Is boojoy winter shoe any good? New facts!!: boojoy winter shoes review 2023.


It’s finally beginning to feel like winter, outdoor winter activities like skiing and sledding makes this the most enjoyable time of the year, or so they say. However, it is important to know that the drop in temperature can be really harmful to you. Especially the extremities (the feet). You may love the winter season but this season comes with its problem, exposing yourself to the cold of the winter can bring forth some health issues, which can be serious if ignored

A poorly protected feet during the cold makes it susceptible to lose of sensation, tingling and even worse, frostbite. Frostbite is a skin injury that occurs when it has been exposed to the cold for too long, frostbite occurs in stages and if you don’t pay attention to it, it may progress to its worst. During the cold season, frostbite should not be the only thing you should be worried about, the cold season has recorded more cardiovascular and respiratory infections.   

The winter season is always the harshest time of the year even though it can be beautiful because of the snow. The cold of the winter season may be unbearable enough to keep you indoors but that does not mean you don’t have to step out and carry out your daily activities. As people put on their winter jackets, they often ignore the need to wear a suitable footwear that does not just protect their feet from cold but give them stability to walk on the slippery grounds.

People make use of winter boots for their outdoor activities. These type of boots are specifically made to keep your feet warm, however many people don’t just like them. This may be due to the fact that most winter boots are practically heavy on the feet and stability in walking may be impossible to attain.

The instability caused by most winter boots paved the way for the introduction of the boojoy winter shoes. These pair of shoes are like no other you have ever seen. The hype surrounding the boojoy winter shoes on social media platforms where so great that I had to check it out myself. Boojoy winter shoes could keep your feet dry, warm and comfortable this makes it the top winter footwear to have this winter season.

In this review article, I am going to be sharing with you every bit of information you might have been looking for about the boojoy winter shoes. There are things you should expect while using boojoy shoes and if you want to find out what it is, keep reading this article.


The boojoy winter shoe is the ideal shoe specifically built for this winter season. Thanks to its simple design it can go along with any outfit of your choice. As you know, winter is around the corner, and you may be looking for the ideal shoe to carry out your routines like it’s just any regular season.

Boojoy winter shoes are waterproof and come with a quality sole, which is slip resistant thanks to its rigid design. With this you can walk and even run comfortably on ice or any extra smooth surface without any worry of tripping. This makes boojoy the go-to accessory everyone wants this winter, no wonder people can’t get enough of it.

boojoy winter shoes review

I like the fact that this shoes was made to look like a simple sneaker. This makes it fit well on your casual outing outfits like your genes. It is also light weight so you can be rest assured that it would offer you the much needed stability you would need on the contrary to the heavy winter boots.


Waterproof: it quite uncomfortable to have your feet soaked while in your shoes. This cold season may have that issue in abundance. The boojoy shoe is 100% waterproof. They are made from materials that makes it difficult for water to penetrate. So you can wear your boojoy shoes out in the rain without any worry of soaked feet or even when you accidentally step into a water puddle.

Slip-proof: thanks to its ridged sole, boojoy winter shoes takes away the risk of accidental falls on slippery or frozen grounds. This allows you to walk more carefree no matter where you are. This feature sets the boojoy apart from its counterparts which makes fluent walk on frozen grounds much difficult.  

Thermal retention: like many top dollar winter boots, the boojoy as it is affordable provides the luxury of keeping your feet warm in the coldest of days. From my test, I found that its interior is laced with materials that trap the warm temperature from the body and maintains it within the shoes interior. It’s like having a thermal clothing on your feet. This makes inside the boojoy shoes much warmer and conducive for you the step out with.

Cushioning effects: the cushioning effect is another added pleasure the boojoy winter shoes provides. This gives your feet stability it need to walk on rough surfaces probably caused by solidified snow. Solidified snow is one major cause of ankle sprains during the winter season and it’s a good thing that a product like boojoy takes that into consideration.

Flexible: boojoy is overall a flexing shoes, this makes it a great accessory to carry out your daily activities with and even exercise. The flexible sole allows you to run comfortably in them with great ease.

Unisex: it would have been a big let-down if boojoy winter shoe was made for a specific gender, boojoy winter shoe is a unisex accessory, and this means that it can be worn by both men and women.


36-44 EU


Blue, Burgundy and Black


Boojoy winter shoe works just like a thermal wear.  The body has the ability to generate heat, the boojoy is made from materials that have the capacity to trap your body heat and store it within them blocking entry of cold air. This process now allows the shoe to remain warm even in the coldest of weathers. You may also be worried that this material traps sweat also but that is not the case. The material is breathable and so it does not allow the build-up of sweat.

The warmth the boojoy winter shoe provides allows you to carry your daily activities with ease. Also the boojoy shoe is also made of flexible rubber sole with a rugged pattern. This rugged pattern makes boojoy a slip proof shoe as it creates its own friction on smooth surfaces like frozen ice or waxed floors.


Are there foot wears other than boojoy? Definitely!! but is the difference much? Absolutely not!! Boojoy winter shoes are one of a kind. The first and the most important specialty of the boojoy winter shoes is its thermal regulation. This is one major benefit you can’t overlook. Having your feet exposed to the cold puts you in a serious health risk. Boojoy winter shoe keeps your feet warm especially if you need to step out during the cold. This is a luxury exclusive to its high dollar counterparts. But boojoy gives you this luxury at just a fraction of that expensive price.

Another reason why boojoy shoes is special is its simple design. Unlike those bulky winter boots, the boojoy winter shoes was made to complement any outfit you put on. It goes perfectly well with jeans, plains and even sports wears.

In addition to this, boojoy winter shoes are very flexible, this provides the comfort to your feet and takes away that nostalgic new shoe pains. In other words you won’t feel a single pain while wearing boojoy winter shoes for the first time. This singular issues makes people skeptical in getting new winter boots, the pains are unimaginable. Boojoy is here to take that nightmare away.  


 Boojoy winter shoes can only be purchased online. The benefit of buying this shoe from the original website is to avoid falling for fake imitations and getting scammed of your hard earned money. When you open the official check out page you have the liberty to select your desired color and even the size of your choice

Boojoy is also offering a 50% price slash which is only exclusive to the online purchase. You can make your payment with your credit card. Or your already stored G pay.


I can go on and on telling you reasons why you should buy a shoe like boojoy winter shoe. However, this is a review not an advertisement. As you the cold season is around the corner and so you have to make every necessary arrangements to keep yourself and your loved ones warm when it comes. Boojoy winter shoes is the right wear you need to keep your feet warm and combat any chance of health issues.

As someone that has seen how terrible frostbite is, it is highly recommended you get body wears that cover your extremities and if you want to get them on a budget, then boojoy winter shoe is a good start. There are many health issues winter seasons bring along and believe me, you don’t want anything to do with them.


Much to the delight of many, the boojoy winter shoe is now available in the UK! So if you stay in the UK, you can have your boojoy shoe delivered to you, swiftly as well. Boojoy is also available in many more countries apart from the UK. Countries like Germany, Israel, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Australia can now order the boojoy winter boots from their regions.


As mentioned earlier, many people are reluctant in buying a winter boot not just because it’s expensive but because of the overall pain and discomfort it causes. You see these boots are not as flexible as the bootjoy winter shoes and so giving your feet that cushioned comfort is going to be quite difficult to achieve. In all the days boojoy shoe was tested, never has there been any time it caused any form of pain to the feet. That is how vivid they are.

Furthermore, regular winter boot even with their rigid soles still find it difficult to maintain frictional contact on slippery surfaces like ice surfaces. They are only good for the snow and not even the ice. I could recall a terrible fall I suffered some years back as a result of this. Boojoy is built different the rubber sole accompanied by the rugged pattern balances your weight across the ice making it difficult to slip over.

Another reason is that boojoy winter shoe is a unisex wear, which means it’s a shoe for both men and women and fit pretty well too. Many of its counterparts have separate shoes for both genders respectively so you have to be selective in picking the right shoe for men of women.


A lot of customers have asked this question and you can’t blame them honestly, you may be suspicious that a shoes like this that can maintain warmth even in the cold with retain sweat and make your feet smelly at all time, to be honest I suspected that too. However, to my greatest surprise it turns out that that is not the case.

Boojoy winter shoe’ interior are made with breathable materials that seeps out sweat from within the shoe keeping your feet dry as well as warm. And no matter how long you wear them, you cannot develop a smelly feet, at least not with boojoy shoes.


Keeps your feet warm

Boojoy winter shoes keeps your feet warm by trapping your body heat within its interiors, the entrapped heat keeps the shoe warm, which also warms up your feet in the coldest of weathers, this is a luxury you can only enjoy in expensive winter boots.

Gives you much needed stability

Many of its counter parts lack this, in fact it is impossible to wear a normal shoes out in the winter season without slipping to a terrible fall. Boojoy is built to withstand any slippery ground or ice, thanks to its rugged rubber sole that balances out your weight and helps you to walk freely with any slip.

Goes with any outfit

The simple design of this winter shoe makes it classy and good to go with any outfit of your choosing. It unlike those bulky boots that knocks your outfit off. The boojoy goes perfectly well with your jeans. In fact people may hardly tell that you are wearing a winter shoe because it looks just like a casual shoe.

Can be used comfortably for exercise

The balanced sole of the boojoy makes it a great shoe to run in. if you want to continue your cardio workout regimen in the cold seasons, the boojoy can give you that much allowance to comfortably jug with. The flexible sole and the cushioning effect of the boojoy makes it safe to also wear it to your gym for your regular workout.

Protects your feet from the rain

A lot of shoes can get damaged in the rain but boojoy shoes is not just one of them. This pair of winter shoes is 100% waterproof and will keep your feet dry at all-time even outside in the rain.


  • Lightweight winter shoes
  • Accessible in different sizes
  • Boojoy shoes are 100% waterproof
  • Breathable internal covering
  • Slip-safe
  • 50% discount with free delivery


  • Boojoy winter shoes may not be conducive in the summer times
  • It only has 3 color variants
  • Getting boojoy winter in big size may be very difficult as the available biggest size is 44 EU.
  • There is a limited stock available right now so make use of this opportunity and get yours.


I love them! They are very comfortable to walk in for long periods of time, they are light and comfortable. They have sheepskin inside, which makes them very warm.

 Jenna H

I use them every day to go to work and to take my kids to school! I have to walk quite a bit and these boots are very comfortable, warm, and best of all, they’re waterproof! 

Anouk D

The best winter boots I’ve ever had! They are waterproof and very warm. Also, the sole is flexible so walking in them is very comfortable. I will buy another pair for my wife. 

James M


The cold of the winter may be soothing to some extents but you can agree with me it brings its own adverse effects to the body which can be detrimental if ignored.

The best solution is to prevent such concequences and how best to do it is to keep yourself warm at all cost. if you are looking for a winter shoes that would serve you not just this season, but the coming seasons, then you might want to give boojoy a chance.

If you are also tired on spending so much money on getting winter boots that won’t give you that much needed stability as you walk why not change for the much lighter boojoy winter shoes. the last i checked it will only cost you a little.

Now is the best time to maximize your opportunity with this ongoing discount and get boojoy shoes for yourself and your loved ones.

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