durable can’t be discarded and will still work perfectly well in years of usage.

Works on different bites

All bites are not the same and sadly many bite remover gels are specific to remove a particular kind of bite. But with your biteEraser you are sure of taking care of any type of insect bite and get a quick relief.

How to I purchase this device?

It is important not to get scammed by dubious people, to avoid falling a victim it is highly advisable you make your purchase from their official site.

Buying from their official site qualifies you to enjoy in the ongoing discount promo which is time based so hurry now and get your biteEraser at some sweet discounts.

The site is fast and your payment information is always protected with the 256-Bit SSL encryption.

Money-back guarantee.

The company is will to offer their customers a 30 days money back guarantee should the customer later feel a need not to want the product anymore. Here are some guidelines to facilitating you refund

  1. You must return the product with the package unused and untampered,
  2. When you contact the company’s customer care about the refund, the agent will provide you a return facility address where you are to take the product to.
  3. Once the returned package gets shipped contact the customer care of the company again and provide them with the package’s tracking number
  4. You will get an email confirming the refund just after the company receives and approves the refund
  5. Your full refund will be transferred to your account in two working days this excludes your shipping cost and handling fee

Funny enough we can tell you without bias that no customer has ever asked for a refund because this product will always deliver. The company putting the money-back guarantee is because they trust the efficiency of this product.


Going on that hiking trip shouldn’t be a thing of worry to you anymore when you have your biteEraser with you.

Now you have known about the biteEraser we hope you can finally be decisive about getting this device. Bites from insects should not be underrated one bit, it can cause very sever outcomes to you. So don’t take that risk at all. Get this device now, it’s very affordable.

We would always tell our visitors about the best ways to better their lives. We can guarantee you that this device will do more than serve its purpose.

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