korePulse massage ball review: Get at sweet 50% discount now.

korePulse massage ball review

Body pain still remains a giant obstacle in our everyday life. To feel pain is good, it shows we are alive and responsive but then there is that type of body pain that is just so terrible to bear. Body pain can be caused by injuries, muscle cramps, dislocations, bad sleeping and working posture and so many more factors.

The commonest form of pain people experience today is muscle pain and believe me I think it’s the worst kind of pain you would want to be on right now.

Muscle pain and stiffness has a way of rendering your day unproductive, how can you concentrate at your workplace with that lingering pain on your back? You can’t! The pains that muscle stiffness comes with is highly unimaginable and it always has a cruel way of either hindering your fluent movement or making you not being able to move at all.

When the body is undergoing such pains you find out that also find it difficult to sleep at nights because this pain will always find a way to jerk you up from bed anytime you try to turn around on bed. Once your night sleep is affected, believe me your whole day will be affected as well

Globally, approximately 5 billion people suffer from muscle stiffness daily. The commonest area of the body that gets affected is the back. Other parts of the body like the neck and legs. And this is because the nature of peoples’ works may require them to stand up for hours or even sit on seats that are not very conducive.

Meanwhile, athletes also experience this kind of pain after workout or after a game. In fact, I think they suffer from this kind of pain the most. I still remember the time I participated in a marathon race. That was an experience I wish to never relive again, the pain on my calves, hamstring and feet where so bad that I could not walk the following day. So believe when I tell you I know what pain looks like.

A lot of people keep asking how to get relieved from such pain, well with proper rest the muscle pain would stop but that is only in matter of days or even weeks. With the kind of job you may have I don’t think you will have that time.

Some people also result to taking pain killer drugs but be mindful that this method has its own dangerous side effect. Someone that has stomach ulcer cannot take pain relief drugs because it worsens the ulcer pain.

So what is the safest way to relief from muscle pain? That should be by massaging the muscles, people with this issue visit the spa or a chiropractor to get their bodies massaged, some also purchase massager machines like the massage chairs and massage guns but there is a factor that always chase people away from these safe methods, the price!! The amount of money you spend a single visitation to the spa just to get a relief from a pain which will still resurface over time is really outrageous.

A very good spar will charge you nothing less than $250 to give you the best massage treatment. Getting a massage chair is good but have you considered checking the price and the buzzing noise it makes all the time?

Thankfully a lot of good and affordable massage machines are out there like the Laidback foot massager which has really proven its efficiency.

So we are going to be looking at this new product a vibrating massage ball that has gotten everybody talking, we are going to be telling you about the korepulse massage ball.

Is it worth the hype? Time to find out

What is KorePulse massage ball?

This is a small vibrating body massager that is made to have a lawn tennis ball shape the purpose by which this vibrating massage ball was made is to perfect a deep tissue massage which unfortunately most of these massagers in the market has failed to have.

korepulse massage ball review

The small ball shape of this massager has made it possible for you to take it with you to anywhere you are going. Holding the Korepulse massage ball hands on, it very light weight and really fun to hold. The small ball shape of the korepulse massage ball also makes it the right to get instant relief from muscle stiffness or cramps on small muscle group which bigger massagers may find difficult to reach.

This vibrating massage ball does a precise job of targeting the main area of the body where you feel the pain and gets the job done. If you are a workout enthusiast, this vibrating ball should be added to things you take to the gym because it has 4 different vibration levels that can best suit your pre-workout warm ups and post workout relief.

Distinctive features of the Korepulse massage ball

Now let us be looking at the standout features of the korepulse.

Light weight: the good feature about the korepulse ball is that it is a light weight massager that will always give you the convenience of taking it with you to work, the gym on travels with so much ease.

Simple design: if there is anything I enjoy with this vibrating massage ball, it’s the appearance the korepulse is made to look like a baseball this makes it enjoyable for me to hold and much more easy for me to use as well

Easy to use: I keep saying this, one thing that will always makes a product stand out is how easy it is to use. And that is what this vibrating massage ball has to offer you, it is very easy to use all you need to do is to push a button and that is it.

Rechargeable: the korepulse massager is graced with a 2000 mAH battery which last long even with continuous use. KorePulse massage ball is also graced with a fast charge technology that allows you to charge up your massager in no time and use for a long while.

Four different massage levels: korepulse is built to adapt to your body with four different vibration levels designed to relief you from any type of muscle pain you may be going through. I will specify each level for better understanding

  • Level 1 (low): gentle vibrations to help you stretch and warm up your muscles  before your work outs
  • Level 2 (medium): percussive vibrations suitable for treating small muscle groups in your arms and legs
  • Level 3 ( high): high intensity vibration that penetrates thicker muscles of the chest and back
  • Level 4 (Recovery massage) : soothing waves of vibration that relief pain on your neck and shoulders

How does the korepulse massage ball work?

Unlike many other massagers in the market, korepulse makes use of focused pulses of vibration to stimulate key areas in your body. This ensure the accurate massage of deep muscle tissues giving instant relief to tensions and strains in the overworked muscle.

When combined with regular stretching and exercise, the korepulse massager helps your body to heal faster and improving your body movement.

How to use the korepule massage ball

Making use of this vibrating massage ball is the easiest thing you can do you don’t consult any manual and you sure don’t need a second person to help you with it. The korepulse is for personal use.

The korepulse ball has a single button in it center all you have to do is simply push the button to get the massage ball turned on. And then you can interchange the four different vibration levels by continuously pushing this single button.

The fifth push of the button turns the massage ball off.

When the device is turned one, place it on the affected body part and apply little pressure. This pressure helps the vibration to hit the deeper tissues of that area for instance, when you have stiffness on your lap, applying little  pressure on the vibrating ball allows its vibration to get to the deeper muscle tissue relieving any muscle knot and helps you recover faster from the pain

What are the benefits of the korepulse massage ball?

You stand a chance of benefiting a lot by using the korepulse ball. Now let use quickly look at some benefits you stand to enjoy

  • Making use of this vibrating massage ball saves you a lot of money, money that could have been constantly spent on visiting the massage parlors or a chiropractor.
  • Improves your work productivity: making use of the korepule before going to work or taking to the office with you gives you the benefit of relief from back, waist and foot pain which could have affected your work rate. But with this massage ball that should not be a problem anymore.
  • Making use of the korepulse to relax your stiffened neck improves your sleep.
  • As an athlete the korepulse puts you on your “A” game.
  • The korepulse massage helps you reduce body fatigue and muscle tiredness.
  • Improve your flexibility and range of motion.
  • Help your body recover faster from joint and muscle strains with the power of localized vibration therapy.
  • You also stand a chance of enjoying the ongoing 50% discount in price.

Why should I buy the korepulse massage ball?

Korepulse ball has a unique way of giving you an instant relief from muscle pains, and it works this trick by targeted vibration specifically on the affected area. This is an edge it has over much bigger and expensive massagers.

So flush those painkiller drugs down the drain and cancel that spa appointments because this vibrating massage ball promises to give you both efficiency and durability.

The small size of this device is what I love most about it, you can carry it with you to the office and no one will even notice what it really is, you can keep it on your work desk and it wouldn’t even take up space on the desk. When you feel the pain just pick up your korepulse and relief yourself.

This vibrating massage ball has been confirmed to handle any type of pain you may be having be it muscle cramps, spasms or even inflammations thanks to its four different massage levels each with its own specific intensity to put an end to any kind of pain be it superficial or deep

These different vibration levels has made korepulse your best workout companion as these levels help you with both your pre workout and recovery massage.

Who can use the korepulse massage ball?

No one can ever say that he or she has not experienced muscle pains, as long as you work and move your body everyday there will always get a point you would need a massage. The korepulse ball was not meant for a unique set of people, everyone can make use of this vibrating massage ball. No matter your age or your gender.

Are you a gym enthusiast? Is your job hectic and always demanding? Then this vibrating massage ball is the ideal device for you. Even young kids can make use of this device thanks to its low vibration intensity. It is sure not to cause you any harm even with a delicate skin.

Muscle pain is a very common thing among individuals and the pain can be very unbearable. I see no reason why you should spent over $300 to get your pain alleviated when you can get an even better

Pros and cons of the korepulse massage ball


  • Portable design for easy and convenient use on the go
  • Gives you instant relief from pain, tension and stiffness
  • Improves blood circulation
  • It is very affordable compared to many other massage methods in the market
  • Drug and chemical free
  • Long and efficient battery life
  • 50% discount for early buyers


  • This vibrating massage ball can only be purchased online
  • It only comes in black colour
  • The 50% percent discount will not last longer so be sure to check availability through the button below.

Is the korepulse massage ball a scam?

Before writing this review, I ran a few tests with this product, everything you see here about this massage ball has been proven. I can personally attest to the authentication of the korepulse massage ball.

This product is not a scam and it will surely serve you for a long time. a lot of massagers have really flawed when it comes to battery life but that is not the case with core pulse the lasting battery life made it convenient for you to take it with you on your way out and stay as long as you want.

Where can one buy the korepulse massage ball?

The korepulse massage ball can only be purchased online from their official site. Don’t see this as a groaner because a lot of fake products that look like the korepulse is out there in the market so to avoid people being scammed, ordering yours from their official site is the safest way that ensures you get exactly the original device.

Their site is straight forward and fast so placing your order will not take any of your time.

Furthermore, buying from the official site guarantees you a beneficiary in the ongoing 50% discount price, which you cannot get anywhere else. Hurry now and get yours.

Korepulse massage ball price.

By ordering from the company’s official site you automatically activate the 50% discount price this makes a single unit of the korepulse ball massager $49.99

That’s not all, they are still more sweeter deals and discounts should you want to get more than one unit of this vibrating massage ball

2 units of the korepulse cost $87.48 (best deal)

3 units of this vibrating massage ball cost $112.48

The site makes use of multiple payment methods which includes VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Discovery.

You think that’s all?? Nope!! By placing your order today you enjoy a lifetime protection and replacement warranty for only an additional $8.75. The extended warranty will cover your product for life!!!

30 Days warranty: due to so much confidence the company has on this product, they are willing to offer customers with a 30 day return and change warranty, should your product get factory issue or should you have a change in mind after making a purchase, you can return the product to them in its original packaging and get a full refund or to get it changed.

Customer’s reviews {korepulse ball massage}

I tried KorePulse during the 2020 lockdown for the first time, as I was not able to see my physiotherapist. It helped me ease the contracture around my cervical area. I particularly enjoyed using the ball after the prescribed exercises I’ve been doing at home because it felt like I was being massaged. As gyms will open again, I will keep it for the end of my sessions as a way to relax after weightlifting training

Mattew Waller

The KorePulse is a must. I always use it before and after workouts. Whether it’s for a warm up or when someplace is sore, it always gets the job done. It’s also so easy to carry around with you almost anywhere you go!! 100% recommended!!

Simon Gallagher

I absolutely love the Kore pulse. I can carry it with me everywhere. The vibrations help warm me up faster and also help me stretch with more flexibility. It also helps me with any aches and pains I’ve endured over the years from heavy training.

Rachel Cummings

Having a KorePulse to complement my yoga practice is like having the missing piece to all the parts of my body that the yoga just can’t reach. Using it around the shoulder blades helps loosen up my neck and it makes a huge difference in the way I sleep and hold my head. I’m so glad I started using it now to keep my body balanced and healthy

Shireen Kaviani

This thing is like having a personal masseuse! I use it at work all the time and it’s incredibly relaxing. I just tuck it behind my back when I’m sitting at my desk and let it do its thing. I’ve only had it a couple months, but the tension in my lower back has virtually disappeared! It’s a great way to relieve stress too

James Grimm

FAQs [korepulse ball massage review]

How does KorePulse work?

KorePulse uses high-intensity localized vibration therapy to activate the muscles and deep tissues throughout your body.

Who can benefit from using KorePulse?

I love this question. well everyone can benefit from using Korepulse. Athletes looking to reduce recovery time and improve flexibility, seniors who want to improve their circulation, as well as anyone who regularly suffers from muscle pain, tension or stress

When should one use KorePulse?

KorePulse is recommended immediately before or after your workout, as well as any time throughout the day you experience muscle stiffness or soreness. But that does not mean you cannot use it anytime you want. you can use it right after a hectic day at work.

What is the size of the KorePulse?

KorePulse measures 3.5 in x 3.5 in x 3.5 in and weighs less than a pound, so it’s easy to pack and carry around throughout your day.

Contact the company

If you are looking for more information on the Korepulse or need help with your order, you can reach their customer care

By Email: support@korehealth.com

By Phone: United States & Canada TF: 844 846 7426 UK: 330808 4591 AU: (02) 5133 5274

COMPANY ADDRESS: Strong Current Hong Kong Suite 2201, 21/F Chinachem Century Tower, 178 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Final verdict.

Muscle pain is something that has a way of ruining a persons entire activity. i see no reason why you should ignore a muscle pain. i also see no reason you should spend a huge sum of money just in one visit to the spa or to the chiropractor.

With a fraction of such amount of money you can get one of the korepulse ball for yourself that way you save your money and get instant positive result, it’s a big win for you.

i strongly recommend this product, make use of the 50% discount now and get yours now while it lasts.

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