Is AirMoto air pump a good product? New Airmoto reviews 2022

The amount of praises the airmoto air pump has received so far from consumers globally is the main reason for this review. So far, it has gotten an average of 4.5 star ratings from people in the United States alone.

The importance of having an air pump with you can never be overstated, it can literally save your time, your money, your job and even your life. Records have shown that an average car owner spends close to $3000 dollars annually just to pump flat tires. When your tire is flat you usually have two options to change it for the spare one in the trunk which is mainly time consuming or to call a tow van which will cost you a lot of money.

You can equally make use of pumping machines at gas stations but you may not be lucky enough to be around when you have a flat tire.

Having a flat tire can be very frustrating. It has an adverse way of spoiling your schedules and thus reducing your productivity throughout that day. I remember a time I almost lost my job then due to a flat tire. Fortunately for me, my boss was understanding. Many people may not be that lucky. So it is always important to prepare worst cases like this.

The big question still remains, how can one be fully prepared for situation of flat tires? It is true we can’t predict such an outcome, it has as suddenly as anything. The best way to avoid such incidents is to have your own personal pumping matching in the trunk of your car. So that in case of any emergency flat tires you can save the situation.

These air pump machines saves us a lot of money and most importantly our time. However, they can have their downsides. Acquiring a good air pump can be very expensive. In addition to that, they depend on your car’s 12V auxiliary power outlet as its power source. This is to say that your air pump machine working totally depends on your car and if your car power outlet is faulty, pumping your flat tires may be difficult.

 Moreover, many of the air pumps sold at retail shops are garbage. Exactly, a lot of them don’t work. Even if they do? They may not pump enough air to fill up a ball on time talk more of bigger inflatables like car tires.

Finding a good air pump may be very difficult given the number of mediocre products in the market today. Now, let’s talk about the new battery powered air pump driving people crazy today, the name is Airmoto.  This air-pump is the best alternative for cars with faulty auxiliary power outlet, which is meant to be the power source to most air-pumps.

The new airmoto air pump promises to deliver high quality. It is possible that the hype around this particular air pump may not be authentic.

One can easily be amazed by the fact that it is a wireless air pump. But the question is. Is airmoto really as good as they say or is it just one of the many fake products out there?

This article review is meant to answer that question and many more you might have.

In this review I will be telling you everything you need to know about the airmoto air pump. With the purpose of helping you determine if it is the right gadget for you or not.

What is airmoto air pump?

 Airmoto is a modern day air pump that doesn’t require any auxiliary power outlet to effectively pump your car tires and other inflatables in your household. This portable smart air pump produces a powerful pressure output of up to 120 psi.

In matter of minutes airmoto can pump your car tires with no stress and the beautiful thing is that you don’t need the 12V auxiliary outlet of your car to pump your tires anymore, this air pump is powered by a long lasting rechargeable battery. This makes airmoto without a doubt the best option in the market today as far as acquiring air pump is concerned.

Airmoto air pump is packed with a lot of amazing feature that makes is the best option to replace the traditional car tire inflators out there. One thing that amazing me about this smart air pump is the size, it is very compact and portable making it easy for you to carry it around.

As mentioned earlier, people can’t stop talking about this smart air pump. It is a bit of a brow raiser that something this small is powerful enough to pump the tires of a van.


LONG LASTING BATTERY LIFE: this is one important feature of this air pump. The airmoto is powered by a 2000mAH rechargeable battery which can effectively pump your tires for as long as 50minutes once fully charged. This feature sets airmoto way above its competitors because most similar products are really not as fascinating when in terms of battery life.

AUTO TURN OFF FEATURE: This smart air pump has the facility to automatically turn off once the desired pressure output has been reached. This device is designed to allow you choose the pressure you want for your tires and once the pressure is reached, it would automatically turn off. The beauty of this feature is that it makes sure you don’t over pump your tires and moreover, you do not have to stay there and watch it. You can be doing something else while airmoto pumps your tire.

SIMPLE DESIGN: the airmoto has a simple cuboidal shape which can be easily handheld. One can easily mistake it for a power bank. The simple design of the airmoto air pump facilitates easy usage by anyone.

BRIGHT LED LIGHTING: Of course, Night usage was also put into consideration in the course of producing the airmoto air pump. This smart air pump comes with super bright LED torch light just above it. This is to allow you to be able to pump your tires at night very much easily.

EASY TO USE: this cordless air pump is also adored for its simple usage. The older traditional air pumps which are usually heavy will give a lot to think about just to use it. You have to connect it to your vehicle auxiliary outlet and then you have to always watch it closely so you don’t over pump your tires. This is the extra stress products like airmoto is here to take away. All you need to do is to set your desired pressure and turn it on, that’s all. It automatically turns off when it’s done pumping.

HIGH PRESSURE OUTPUT: airmoto air pump can produce a pressure of up to 120 psi, this pressure is powerful enough to effectively pump heavier inflatables like truck tires. You can also adjust the pressure yourself so as to be able inflate any other lighter inflatables of your choice.

BRIGHT LCD DIGITAL DISPLAY: the LCD screen allows you to see the digitally displayed pressure readings of the object you wish to pump and from here, you can able to set the desired pressure you want. The LCD screen of the airmoto also displays the battery percentage of the device to help you know when it’s gone low or when it is fully charged. The LCD screen also allows you to effectively select the pressure level you want by selecting the picture of the object you want to pump as shown on the screen. Each picture you select has its own unique pressure.


  • 1 Airmoto air pump
  • 1 free carry-bag
  • User manual.
  • USB-C charger to USB
  • Ball pump needle and other pump adapters


  1. Basketballs, soccer balls, footballs
  2. Bike tires
  3. Car tires
  4. Pool toys
  5. Inflatable tubes
  6. Inflatable air mattresses


This smart air pump is powered by a 2000mAH battery which can last up to 45 minutes after full charge. The airmoto effectively pump any inflatable thanks to its powerful pressure of up to 120 psi. On the screen of the airmoto there are picture representations of a car, a bike, a ball and bicycle.

airmoto air pump

Each of these images has its unique pressure. So that when you set your desired pressure it automatically comprehends the object you are trying to pump and produce adequate pressure to effectively pump that object on time.

Ever inflatable may not be fully pumped in time. But this smart air pump does a good job of getting them pumped without wasting much of your time. In addition, this smart air pump has a unique time with which it effectively pumps every inflatable

It takes 2-4minutes to pump a bicycle tire. 4-8minutes to pump a motorcycle tire. On low pressure, it can take up to 10minutes to pump an average sized car tire and 15 minutes for a flat tire. For truck tires, airmoto can effectively pump them between 10-20 minutes depending on the pressure on the tires.

Then basketballs and other similar balls it can take 1-3 minutes. Airmoto can pump a pool toy between 8-10 minutes depending on the size.


Using airmoto is one of the easiest thing to do as far as pumping inflatables is concerned. The simple design makes it straight-forward for anyone to understand. In three simple steps, I’ll show you how to use the airmoto cordless air pump.

STEP 1:  Turn on the smart air pump by holding the power button for three seconds. And then you can select the preset PSI you want either car, bike or ball. You can also change the pressure to any custom psi you want using the side buttons.

STEP 2:  Remove the air hose from the hose storage from the top of the smart air pump and screw it into the pumping compartment also at the top of the device marked with red circle around it.

STEP 3: Attach the other end of the hose to your car tire or any other inflatables you want to pump and watch airmoto do it thing. It automatically stops when the desired pressure is reached.

Once your done pumping press and hold the power button for 3 seconds and the device will turn off.


There are two outstanding things that make airmoto a very good alternative to traditional air pumps if not the best. One is the gauge accuracy, the other is the battery life.

Airmoto smart air pump displays the current pressure in your tires on the LCD digital display screen. This helps you to know the exact tire pressure. This help you make ensure you don’t over pump your tires. Over pumped tires has been one of the major causes of road accidents. It’s quite a relief that you have something that can take that risk away for good.

Another important reason why this smart air pump is one of the best is the battery life. For a gadget like a cordless air pump, one thing you have to look out for is the battery capacity. And mind you, not all companies are totally honest with their battery specifications. What I’m trying to say is that there may be products whose batteries are labelled as 4000 or 6000mAH. However when you put these air pumps to the test you’ll find out that they are just garbage.

So in the battery life aspect, I’ll give airmoto air pump battery a solid 10/10. Compared to other smart air pump battery capacities that last for just 20 minutes on average, airmoto lasts for up to 45minutes. This makes it sufficient enough to pump all for of your tires effective when fully charged. 

Furthermore the rechargeable batteries of airmoto is the principal reason why you don’t to depend on your car auxiliary outlet, which also generally depends on your car battery. This is one major downside of these traditional air pumps, they can weaken your car batteries putting more expenses on you. Therefore you don’t have to be stranded with flat tires anymore because you have a faulty auxiliary outlet, with airmoto air pump that little problem is settled.

Another thing you should also love about the airmoto air pump is the fact its light weight and portable. Most traditional air pumps when have in our car trunks are very heavy. The weight of these things makes pumping your car tires a difficult job. But this smart air pump is easy to hold, making it easy to use.



No one wants to get stranded at unsafe places. However, an emergency flat tire has a way of making that happen. With airmoto air pump you can quickly pump your tires and get back on the road. Even in the dark it has torch light that can assist you sufficiently.


If you’re the type of person that loves keeping to time then airmoto is the right device for you. Nothing feels worse than your schedule ruined by flat tires, it even gets worse when the gas station is nowhere in sight. With airmoto you don’t have to worry about such situations any more. If it occurs, all you need is just 10minutes of your time and your tire is well pumped and you’re good to go.


In as much as the airmoto is not really cost-effective, it can save you ton of money. In a year, do you know that you may have spent close to a thousand dollars just for using pumping machines of gas stations? Furthermore getting your own traditional portable air pump can even cost you so much more. Airmoto is here to guarantee that you don’t spend another dime on pumping your car tires ever again.


Thanks to the accurate gauge of the airmoto, you can build a habit of check each of your tires every morning. With this, you can know the tires that keep losing air and the ones that need to be replaced.


Our car batteries suffer the most when we make use of those old traditional air pumps. These type of air pumps needs the car batteries for them to work and this is when it connects to the 12V auxiliary outlet. Constant usage of these air pumps has adverse effects on your car batteries. In most cases it runs it down completely. The

Airmoto smart air pump does not need any car battery to work. It works on its own with its rechargeable 2000mAH battery.


Overinflated tires are very dangerous, it is one major cause of road fatal accidents globally. Gadgets like airmoto air pump cannot over pump your car. It comes with a preset PSI for car tires so it automatically stops when the required pressure is reached. This ensures that your tires can never get over inflated.


The use of this smart pump cannot be limited to just your car tires. It can also be a very handy gadget for your homes. If may need to pump your basketball, your kids pool toys and many more other inflatables airmoto is a good choice.


  1. Very easy to use
  2. Effectively pumps any type of inflatables you have
  3. Sufficient battery life
  4. Free delivery for purchases above $100
  5. Proficient pressure production of up to 120psi   


  1. This device can only be ordered from their website
  2. Airmoto may not be affordable for everyone, but it’s definitely worth it.
  3. There is a limited number of stock available.
  4. The ongoing discount may not last for long.


The airmoto has received a lot of positive feedbacks from customers all over the world. In fact, the intensity of these praises made me so curious that I had to get one for myself and check it out.

The truth is that airmoto is one of the best smart air pumps you can ever get your hands on. It works flawlessly to get your tires pumped and also helps you to keep your schedule on track.

However, the price is quite high and not everyone may be able to afford it. But if you can, I guarantee you that you don’t have to speed another dime as far as pumping tires is concerned. It will save you a lot of money and you definitely will not regret it. Airmoto is really worth your money.


This smart air pump can only purchased online through their official website. Though some people may not like this idea but this ensures that you don’t get ripped off your heard earned money.

Furthermore, buying directly from there website qualifies you for the ongoing discount and also the return guarantee.

Through the site you can choose from double payment options, either you checkout with your credit card or you can checkout with PayPal.


The prices of one unit of the airmoto air pump goes for $69 after a 40% discount.

The deal keeps becoming better as you by more than one unit of the airmoto smart pump.

2 units of airmoto goes for $130 plus free shipping to anywhere you are.

3 units of airmoto smart pump cost $199, that is a 44% discount and also free shipping

Four airmoto pumps goes for $259. 46% discount plus free shipping

Five units of this smart pump cost $319 plus free shipping

Six airmoto air pumps will cost you $369

And at 52% discount you can get seven units of the airmoto air pumps for $420 and also enjoy free shipping.


See what other people think about this smart air pump. these reviews are from verified buyers that base in the United States.

Wow surprisingly this little pump works better then expected. For a wireless pump that is always ready to go it makes it quick to hook up set and forget till it’s done.

John Parker– Dallas, TX

Using the Airmoto pump is by far the easiest and quickest way to air up anything from a car or bike tire to a volleyball at the beach. The small size and power makes this tool the only one needed for all my needs.

Keaton O.- Salt lake city, UT

It has a little weight to it but it feels put together well I love it especially unable to see the pressure Before & After it pumps I have a fat tire and it was able to take care of it with ease Best Buy so far

Daniel Clay– Seattle, WA

Great product. I’ve only had it for a month, but so far it’s working beautifully. No need to plug it into a cigarette lighter or outside source. No need to stop at a gas station air pump (which costs $1-$1.50) to get air for your tires. Keeping the Airmoto in my car at all times gives me peace of mind.

Alphonzo N.– Chicago, IL

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS {airmoto air pump reviews}

What does Airmoto work with?

Great question! Airmoto is versatile, it works with most tires and many other inflatables. You can use it for most automobile tires, motorcycles, gocarts, bicycles (presta valves too!), basketballs, ATV’s, UTV’s, golf carts and more. It’s rated up to 120 PSI, comes with several attachments to handle all your air pumping needs. ** It’s not guaranteed to work for large trucks, trailers, RV’s or similar heavy duty situations or with added towing weight.

How long does it take to charge and how long does it hold a charge?

The Airmoto takes between 2-3 hours to fully charge and can last up to 40 minutes of use per charge. For best charging results, be sure to add the Airmoto Power Kit to your order.

How long does it take to inflate a tire?

Bicycles and road bikes between 2-4 minutes. Motorcycle between 4-8 minutes. Average size car tire 4-10 minutes (low pressure) or 10-15 minutes (flat or nearly flat). Truck tires between 10-20 minutes. Basketballs and similar between 1-3 minutes.

How long are ship times?

Orders are shipped out as quickly as possible and typically arrive within 3-5 business days for the UNITED STATES and 5-15 business days for all others.


If I am to give you my honest opinion, I don’t think you will regret ever buying this smart air pump. it works very efficiently and it produces air pressure powerful enough to inflate any inflatable.

The battery life is another good reason to buy this gadget. once fully charged it is ready to serve your pumping needs completely. it is also portable so you can take it with you to work if you feel like.

It is true that the price may be a bit high but one thing I can assure you is that airmoto smart pump is not a waste of your money. Once you acquire this device, you don’t need to spend another dime on getting your tires pumped ever again.

If you wish to purchase this smart airpump, you might want to hurry now so that you don’t miss out on this ongoing discounts.

Thank you for your time. If you have any question, feel free to drop it in the comment section below

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