Go-gadgetly wifi booster review: is this the no.1 solution to wi-fi dead spots? must read!!

Go-gadgetly WiFi booster is one of many crucial devices out there with the promise of positively affecting and improving your work output. We all can agree when I say that working with a weak network signal can be very frustrating. Especially if you are someone that works from home. Just to get your work done you can’t be able to move around free in your own house.

This era has seen the world get more technologically advanced. Many people don’t have to go to their offices to work anymore. They can easily work from the comfort of their homes. A lot of private business owners don’t have any physical office, all they need is their homes and their computers with quality internet connection.

The use of wireless internet connect has completely taken over from its local LAN predecessor. Wireless connection has brought a lot of advantages which include free movement around your vicinity while still connected to the internet.

However, there is on major setback wi-fi connection have. You see, we have a habit of taking Wi-Fi for granted expecting it to miraculously work every day in every room of our homes but that is not always the case. As wireless connectivity runs on radio waves, hindrances and obstructions can come with the place and this results in what we know as wi-fi dead spots. These are areas of your house wireless signals cannot penetrate.

Wi-fi dead spots are common in most homes owing to the fact that they were built before the invention of wireless internet connection, so these construction is not always conducive to wireless connectivity. Thick concrete walls and supporting metal wiring don’t really go hand-in-hand with Wi-Fi radio waves.

Contents in our homes can also be a key factor to hindering signal strength. Large metal appliances like fridges and stoves may block wireless signals and interfere with the network.

How can you get rid of wifi dead spots from your home?

There are many ways to do this. The easiest way is to adjust the position of the router and that is by moving it around with you and placing it in any room of your choice. The downside of this method is that it also affects network connectivity in other room which had good network reception initially.

Another good way is to change your router channel to a less congested one if your router locator does not seem to be the cause of your network problem. To do this, locate your router settings test different channels to see which one works best for you.

If changing your router channel still doesn’t work, then you can try out the best option possible and that is buy installing a Wi-Fi booster or Wi-Fi repeater. A wi-fi booster or extender is one of the most popular and effective solutions to eliminate dead spot. It does this by extending the network’s coverage area. Therefore allowing network coverage to rooms initially know as dead spots in your homes.

As someone that worked from home, I used to face the challenge of dead spot in my house. There was no way I could stay in a single place throughout the day and not be able to move around the house. I was also tired of moving my routers around with me to any room I wanted to stay.

There are many good wi-fi extenders out there in the market. However, acquiring a wifi extender can be costly, a good wifi booster will cost you close to $200. But that should not be your discouragement as there is a cheaper alternative that can give you equal efficiency like the much expensive wifi extenders. And that alternative is the go-gadgetly wifi booster.

This WI-FI extender has got almost everyone talking. So far, it has been receiving so many positive reviews. Of course, I had my doubts initially so I ordered one just to check it out myself.

This article was prepared based on my findings from testing out the go-gadgetly wifi booster. In this review, I will be giving you a watered-down information on this wifi extender. So if you want to know if go-gadgetly is the right device for you or another scam device, keep reading this article.

What is go-gadgetly wifi booster?

The go-gadgetly is a powerful wifi extender that can be plugged in your walk sockets anywhere in your house. It was built to be that easy. No antennas to adjust, no cords, just plug and connect instantly.

Go-gadgetly gives you the luxury of connecting to the internet from whatever corner of the house you may be at. Allowing you and your family to enjoy Wi-Fi connectivity at the same time. Go-gadgetly wifi booster is a simple solution to dead spots around your home or office.

go-gadgetly wifi booster

If you are someone that works from home and tired of moving your router around with you just to stay connected to the internet and work then a wifi extender like go-gadgetly is the right device for you.

This is one WiFi extender with a secure Wi-Fi using WEP and WPA/WPA-2 wireless security protocols. It is compact and light weight, this allows you to take it with you to anywhere you want.

One thing I really like about go gadgetly is its in-build antenna. Unlike many other extenders with protruding antennas, the go-gadgetly has its antenna in-built this ensures a long lasting use, especially when these antennas are usually targeted by our pets or our little kids at home.


SIGNIFICANT SIGNAL INCREASE: This wifi extender ensures a uniform dissipation of signal strength to all corners of your home, this guarantees the elimination of dead spots from your home. This feature allows you and your family to enjoy your router from any room or anywhere in the house.

EASY SETUP: Many wifi extenders require a lot of skill just to setup. In fact, in many cases a professional would have to come and install them for you. That is not the case with go-gadgetly. This wifi booster is easy to install all you need to do is to plug it in you wall socket and you are good to go.

Wi-Fi CONNECTION STATUS BAR: the go-gadgetly wifi extender has a wifi status indicator on in. this shows you the signal strength of the router it’s connected to. This feature allows you to determine the status of your router it also helps you to know the actual signal strength of your network and determine the right time to change your router’s network channel. You can quickly swap modes and connect to the WI-FI network if it’s not initially connected.

MODE SELECTION BUTTON: the mode selection button is located at the side of the wifi extender. This button allows you to switch to a faster and more secure network easily. There are modes you can select WEP or WPA/WPA-2 mode. These two security protocols allows a secure connection. This means your sessions cannot be monitored.

PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The go-gadgetly wifi extender is a lightweight device that can be taken with you to anywhere you want without any fuss. You don’t need to pack any wires or fold any antennas just plug and unplug as you so wish.

ETHERNET CONNECTION PORT: like many good extenders out there, this feature can help you connect your router to the extender using the Ethernet can. This will help you achieve a more stable internet connection. This is simply an alternative especially if you don’t want to connect your router to your extender through WI-FI.


This WI-FI booster is an affordable network upgrade option set against purchasing equipment from your cable company. It can easily be installed anywhere provided there is a universal power outlet

It does its trick like many other good WI-FI extenders, and that is by effectively eliminating WI-FI dead spots from your home and also offers a fast internet speed. It works best when it is kept at a distant from your pre-existing router, it will connect with your router and amplify your home’s WI-FI strength making it strong enough to penetrate to corners with little or no internet connections therefore eliminating your home wifi dead spots.

Installing go-gadgetly is very easy thanks to its compact design. It will take you just 2 minutes to completely install and extend your wifi connection to every corner of your house. All you need to do is to plug it into the wall power socket, connect it to your router either using WI-FI or an Ethernet cable and you’re good to go.

You can also get the best of this device if you want to extend you network coverage just outside your house, maybe your back yard all your garage. Just plug it to any wall socket close to these places.


Many people have been ripped off from these type of products. That is why I ordered one to check it out for myself. After a month of constant usage I can confidently tell you that go-gadgetly wifi booster is not a waste of money. It works as effectively as you would want it to and the beautiful thing here is that you only need one unit of this wifi extender for your home.

Another reason you may be questioning the authenticity of this wifi extender is the price. For a fraction of the price of many expensive wifi boosters you can get go-gadgetly, which will still deliver what you want. Many people don’t have wifi extenders for the simple reason that they are overtly expensive. However that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.


Go-gadgetly is just like many other good wifi extenders but if I’m going to be honest with you it has a slight edge over its competitors. One major limitation these wifi extenders have lies with their antennas. In as much as these antennas have their unique advantages which include adjustment to any position you want they can also be targeted by our clumsy pets or even our kids because they are usually fancy.

And when these antennas are compromised, it adversely affects the wifi booster and also its network transmission. If these antennas are to spoil, the wifi booster is a good as useless.

Go-gadgetly came up with a good way to put that common issue in check by designing a wifi extender with its antenna in built. The compact extender can do its trick and the good thing here is that it won’t be targeted by your pets, they won’t even know it’s there.



  • Instantly eliminates dead spots from your house
  • Portable and light weight
  • Safe and secure connection
  • Provides faster internet access to rooms with initial weak internet speed
  • Very easy to install
  • Low power consumption
  • Go-gadgetly does not over heat like many of its competitors
  • Very affordable


  • This wifi booster can only be purchased online
  • Go-gadgetly wifi booster has only  limited stock available, so you might want to seize this opportunity and get yours now but it runs out of stock
  • This wi-fi booster or any other wifi booster cannot increase your internet speed if you find out your internet speed is slow please contact your router’s company.


Instant elimination of dead spot: the issue of wifi dead spot is very common in most homes, it is a very frustrating situation to be in. Go-gadgetly will provide you and your family the luxury of surfing the internet from any spot in your house at full speed. It can effectively extend you wifi network coverage to rooms with very weak or no connection at all hence, removing the dead spots completely

Improves your work productivity: this should be the number reason you should get this wifi booster. I know how frustrating it can be to work with poor network connection. Poor network connectivity can affect your productivity at work especially if your work requires steady connection to the internet. If you are a person that work from home, maybe you are a blogger, a crypto trader or even a social media content creator and you keep experiencing poor network connections until you change your location. The go-gadgetly is the right solution for you.

Provides safe and secure connection: go-gadgetly supports WEP and WPA/WPA-2 wireless security protocol. This means that your browsing cannot be monitored or pried on by anyone, keep your data hidden and protect your communications, while blocking hackers from your network.

Saves you a lot of money: Many people are discouraged from getting wifi extenders just because they cannot afford them. Go-gadgetly wifi booster is very affordable so you do not have to spend a lot just to enjoy fast internet connection around your home.


You can only purchase go-gadgetly wifi booster online from the company’s official website. I will provide you with a quick link to their page. Buying from their site ensure that you qualify for any discount and also enjoy their 30 days return policy. To place your order is easy, all you need to do is to click the button below

When you click the button it will take you to their checkout page where you have to fill in some forms which include your full name, your email and the location you want your wifi extender delivered to.  After filling the form, click on “rush my order”, this will take you to the checkout page Delivery is also swift for purchases in the United States as the delivery is being shipped from the US. This means you can order yours today and get it in just 2 days.


A single unit of the go-gadgetly wifi repeater sells for just $49.99 dollars. This is way cheaper than most of its competitors. You can still enjoy additional discount


Don’t just take my word for it, see what other customers have to say about this wifi extender

“I ordered a Go-Gadgetly last year for use at my home. I can’t even tell you how great this has been, for my family. With 5 of us in 1 household, this has been a life saver.”

Gary A. – Toronto

“I have this installed on the ceiling on the second floor of our 6,000 sq ft house, and the signal is still strong in the corners of the basement. Moreover, this is the first wireless router I’ve had that never seems to lose a signal. I’ve had three other wireless routers in the past, and they would all stop at some point and require a reboot.”

Samantha L. – Las Vegas

“I’ve had this router for close to a year now and never needed to restart it. There’s not a lot of configuration options available for it, but I have had zero issues! I work from home, and get so much use from this amazing booster! 🙂 ”

Stuart D. – Atlanta


incase you have additional questions on this wifi booster or you have a complaint about your order you can contact the go-gadgetly customer service

by phone: 1-866-208-8951

or by email: support@go-gadgetly.com


Having wifi dead spots in your house can be very frustrating I can tell you, the good news is that you don’t have to keep going through that torture every day. go-gadgetly is one of many solutions out there. the good thing about this wifi booster is the compact design. This design helps it to blend perfectly in your house so that it doesn’t get targeted as a play toy by our pets.

Furthermore it is very budget friendly so you can stop moving your router around and get of of these bad boys and enjoy a smooth internet connection.

Thank you for your time. feel free to ask any questions using the comment section below.

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