Miracle sheets updated review 2023: Does it really kill germs like they say?

Miracle sheets review

Having a good night sleep does not necessary come from good sleeping postures or soft comfortable mattresses. There is another factor that can also bring about good night rest. In fact it is this factor that mainly determine if you sleep well at night or not. And that factor is bedspreads, do you notice that some nights you find it difficult to sleep either due to the itchiness caused by your bedsheets or the fabric it’s made of? It can be really annoying and most times people end up sleeping on the couch or even on the floor.

Furthermore, do you now that a lot of skin infections can come from your bedsheets?  Yes terrible skin infections like eczema, rashes and other bacterial infections can also be developed from the constant use of bedsheets. Do you also know some bedsheet materials are reactive to some skins leaving you with irritations around your skin? In individuals with soft skins or little children you may notice your baby having some burn like marks around their backs or necks this as a result of reaction from fabric the bedsheet is made from.

Yes kids have their special beds with their own bedspreads but there are children who don’t like sleeping alone the parents will have to share the bed with them and of course with the parents bedsheets.

So how do you make the best out of your bedsheet for the sake of your health? We a lot of things always come to mind. But the most acceptable ways are washing the bedsheets with detergents or so they say. Yes detergents make you sheets clean and fresh but studies have shown that the bacterial in these washed sheet are not cleans. You see, due to the fabric pattern, pieces of these microbes are trapped along the weavings of the fabric making it a good ground to restart its regrowth.

So as I was surfing the web I came across what people called the innovation, the answer to this household prayer and that is the miracle sheets, so I checked it out online and placed to order to have a better look at it. Is it what people say it is?

In this review, I am going to tell you about my findings on the miracle sheet. I will be spilling facts and my goal is for you to be able to determine by yourself if the miracle sheet is worth your money or not.

So without wasting much of your time, let get on with it.

What is miracle sheet bedsheets?

The name miracle sheets was given to this bed spread because of it is extra ordinary features, features you can never imagine. The miracle sheet is a bedsheet that makes use of high end innovation in the weaving of its fabric. These are bedsheets that have anti-bacterial properties which kills 99.9% of bacteria that store up within normal bedsheets anytime we make use of them.

This is made possible by the use of actually silver as a key component in the fabric of this bedsheet. Study confirm that the metal silver has strong bactericidal ability which kills not bacteria instantly. It also kills other harmful microbes and impedes their growth.

miracle sheets review

So back to our review. It may also interest you to know that the miracle sheet also have self-cleaning properties, yes you heard me right, I could not believe it myself at first. But it’s true. The fabric pattern of the miracle sheet allows it slide off dirt and dust particles making it look neat all the time unlike any other regular bedsheet.

The brains behind this really did a good job about this I must say

What are the features of the miracle sheets?

Here I will quickly let you in on the important features that made miracle sheets the most desired bedsheet material online today globally unlike other regular bedsheets

  • Anti-microbe bedsheet: the miracle sheets is lined with silver in its fabric, the purpose of including the silver is that silver has been used over the ages and I mean hundreds of years ago as an anti-microbial agent, highly exceptional when it comes to killing germs like bacterial, fungi and many other harmful microbes. So with the miracle sheet covering your bed you can be sure of not getting any form of skin disease even with constant usage.
  • 3 times less wash required: yes let us not look at the fact that the miracle sheet is a self-cleaning bedsheet and not put it in the laundry, every bedsheet must be washed but the exceptional thing about the miracle sheet is that it does not require constant washing unlike other bedsheets in the market. In fact, washing the miracle sheet is once in a while, which should be less stressful unlike your normal bedsheets you have to keep washing all the time.
  • Anti-odor bedsheet: I have been using the miracle bedsheet for over 8 months now and this is one feature I have noticed about it that beats regular bedsheets. This bedsheet has properties which makes it remove odors. Odors that could have probably come from juice spills, food or even sweat, it also prevents the growth of odor generating bacteria.
  • High quality Supima cotton: this is the raw material the miracle sheet is made from the cotton material makes the bedsheet more comfy to the users, it will not make you sweat when you try to sleep. And above all the cotton fabric makes the miracle sheet much easy to wash.  

How does the miracle sheets work?

The secret behind this innovation is that the miracle brand bedsheet is lined with silver in the weaving of its fabric. This silver lined is the science behind the wonders of this bedsheets.

In the olden days silver has be known to be a powerful anti-microbial agent. Now the science behind this is that the positive ions of silver are attracted to the germs most especially bacteria. When this attachment happens, oxidization occurs destroying the bacteria without mercy even before the bacteria can even reproduce. It clears everything.

This is also the science behind the odor removal property of the miracle sheets

Why should I buy the miracle sheet?

A lot of people suffer from diseases they do not know the source but if you check very well you will discover that most of these infections comes from a dirty bedsheets.

You see, a dirty bedsheet is a strong nesting ground for bacteria, bacteria that can cause you severe infections and slowly but steadily damage your immune system. So the ailment might not manifest immediately but definitely it will hit you down at a point.

Washing your regular bedsheet does not guarantee you safety from these bacteria, bacteria has an ability to adapt and build resistance to detergents. So your bedsheet might appear clean but the threat of bacterial infection still lingers.

But with your new miracle sheet lined with anti-bacterial silver you can be rest assured that you have nothing to worry about as it will kill off any bacterial that tries to lodge within it.

I bet you that if you go over to your neighbor’s place you may find out that the miracle sheet bedspread is what his or her family has switched to. The subtle cotton made fabric makes the miracle sheets conducive for tender kids to make use of even your new born baby can enjoy a nap using the miracle sheets as a bedsheet.

What are the pros and cons of the miracle brand bedsheets?


  • Kills 99.9% bacteria
  • Miracle sheets are temperature regulating bedsheets, this means that it cannot cause you sweat during sleep unlike many other bedsheets
  • Helps to improve your skin and guarantee you a healthy skin
  • Improves the quality of your sleep and guarantees you a productive morning as you wake up fulfilled
  • Anti-odor property that prevents your sheets from smelling due to excess usage.
  • With the miracle sheets, only 3 times less washing is required unlike other brands which you have to continuously wash
  • A conducive bedspread even for tender kids.
  • Enjoy 20% discount price and a 30 days free trial period for customer trust.


  • Limited stock available
  • the 20% discount would not last long so make use of this opportunity and get yours now
  • the miracle sheets can only be purchased online
  • In some countries outside America, shipping may take some days extra due to the now resolving global pandemic.

What makes the miracle sheet stand out?

Here we are going to be comparing the miracle sheets with the regular traditional bedsheets

Miracle brand bedsheetsRegular sheets
Temperature regulating sheetsCauses sweats and stains
Ensures healthier skinCauses acne
Anti-agingRough on skin.
3x less laundryContinuous loads of laundry required
Anti-odorEntraps stains and bad odors
Fights bacteria and mitesBreeding ground for bacteria and mite

Where can I get the miracle sheet?

Well for good reasons, the miracle sheets can only be purchased online and can never be seen in any retail shop anywhere.

Buying from the official site ensures that you don’t get scammed. You are sure of having the actual thing you ordered delivered to your doorstep

Another benefit of purchasing from the official site is that you automatically get qualified for the ongoing juicy discounts, so grab this opportunity while it lasts.

The site is secured with end to end encryption which makes your payment details secured as well. The site also paves way for you to choose from multiple payment methods which include mastercard, visa, AMEX, paypal and Payonner.

Be also rest assured that your card details are protected.

How much is the miracle sheet?

In the site, there are different packages of the miracle sheet with their different prices of course.

The package come in different sizes. By the implementation of 20% the signature thread miracle sheet cost $129 as against it initial $159

The Extra luxe sheets can now be gotten for $179 instead of it original $209.

You must know that these discounts won’t last long so try and get these lovely sheets now before it becomes late

Customers reviews on the miracle sheet

Don’t just take it from us, see for yourself what other people feel about this awesome bedsheets

“So far, I am very happy with this innovative brand of bedsheets! It’s true, they don’t smell, and it’s true, I don’t have bed odor. I have long believed in silver for combating bacteria, and think the sheets are a perfect idea. They are cool to sleep on and feel soft and “silky”. I’m very pleased I purchased the Sateen Luxe sheets.” 

Mattew P. Dallas TX

“LOVE! Best sheets ever. So luxurious. So soft. I was skeptical but they do what they say. 1 month in and still no odors.” 

Pedro G. curitiba, brazil

“I am loving my new miracle sheets. They do not slip off like my old sheets did. They are real comfy and help keep you cool all night.” 

Cynthia S. derby, NC

“Well first of all I would like to say thank you I absolutely love my sheets you’re so comfortable soft and cool it keeps me cool at night I love them.”

Isabelle. Denver CO-

My back and shoulder acne has gotten significantly better since using these sheets at first i was doubtful, i felt this would be just the regular kind of bedsheet but i was wrong i would strongly advice anyone to change to the miracle sheets as soon as possible .”

Bryan P. Phoenix, AZ

FAQs – Miracle sheets review

What is the difference between Signature and Extra Luxe?

The signature sheets are made with a percale weave to keep you cool and crisp throughout the night. while Extra Luxe sheets are made with a sateen weave for an ultra-luxurious, silky feel.

How does the return policy work?

You have 30 days after the product has been delivered to return it, even if used! To start a return process, you can email them at hello@miraclebrand.co and we will send you the instructions where you can obtain your shipping label.

How does silver protect us?

this is a very nice and observant question, Some metals like silver are scientifically proven to repel microbes and bacteria. The silver in the miracle sheets is specially designed to keep you clean and safe.

What is the thread count?

The Signature is 350-thread-count, while the Extra Luxe is 500-thread count. Both contain all natural silver. The thread count is used to determine the quality and not thickness of sheets. The high thread count in our sheets guarantees that they are softer than traditional sheets.

Is the miracle sheets safe for children?

yes absolutely! the cotton material this bedsheets are soft and comfy ensuring no form of harm even to the skin of a new born baby

final verdict.

A lot of big hotels have switched to these sheets because they know quality and they don’t need much efforts in washing bedsheets unlike the traditional sheets

if I should see the person with the brains behind these bedsheets I would quickly give that person a big hug!

if you are a person that does not joke with your sleep trust me the miracle sheets is sure to give you the best night sleep you can ever get.

with these bedsheets on your bed you are certain of being free from any form of infection and you are assured of feeling vitalized anytime you make use of it.

we do appreciate giving us your time, we hope you enjoyed this review. please feel free to ask your questions in the comment section below.

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