Blaux thermometer latest 2021 review: is it worth your money?

Blaux thermometer review

As you know, a lot of countries around the world are currently undergoing the second stage of lockdown, even America is not left out. This is as a result of the second wave of the deadly corona virus outbreak, the truth you don’t know about this virus is that the covid-19 is from a constantly evolving class of viruses. In this current second phase of the virus outbreak you will find out that more people are being infected within days or hours.

The center for disease control has urged the public to be readily steadfast and careful this time. The corona virus can be easily handled if the symptoms are discovered quickly. One of the early symptoms of the deadly corona virus is hyperthermia which means the increase in body temperature.

Therefore, it is highly important that you monitor your body temperature from time to time. This will give you an overall advantage. Letting you know early enough when it’s time to get help or not. Covid-19 is not the only disease that has increased body temperature as its symptom. There are other deadly diseases that can kill you faster than covid-19. And they include. Malaria, typhoid, yellow fever.

The importance of having your body temperature checked cannot be over emphasized. Monitoring your body temperature makes you know when it’s time to consult your physician and that my friend is a big win especially in times like this.

A lot of people have lost their lives simply because they chose to ignore these simple tip of checking your temperature from time to time. Maybe it is because of the nature of their jobs. I mean yeah, so places of work might not give the liberty of going to the clinic just to check your body temperature.

That is why people have been advised to make use of thermometers. This would help them monitor their body temperatures from time to time and know when they need to isolate and get tested. However, there is one thing people keep complaining about these thermometers. And that is the accuracy of the readings start to differ and become faulty. So this is why people have to result to going to the clinics to get their temperatures checked.

If you are looking for good portable and reliable thermometer, I’m glad to tell you that your search has come to an end. So I saw this new thermometer with a friend at work. Allow me to introduce the blaux thermometer. A no touch thermometer which has set a name for itself in the United States as at this moment.

Do stay with me in this article review as I’m going to be giving a full detailed review on this thermometer. This review should be able to help you make up your mind if the blaux thermometer is the right thing for you or not.

What is Blaux thermometer?

This is a no touch thermometer that makes use of infrared technology to give accurate body temperature readings without the need of coming in contact with your body. This thermometer gives fast readings unlike most other thermometers in the market today. Its ability to display readings as bold as possible followed by lights on the screen makes it a must have for everyone.

blaux thermometer review

The blaux thermometer is easy to use and poses no threat of transmitting infections unlike most thermometers out there. It is portable easy to make use of anywhere from your home to your work place.

It is really important to have a thermometer right now given the pandemics always try to be on the safer side. Blaux thermometer is here to guarantee that safety for you. One thing that people like about this thermometer is the simple shape. It was not made to have that characteristic gun shape other no contact thermometers have, making it easily fit in any type of hand bag or purse you want to carry it with.

Blaux thermometer features

No touch reading: this thermometer makes use of infrared technology to read the body temperature with the need to come in contact with the person. This feature is a step up in comparison with other non-contact thermometers which you have to come really close to the person to get a good temperature reading or sometimes touch the person with it.

Color LED display: this is one feature I so love about this thermometer, as it takes the temperature reading a specific color hovers on the screen. From the colors you would be able to know if the person’s temperature is good or not. The blaux thermometer displays only three colors; green- which means the persons temperature is normal and the person is safe, yellow- signifies a slight rise in temperature or slight fever, Red- which means high fever, when you see this color please quickly consult your physician.

Simple design: one thing a lot of people has complained about having non-contact thermometers is that it is always cumbersome and sometimes occupies a lot of space when they try putting it in their bags given some of their characteristic L-shape. This is where the makers of the blaux personal thermometer really did a nice job. This particular thermometer has a simple straight shape which makes it fit comfortably in your bags.

High quality material: feeling this thermometer in my hand I could easily tell that it was made of durable and harmless material that is guaranteed to last you and your family in a very long while.

Easy to use: this is one thing anyone has to look out for when buying products, buy product that will be easy for you to make use of. The blaux personal thermometer does not need any special skill in order to make use of it. Just point it to your head or the head of anyone you want to get his/her reading and that’s it.

Is the blaux thermometer for everyone?

A lot of people show apathy to things like this, and thus they don’t bother checking their temperatures. If you are one of such people, I advise you to please have a rethink. This period of pandemics needs everyone to really be careful.

I had a friend that believed having a thermometer is just for the health workers, it was really funny and I know that this is the same mindset a lot of people share as well. Don’t be that kind of person at all. having knowledge about your body is a giant step in keeping yourself healthy from any sort of illness.

Don’t believe that its only hospital workers or store owners should have a thermometer, you personally should have a thermometer to monitor your body temperature and know when you are alright or not. This blaux thermometer is for everyone, whether you are a senior citizen, health worker, a shop owner, anyone can have this thermometer because it’s easy to use and easy to take along with you to where ever you want to go

This thermometer should be your greatest companion right now.

What are the pros and cons of the blaux personal thermometer?


  • Portable and light weight thermometer
  • Gives you a very accurate temperature reading
  • Easy to use
  • Color screen alarms that directs you to know when to get help.
  • Safe to use even around your kids
  • Enjoy a 50% discount price as an early buyer
  • Quick doorstep delivery


  • The blaux personal thermometer can only be bought online.
  • The 50% is only for a short while
  • There is a limited available stock for now, so always check for stock availability by clicking the button below.

What are the benefits of the blaux thermometer?

  1. The blaux personal thermometer allows you to monitor your body temperature at the comfort of your home or office without the need to visit the clinic.
  2. You have no worries of any disease transmission since there is no contact when taking a temperature reading from one person to another.
  3. In comparison with other thermometers, the blaux personal thermometer gives you’re your temperature results much faster than others.
  4. This thermometer is sure to save you a lot of money, which you have been spent on getting those expensive thermometers. With the blaux personal thermometer, you get the same quality for a fraction of the price
  5. Get your blaux personal thermometer delivered to you in no time: the company has really stepped up its game with workers working tirelessly to ensure the satisfaction of their customers. I ordered mines and it was delivered to me within 5 days.
  6. You can enjoy a 50% discount right now when you purchase from the company’s official site.
  7. The company has granted a 30 day money-back guarantee to unsatisfied customers.

What makes the blaux thermometer special?

Honestly, you cannot beat the quality this blaux thermometer comes with. This thermometer has actually set a standard for itself in the market as of today and I believe people are still going to talk about it in years to come.

I tried running a kind of comparison between the blaux thermometer and the other thermometer I had before. I discovered that the blaux personal thermometer gave me my temperature reading way faster than the other thermometer I had.

You see, the shape and design of this thermometer has a way of attracting people to it. And not just only the appearance the functionality. The speed at which it displays results. A lot of people may not have the patience for little delays from a thermometer. But with the blaux personal thermometer, I don’t think that should be an issue.

Another specialty about the blaux personal thermometer is its ability to display color alarms, most times people find it difficult to check their temperatures at nights in the dark probably because they were making use of ordinary thermometers, well that can never be the case with the blaux thermometer because once you use it, it displays your result with any one the background LED light colors (green, amber, red) each color representing the intensity of the fever.

However do you know that the blaux thermometer can read temperatures as low as 0 degree Celsius and even lower temperatures? Yes it means it is also a good thermometer to check for the level of hypothermia in our bodies

How do I use the blux personal thermometer?

As mentioned earlier the blaux personal thermometer is very easy to use.

Here I will be showing you just three simple steps on how to make use of your personal thermometer.

Step 1: push the scan button to get the thermometer activated

Step 2: point the blaux thermometer at the subject, don’t forget you don’t have to touch the subject

Step 3: take note of the results.

If the temperature is too hot the blaux personal thermometer will indicate Red for fever, Yellow for possible fever onset and Green for normal body temperature.

Where to buy the blaux thermometer.

The blaux thermometer can only be purchased online, from their company’s website. This is to make sure you get the original thing you ordered for and not get scammed at all.

The site is fast and trusted.

Buy from the site also ensures that you enjoy the ongoing 50% discount promo.

Another sweet thing I have noticed is the fast delivery the company offers despite the pandemics. You do not have to worry about any delays in delivery at all.

Blaux thermometer price

This thermometer is very affordable compared to its other rivals in the market. By activating your 50% discount bonus you can get a unit of the blaux personal thermometer for $69.99.

You can also enjoy more discounts when purchasing the bundle packs

2 units of the blaux thermometer goes for $139.99

3 units go for $156.99 (best deal)

4 units of the blaux personal thermometer cost $191.99

You can place your orders with multiple supported payment methods which include; Mastercard, visa, AMEX, Discovery.

Contact the company

In case you have more confusion you can contact the company’s customer service agents via


US and Canada (toll free): 855 756 5448

Australia and New Zealand: (02) 5133 5672

United kingdom and Ireland: 033081 80842

FAQs -Blaux personal thermometer review

How close do i have to hold the thermometer before getting an accurate reading?

Blaux personal Thermometer takes accurate no-touch readings within 5-15cm (2-6 inches) from the person or object. Simply pull the measurement trigger for an instant result.

How can i tell if fever is serious or not?

This thermometer uses a straightforward color-coding system on its LCD screen: green (normal body temperature), yellow (mild fever), and red (medical treatment required). You can program the device to alert you to the predefined temperature of your choosing.

Does the blaux personal thermometer have adjustable settings?

Yes. You can choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit, turn the buzzer on or off, switch between internal body temperature/external object temperature, and modify the alert system

how is the blaux personal thermometer powered?

This thermometer requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included). The device will automatically shut off after 20 seconds when not in use to save power.

What is the most effective area to take the body temperature reading from?

When using a non-contact infrared thermometer, people typically measure body temperature by aiming at the forehead or temple, which gives the most accurate readings.

customer reviews

still having your doubts? read for yourself what other customers think about this thermometer

“I love the simple design, I normally don’t use to take my old thermometer with me to work because of it’s L-shape, but this one makes the difference. I can easily slide it to my purse and conveniently carry it along with me.”

Alice M.
phoenix, AZ.

“I’m a new mom. I guess you could say I’m obsessed with temperatures now. Whether it’s the baby formula or the bath water, Blaux Fever Patrol takes the guesswork out of keeping my little guy comfortable and safe. Plus, it feels good not to have to see him struggle when I have to jam the thermometer down his throat.”

Stephanie L.
Tampa Bay, FL

“As a parent, our house is a constant in-and-out point for kids from school and the neighborhood. I owe it to all of them to make sure if there is a child that is sick he or she is easily discovered. I use Blaux Fever Patrol to check the tempature of every arriving child and if they have a fever I walk them directly home. Thanks Blaux, for keeping my house house safe”.

Kimberly J.
Olympia, WA

Final thoughts

in my opinion, blaux has done an exellent job with this product. the efficiency of this thermometer is unbelievable.

I will strongly advice you to get this thermometer. the price is awesome coupled with the ongoing discount.

This period of pandemic urges each and everyone of us to stay safe and always be vigilant, one of those vigilant measures is to monitor your temperature. how else are you going to get that done if not with a thermometer?

this product is the one for you with its simple design and it fast reading it is the perfect addition to you and your family.

thank you

if you have any questions, feel free to drop them in comment section below.

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