Parxal patch review 2023: SCAM ALERT!!! Don’t buy parxal fat burn patch without reading this first.

You must have seen adverts about the parxal fat burn patches on social media and all over the internet. So far, parxal patches has gotten so many positive reviews from buyers all around the world with an average of 4.6/5 star rating. These fat burn patches is perceived to be the next big thing in the world of fitness.

One of the major trouble people face is excess weight or obesity. Excess body weight can adversely affect your routines, you get reluctant to go to work or even take care of daily regular home routines. Record has it that many people with abdominal obesity are facing self-esteem issues and personal insecurities, sometimes you feel like people are making jest of you when you walk past them.

parxal patch review

A handful of things can cause build-up of belly fat and that includes eating too much processed foods high in excess sugar and unhealthy cholesterol, excessive intake of alcoholic beverages like beer can also be a signification contributing factor to belly bloating. Increased belly fat may not just affect your social life, it can also affect your sex life and even worse, your health. Excess increase in body weight puts you at risk of hypertension which is the number one leading cause to heart attacks and heart failure.

The importance of losing belly fat cannot be overstated. This is a very common weight loss goal. Not only does it boost your overall confidence and self-esteem, losing belly fat contributes to a great heart health, reduces risk of diabetes and even cancer. If you are currently on this page, it means you have decided to take the bold step in getting that glamorous trimmed belly and for that I must commend you.


  • High intensity interval training (HIIT): this is considered the most effective way by which you can lose belly fat. It involves aerobic exercises at increased reps and increased time intervals with minimum rests. This methods has always been adopted by people looking to turn their situations around and have a greater body physique through dissipation of calories and in-turn fat reduction. This method is considered to be the safest method. However, it requires extra patience and determination and honestly many people lack those. This maybe probably because of the type of jobs they do which won’t give them time to work out everyday
  • Resistance training: Also known as weight lifting is essential for building and preserving muscle mass. Resistance training may very effective in belly fat loss especially when combined with aerobic workouts (cardio)
  • Placing yourself on a good diet: this is another important and safe way to effectively loss belly fat and decrease your body weight generally. Weight loss diets like the Mediterranean diet, low car diet or the keto diet plan has proven to be helpful when reduction of belly fat is concerned. However, this method can be expensive and it takes a lot of discipline to be consistent in dieting. In some cases, you might get discouraged if you find out that you have been dieting for months and still not making progress. It heart-wrenching.
  • Avoid processed or sugary foods: excessive sugar intake is a major contributing factor to weight gain. Most of the pastries you consume daily are high in sugar, studies have also proven that high sugar intake is linked to abdominal obesity. It’s important to know that not just refined sugars can lead to belly fat gain. Even healthier sugars should be used cautiously. So if you are keen on losing belly fat, avoiding or limiting your intake of sugar is a good start.
  • Avoid foods that contain Trans fats: Trans fats are created by impelling hydrogen into unsaturated fat. They are found in some margarines and also some packaged foods. Trans fats don’t just significantly increase belly fat but also puts your health in danger. These fats are linked to inflammation, heart disease and insulin resistance. Avoid trans fats at all cost if you want to lose weight.
  • Limit your alcohol intake: alcohol can have health benefits when taken in small amounts but when you take too much it can be seriously harmful. It has been suggested through researches that alcohol can make you gain belly fat. If you observe that men that often visit the bar you can’t help but notice that most of them have abdominal fat increase. Cutting back on alcohol may help you reduce your belly fat and waist size. You don’t need to give up take it totally, however, limiting the amount you take every day can go a long way

There are many more harmful method people adopt in the desperate quest to reduce their body fat instantly, one of these methods is the common one, taking a blend up of lime and ginger  or even the buying the weight loss tea being marketed by some companies. You must understand that this method of weight loss can’t give you what you are looking for rather it will put you at risk of developing peptic ulcers which is a worse condition all together. So it’s highly not advisable.

As a workout instructor, I’ve had numerous calls from my clients inquiring about the new parxal weight loss patches. I decided to make some personal research about this product. This review article was made in respect to my findings from the research. In this review I’m going to be telling you everything you need to know about the parxal fat burn patches

So is parxal a genuine product? Does is actually help you burn belly fat or just another marketing overhype? If you want to know answers to these questions and more. Please stay on this page.


 Parxal patch is an adhesive transdermal patch applied to an area of skin to achieve the ultimate goal of weight loss. Once parxal is applied, it transfers it ingredients through the skin into the body over a period of time. These patches are made of 100% natural ingredients

 These slimming patches are only to be used once, the shape of the patch precisely targets the abdominal region and has a recess for the belly button. The ingredients are meant to be absorbed through the skin and go directly to the areas that have unwanted fat deposits. A single pack comes with a total of 10 patches.

Parxal patch is here to provide you with the one of safest method of burning your localized belly fat. It is also a good alternative to people that don’t have time to visit the gym or money to undergo a full diet plan. You may be a remote worker, you work keeps you indoors all day and stationary as well and you are building up that unwanted belly fat, this is where parxal fat burn patches comes in.

Parxal also developed fat burn patches for arms, this is specifically for people that want a firmer or more defined arm. The parxal arm patch works just as the belly patches and both can achieve the same weight loss goals.


Absolutely discreet

This is a beautiful feature you would love about the parxal patch. Unlike many of its counterparts, the parxal patch is absolutely discreet under clothing you. In most cases you might not even know you are wearing it. It blends so discreetly well with your clothing that no matter how tight your clothing is the parxal patch won’t show any outline at all.   

Sufficient pack

Now the major problem I had with fat burn patches is their quantities, you can imagine spending a reasonable amount on patches only to get a pack with just 3 or 4 patches, that’s not cool. Thankfully the parxal fat burning patch comes with a wholesome pack of up to 10 patches in it. This allows you to use parxal extensively before the need to purchase another pack even arises

Easy to apply

The parxal is easily adhesive to the skin. It is as easy to use as placing it on the abdomen with the adhesive side facing the skin. Making the hole coincide with navel. It is recommended to wear it for 4 to 6 hours a day. Putting on your parxal patch is a piece of cake compared to some patches which normally folds up when trying to use them. They are also very easy to take off as they are gentle on the skin


The truth is that the journey of weight loss is not an easy one to embark on. It takes determination and patience. So also is the use of parxal patches. The good news with this patches is that you see your much desired results sooner and it works even faster when you combine it with your regular home workouts.

The subcutaneous fats are most difficult to burn and that is why you see a lot of people that have spent weeks and months on diet feel very discouraged. This is where the parxal fat burn patch comes in. The parxal patch is made from 100% natural ingredient which target the localized fat just under your skin.

One notable ingredient of the parxal patches is the capsaicin. Capsaicin is a naturally occurring ingredient found in hot peppers. It is the sole reason for the hotness in these spices. Capsaicin is responsible for the heating effect of the parxal patches. This heat directed on the layer of the skin targets these subcutaneous fats and gets rid of them. The heating effect also helps in visceral fat reduction.

Once parxal is applied, it is advisable that you wear it for at least 6 hours every day if you want faster results. And you cannot use one parxal patch more than once.


Appling parxal on your abdomen is very easy and hassle free especially when compared with many other patches you might have come across. Nonetheless, I’m going to be providing you with three easy steps you can apply your parxal belly patch

Step 1: clean the area of skin you want to apply your parxal patch with water and towel dry the area.

Step 2: take off the white sheet covering the adhesive end of the patch

Step 3: place the patch on your abdomen with the adhesive end in contact with the skin and the hole on the parxal patch coincide with the navel

You can choose to wear your parxal patch to work, it’s highly discreet under your clothes no one would notice that you even have one on. One patch is sufficient for a day use. All you need is just 6 hours. Is up to you to decide when you would want to put it on.


I have also tried out other patches in comparison to the parxal patches. Most of these patches are slightly more expensive than the parxal patch. However the parxal patch makes the huge difference. There are many reason why I would chose parxal over any other patch if I decide to use a fat burn patch.

First and the most important reason is that. Parxal patch causes no skin irritation. The skin irritation caused by most of these fat burn patches is the main reason I don’t like them. Most fat burn patches can cause skin burns or rash as a side effect. And this is because of the artificial chemicals they were made with. Surprisingly this is not the case with parxal, in fact in testing out parxal patches I discovered no single anomaly on my skin this goes to prove that parxal is indeed made with all natural ingredients.

Another reason parxal is better than others is the quantity. Inside a parxal pack, there are 10 patches. This allows you to use parxal for a substantial period of time before the need to get another one arises. This is more than I could say for other transdermal patches I’ve come across which contains just 3-6 patches a pack.

The discreet nature of a sizable patch parxal is another reason to applaud this product. You can wear your parxal with any clothing of your choice and no one will know you have it on. Other patches of similar size with parxal are hardly unnoticed in tight clothes.


You can only purchase parxal patch online through their official webpage, which is the only way you can avoid getting ripped off. You get the exact thing you ordered for. Purchasing directly from them also comes with some handsome benefits.

You get to enjoy a 50% discount with free shipping to your doorstep. Delivery is superfast especially if you ordered from with the United States, you get your parxal delivered in just 2 working days. You can complete your payment with your Credit card (VISA, MasterCard or AMEX), an already pre-saved detail with the Google pay or you can just check out from your PayPal.

To access the official website and place your parxal order, please click on the button below.


1x parxal patch goes for $49.95

2x parxal fat burn patch cost $59

3x parxal cost $79

5x parxal fat burn patch cost $95


Builds your confidence

When you are successfully losing wait and burning those excess belly fat, you feel your confidence coming back and your self-esteeming on the high which is a good thing for a positive mental health.

Improves your sex life.

People with increased body weight may be having problems in their sex life. This is more common in men. Studies show that increased stomach fat is related to poor erection and weak sexual stamina. There is every need to burn up those belly fat if you want to top your sex game. Thankfully parxal can help you in the fat burning aspect

Enjoy overall improved health.

Overweight is also linked to some serious health conditions like hypertension, heart disease and kidney disease. Losing your weight can go a long way to ensure you live a long and healthy life. As a first step to achieve this, burning up belly fat using parxal patches is a welcomed idea.

Gives your cloth a more lovely fitting

With a flatter tommy and slimmer waist line. You will discover that your clothes fit you more perfectly especially your pants.


  • Parxal patches have not yet been approved FDA
  • You can only use a parxal fat burn patch once.
  • Parxal fat burn patch does not instantly burn your belly fat over-night, your need to be patient.
  • You can only purchase parxal online.


It’s the second time I’ve bought them. The first time I was delighted, but during the year I stopped using them and I gained a few pounds again. With them I’ll be perfect for summer.

Mery P

Two friends and I bought it and all three of us agreed, the day after using it, that you notice how it has helped you to drain and eliminate liquids.

Jenna, Mónique and Helen

I gave them to my husband and he is delighted! He always complained about his tummy and since he got them, he says he has noticed the changes. They are also very easy to put on and take off.

Martha L



Nothing beats hard work, exercise and dieting still remains the best method to burn up belly fat and lose weight. But if you are the type of person that is too busy to be consistent in exercise probably due to the kind of work you do, then parxal can come in handy to you.

Parxal patches can make the slightest effort you make towards losing weight a success. It is made of 100% natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about any reactive skin side effects. Apply parxal fat burn patch on your belly to target subcutaneous fats which are highly difficult to lose.

Boost your overall self-esteem with parxal patches. Hurry now and enjoy the ongoing 50% discount bonus.  

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