Is Derila memory foam pillow any good? new facts!! Derila pillow review 2023

Derila memory foam pillow reviews

Nothing beats a good night rest. The body needs sleep in its abundance to help repair itself. The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasized. However, many people don’t have that luxury of getting the quality sleep they require. A poor sleeping habit can adversely affect your productivity and it doesn’t stop there. Lack of quality sleep can lead to memory issues, weight gain, high blood pressure and low sex drive.

Poor sleep routine is a major cause of day time clumsiness, you wake up feeling exhausted and unfulfilled. You become unenthusiastic during the day and even worse, you work output is greatly affected. Oftentimes, people who show up to work moody are those that couldn’t get enough sleep.  

A large percentage of adults are suffering from this experience and the worst part is that it may not be caused by any sickness or by staying up late at nights. Even if you manage to sleep, you discover that you can’t stay asleep you find yourself intermittently waking up twice or more in the middle of nights.

Many people overlook this as if it’s not something serious, but the sad truth is that it is indeed a big deal. Constantly, having inadequate sleep increases your risk of developing hypertension, which is now term in this modern day as the number one silent killer.

Moreover, studies have shown that older people are more likely to struggle to get sleep, and sleep lightly when they are asleep. None of this is a problem once you are well rested. Many older people also suffer from chronic conditions which can cause pain at night and hence leading to a sleep disturbance.


Many health issues can affect sleep, but there are some non-health related factors that can greatly affect your sleep

Heavy alcohol or caffeine intake: excess intake of caffeinated beverages such as coffee or energy drinks can elevate the heart rate at night which can greatly exceed the normal resting heart rate required to attain sleep. Alcohol also gives a similar effect, moderate intake of alcohol is not bad as it can slightly decrease the heart rate. However, excess alcohol intake elevates the heart rate which in turn disturbs your sleep.

Drugs: some prescription drugs such as diuretics increase the need to go to the bathroom, this can wake the users up in the middle of the nights and disturb their night rest.

Poor sleeping posture: this is another known factor affecting fluent night sleep, a bad sleeping posture can make you wake up at night as a result of arm numbness, shoulder pain and neck pain. This is as a result of the adverse manipulation of the spine from a poor sleeping position. Many people often wake up with neck pain or lower back pain as a result of this.

Using a locally made pillow: many of us make use of mattresses and pillows that is way far from ideal. In fact, the pillow is the number 1 factor that can greatly affect your sleep. Many people are indifferent about the pillows they make use of. But the truth is that if you struggle with sleep, there is a good chance your pillow is to be blamed. Soft pillows don’t do anything to support the spine or neck. This leads to a lot of tossing and turning, muscle aches and snoring.


First things first, it is highly advisable to consult your doctor first. This is to rule out any unknown medical issue that might be stopping you from getting enough sleep. Furthermore, life style changes like moderating or stopping the intake of alcohol can go a long way in substantially bring your healthy sleeping habits back on track.

If you are someone who keeps waking up with neck stiffness, neck pain, back pain or even shoulder pain then there is every need for you to change your pillows. Have you always been waking up with different forms of disturbing pains? The reason is because you are making use of a pillow that is too soft to support your spine and maintain its normal arrangement when you sleep. You spine arrangement can easily be manipulated especially if you are a side sleeper.

In the recent years, doctors have recommended the use of memory foams pillows. A memory foam is known as viscoelastic polyurethane foam commonly found in car seats, these types of foams were easily adopted because of their unique ability to relieve pressure and provide good and exclusive support to the user.


As you would suspect, not all memory foams live up to their standards. In fact, some memory foams are just mediocre products overhyped through social media like instagram, tiktok and YouTube.

I am going to be talking about this new memory foam pillow that people can’t stop talking about. And that is the Derila memory foam pillow. Just recently they have boasted to have sold over a million units of it. And customers are really giving it an average of 4.8 out of 5 star review.

The goal of this review article is to give you everything you need to know about derila memory foam. These includes shocking Facts that they do not want you to know about.

In this article I am going to be telling you every piece of information you need to know about the derila memory foam pillow. This article will help you determine if derila is the best pillow brand for your family or just another over hype. If you want to know what other sites are hiding from you about derila memory foam, you are at the right place.

Without wasting your time, let us get on with it.


Just like many other memory foam pillows, the derila product is also made of polyurethane a type of plastic you’ll find in sofas, mattresses and spray foams. The derila pillow can change shape under heat and pressure to suit the exact correct curvature of your neck. It does not only adjust its shape it also maintains this shape for your continuous usage. This allows you extra head and neck support while you sleep.

derila memory foam pillow

Honestly, derila memory foam makes a good first impression. It is firm but flexible. From the texture, it’s quite higher in quality especially when compared to your traditional pillows.

Derila was designed to give you the outmost comfort you need for your quality night sleep thanks to its increase viscoelasticity. It will adequately support your neck whether you are a side, back or stomach sleeper.

Derila pillow uses memory foam to create a shape that follows the natural curvature of your spine. It works hand-in-hand with the user’s weight to distribute a symmetrical support in order to reduce the chances of neck pain to the barest minimum.


ERGONOMIC DESIGN: this is the main feature you should look out for in every good memory foam pillow. The ergonomic design of derila pillow is like none of its counterparts, derila memory foam pillow was designed for comfort. It give you an all-round comfort no matter the angle on which you place your head.

HIGH-DENSITY MEMORY FOAM: derila pillow is made of memory foam as its primary material. The essence of the memory form is to provide optimal support to your neck buy taking the natural curvature of your spine. The viscosity and elasticity in memory foam is high this makes it adjust its shape with weight and body heat to give that much needed comfort during rest.  

COOLING OUTER LAYER: Most memory foam pillows lack this feature and thus they retain body heat and are always uncomfortable to use in high temperate hours.  This can contribute to the heat you might already be feeling and can make you uncomfortable, leading to poor quality sleep. This was the singular reason people did not like memory foam pillows much. Derila memory foam pillow brought the perfect game changer as it includes a cooling layer that regulates temperature allowing you to use your pillow even in the hottest of days with comfort.

BUTTERFLY SUPPORT WINGS: this feature makes derila memory foam pillow flexible to use. It features support wings on each side, which makes it conducive for stomach, back or side sleepers to use comfortably

NECK NOOK: Derila memory foam pillow feature a neck nook at the center. This is a small depression which depresses further in response to your weight in order to cradle your neck in a comfortable position and reduce any chance of neck stiffness. This feature is the unique trademark feature of the derila pillow. So if by any chance you don’t see a neck nook on your derila pillow, please return it. To avoid such mediocre replicas is it advisable to purchase from the official Derila website.


Just like many other memory foam pillows, derila memory foam pillow is made from polyurethane foam that has been combined with chemicals to make it more viscous and elastic. This allows it to adjust in response to your body weight. When pressure is applied on this memory foam it slowly contours to your body and this includes taking the shape of your neck’s natural curvature, this removes any risk of developing neck pain from sleeps and also helps you manage it if you are already having one. One can easy call the derila pillow a custom pillow because of this.

After some time the memory foam in derila pillow slowly rises back to regain its original shape as soon as the pressure is removed. The memory foam technology has been adopted in many furniture making. To mention a few includes; mattresses, sofas and car seats.   


It’s true that derila is just like many memory foam pillows in you see after all, they are made of the same thing. However there is a difference. If you are already accustomed to memory foam pillows you will discover that they are usually hot. This is because they make use of the body heat, store them this actually helps the foam adjust much faster to your body pressure. The disappointing thing here is that the heat does not easily go away making the pillow too warm and a bit uncomfortable.

Bearing this singular flaw in mind. Derila pillow added a cooling outer layer, this cooling outer layer is simply a fabric that does not allow heat to pass through to the inner memory foam. This fabric instantly dissipates the heat and makes your pillow cool at all times.


Now let us make a quick comparison better the derila pillows and your traditional pillows. In as much as the traditional pillows are far cheaper than the derila pillows, there

  1. Derila pillows can maintain their shape more than the traditional pillows: over time, traditional pillows begin to flatten out or develop lumps and cause serious discomfort. Derila pillow retains its shape even after years of using it.
  2. Traditional pillows may not be suitable for all sleeping positions: they may give you a hard time sleeping if you want to sleep on your side. Whereas derila memory foam pillow gives you that extra comfort no matter the sleeping position you most prefer.
  3. Traditional pillows cannot relief your neck pain: this is a fact you must have noticed, some cheap traditional pillows can make your neck pain far worse than before because it lacks that supporting structure the derila pillows have.


Snoring is a very uncomfortable thing especially to people around you, one might have to think about sleeping over at your place because of how you snore. The truth is that snoring is not always the person’s fault. In most cases snoring may result from a bad sleeping position. If your neck is not in its proper elevation when you sleep you are bound to snore.

Snoring may have other causes that are not related to sleeping position but the type of pillow you sleep with is a great factor that contributes to it. Below is a result my friend sent to me just in one week of using derila memory foam pillow to sleep. His snoring was so loud that even his wife had to sleep in a different room most times.

From the result above you can see how derila pillow helped with his snoring problem. If you have a snoring problem there is a good chance that derila pillow is the solution you need for it.

You can also checkout the hvn sleep pod, the number 1 solution to stop your snoring habits once and for all.


The best place to purchase derila memory foam pillow is online through the company’s official website. The reason for this is to ensure you get the original pillow and avoid getting ripped off. There are lots of fake replicas of the derila memory foam pillows being sold in retail shops. Don’t be deceived by those fake imitations. To avoid getting scammed simply order your memory foam pillow online.

To purchase derila memory foam pillow simply click the button below.

The best part is that delivery is superfast, you get your derila pillow delivered to your doorstep in just two days after placing your order. That is not all, buying derila memory foam online qualifies you for the ongoing 50% price slash making it more affordable for you.


By clicking the link provided the 50% discount is automatically activated for you

Making 1 unit of the derila pillow cost just $39.95

2x derila pillows cost $69.96

3x derila pillows will go for $89.94

4x derila pillows cost $99.96


If you are tired of having to change your pillows every 3 months then maybe you should think about getting a derila memory foam pillow. The memory foam in this pillow allows it to maintain its original shape once you’re out of bed and most importantly, stand the test of time. You can use a pillow like derila for years without the need to change it. Nothing beats having your pillow look brand new every day.

Furthermore, derila memory pillow supports sleepers of any position. If you are a side, belly or back sleeper, you will have no sleep disturbances using derila memory foam pillow which more than I can say for the regular traditional pillows which makes it difficult for side sleepers to sleep comfortably.


Helps with neck injury recovery

People who are recovering from neck injuries often have hard times making use of regular pillow. This is where the derila pillow comes to the rescue. If you are having any form of neck pain or recovering from neck injury, be rest assured that derila memory foam pillow will help you with the recovery as it provides much comfort for you maintaining your neck curvature and providing the much needed stability your neck needs to recover from injuries.

Ensures a fulfilled night rest

Say a big goodbye to disturbed sleeps or your sleeps been cut short. Some regular pillows makes it difficult to fall asleep. Especially when it flattens, this can be a problem which can in turn affect your daily activities. Derila pillows promises to keep you asleep for as long as you need.

Helps to control snoring

Some snoring problems might be caused by a bad pillow. A flattened pillow might not give your head the elevation it requires to straighten the airways. Derila provides you with a solution for your snoring problems as it provides the required elevation and stability your head needs and putting your snoring problems under control.

Makes you wake up refreshed

No one is as active as someone who had a good night rest. If you get enough sleep you become more active by the day and also your cognitive ability will be at its peak. A good night sleep also ensure that you wake you full of energy and good spirit. This is the value only a pillow like derila memory foam pillow can provide.

Perfect for people who travel long hours

 If you think derila memory foam pillow is just meant for your bed then you have to think again. If you are someone who spends long hours commuting by bus, train or flight. Derila pillow can provide you with the proper neck support during your long travel hours this allows you to take a nap if you need to without waking up with sore shoulders or back aches. You can easily pack your derila pillow with you as most hotel pillows may not be conducive for you.

Suitable for all sleeping positions

Derila memory foam pillows are designed by top specialists to be suitable for side sleepers, belly sleepers and back sleepers alike. They have a universal fit which means you will be comfortable no matter how you sleep.


If you want to make your purchase from the United Kingdom, there is good news! Derila memory foam pillow is now available in the UK! However there is still limited stock so you might want to hurry with your purchase.

To purchase derila pillow from the United Kingdom click the link provided below.


  • It can easily get stained, so making use of pillow covers is a welcomed idea
  • It might be difficult to travel with as it can occupy a large space in your box


I have a rare disease that causes severe joint damage and as a result, I have a lot of neck and shoulder problems. This supports my head in any position I sleep in. I also appreciate that it doesn’t have a strange chemical smell like foam pillows tend to have at first.

Cathy B. Verified Buyer

I felt obligated to write a review on this pillow. Used it for the first time last night and I couldn’t believe how I slept. I purchased over 5 different pillows and nothing worked. It was horrible until this arrived. I was blown away when I woke up well-rested and absolutely NO PAIN. I was so happy and wanted to share it with you guys. I had an ACDF neck procedure and this pillow simply works as described. Nice packaging and very comfortable. The shoulder shape and cervical curve are PERFECT !. Trust me people you don’t want to miss this one !! Looking to get another one for my mother!

Audrey H. Verified Buyer



Just In case you have any complaints or you have further questions you can contact their customer care personnel who will be eager to assist you.

You can contact them through the phone number provided below.



After my experience with this memory foam pillow, i began to see why people loved it so much. Derila pillow is the next big thing with the solution to your countless sleepless nights.

It does not matter if you are an elder, middle aged or teenager. this is one pillow that can be used by any one. Derila pillow will also provide comfort to you no matter the sleeping position you’re used to. if you are recovering for a neck injury and sleeping has been a problem for you, i guarantee you that once you try derila pillow you will never regret it.

This is the best gift you can give to your elderly loved ones. its efficiency is unmatched and most importantly, it is fairly affordable with the ongoing discount bonus. so hop on this opportunity now and purchase yours now.

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