New Hvn sleep mask review 2021: Could it be a scam?

HVN sleep mask review

The truth forever remains that no one is a fan of snoring. The sound can be torturing for anyone close by. This may sound funny but snoring can really affect relationships. Your girlfriend may always start having second thoughts on coming over at your place to spend the night.

Snoring can be simply defined as a harsh and coarse sound generated along the airways when breathing is partly obstructed during sleeps. Snoring occurs when air flows pass a relaxed muscle tissue in your throat. The vibrations of the tissue as this occurs generates the harsh sound you hear.

A lot of factors can cause snoring and a common cause is by having a bad sleeping habit. A lot of people sleep in positions that causes the neck to bend in such a way that the airway is slightly obstructed. Thereby making the space for air passage very minimum.

There are other factors that can bring about snoring and they include;

  1. Mouth anatomy: this factor vary in people, having a low and thick soft palate can narrow your airways and cause snoring
  2. Being overweight: people that are overweight may actually have extra tissues in the back of their throats, these tissues narrow there airways and increases their chances of snoring during sleep.
  3. Alcohol consumption: consuming too much alcohol can also make you snore especially when the alcohol is taken close to bedtime.  Alcohol relaxes the throat muscles and decreases your natural resistance to airway obstruction.
  4. Nasal problems: if you have a chronic nasal congestion between your nostrils the chances of you snoring during sleep can increase.
  5. Gender: In the world today the males are statistically more in percentage of people that snore compared to the females because of the naturally big body volume in the males.

In the United States approximately 3.4 million suffer from snoring. But the seriousness vary a lot and most times not life threatening given if there is no breathing disorder.

Snoring does not just leave a mark on the people around you, it leaves a mark on you. You may think snoring during sleep is a good thing but the truth is, it is not totally good, snoring can deprive you of a good night sleep especially when you are with someone. You find yourself being woken up and every couple of minutes by your partner. Tell me, is that any fun? I don’t think so

When you are deprived of a goodnight sleep? Your chances of having a productive day is highly limited because you’re going to be tired throughout that day.

Furthermore, constant vibration of the soft palate increases your thirst, and that is why you get up at nights to get a glass of water. Snoring can also endanger your health by putting you at a greater risk of heart conditions, high blood pressure and stroke!

Apart from the health complications snoring can also affect an individual self-esteem. People that snore often find it difficult sleeping outside home because they are often insecure what people might think of them.

People tend to seek for solutions for snoring some go through the extent of wearing jaw masks and bands to keep their mouths closed during sleep. And honestly that does not work in fact, it exposes you to more danger of shortness of breath which can be very fatal.

Today we are going to be looking at a new product that just entered the market and that is the famous HVN sleep mask. A lot of people have been talking about this device some still confused if it really works, so I took my time to make my personal research on the mask

So is the Hvn mask legit or a scam? Let’s find out.

What is hvn sleep mask?

This is an anti-snoring device that uses an advances electronic bio feedback to instantly stop snoring. It works by detecting your snoring and sends a counter vibration which stops the snoring immediately. The vibration this device generates is very mild and can never disrupt your peaceful sleep.

HVN sleep mask review

This device has the characteristic shape of a face mask which makes it easy to make use of without stress unlike many other anti-snore devices in the market. In fact it also plays a role in blocking out the light helping you sleep much comfortably.

 It is always believed that the first step to having a bad day is always an unpleasant night sleep. People often have this if their partners always snore. But the new hvn mask is here to get rid of that inconvenience for you.

Distinctive features of the HVNsleep mask.

Rechargeable battery: the hvn sleep mask comes with a USB rechargeable battery. A 38g lightweight Li-ion battery which makes it convenient for you to use your anti-snore mask on planes, train or anywhere far from home.

Mobile APP: this mobile app helps you to keep track of your sleeping habits. It shows you a complete diagram of your sleep habit and provides solutions to improve them, the app is free and supports both Android and iOS users. The App can be connected to your hvn sleep mask through Bluetooth on your smartphone. Note the hvn mask can still function perfectly on its own without the APP  

100% comfortable: one thing I believe one should look out for in buying gadgets is the comfort it provides. This is one of the features the hvn mask really did a solid on, most anti-snore gadgets may always find ways to discomfort you but such is not the case here, the hvn mask has a simple light block sleep mask design which gives the double comfort of blocking light and at the same time give vibrations that stops your snoring.

36 vibration levels: this anti snore mask features 36 different vibration level which is sufficient to stop any level of snoring making it able to be used to anyone with any level of snoring issue

Manually adjustable: indeed, you can adjust the sensitivity of the device to fit your needs. You can choose to turn up the sensitivity if you want it to respond any time you snore gently or turn down the sensitivity if you want it to only react if your snoring gets loud.

How does the hvn sleep mask work?

The hvn sleep mask is far more advanced that any ordinary light block mask, it makes use of biofeedback and bone conduction technology to measure the vibration of the facial bones caused by snoring. On detecting the vibration it immediately triggers a gentle counter vibration that stops your snoring dead in its tracks!

This counter vibration helps the muscles around your throat to tighten thereby opening up your air ways to make you breathe smoothly and quietly.

The vibration generated by this device is so mild that you can sleep right through it but at the same time proficient enough to stop you snoring instantly.

This device have up to 36 vibration levels which you can set to any intensity that suits you. By this don’t thing the hvn mask will jolt you from sleep anytime you snore so loudly no, the vibration will not disturb your sleep but each vibration level is sufficient to match and counter any snore vibration level no matter how strong it is.

That is the reason for making this device in the first place, it is meant to suit everybody no matter how bad the persons snoring is and thus that is the reason for the vibration levels.

What makes the hvn sleep mask outstanding?

From my findings so far, I will rate hvn sleep mask as one of the safest methods to stop your snoring. What determines if a product stands out or not is how safe it keeps you. This mask poses no threat at all to the user. The vibration it gives is so tender that is would not disrupt your sleep.

The hvn mask doesn’t make use of any drug substances what so ever and the material it is made of is skin friendly compared to other anti-snore gadgets that can irritate your skin.

Comparing the hvn mask to other product in the mark I will say this one more economical, what do I mean by that? The hvn sleep mask serve a double purpose of both light blocking and snore stopping. It’s killing two birds with one stone. Imagine a snore stop device that helps your sleep instead of disturbing it.

Looking further economically, most other efficient snore stopping methods which may include consulting a doctor, buying drugs or even buying other anti-snore gadgets are often very expensive the prices always tend to discourage people most times.  But this particular device guarantees you total relief from snoring at a fraction of those prices

The hvn mask stops snoring immediately compared to more expensive machines the market which takes a longer time to detect your snoring, this is achievable because of the bone conduction technology this device uses to detect your snoring immediately and release a counter gentle vibration which stops the snoring instantly.

How can I use the hvn sleep mask?

Using the hvn mask is one of the easiest things to do. You need no one to help you neither do you need a manual. Just follow this simple three steps and you are good to go

Step 1: be sure to fully charge your hvn sleep mask, you don’t want the battery dying off on you any sooner do you?

Step 2: install the “sleeplus” app available on google Play store and Apple store (you can still choose not to use the app but to track your sleep pattern then the App can be helpful).

Step 3: Wear the hvn mask across your face be sure it covers your two eyes and blocks the light to enjoy a good night rest.

And that is just it, no extra skill just these three steps and get your snoring problems solved.

Through the sleeplus app, you can check your sleep or snore data and monitor your progress as well.

Benefits of having the HVNsleep mask.

Making use of the hvn mask is guaranteed to give you instant results. Now let’s see how this device can improve our lives.

  1. You are assured of a good night rest since your breathing is fluent and your partner won’t have to keep waking you up because of your snoring.
  2. Revive your relationship with the hvn mask as your partner can get more comfortable sleeping in the same space with you.
  3. Improves your productivity at work thanks to a smooth sleep by hvnsleep mask.
  4. Using this device gives you the confidence of sleeping anywhere during travels by planes or train trips, it can even come in handy should you have the need to take a quick nap at work.
  5. The battery of this product gives you the provision to use it for longer so no matter where you may travel to, your sleep mask can still serve you much longer before the need to charge it comes up.
  6. As a customer you get to also benefit on the ongoing 50% discount price. Hurry now and get yours

What are the pros and cons of the hvnsleep mask?


  • Stops your snoring instantly without delay.
  • Light weight and very portable
  • Very affordable compared to other snore stop devices
  • Serves a double task of blocking light and stopping snoring at the same time.
  • Easy to use device.
  • It is drug free and makes use of no chemical substances
  • The hvn mask is totally safe to use.
  • Get to enjoy the ongoing 50% discount in price for early birds.
  • Quick delivery to doorsteps even amidst the ongoing pandemic.


  • The 50% percent discount will not last long so hurry now and get yours.
  • This device can only be purchased online.
  • If you are the type that likes color variations, unfortunately the hvn sleep mask on comes in black color for now.
  • There is a limited number of stock available, so before placing your order be sure the device is available.

Is the hvn sleep mask a scam?

Yes I understand, seeing how efficient this device is and how affordable it is you may begin to have your doubts this device is real. Well my friend I can assure you that the hvn sleep mask is not a scam device, everything you read about it here are tested and trusted facts.

However it is important to buy the device from their official website, that’s the only way you can be sure of not getting scammed.

Who needs this device?

The fact that the hvn device uses no chemical substance to work has made it a device that can be used by everyone, it works effectively for both genders. No matter your body size, it can expand enough to cover any face size.

Kids can also make use of this device because the vibration is tender. The 36 different vibration levels also plays a key role in making the hvn mask a device for all. No matter the level of your snoring, no matter how high your snoring sounds, the hvn anti snore mask has the right vibration level that can stop it instantly.

Where can I buy the HVNsleep mask?

The hvn sleep mask can only be purchased online through the company’s official site.

Buying from their website comes with the great advantage of you getting the actual product you ordered for and most importantly not getting scammed of your money.

Furthermore, ordering from the website qualifies you to enjoy the ongoing 50% discount which cannot be gotten if you buy from another source.

The site is fast and backed with an SSL encryption which secures your payment details

HVN sleep mask price.

As mentioned earlier, the 50% discount is exclusive to the website.

When the discount is applied you can get a unit of the hvnsleep mask at $89.99

That’s not all, you can also get further discounts if you buy more than one unit of this device

2 units of this anti-snore device goes for $179.98

3 units of this device cost $202.48

4 units of the hvn mask goes for $247.47

Return policy: the company is offering a 30 guarantee on all unused purchases. All you have to do is to send the item back to them in the original unopened packaging and you will get a full refund of your money or a replacement

Customer reviews- HVNsleep mask

“It was very frustrating for me at nights, my girlfriend always complained about my snoring. To sleep outside my home even became a problem because I was insecure with myself just last week my brother got me this hvnsleep mask. And it worked like a charm my girlfriend said she was surprised my awful snoring stopped and I slept without making a sound. This product is has gotten a 5 star rating from me”

JULIAN S. – Chicago, IL.

“When my son told me of this product I brushed it off thinking it was a scam, I wasn’t willing to buy it, somehow he persuaded my husband to get it for me the first night I put this mask on my family member made a recording of me, I didn’t make a single sound! I couldn’t believe it. HVNsleep is the real deal”.

Caroline M. – San jose, CA.

“HVNsleep mask has been the answer to my prayers, due to my snoring I usually don’t get a good night sleep because I will always have my wife wake me at nights because of my annoying snoring. But right now, my story has changed my work days are now more productive.”

Liam P. – London, EN.

FAQs- HVNsleep mask review

Do i need to use anything else with the HVNsleep mask?

Absolutely not. The HVNSleep Mask is fully self-sufficient and doesn’t require anything else to operate.

Does this sleep mask need to be plugged into a wall socket?

Not at all! The HVNSleep Mask features a rechargeable battery, and the charge lasts long enough to get you through the night.

If the vibration is too strong, can I turn it down?

Ofcourse you can! In addition to its automatic vibration levels, you can also adjust the vibration level manually to perfectly suit your personal needs.

Can i return the HVNsleep mask if it doesn’t work for me?

Yes! You have a 30-day period to try out your HVNSleep Mask. If you find it doesn’t solve all of your problems during that that time, you can return it for a full refund.

Do i have to use the smartphone App to use the HVNsleep mask?

The smartphone app is not required to use the HVNSleep Mask in any way. However, the app does let you keep a visual record of your snoring habits if you prefer to monitor them.

Final verdict

there you have it, the hvn mask is a must have device for snorers. If you are looking for solutions to your snoring issue, I recommend you get yourself this product and you will see for yourself.

it is safe to use, easy to use and most of all very affordable. so you can go ahead and get rid of those drugs because i assure you that the HVN mask will put an instant end to your snoring problems.

thank you for your time.

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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