Belissas teeth whitening 2021 review: is the best teeth whitening method?

Belissas teeth whitening kit review

Smiling has always been considered to be the greatest therapy not only to you but to people around you, it has a way of making people feel welcomed and accommodated. Your smile to someone may even help heal whatever he or she is going through. If you doubt me, try smiling at a random stranger and see for yourself.

The beauty of your face always lies in your smile. And one thing beautifies a smile and that is having a sparkling set of teeth. Yes a lot of times people hide their smile because of this issue. The fact is that when your teeth is colored people get turned off when you smile at them. Imagine smiling at a person you just met with a set of brown colored teeth, I can bet that that person would be scared half to death. In my case I may even run.

When your teeth is not white you find you confidence gradually leaving you in public. When it is time to laugh you just smirk because you don’t want anyone seeing your colored teeth. A lot of people are currently suffering from this situation and most times it may or may not be their fault at all.

When I was in high school I knew of one boy that had a girl he tried to approach embarrass him because of his teeth color, out of the shame he didn’t come to school for almost a week, even when he did, the students will still make mockery of him because of that. Now I could feel that boy’s pain and I could also feel his confidence flush down the drains.

This might sound funny but you can actually lose friends or even lovers because of your teeth. No one wants to be associated with someone whose teeth are not white, and this is a brutal honesty.

So what can cause your teeth to color? The main thing that cause these coloration are things we ingest. No one is born with a colored teeth, that’s a big lie!

Here are the list of things that can cause your teeth to change its color

  1. Sweets and candy: candies sometimes contain staining dyes which help giving them their colors, these dyes color the teeth enamel.
  2. Tobacco: every cigarette smoker always stand a risk of having a colored teeth this is because of the tobacco and tar the cigarette is made of.
  3. Drugs: this is where it is not the persons fault. Some drugs like antibiotics have chemicals that react with the calcium components of the teeth causing them to discolor.
  4. Beverages like tea or coffee
  5. Red wine.

So what is the solution? Well people desperate enough to search for solutions to this problem end up being misled. The most common solution I see on social media is the use of baking soda to whiten the teeth. Well yeah, it whitens your teeth but there is a very dangerous side effect. You see the baking soda abrasively attacks the enamel of the teeth when you use it, it scrapes on the surface of the enamel, it is as a result of that scraping you get your white teeth but this is not safe because the person stands a risk of having infections due to exposure of the sensitive area of the teeth.

People also make use of other unsafe methods to get their teeth whitened, some even have to visit the dentist which is safe but the procedure is often very painful. If you are reading this article and you have this problem your search has come to an end because with the new belissa teeth whitening pack you are guaranteed of a much safer and easier whitening of your teeth.

I will be giving you a full review on this product. So tag along.

What is belissas teeth whitening?

The belissas teeth whitening is a pack or kit which consist of tooth whitening agents and instruments geared to give you that whiter teeth and a confident smile. This particular teeth whitening kit has been confirmed to give no side effect and give you an instant and permanent result in just about a week.

belissas teeth whitening kit
Belissas teeth whitening kit

The pains one has to undergo In medical procedure of teeth whitening is the fear factor gripping people who really need to have their teeth whitened, I myself hate going to the dentist no one enjoys it. But in this pack you have everything you need to boost up your confidence one more.

The most important part of the belissas teeth whitening pack is the gel. The gel consist of hydrogen peroxide and essential oil. The hydrogen peroxide plays a key role in oxidizing pigments that discolor the enamel of the teeth. Now the essential oil strengthens the bonding between the hydrogen peroxide and the pigments.

This method of teeth whitening is confirmed to be quick, painless and most importantly very affordable.

What are the features of the belissas teeth whitening?

  • Belissa whitening gel: this is the most important content of the whitening kit. This gel contains Hydrogen peroxide and essential oil which play important role in giving you that sparkling white set of teeth.
  • Blue light lamp: this is a device made of led blue light. The blue light helps hasten the oxidation reaction of the hydrogen per oxide with the color pigments on the teeth. This blue light lamp comes with the kit and used for the best results
  • Custom fit gel trays: this is made out of high grade harmless silicone, this tray molds to the shape of your teeth when you wear it, in as little as 5 minutes your gel tray is customized to take the shape of your mouth because of the soft silicone. It helps hold the gel to your teeth for you the whitening to take place.
  • Gel applicator: these are meant to look like syringes but they are not it is used to pour in your tooth whitening gel into your gel try.
  • Easy usage: this teeth whitening procedure is easy to use and requires no extra skill or another person to help you out with it.

 Who can use the belissas teeth whitening kit?

This set of teeth whitening kit is considered to be user friendly and can be used by anyone it doesn’t matter your age, your class or anything. The belissas teeth whitening is practically for everyone.

belissas teeth whitening kit

However little children under the age of 5 are not advised to use this product yet as their enamel is not strong enough. Aside that anyone else can make use of it.

This method of teeth whitening is guaranteed to cause you no pain and above all give you instant result.

What makes the belissa whitening kit special?

It can really be tormenting for a person who have colored teeth especially during some outdoor activities. It leaves a scar on their confidence I understand how this feels because I have been there. Desperately they keep looking for methods to get their teeth whitened but the problem here is that these method come with some times a very terrible side effect.

The fact that there is no precaution to be taken nor adverse effects in using the belissa teeth whitening kit makes it the most welcomed method of teeth whitening in the world. Having something that gives you your desired result without any risk at all is a big win!

Other methods of teeth whitening lead to damaging of the enamel and leaving the person in pains. Is it worth it? Absolutely not! The belissa whitening method makes use of the blue light technology which dentists make use of when whitening the teeth.

Belissas teeth whitening

Going to the dentist to whiten your teeth is a very painful procedure and very expensive as well. But with less than that amount you can get yourself this kit and get an instant result without having to undergo the pain.

What are the benefits of using the belissas whitening kit?

  1. Gets your teeth sparkling white in just a week of usage.
  2. Saves you the money and the stress of visiting the dentist for a painful method of teeth whitening
  3. Builds that self confidence in you as you can show your sparkling white teeth with your smiles.
  4. Improves your relationship with people.
  5. It gives you the convenience of using it anywhere with ease.
  6. You also stand to enjoy the 50% discount in price which is currently ongoing.
  7. the procedure does not take time, so even in the tightest of schedules you can still make use of your belissas teeth whitening

How does the belissas teeth whitening work?

Well the mechanism of action of this product is in the belissa gel, you see this gel consist of two important components, the hydrogen peroxide and essential oil.

Now how this product works is by the bonding of the hydrogen peroxide to the color pigments on the enamel of the tooth. When this bonding happens oxidization takes place. This oxidization depletes the structure of the pigment thereby removing it completely from the enamel.

The essential oil help to strengthen the bond between the hydrogen peroxide and the colored pigment.

How to use the belissa teeth whitening kit.

Making use of this product is very easy and requires no special skill at all, in just 3 steps I am going to show you how to get your teeth whitened using belissas  

Step 1

Pour the belissa gel gently into the gel tray

Step 2

Fit the gel tray into your mouth and let it assume the shape of the complete set of your teeth. Hold it in your mouth for at least 20 minutes

Step 3

Remove the tray from your mouth and rinse.

And that is it! Repeat this procedure for a week or two and watch your teeth sparkle.

You can make use of the blue light lamp for a faster and effective result.

The blue light lamp plays an important role in hastening the oxidation of hydrogen peroxide.

What are the pros and cons?


  • Easy to use
  • Gives fast and positive results
  • No side effects
  • Very affordable
  • Get 50% discount in price
  • Can be used by anyone.


  • Always keep out of the reach of kids below 5 years old
  • Sadly this set of teeth whiteners can only be purchased online
  • The 50% discount will not last that long
  • Limited stock is available

Where can one buy the belissas teeth whitening kit?

The belissas teeth whitening kit can only be purchased online and this is because scam brands imitate the product and sell fake to the people, so to avoid falling victim of such scam it is high advised that you make your purchase from the site.

The site is fast and reliable when you click the purchase button below it takes you to their preview page, on this preview page you can get more interesting information about the product.

Scroll down and click on “apply for a discount” button, it will automatically take you to the checkout page with a 50% discount in the price.

How much is the belissas teeth whitening kit?

The belissa kit is readily affordable which is already a sweet deal on its own, but right now you stand to enjoy an additional 50% discount on its already affordable price.

One set of the belissas whitening kit costs $99

There are sweeter deals for you when you purchase more than one set of this kit

Two sets of this kit goes for $198

Three sets of the belissas kit goes for $222.75(best deal!)

Four sets of this kit costs $297

Five sets of the kit costs $321

If you need more information on you can also reach the company by Email:

Return policy

The company is also offering a 14days money back to all customers that change their minds after purchase. Simply send it back to them in its original unopened packaging and get a full refund.

Customer’s reviews

See for yourself how other people feel about this product. see testimonies of happy customers from our Facebook page.

After so many failed attempts go get my teeth whitened, I kind of gave up, until my girlfriend got me the belissas whitening kit. I still thank her till this day for this, this teeth whitening is a prayer answered. the instant result is unbelivable.

Henry Prowse

At first i thought it was a scam because i didn’t believe any product could get your teeth whitened in such a short period of time. but after using the belissasas teeth whitening, i am now a believer. thank God for this product

Shane L.

everyone keeps asking me the secret to my white teeth right now. the belissas teeth whitening really did as promised, a big shout out to the brains behind this innovation.

Christiana W.

FAQs- Belissas teeth whitening kit review

How long should I use the gel trays each session?

for the best result, each session of the gel try should be used between 20-30 minutes.

How does the light lamp work?

Be-White’s Blue Light lamp uses LED light to penetrate the stain. This makes the stain more available to the whitening action of the hydrogen peroxide from the gel. it also hastens the oxidization process of the hydrogen peroxide

Does this teeth whitening kit have any side effect?

Absolutely not, the belissa teeth whitening was made to stand out again its competitors in the market as a result of that they made use of harm-free materials like the silicone.

This method of teeth whitening is guaranteed to cause you no pain and above all give you instant result.

Should I use the device the whole time I wear the trays?

It is not necessary to use the lamp the whole time. However, for best results remove the tabs on your gel trays and use the lamp with each application.

Does the kit work on crooked teeth?

Yes for sure! Our teeth whitening kit is suitable for teeth of all shapes and sizes. The mouth tray is made from a soft flexible rubber that fits comfortably to the shape of your mouth and teeth. We recommend applying a small portion of gel directly to the teeth as well as the mouth tray before application.


Having a discolored teeth is not something that you should joke with. trust me you can not even manage it. It’s repulsive, it’s irritating to see and it always leaves a bad mark on the person. if you have a friend that has this problem. the belissas teeth whitening kit is the best gift you can give him or her.

should a person with discolored teeth smile at me i would run. if this is your problem and you have been looking for a solution. trust me this is the right product for you. it works instantly, it need no skill or expertise to apply and it is very affordable.

Instead of making use of that toothpaste you have been using for years with no noticeable results or the ever risky baking soda, why not give the belissas a try and see for yourself.

boost your confidence, boost your self esteem. go for belissas teeth whitening now!!!

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