Door ringer review 2022: Could it be another scam? new facts you must see

Door ringer reviews

To be honest, I am not really a fan of knocks on my doors and I believe a lot of people out there are not also. The bitter truth is that some visitors don not know how to knock, they bang! In addition, that can actually set off your mood. Moreover, in that spoilt mood, you might end up saying or even doing what you regret. I had a friend who had this terrible knocking habit, he always bangs at my door whenever he comes over and I in most cases get scared thinking the worst.

So one faithful day, I had a terrible day at work and he came over with this terrible bang at my door. I ended up having a little fight with him over the issue; we ended up not talking to each for a little while until I had to apologize because I did say some things I was not proud of.

You might have had similar issues with your friends, relative or your neighbors. I know how it feels I can relate. We do not have to keep living in the stone ages anymore. There are a lot modern day inventions that are here to take away these kind of issues for good. One of these inventions are doorbells, these gadgets have proven to be very helpful. I got myself a doorbell and the issue of obnoxious knocks on my front door has actually reduced. A good doorbell should be able to produce adequate and soothing sound that is able to cover your entire home.

In the recent years, doorbells actually began to have some limitations. One of which was the inability to see who was on the door even with peephole. In fact, it brought about a lot of insecurities since a lot of households get robbed through this means. For this reason front door, cameras were invented. This goal is to give a wide-angle coverage of your front door. The invention was welcomed but not really a brow raiser for me.

Not just long ago a new device caught my attention. The main reason I became interested was the fact that it praised to play both the roles of the front door camera and also a doorbell at the same time. The name of this device is the Door ringer. That is just the name. In my best knowledge, getting yourself and good doorbell and a front door camera will cost you quite a lot. However, people are talking about this new gadget that plays these two roles at the same time.

This caught my interest instantly. Moreover, with the hype lurking around it I had to get one for myself and test it out. Just to be sure it’s as good as people praise it to be.  Because most of these hypes are actually done just to make sales on the product.

I made this article review in respect to my findings on the door ringer. In this review, I’m going to be letting you in on my undiluted findings while testing out the door ringer. Facts that you will most likely not be seeing anywhere else. You may also be surprised with the information you are about to get on this device.

The goal of the door ringer review is to help you make up your mind on whether the door ringer is the right gadget for your household or not.

Without wasting much of your time let us proceed to the review.


This door ringer is a front door surveillance camera doorbell, which serves you both as a doorbell and a security camera. It provides you with the comfort of knowing who is at your front door without having to open the door and check. This device makes it possible to see exactly what is happening in your front yard using just your phone.

door ringer review

Door ringer is one of the latest and advanced tech products that will provide you with a timely notification whenever someone approaches your door. When it comes to the case of an unwanted visitor, this device gives you the advantage of making the next move thanks to its motion detector and High quality camera that captures the person on your mobile device.

This device also makes use of an app, which is supported on Android and iOS devices. With the app, you can keep an eye on what happens around your property even when you are far from home.

Inside the box.

  1. Video doorbell
  2. Installation tools and screws
  3. Quick start guide
  4. User manual
  5. Security sticker

How does the door ringer work?

I honestly asked myself this question before this review. It turns out that the door ringer video doorbell works with the mobile app on your phone, which you can install from google Play store or Apple store. By using the 2.4G Wi-Fi, it gives you a real-time video coverage of you front yard on your phone. When the doorbell is pressed, the door ringer instantly notifies you by sending you a notification on your phone. The notification sound is usually audible enough so you can hardly miss it.

The door ringer makes use of batteries, which must be fully charged before you install it.

It is also designed with an integrated sensor; this makes the video doorbell quickly notify you when there is movement outside your door. And if it is a delivery, the microphone on the door ringer allows you to communicate with the person without the need to open the door. This can also help you deal with unwanted visitors; you talk to them or warn them off your property at your own safety.

Unique features of the door ringer video doorbell.

  • Wide-angle view: this doorbell camera comes with a 170° wide-angle camera lens. This gives you a complete wide view of activities going on in your front yard and also gives you a complete view of the person at your door
  • HD video: this particular video wireless doorbell camera comes with one of the clearest video qualities I have ever seen. With your mobile phone, you get to see your front year and anyone at your door at a 1080p quality. This was one of the doubtful features I saw on the ads prior to purchasing the door ringer. But after the test, the quality is as clear as the manufacturers said it was.
  • Infrared enabled night vision: So I noticed six infrared LED s. this feature helps you get a crystal clear vision of anyone at your front door even at nights when it’s really dark. A lot of burglars prefer to operate at night when no one could spot them, but with the door ringer they are at your mercy.
  • Easy installation: I cannot also fail to mention that the door ringer is very easy to install if not once of the easiest video doorbells to install. This video door ringer comes with a mountable rack, which can be mounted, on your door or wall close to your doorframe. And that’s it, you’re good to go. You don’t need to carry wires around nor call any professional to come install it for you. You can do it easily on your own.
  • Motion detection and Geo-fencing alerts: These two features distinguish door ringer from its competitors in the market currently. It comes with motion sensors that gives it the capacity to detect movements in your front door instantly. It detects when a guest approaches your front door and instantly notifies you on your phone. Geo-fencing works hand in hand with the motion sensor, this allows the motion sensor to protect a large area of your property even if it farther away from your front door.
  • Long lasting battery life: in terms of battery life, I will really commend the efforts of the manufacturers of door ringer, it has really been proficient in terms of battery life by this, I mean the door ringer can go on for a couple of weeks before the need to charge again comes. This feature cleared a lot doubts for me especially when comparing it to other wired door cameras out there. Door ringer really beats the competition this time around.
  • Instant notifications: Thanks to its Wi-Fi 2.4g speed, you are notified on your mobile device on any movement at your front door at real-time speed. Due to this instant notification sent from your video doorbell, you can also see videos of who is at your front door even before they knock.

Technical features of the door ringer.

SIZE65mm X 27mm X 126mm 2.6in X 1.1in X 5.1in
COLORBlack with silver trim
VIDEO1080HD IR Day & Night vision
MOTION DETECTIONMotion detection and Geo-Fencing
FIELD OF VIEW170° Horizontal and 90° Vertical
AUDIO2 Way talk system with ANC
POWER SOURCE3 battery pack
CONNECTIVITY802.11 Wi-Fi connectivity
INTERNET REQUIRMENTS2Mbps for Optimal performance.

What makes door ringer special?

Well honestly, I cannot tell you that the door ringer is the best wireless doorbell camera in the world because there definitely far more high-end products out there that are way out of its league. However, this video doorbell really sets itself apart with really amazing feature that puts it in the spotlights.

I love the fact that this doorbell is basically wireless. This makes it easy to install unlike it’s other competitors with which you need wires around your house. For me personally is quite untidy. Why get the wired ones when you can simply get the door ringer and save yourself the stress of installation.

It’s true that people will always say the wired ones are better because you don’t need to charge, just make use of your home electricity. So what if there is a power outage? Or the burglar decides to cut off power supply to your home first? You always need to prepare for the worst-case scenarios and honestly, door ringer checkmates them all. The long lasting 3-battery pack ensure you use your video doorbell for weeks before the need to recharge it comes.

The sharp motion sensor is another aspect I really liked about the door ringer. It alert you when some is approaching your door or even some few meters from your door. This is special because most other products don’t have this feature and even if they do, its not always as sharp and precise. In most other video doorbells I have checked out, you only get notified when your visitor presses the bell button.

Benefits of the door ringer video doorbell.

This video doorbell comes with lots of benefits to you the consumer, but I will just tell you the key benefits you can’t do without.

Never miss a visitor again: How can you miss a visitor? When you have a gadget that instantly alerts you when they approach your door. Even when you are not at home, you can still be notified and even see the person from your mobile device from wherever you are.

Enjoy a high-end security: a lot of people have fallen victims of home invasions simply because they opened the door for an unexpected guess. With door ringer, your protection is guaranteed as you don’t need to go close to your door to check who it is. This is made possible by the 1080p HD camera of the door ringer.

Give your property more prestige: if you are into the business of selling houses or renting them. Introducing door ringer to the front doors may be the icing on the cake you need to boost your business. People would always love to take something that will make them safe and having a house with this advanced technology is one those things.

You don’t have to worry even when it gets dark: thanks to the IR night vision property of this wireless doorbell camera, you get to see anyone at your front door very clearly even at night. Therefore, burglars cannot bank on the dark any longer 

Record and capture for evidence: this is one major benefit you just do not want to ignore. It is also one reason why I would suggest you get the door ringer for your house. You can actually record events that happen in your front yard and keep for evidence or for future reference. In case of any uninvited guests you can actually, capture their faces and send to the police as a strong proof.

Where to buy the door ringer

This video doorbell can only be purchased online through their official website. You will not see it in any hardware store only online. You can place your order by clicking the button below

Ordering online has its own advantages. One major advantage of purchasing online is to ensure that you are not scammed out of your hard-earned money because you are sure of receiving the original product you ordered.

Another benefit is that you get to enjoy the ongoing discount for early-bird purchases. People that ordered from the company’s website exclusively enjoy this discount promo. Delivery is also fast for those ordering from the United States and Canada. It took just 4 working days to get my package when ordered mine.

It may take a little longer for other Countries around the world. So if you are ordering from outside the United States, be sure to have your package at your doorstep in not more than 2weeks.

Price of Door ring doorbell.

One unit of the door ringer wireless doorbell camera only costs $99.99 dollars excluding shipping you can also add a battery pack to the package which will cost you extra $30 but this is totally optional, if you don’t need the battery pack its fine. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take the battery pack as well because they are high quality batteries.

You can still enjoy more discounts is you order more than one of this video doorbell.

Two units of door-ringer goes for $149.99

Two door-ringers with six batteries and two chargers cost $190

The site welcomes two payment options

  2. You can use PayPal


The company clearly showed so much confidence in this device that it is willing to offer a 30 days guarantee on all purchases. So if you are not happy with your delivery or not really thrilled by it, just send it back to them and you will get your full refund or replacement.


In case you have any more questions or you need help with your order. You can contact their customer service agents who are always ready to assist you.

You can reach them via email:

Alternatively, by phone: (603) 696 3293

Is door ringer a scam?

There are lots of video cameras out there sold by popular online shopping platforms like AliExpress and Amazon, you can also get similar video doorbells in some shopping malls. In as much as most of these products are not completely useless they don’t always meet up our expectations. This made people question the authenticity of the door ringer.

“Is this product a scam?” I see this question everywhere. In fact, I myself asked this question before ordering one, so I understand that people are skeptical about it. Door ringer is not a scam, it actually works as the company says it does. I don’t regret getting this device. Moreover, I will definitely order another unit for my parents.

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely. With just $100, this piece of advanced technology is yours and will change your life for the better.

customer reviews

My wife has been bugging me to install a video doorbell for over a year now, I finally got around to buying a Door Ringer and installing it and she is so happy, I just scored some major brownie points that will last for a bit.

Peter C. · San Diego, CA

Best video doorbell I have had! I had a competitor which was always bugging out, so glad I found this one!

Mary C. · Cape May, NJ

Very easy to install, and love that it works with Amazon Alexa!.

Jon M. · Seattle, WA

We had a package stolen from our front porch a couple weeks ago. After setting up the Door Ringer video doorbell, I can watch all packages being delivered while I’m at work. If they try to steal another package, I have video evidence! I feel better about leaving my house now 😊

Michael R– Lomita, CA

The app was easy to download the and the video quality is excellent! I can see and hear clearly and love the fact I can answer my door from my kitchen! Great product, I sent 1 to my Mother as well! Thank you!

Jamey M. Chicago, IL

Final thought

In my honest opinion, door ringer has really cleared a lot of doubts shown towards it. they maybe other high-end wireless doorbell camera out there way more expensive. but with a fraction of that high price, you can settle for this device and still get to enjoy maximum security in your home.

I get instant notifications on my phone along with real time video of who is at my door. even when i am far from home.

The motion sensor of this wireless doorbell camera is sharp and precise unlike many of it competitions. coupled with an IR night vision that sees anyone at your door no matter how dark it is.

Your security should be your highest concern and thankfully door ring is here to provide that at a pocket friendly amount.

If you are having doubts on the effectiveness of this device. I want to assure you that you will not regret getting one for your home.

It’s really worth it, i assure you.

Thank you for your time.

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