HVN sleep pod 2024 latest review: does it really stop your snoring?

HVN sleep pod review

Snoring is more than just an annoying sound someone makes in their sleep. Snoring is caused by vibrating tissues within the airways of the nose and throat. The vibrations that cause snoring are caused by turbulent airflow through narrowed airways. While we are breathing, air flows in and out in a steady stream between our nose or mouth and our lungs. When we are asleep, the area at the back of the throat sometimes narrows as the muscles relax, and even close off temporarily.

The same amount of air passing through this smaller opening more rapidly can cause the tissues surrounding the opening to vibrate, which in turn can cause the sounds of snoring. Any person can snore. Frequently, people who do not regularly snore will report snoring after a viral illness, after drinking alcohol, or when taking some medications. Snoring is independent of age and sex and can without much of a stretch, affect anybody. It likewise deteriorates with age because of weight gain and is generally regular in grown-up people. Snoring is affected by the stage of sleep, sleeping position, and the use of medications and alcohol.

 In some cases, it’s merely a bothersome occurrence, and in others, it can mean something more serious like sleep apnea. Millions of people experience the ill effects of this condition and it impacts predominantly on the productivity and quality of sleep the individual gets.

And this can happen many times throughout the night, causing a high number of micro-awakenings. This can hinder your ability to get more REM sleep, the physically and mentally restorative stages of rest. When you regularly snore at night, it disrupts the quality of your sleep — leading to daytime fatigue, irritability, and increased health problems. An awful sleep in bed in turn, can adversely affect the mindset and performance at work because of the absence of rest.

And not only is it bad for the snorer, but it can also be tormenting for the snorer’s partner, who likely gets awakened by these sudden noises, or has trouble falling asleep with the sounds of snoring nearby. Lying next to a snorer can be a frustrating and difficult endeavor.

This was my case, let me tell you a little story about my snoring experience. My snoring was terrible, I think. I’m not really sure because I never heard it. My roommate sure did however. Every night, he’d walk up my bed and jab me in the sides or make me change my sleeping position, in a bid to quiet my dreadful snoring. Of course, it didn’t work. My snores would annoyingly resume the minute I closed my eyes.

 I was a little hurt, especially because it came from a close buddy but I understood. Snoring can be a real deal breaker. When I was a kid, my father was the worst for snoring. My mother absolutely hated it. I’ll never forget it. And now I may be just like him. And this wasn’t the first roommate that had to move out because of my snoring. It’s been a real source of stress for me for years now. On top of all of that, I would not even feel rested when I wake up. At this point, nobody needed to tell me that I needed to do something urgent about it.

I didn’t think my condition would ever have a solution until i bumped into a new gadget called the HVN sleep pod

So, if you’re wondering what’s the best anti-snoring device then read this HVN Pod Review. This article will provide you with everything information about the gadget, how it works, it’s benefits, pros and cons, other customers reviews on this gadget and why you must buy it. Sit tight and let us dive into the HVN anti-snore Pod.

What is HVN Sleep Pod?

This is an anti-snoring device that regulates the muscles in the throat and mouth to reduce the reverberations. The included adhesive strips are non-irritating, and the actions of the device are controlled through a downloadable mobile app called SLEEPLUS. The app helps to track and analyze in-depth sleep data reports, among other benefits.

Snoring can be frustrating for both the individual who snores and anyone in the room with them. in the united states it is estimated that over 90 million people have this problem of snoring.

The lack of proper breathing can disrupt a healthy sleep cycle. Snoring happens when you can’t move air freely through your nose and throat during sleep. The muscles in your throat unwind and your tongue falls in reverse. This is the major reason for snoring. The airway route gets narrower and this makes the surrounding tissues vibrate which produces the familiar snoring sound. The narrower this airway route, the stronger you will snore or wheeze.

The HVN Sleep is a practical solutions for the millions of snorers around the globe. This gadget provides better focus, productivity and mood throughout the day so that you and your partner can successfully enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

How does HVN sleep pod work?

The reason that HVN Sleep is effective is due to the pressure that it places on the nose. Rather than allowing the Airways to be congested or closed, it opens them up to eliminate snoring. There is no medication or even natural ingredients that automatically do what the soft silicone device can.

The patch that users place along their chin uses magnetic electrodes to detect snoring patterns and other data while the user sleeps. To make sure this device does not irritate the skin, it is made with medical-grade fabric that is both hypoallergenic and safe. The HVN Sleep is drug-free and very comfortable to use which had been proven among millions of users around the globe. As the data is collected, it learns to recognize snoring patterns while the user is sleeping.

Once the physical device is placed underneath the chin before falling asleep and the device understands that the individual is snoring, the system uses it’s advanced sound recognition to pick snoring sounds and then interacts with your body’s natural electrical systems. It will send out impulses through the strip to trigger the throat muscles. These are micro-electro impulses, which range from 10 Hz to 60 Hz, instantly change the way that the user is breathing. This is not painful, there is no shock, and it does not instantly wake up the user.

Along with the muscles in the throat, the impulses will stimulate the nerves and muscles under the tongue. This activation of these muscles increases the respiratory tract flow and keeps you breathing smoothly throughout the night. This ensures that any form of snoring or wheezing ceases and the user’s breathing is improved.

HVN Sleep stop snoring using a combination of an app and a physical device. to stop snoring immediately. Once you wake up, the HVN Sleep app delivers a detailed sleep report that explains how much you snored and how well you slept.

The HVN anti-snore Pod is built using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Technology. TENS is typically used for pain relief. The HVN Sleep delivers electrical impulses through electrodes on the surface of your skin. When you place the electrodes at or near nerves where the pain is located or at other trigger points, and the device provides short-term pain relief.

The sensors in HVN Sleep Pod work to detect and collect snoring data. The device uses the most advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies to recognize and analyze your snoring. It is important to remind you that

what are the features of the HVN Sleep Pod?

Every HVN Sleep Pod comes with the following features:

  • Snore Stopping: Mild electric impulses help relax the muscles associated with snoring so you and your partner can get the sleep you need.
  • Mobile App Data Analysis: The HVN-Sleep Pod comes with a mobile app called SLEEPLUS that lets you track and analyze snoring and sleep activity over time. The app is available to both Android and iOS devices. You can do well by downloading the convenient mobile app for accurate snoring and sleep tracking statistics. You can view the decibel level of your snoring from night to night, for example, and wake up to a full sleep report.

This feature also gives the HVN-Sleep Pod an edge over other  similar anti-snoring devices you may find in the marketplace.

  • TENS Technology: The device uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation to stop snoring. The device sends imperceptible electrical signals into your body, triggering your small muscles and nerves to adjust themselves and stop snoring.
  • Magnetic Electrode Patch: This Sleep Pod comes with a magnetic electrode patch made of medical-grade material which is harmless and very comfortable to use, the magnetic electrode patch is hypo-allergenic and highly adhesive, meaning it won’t fall off! This means you can use this gadget knowing fully well that its magnetic patch will not fall off in the course of your sleep.
  • Ergonomic Design: This Sleep sits below your neck as you sleep, helping you fall asleep without disrupting your positioning. The device sticks to your neck using an adhesive strip.
  • USB Charging via Magnetic Base: HVN Sleep comes with a convenient USB charging that allows you to take, and charge the device virtually everywhere. You’ll never be without it! This allows you to charge the gadget faster and use it on the go for about 15hours arguably serving you and your partner for two nights.

Setting Up The HVN Sleep Pods

Setting up the HVN Sleep correctly is essential. This HVNSleep Pod is very user-friendly. It doesn’t require any technical skills to set it up or use it.

The first step in setting it up is to charge the HVN-Sleep Pod before sleeping by connecting the USB cable to the charging base and placing the device on the base to charge.

After this, download the SLEEPLUS MOBILE APP and activate the Bluetooth function. The app will walk the user through the process of pairing your smartphone with the device.

After making sure that the skin is clean, the user applies the strip along their chin, aligning it with their throat’s groove. To ensure that the strip sticks, press down on it for approximately 30 seconds to ensure full contact with the skin. With the app ready and the strip in place, users can then power on the device and attach it to the conductive strip.

The device comes with a magnetic electrode patch made from adhesive, medical-grade fabric. It’s designed to be comfortable and easy to use. As soon as you fall asleep, the sensors in the HVN-Sleep Pod detect and collect snoring data.

.The TENS anti-snoring systems use electrical impulses to prevent snoring without waking you up. The electrical impulses gently encourage you to stop snoring, and you get a good night’s sleep without disruption.

Benefits of HVN Sleep Pods

HVN-Sleep Pods is one of the more smart devices that help halt snoring effectively. For people like us who suffer from snoring, it affects more than just the one who snores. HVN-Sleep have multiple benefits, some of which includes:

  • AFFORDABILITY: HVN-Sleep Pods are also quite cheap relative to expensive medical procedures or other anti-snoring products in the marketplace with lofty prices that does not provide as much benefits as the HVN Sleep Pod does.
  • COMFORT: HVN-Sleep Pods are exceptionally comfortable to use at night or whenever you want to sleep. All you have to do is place the electrode patch which is hypo-allergenic under your chin, due to its magnetic nature it doesn’t fall, then connect the SLEEPLUS APP and you’re ready to go. It simply eases your sleep all night.
  • EASE OF USE: Many a time, what scares people away from using most of these trending gadgets that make life better is the lack of tech skills or technical know how about the gadget in question. HVN-Sleep does not fall under the category of such gadgets. This Hi-Tech Anti-Snore device is incredibly easy to use. You don’t need any tech skills to use the HVN-Sleep Pods. Just follow the laid down guidelines on this article and enjoy your snore-free sleep with your family.
  • FAVOURABLE RETURN POLICY: There is no hassle during returns if you’re not satisfied with the product.
  •  LARGE BATTERY CAPACITY: The gadget comes with a USB Cord that allows you to charge the gadget faster and use it on the go for about 15hours arguably serving you and your partner for two nights. Every morning after use, you place the HVN-Sleep Pod into the charging base, then charge the device using micro-USB. The device takes 2 hours to charge. You need to charge it every morning, as the device only lasts one or two nights (maximum 15 hours per charge) on a single charge.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT NATURE: HVNSleep is additionally extremely lightweight, compact, and portable. This little device can be taken anywhere you want.
  • DRUG FREE: Majority of the anti-snoring pods currently present in the marketplace need to augmented with drugs in order to be effective. This is however, not the case with the HVNSleep Pods. This gadget works effectively without every form of medication.
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE: With HVN-Sleep Pods, you needless worry about your age or gender. It is made for all and sundry. HVN-Sleep Pods can be used by anyone and works seamlessly to stop you from snoring and also improves the quality of sleep you get thereby making you refreshed whenever you wake up.
HVN sleep pod review


Ordering my HVN Sleep Pod was super easy and straight forward. The shipping was fast and I received mine within days. It was easy to set up and I was completely surprised by how comfortable it was to wear. It’s lightweight, and I barely knew I was wearing it! Definitely worth the investment. it’s already had a massive effect on him. It’s completely stopped his snoring and he’s feeling energized and awake. I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with snoring”


“HVN Sleep Pods is the most effective anti-snoring equipment I’ve ever used. I was using two different kinds of anti-snoring products and they both didn’t work for me. My friend told me about the HVN Sleep Pods so I tried it and now I love it. I wear it every night and I love checking out my nighttime stats with my morning coffee! I’m learning a lot about my sleeping and snoring patterns and from what the app says, my snoring has reduced well over half so far. Highly recommend.”



  • What should I do if the device feels uncomfortable?

Don’t worry. All you need to do is reduce the intensity of intervention in Settings. You can experience each level of intensity to see which level is the most comfortable for you.

  • Will the power indicator stay on after the device is powered on?

No, the power and Bluetooth indicators will the off after about 10minutes of use.

  • How long does it take to charge the device and how long can it be used for when fully charged?

It normally takes 2 hours to fully charge the device and this provides 2 nights of worry-free use.

  • Can I use HVN-Sleep Pods on an airplane or a bus?

HVN Sleep Pods are 100% safe during all sorts of travel, including airplanes.


There’s no doubt that a better night’s sleep is on everyone’s to-do list. This anti-snore is almost out of stock, we don’t want you to miss out on your chance of a restful night. You can buy the HVN-Sleep Pod easily from their official website. Buying directly from them ensures you get a legitimate product and can get offers and guarantees only they can provide.

Delivered right to your doorstep, HVN-Sleep also provides a 30day money back guarantee in situations where you’re uncomfortable with the device (although this hasn’t been witnessed so far). So, you can simply return the product before the 30th day after purchase to be refunded.


HVN Sleep offers a unique solution to snoring that plays on the many different therapies available today. Rather than offering a nose strip that just opens the nostrils, it triggers the muscles to regulate the user’s breathing. Instead of an app that can just track the information, this app records the sleep data and applies it to the snoring regimen. With no supplements or medications, users focus on retraining their muscles for better sleep. This product works effectively and the customer reviews are proof of this. There is no other ideal opportunity to stop snoring than now. Order the HVN SleepPod today!!!!

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