Is spinal trax a good device? shocking reveal!!(2023 update)

Spinal trax review

Back pain is basically the worst kind of pain you can ever have, it is gradually becoming one of the major reasons people visit their doctors more often or even miss work. Statistically, an average 10 in 100 people complain of back pain every day. Back pain can adversely affect your work productivity as most times the pain is to bothersome to allow you concentrate. Back pain can also interfere with your daily activities or exercise making it difficult for you to bend, lift or in some cases run.

People that work longer hours in office are more at risk of developing lower back pain over time. This is as a result of constant sitting position they have to maintain over a long period of time. This change in posture can lead to extensive pressure on your back, causing it to contract and compress on itself. This can lead to pinched nerves which triggers middle or lower back pain.

Moreover, people that work at labor industries like construction workers also present with back pain as a result of constant lifting and usage of their back muscles. Unfortunately Back pain has become so common that individuals that lead an active lifestyle can also develop it. If you are into bodybuilding you may have experienced back pain at one point.   

People that experience back pain more often are the seniors. Age may not be the main factor influencing back pain but it is one of the primary factors, many more factors influence back pain they include; excessive tobacco intake, overweight and posture.


The funny thing is that back pains may develop without any specific cause. It may not be caused by some underlying health issues. 

However in many cases, some conditions can be commonly linked to back pain and they include:

  • Swollen/herniated disc: disc act as cushions between the vertebrae in your spine. The bulging of this disc can press on a nerve and cause excruciating pain. Herniated disc may develop as a result of trauma to the back or advancement in age.
  • Bad sleeping posture: this is one of the leading causes of back pain. You can develop back pain over the night if you sleep in an uncomfortable position. People that sleep on sub-standard mattresses, with collapsed foam are at higher risk of developing back pain and stiffness. This occurs are a result of the adverse manipulation of the vertebral arrangement. When this vertebrae arrangement is altered, the person wakes up with back stiffness and pain which in turn affects their whole daily routine
  • Muscle cramp: continuous contraction of the muscles of the back as a result of heavy lifting or sudden awkward movement can leave you with back pain
  • Lower back sciatica: this is quite common in men, most especially men who sit on their wallets. This causes a pressure on your hip bone and nerve leaving you with lower back pain.
  • Arthritis: osteoarthritis can affect lower back, in most cases, arthritis in the spine can lead to narrowing around the spinal cord making bending practically impossible


Due to how back pain affects daily activities, people are willing to do anything possible to get rid of it. A more welcomed idea is the use of analgesic. Analgesics are group of drugs used to achieve pain relief. Now what people do not know about these drugs is that they tend to have side effects. For instance, analgesics aggravates stomach pains in individuals with peptic ulcer   

The good news about most back pains is that is goes away on its own without the need to see any doctor. However, some types of back pain needs urgent solutions and this is where the new spinal trax comes in. spinal trax promises to be the best solution for instant back pain relief

Spinal trax is a new device built for the sole purpose of putting an end to your lower or middle back pain. This device is already beginning to make a good name for itself as customers are already giving it an average of 4.8 star review. But could this just be a marketing strategy? Keep reading to find out.

Many customers are already calling it the best alternative to visiting a chiropractor which would originally cost you close to a $1000 per appointment. The worst part of it all is that you need a professional chiropractor because it requires a lot of skill. An unqualified chiropractor can put you at far greater risk of paralysis. So why pay so much for such a risk while you can pay far less with minimum risk.

The positive reviews showered on spinal trax raised my curiosity on this device. Also I have had lower back pain for quite a while so it was a perfect opportunity to test it out. This review article is made in respect to my experience with the spinal trax.

In this review I am going to be telling you every piece of information you may need on the spinal trax including where you can order yours. The goal is to help your determine if spinal trax is the perfect device for you or not.

So the big question remains is spinal trax the best solution for back pain or is this just another over hyped gadget? You will get the answer you need as you keep reading this article

Without wasting your time let’s get on with it.


The spinal trax is a lumbar traction device which is used for relief of lower back pain. It is currently the best alternative to physical therapy which is usually expensive through regular appointments.

This is a cervical traction device that provides an all-in0one lumbar treatment system for relieving lower back pain. Spinal trax is FDA approved and that’s not all, it also has the backing of highly reputable health physicians.

The spinal trax has a characteristic convex design traction therapy which makes use of different unique traction modes to effectively restore your lumbar spine to its original curvature.


Spinal trax works its magic using spinal traction therapy. Here, the spinal trax creates heat and vibratory reaction to help loosen the muscles and creates a traction to open up the vertebrae taking pressure of the nerve and giving you instant lower back relief.

In addition to this spinal trax is very easy to use in the comfort of your home when you place under your lower back, you also have the liberty of selecting any preferred head level that suits you. This improves circulation and loosen up the muscles.  As the device inflates, it opens up your spine to relief any pressure in between the vertebrae giving you that relief you so desired.

It also produces electrical stimulations and so sends electrical pulse into your muscles which helps them to twitch and helps relief muscle tension as well as pain.

This goes to prove that spinal trax does an all in one job of relieving muscle strain as well as spine pressure which are the two major causes of lower back pain.

Spinal trax makes use of DC only this means it has no batteries, simply plug it to the wall socket anytime you want to use it. It also come with a wired remote control which helps you to select you desired heat level and vibration frequency.


  1. STABILIZED BASE: this is another interesting feature of the spinal trax along with its ergonomic design it also has a stable flat base which makes it lap so well on any flat surface. This makes it conducive for your usage at home.
  2. ADJUSTABLE HEAT MASSAGE THERAPY: the spinal trax has three different heat level settings to select from, this helps to improve blood flow to the lower back and relief muscle spasm.
  3.  FULL BODY EMS MASSAGE THERAPY: if you think spinal trax is just for lower back pain, think again. It also comes with an EMS (electrode massage pads), which can be used to massage any part of the body (legs, arm, shoulders) this massage pads offer direct stimulation to relief tension.
  4. LOW FREQUENCY PULSE ELECTROTHERAPY: this enables the spinal trax to send electric pulse at low frequency to the muscles of the lower back to relief muscle tension
  5. ERGONOMIC DESIGN: this feature allows you to experience comfort while using spinal trax. In fact it laps so well beneath your lower back that you would think it was made especially for you. This makes spinal trax stand out among its competitors
  6. REMOTE CONTROLLER: spinal trax also makes it very easy for you to select or inter-change the heat level or vibration frequency to your desired frequency with ease without changing your position.


Generally spinal trax has a whooping average of 4.8 out of 5 star rating and there honestly is no doubt. It has really set a pace that other competitors can only dream to reach.

The number one specialty of the spinal trax is its multi-purpose competence it taking care of back pain. In addition to its decompression property, it also makes use of heating technology. This makes it an all-purpose massager for relief from back pain caused from muscle spasms or lumbar vertebrae stiffness. This makes it far better than the traditional spine stretchers.

The traditional spine stretchers may only relief tension on your spinal to a little extend which does not totally take away the pain. However the spinal trax does an excellent job accurately opening up the vertebrae and relieving pressure.

Furthermore, making use of the spinal trax has proven to be much more precise than visiting a chiropractor for your lower back pain. An untrained physiotherapist may do you more harm than good. To book appointment with a well train chiropractor is very expensive. Why spend so much money when you have the better option of getting spinal trax for a fraction of that high price.

spinal trax reviews

The good news is that most of the medical practitioners now recommend the spinal trax to their patients.

Now one thing I really adore about spinal trax is versatility and its proficiency in giving a full body massage therapy. This is made possible with its electrode massage pads which makes it possible to relief muscle tension pains in your legs, arms or shoulders.


The ergonomic design of the spinal trax made it really easy to use, you don’t need any extra skill or to consult the manual to use it. I was made to really self-explanatory to the users. I will give you three simple steps through which you can make use your spinal trax


Set the spinal trax on a flat surface and connect the cable to the wall socket


Lay your lower back across the EMS segment of the spinal trax


Start the device with your remote control and enjoy the best of lumbar tension relief


Spinal trax can only be purchased online and cannot be seen in any physical store. In as much as you may dislike this idea it is actually for a good reason. Ordering your device online not only ensures that you don’t get ripped of your hard earn money but also qualifies you to enjoy the price slash of up to 50% discount. To purchase your spinaltrax ems massager simply click the link below.

The site also makes use of a 3D SSL checkout security to ensure the safety of your card information

The website also gives you the freedom to choose from multiple checkout options you can make use of your credit card (AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, Discover), you can check out with your PayPal account or you can make use of Google pay.


A single unit of the spinaltrax ems massager will cost you $120


Serene living is offering a 30 days money back guarantee for all unsatisfied purchases. So if you are not really thrilled with your order all you have to do is to post it back to them and you will get your full refund or replacement.

This offer is exclusive to only purchases made through the official website


INSTANT RELIEF FROM BACK STIFFNESS: spinal trax gives you instant relief from back pain thanks to it 3 different heat levels that improves circulation and loosens the muscles, this takes away muscle spasm in a snap of a finger and give you full relief.

RESTORE NATURAL CURVATURE OF THE SPINE: back pain is most times caused by bad sitting postures. The role of spinal trax is to loosen the vertebrae and thereby restoring the spine back to its original curvature and improves your posture as a whole

RELIEF FROM SCIATICA PAIN: spinal trax also helps relief lower back sciatica, this is achieved by the vibratory decompression of the vertebrae which loosen up the tension on the nerves and furthermore, the heating mechanism of the spinal trax helps to relax the muscles which may also be causing pressure on the nerves

REGAIN FULL MOTION AROUND THE NECK AREA: when you have a good posture you get to enjoy a full range of motion. No more difficulty in bending over or difficulty maintaining a sitting position.

REGAIN QUALITY TIME WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY: your friends may not really understand the kind of pain you are going through and if you are not active as they are they may feel you don’t want to hang around them, spinal trax is here to make you spend quality time with your friends and family without any dull moments.

SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY: booking appointments with chiropractors cost a lot of money, in a moment I have sent up to $2500 just for appointments. But with just a fraction of the price I put an end to that and also saved a lot of money.

REDUCE RECURRING ONSET OF BACK PAIN: it is highly possible for back pains to re-occur especially if you work in a sitting position for hours. By constantly using spinaltrax the risk of back pain recurrence is greatly reduced to the barest minimum.



  • A multi-purpose massager for both spine and muscle tension relief
  • Very easy to use
  • High precision in back pain relief
  • Very affordable when compared to visiting a chiropractor.
  • Helps improve your body posture.


  • Spinaltrax runs on direct power source from wall sockets and does not make use of a battery.
  • I can hardly fit into bags so you may have a problem taking it with you to anywhere you want to go.
  • Spinal trax can only be purchased online.
  • There is currently limited stock available so if you’re interested in getting this device, you might want to hurry..


In as much as spinaltrax proves to be a suitable back pain relief too for everyone of any weight class. It is also important to note that not everyone should use the spinal trax device. If you have osteoporosis or osteoarthritis please do not use spinaltrax for yourself at all.

It is always highly advisable to talk with your physician first before the decision to use this device is made


Don’t just take my word for it, see what other verified customers around the world feel about the spinaltrax

I have been in major discomfort in my lower back for years and particulary painful during the past couple of months after the first 15 minutes session on this spinaltrax…….. The relief!!!!! thank you so very, very much for producing a machine that actually really works. Way better than pilates, floor roller racks, pain relieving drugs and most massagers!! Much Joy.

Mark C. P. Thompson

Everyone asking about the price, it is an amazing product my back is terrible after a carrier of nursing before hoists etc, let me tell you this works and you feel like your having a full on treatment i never write reviews but having been a sufferer of debilitating pain, this is a no brainer the results are amazing.

Fiona Lydon



Spinaltrax lumber traction is an awesome must have device, at first it gave the impression of another common marketing hype. However, when I examined this product I found out that it was really worth every praise thrown at it.

I highly recommend getting the spinal trax. Using it doesn’t take time at all, you only need 10 minutes. If you staying longer sitting hours at work you should know that the possibility of developing back pain is high and if you already have one. Spinal trax is here for you and the good news is that it is affordable.

Spinal trax is not just limited to people who work longer hours in the office, if you are a workout enthusiast you will definitly need the spinal trax to losen up you back muscles especially after heavy workouts.

Spinal trax can also help loosen up muscle tension in your legs, arms, shoulders through its electrode massage pad to give you a full body massage therapy.

It is true that the price of spinaltrax is quite high but when you compare it with thousands of dollars you spend visiting your physio you can see that its actually a good deal. Futhermore spinal trax is a quality product built using durable materials, this will make it stand the test of time, in other words spinal trax will serve you and your family as long as you want it to.

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