Neckrelax couple pillow latest reviews: 6 amazing benefits of using it.

Neckrelax couple pillow review

It is really cute to see couples or lovers or friends spend some quality time together. When they share their space together when they snuggle, it always seems lovely but honestly all is not what it seems in that situation. When a couple cuddle during a movie night or when they are asleep, there is a common phenomenon that usually occur and that’s what we call ‘sleepy arms’

I don’t have to tell you how annoying it is to have your arm fall asleep especially when you are trying to cuddle with a loved one, it’s the worst experience you can ever have. That awkward moment of you having to tell your partner to get up from your arm. Many romantic movie nights have been ruined by this common issue.

I could recall vividly when this same thing happened to me. Then, I was cuddling with my wife, she had already slept off I knew waking her up will annoy her but I couldn’t endure the pain because at a point then I could not move my fingers. When I woke her up I could read the disgust on her face.

This is what most marriages suffer the couple may end up sleeping at different sides of the bed because of this.  

You mustn’t necessary have to cuddle someone before your arm sleeps on you, sometimes it can just happen to us due to our sleeping posture. Some people like to sleep on their side, thereby having the arms under their heads for support.

Now let me bring you up to speed about a medical condition relating to this occurrence, it is called paresthesia, now paresthesia is a sensation of uncomfortable tingling usually felt in the arms, legs hands or feet. It often happens when blood supply to the affected nerve is cut off, this happens when your partners head rests on your arms or legs.

We must not disregard the health dangers of hindrance of blood flow because the nerves of those tissues need blood to a certain extent and if blood is not delivered up until then, the worst might occur.

This issue shook my relationship so hard that I had to look for solutions so I started surfing the web and I came across a product, this product has been the solution I have always longed for, and that is the Neckrelax couple pillow.

I am going to be giving you a fully detailed review on the neckrelax couple pillow, if you are having similar problems in cuddling your partner then this might be the product for you.

What is neckrelax couple pillow?

The neck relax pillow is a revolutionary accessory that incorporated space-age design with the finest comfort. It is designed to take form of an arch semicircular shape that allows side sleepers or cuddling couples to rest their arms in.

This pillow is guaranteed to allow you snuggle much longer than usual and sleep healthier.

The semicircular shape of this pillow withholds pressure on your arms and subsequently put the sleepy arm issue to a stop.

The fascinating thing about the neckrelax couple pillow is that it was not just meant for cuddling. It can also be used for your personal use and enhance your posture take for instance your neck, have you noticed that when you make use of your computer for too long you notice a pain around your neck region? Try that again this time using the neckrelax couple pillow I guarantee you that you will not feel any more pains and you will work longer and efficiently.

That is why this revolutionary support pillow was created. The arched contour of the neckrelax couple pillow helps in the maintaining the natural curvature of the spine for optimum comfort and body alignment. The cavity of this support pillow relieves tension or stiffness in the spinal column by relieving pains in the neck, shoulder and back.

What are the feature of the neckrelax couple pillow?

  • Ergonomic design: this support pillow is designed to promote wellness, normally some normal household pillows are either too hard or too soft and this in turn stiffens the neck region that is why people wake up at times with painful neck. The neck relax pillow is designed to maintain our spines curvature and not cause pain.
  • ABS support frame: this is what I love to call the skeleton of the neckrelax couple pillow. This feature gives the support pillow is characteristic curved shape. It is there to ensure that the pillow provides support to anyone of any size. So you can have that quality sleep time with your partner without having to wake the anymore.
  • Improved sleep guaranteed: this support pillow does not just provide support to you it also improves your sleep thanks to its soft slow rebound form core and sweat absorbing cover cloth, which gives you that comfortable sleep with great neck support. The pillow positions your neck in a way that allows you to breathe more freely.
  • High quality materials: as mention earlier, the ability of the neckrelax to give support to anyone no matter the size praises the fact that it is made from high quality materials. The neckrelax couple pillow ensures excellent durability and long lasting usage.
  • Portable: the neckrelax couple pillow is light weight and can easily be taken anywhere with you without any inconvenience.
  • Air soft fabric that removes sweat during sleep with a zipper for easy removal and washing.
neckrelax couple pillow

What are the benefits of the neckrelax couple pillow?

  1. This support pillow is sure to promote closeness in your relationship and wellness of you own body
  2. Prevents tingling pins and needle sensation in your arms while cuddling or sleeping
  3. ABS arch frame to support all body type.
  4. When you use the neckrelaxcouple pillow, it has a way of easing your stiffened neck. This is something you would have spent some money in a massage parlor to get ride
  5. Slow rebound memory foam core provides you with exceptional comfort when you are sited upright or when you sleep.
  6. You get to save more while purchasing your neckrelax couple’s pillow as there is an ongoing 50% discount in price for customers.

What makes the neckrelax couple pillow exceptional?

There are a lot of instances I could give to you about the neckrelax couple’s pillow right now but let me just keep it simplified here. In as much as this might sound funny but it’s true. Neckrelax couple’s pillow can actually save your relationship.

Trust me, your lover will not be able to understand that her laying her head on your arms for too long can cause your arms to sleep. She will always perceive it as you trying to dissociate yourself from her. But with your support pillow, movie nights and cuddles can go on between you two for as long as you want without any occurrence of paresthesia.

Another selling point of this support pillow is that it does an excellent job in maintaining natural curvature of your spine anytime you decide to make use of it. Like many other pillows it’s not too hard neither is it too soft making it the ideal pillow that will not cause you neck pain rather it relieves you from any form of neck pain you may be having.

This support pillow has made it possible for a lot of people who work at home to work longer hours on their computers and be more productive as they can use it to support their necks when they are seated. As a matter of fact, I myself am using one right now.

Look at it as a special package of both affordable and relationship reviver tool.

Unlike many other pillows the neckrelax pillow plays a key role in improving your sleep by maintaining the arrangement of your neck and spine curvature this make you to be able to breathe well and have a wonderfull night rest,

My personal testimony on the neckrelax couple pillow.

So earlier on in the beginning of this article I did tell how annoying it was for my wife. When I had to disturb her sleep due to the sleeping arms. This was really turning to be a big issue for us. Some mornings she won’t even say a thing to me. So one day I took the advice of my friend who earlier go the neck relax pillow and searched for it online.

And when this baby came into my home. The rest as they say became history. This thing did the trick for my marriage and that is why I have chosen to share it with you guys by making a review on it.

Who needs the neckrelax couple pillow?

From the name of the product we can easily jump to the conclusion that this support pillow is meant for couples and couples only. But this is not so. As a matter of fact, the neckrelax couple pillow is meant for everyone not minding the name.

This support pillow is going to keep you going when you have to work on your computer, I bet you may see it in some offices at your work place.

The neckrelax pillow was designed to be able to be used by anyone no matter the size of your body that is why the arch frame is so strong. It can also take the place of your pillow at home especially if you are a side sleeper.

This support pillow is for everyone’s usage not just for couple so get yours now and kiss goodbye to the horrible pin sensations and neck or back pains due to unhealthy sleeping.

What are the pros and cons of the neckrelax couple’s pillow?


  • Longer cuddling and snuggling with loved one.
  • Gives instant relieve to neck pain or stiffness and back pain.
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Very light weight and easy to carry around.
  • Provides exceptional comfort during relaxation.
  • Can be used to support your neck when you are working with your computer.
  • Strong enough to support all body weights no matter the size nor the weight.
  • Very affordable with a 50% discount in price.


  • Sadly the neckrelax pillow can only be purchased online and can never be seen in any retail store.
  • The 50% discount is not going to last so hurry and make a purchase.
  • If you are outside the United states you may experience slight delay in delivery due to the already resolving pandemics, so just trust and be a bit patient you will definitely receive it.
  • there is limited stock is available currently. so before you place your order be sure to check stock availability in the button below

Where can I buy the neckrelax pro and how much is it?

Neck relax pro can only be purchased online from the company’s official website and this is to ensure that you don’t fall victim to any form of scam.

Furthermore buying from the official site qualifies you to enjoy the ongoing 50% discount promo currently on.

On the company’s site you don’t need any form of log in and the sight is secured I can guarantee you that.

You can contact the company;

By email:

By phone: United states & Canada TF: 855 378 9408

Company’s address: prestige alliance limited. 48 Bi-State plaza no.617 Old Tappan, NJ07675.

Neckrelax couple pillow price.

The neckrelax pillow so cheap that you may even start to doubt if it is real. You would spend a lot of money taking drugs or undergoing a surgery should your sleeping arms mature to a tissue necrosis or going to a spa to relieve your stiff neck.

But with a fraction of that amount you can easily avoid all these outcomes.

The 50% discount which is currently ongoing has made it possible for everyone to acquire the revolutionary support pillow.

A single neckrelax pillow can now be gotten for as low as $49.99

There are also juicy deals if you would want to have more than one of the neckrelax couple pillow.

Two neckrelax pillows cost $99.98

Three neckrelax pillows cost $112.48

While four neckrelax couple pillows cost just $137.47

The site make use of multiple credit card payment methods which includes Master card, Visa, AMEX and discovery.

Be rest assured that your payment details are secured with the powerful 256-Bit encryption this means that no one can have access to it. So you have nothing to free about.

That’s not all, the company is offering a thirty days return policy should discover anything unusual about your order, you return it to them unused and they will have it replaced for you in no time.

Reviews from other customers on the neckrelax couple pillow?

So I was able to reach other people who are already making use of the neckrelax pillow. See for yourself what they have to say about it.

Neckrelax pillow spiced up my relationship.

it has always been a painful experience for me when I sleep with my girl laying on my arms. my arms would fall asleep. My girlfriends often gets pissed whenever this happens and i try to get her head off, but when i started using the neckrelax pillow, we cuddle as long as we want and i don’t experience that issue anymore. kudos!
Liam hudson
Napels, Florida.

The neckrelax is awesome!

At first my boyfriend always complained how his arms always hurt when we cuddle, so i read about the neckrelax pillow and gave it a try i like the softness and the closure it revived in my relationship.
Sophia woods
Rochester, NY

I like this pillow so much.

My kind of work always requires constant usage of the computer, after hours of work I always end my day with neck pains and as a result I constantly visit the spa on weekends. a friend of mine introduced me to the neckrelax and I love the way it supports my neck during my working hours. I have not felt any sort of pain ever since then. it a thumbs up from me.
Patrick Holding.
San Diego, CA.

Frequently asked questions( neckrelax couple pillow review)

Is this couple’s support pillow only good for cuddling and spooning?

No, its not just for cuddling it can also be used singly, the NeckRelax couple’s pillow is also good for different sleeping positions, such as on your side, on your back, and on your abdomen. It’s also great to use as a back support in your office chair. This pillow is so versatile you’ll only be limited by your creativity!

I’m a bit bigger in size and I’m afraid the pillow might not be able to support my weight. How durable is the NeckRelax couple’s pillow?

The NeckRelax couple’s pillow is very strong and extremely durable and has been manufactured from high grade components for excellent craftsmanship and impressive longevity. the strong frame of this support pillow makes it able to support any weight Be rest assured that this pillow will do whatever job you need it to do.

Is this support pillow compact enough to take with me on my travels?

Absolutely! Take it along with you to the office, or on camping trips, or road trips, or wherever! It’s as great on-the-go as it is in the bedroom, its light weight and it compatibility assures that you have no form of hitch while taking it along with you.

Final verdict

neck relax couple pillow offers that fulfilment in your relationships when you don’t have to worry about your arms sleeping off anymore.

the curved design makes it possible for single users to enjoy sleep like never before and relieve themselves from any form neck pain as this pillow maintains the natural curvature of this spine.

if your relationship is about to be ruined over a snuggle time, don’t wait till it happens. i strongly recommend that you get yourself one of these pillows and i assure you the rest will be history, it worked for me it will work for you. Get yourself this support pillow and enjoy your loved one.

Thanks for your time,

if you have questions feel free to drop it in the comment section down below.

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