[New offer!!] BiT watch latest 2021 review: Could this be the best affordable smartwatch?

BiT watch review

As the days go by, you find out that the world keeps evolving in terms of technologies. Everyday new game changing inventions are produced. One of such inventions is the cell phone which evolved into smart phones which people use as of today. Now a big step up in the gadget world was when smartwatches were produced.

Over the years smartwatches has really been helpful and enhancing to our daily activities. A smartwatch conveys information from your phone and delivers it to your wrist first hand. No need of always burying your face into your phone every now and then, to some people it is somehow disrespectful when they are having maybe a conversation with you and you will just have your eyes on your cellphone.

A good smartwatch will not just provide you with message notifications but also help you in checking your health status. Having to know how your body works without needing to see a doctor is golden.

One major setback a lot of people face in having a good smartwatch is the fact that it is very expensive. But thankfully affordable smartwatches like the Gx smartwatch has put that issue at bay.

Even at that a lot of people like our dear old folks who don’t really feel at home with the new digital smartwatch still insist on having their analog watch with them. While some people feel like there are some situations you will need to present with a mature looking analog wristwatches example cooperate events.

Their point is totally understandable, not every attire you wear matches well with a smartwatch on. In some cases, wearing a smart watch can be an off addition to nice tux.

So today I am going to be introducing to you a smartwatch that is made from thinking outside the box. I mean I never imagined that a watch can be both analog and smartwatch at the same time but this smartwatch changed my general point of view.

Allow me to introduce to you the new BiT watch. You can imagine an actual smartwatch meant to give you that classic mature analog feel and at the same time be able to give updates on message notifications and also updates on your overall health status.

In this review article, I am going to give you a watered down detail about the Bit watch. This review promises impact you with certainty whether or not you should by this smartwatch.

I won’t want to waste anymore of your time, so let us get on with it.

What is Bitwatch?

The bitwatch is a Bi-timezone smartwatch graced with both analog and digital like never before. This smartwatch has the characteristic circular appearance of a normal analog wristwatch and this alone makes it a good addition to whatever your wear ranging from your casual wears like shirt and genes to the high class tux. Whatever you wear this smartwatch on your wrist won’t look odd.

Bit watch review

As mentioned earlier the BiT-watch comes as a two in one type of wristwatch, as a smartwatch and an analogue wristwatch the first of its kind. This watch is not just any smartwatch it can help you monitor your body health status by telling you your heartrate, calorie, pulse, steps covered.

With the aid of the app which you install on your phone the smartwatch connects to your smartphone and conveys your messages and reminders to you, no matter where you are. The App supports both android and iOS phones.

The swiss knife of smartwatches as the BiT-watch is fondly called is because of its ability to combine both analog and digital features at the same time for sports and business.

What are the features of the BiTwatch?

Waterproof:  just like every good smartwatch, the BiT-watch comes with an ip68 water proof rating, this means you don’t have to worry about staying out in the rain with your watch on you, or taking a dive with your smartwatch.

Full metal edges: this is another outstanding feature I liked about the BiT-watch. You see, most cheap watches in the market are limited to making use of plastic which is not good. But this smartwatch comes in full metal edges that gives you that confidence of durability and longevity.

Your smartwatch slipping of from you and falling to the ground should not be a problem to you because with this bad boy, you have nothing like that to worry about.

Lasting battery life: I think this is one thing people have to look out for when buying a smartwatch, the BiT-watch comes with a 100mAH Li-ion battery which from my observation lasted for 3 days from the last time I fully charged it.

Mobile App: the BiTwatch comes with an App which connects your phone to it. With this App this smartwatch is able to convey message notification from your phone to your wrist. This app supports both iOS and android devices as well. The mobile App has amazing features which can only be matched by high end expensive smartwatches.

Keep track of your health: The only way to know a good smartwatch lies in its ability to give you accurate parameters on your body. And so far I am happy to say that the BiT-watch passed this test. With your bit watch, you can monitor your heart hate, blood oxygen, steps taken and calorie level.

This feature makes the BiT-watch the best gym and exercise partner you can ever think of having.

Wireless magnetic charging: just like other big money smartwatches the BiT-watch makes use of wireless charging technology which charges it ultra-fast. This is considered to be safer than other smartwatches that depend on the charging cords to charge. Most time the cords can get faulty and wont charge properly. So this is where I would say the makers of the BiT-watch did really well.  

BiT watch specifications

measurement255mm(L) x 51mm(W) x 13mm(H)
ColorsBlack and silver
LanguagesEnglish, Mandarin, Spanish, portugese, French, Latin, Arabic, Hindi
Accelerometer / gyroscope               3d acceleration, hand raise, light up, heart rate monitor.
Supported devicesAndroid( from v4.3 and above) and iOS
Mode of connectionBluetooth
BluetoothBT 4.0
Waterproof propertyIP67
LCD size0.96inch  Resolution 160*80

What makes BiTwatch special?

The BiT-watch is what we like to call a revolutionary cutting edge smartwatch owing to the fact that it is the first smartwatch that successfully combines both analogue and digital features of a wrist watch making it convenient for any dressing and any occasion. The truth is that smartwatches can be odd in some casual occasions but the BiT-watch is here to counter that. There are people that naturally like the old analogue wristwatches more than smartwatches and if you are one of such kind of people then you should know this product is for you.

This smartwatch gives you the luxury of monitoring two time-zones at the same time. Which is actually good if you are venturing in international businesses. Making you keep track of business and also keep an eye on your health status.

I know of many smartwatches in the market that similar amazing features in the market but yet worth ten times the price of the BiT-watch. This is where the BiT-watch has an edge over other smartwatches in the market today. This smartwatch is very affordable so why not save your money and go for this smartwatch since it can give more amazing and outstanding than even the already expensive ones.

One thing I keep looking out for in smartwatches is the accuracy of the heath parameters it checks, a lot of low end smartwatch have this problem. The readings are sometimes inaccurate and this can be misleading. How did I check this? I measure my heartrate with my blood pressure monitor and compared it to what the watch gave me and alas! It turned out accurate. The BiT is your perfect health monitor companion on your wrist/. With it, you are sure to keep on track with your calorie level, Heartrate, pulse, Blood oxygen level, steps covered and so much more. Things that would have cost you a reasonable amount of cash when you go for medical checkups.

What are the benefits of having the BiT-watch?

There are a lot of this you can gain by using this smartwatch. It is guaranteed that the Bit watch will do no other thing but to add positively to your daily activities.

Save you a lot of money: I will always call this a benefit. There is nothing sweeter that having a quality commodity at an affordable price. The Bit-watch saves you a lot of money which would have been used to purchase more expensive smartwatches which have features just like the BiT-watch. That’s not just it. Do you know that you spend quite a reasonable amount of money trying to see the doctor for medical check-ups?

Monitor your health: the Bit-watch gives you the avenue to monitor your health status. Which includes your heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen. It is really important you check these things from time to time. This will help you know what next to do should the need for it arise.

 Improve your sleep: this is one thing I love about the BiT-watch, through the App the bit-watch records your sleep pattern and when you wake up you get a notification on both your phone and your watch. Telling you how your sleep was if it’s good or bad, if the latter is the case, it will give you tips on how to improve your sleep.

Wear the swiss knife of watches in your wrist: from the nickname “swiss knife”, the BiT-watch is hailed for its ability to accurately relate more than one time-zone to your wrist simultaneously and also carry both analogue and smart digital features as well, multitasking just like the swiss knife.

50% discount: this is a new product and this festive season the company is willing to offer its loyal customers a 50% percent price slash, so if you want to have this watch this is your best chance.

Who needs the BiTwatch?

The fact that the BiT-watch has the two features which suit the tastes of the analogue watch lovers and the smartwatch lovers makes it a smartwatch for everyone. There is no age restriction, even kids in school can make use of it.

This smartwatch is so unique that it finds a way to match any occasion. Be it sports, office, dinner, parties. Your bit watch can never be an odd addition to your dressing.

Furthermore the BiT-watch support supports vast language variations, this means that everyone around the world can make use of this smartwatch to the best of their understandings. They can set to the language they are highly familiar with and that’s that, they’re good to go.

Pros and cons of the BiT watch.


  • Very easy to use.
  • It give accurate body parameter readings
  • Very light weight
  • IP67 water proof.
  • Monitor different time-zones at the same time
  • The perfect work out companion right on your wrist


  • There is limited number of stock
  • This smartwatch can only be bought online.
  • The 50% discount is not guaranteed to last.

What is expected from the delivery package?

When you get the Bit watch you ordered, inside the box you will find

  • 1 BiT watch smartwatch
  • 1  charging cable
  • 1 magnetic charging pod
  • User manual

Where can I buy the BiTwatch?

As I earlier mentioned, the Bit-watch can only be purchased online, this is to checkmate any scam strategies by dubious individuals. Purchasing from the site makes you certain you get the original thing you ordered for.

Also, buying from their official website qualifies you for the ongoing 50% discount.

The site runs on a 256-bit SSL encryption which secures your payment details

In case you still want to reach the company for further assistance you can contact their customer care line

International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h
Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

You can also send an email to: care@urpurchase.com

their address

Customers’ reviews on the BiTwatch.

Don’t just hear from me hear what other users think of this new smartwatch.

“I love to go out every morning and run in the, I could never be able to tell if I was making progress or not with my older smartwatch, but Bit watch changed everything, it calculates my number of walks and also measures the calories burnt. This smartwatch is really nice”

Collins P.

“the truth is I’m not a big fan of smartwatches I always preferred the analogue watch, my daughter got the BiT watch for me I didn’t know it was a smartwatch at first glance, but later I found out it was both, I really love it, I like the color, I like the design, I don’t think I would want to ever take it off”

Patrick H.

FAQs on the Bit-Watch reviews

Will my Bit watch spoil if I swim with it?

Absolutely not, the bit watch comes with an IP67 water resistant property which makes it waterproof so you have nothing to worry about water.

How long does the battery of the bit watch last?

The bit watch comes with a 100mAH Li-ion battery which when fully charged, can last for up to 48 hours or more depending on the intensity of usage

Final verdict ( BiT-watch review)

Honestly I don’t think you can easily see a wristwatch that combines the two features of both analogue and smart digital features successfully.

the Bit watch is one of a kind. A smartwatch built to suit all purposes and to satisfy almost anybody using it.

gradually competing with other high price smart watches in the market and sweetest of all. highly affordable you can’t believe it.

i would recommend the BiT-watch to all anyone that wants a smartwatch be it for workout or business. this smartwatch will serve both at the same time. so hurry now and get yours at a discount price.

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