Blast auxiliary motion lighting review 2022: don’t waste your money, see this firtst!

Everyone keeps talking about the new blast auxiliary motion lighting; this new product has gotten many positive remarks in the United States and across the globe. One cannot help but wonder why this lighting device is trending I mean it is just LED lights so why is it raising eyebrows everywhere.

The importance of having these LED lights cannot be overemphasized. The truth is that we all have a particular spot in our homes that our bulb lights cannot reach and it can be quite annoying. It maybe your closets, your storerooms or even your cupboards and wardrobes.

In my home for instance, I have areas I really wish my bulb lights could reach but the lights does not reach as efficiently as I wanted. I know this is probably the same problem many people are facing currently. You don’t want to imagine what it will cost you to rewire lights. It is going to take opening the walls, getting new cement or plaster to patch it up and you want to go through all that just to extend light in your rooms? I don’t think so. The invention of these rechargeable LED lights is here to take that all away.

Blast auxiliary motion lights promised to be an exception in the market. At first, I didn’t want to put interest in it. Because it is just like any other rechargeable LED lights in the market but then I see people talking about it being a motion sensor light I became curious.

At such an affordable price, I had every doubt in my mind that these LED lights are as good as people claim it to be, I have seen lots and lots of instance where people say anything online and hype these devices just to advertise them. For just this review, I had to order a unit of this LED motion lights to confirm the hype around it. After 2 weeks of testing out this device, I prepared this review article with my findings so far.

This review will give a full detail on the blast motion lights as well as everything you need to know about making use of it. I also made some shocking discovery in the process of testing out the motion lights.
Without wasting your time, let us get right to it.

What is blast auxiliary motion light?

Blast Motion Lighting is a rechargeable motion-activated light that can be installed to illuminate dark or dimly lit areas of your home. You don’t have to dig through your closet at night to find your favorite nightgown, and you don’t have to strain your eyes to make sure you’re choosing the right color for your current situation.

If this is installed in a closet, as soon as you open it, a beam of light will fill the closet and you will be able to see the clothes as clearly as possible. Most wardrobes or cabinets are dark during the day, so you don’t just need these innovative rechargeable LED lights at night.

The Rechargeable USB Charging Blast-Motion Lighting does not require an electrical outlet, making it ideal for any corner where there is no electrical outlet. Designed with magnetic foam mounting brackets for easy mounting anywhere. If you read our review of the

Blast Motion light unit over your cabinet or next to your kitchen cabinet, you’ll find it’s super easy to use and attaches to any position in seconds. No expert help is needed to install Blast Motion Lighting and light up dark corners. This is a simple modern DIY technique.

The manufacturers of this product have made the use of the device easier. With a magnetic strip, all you have to do is find the dark corner and install the backlight in that location. This is exactly what you need.
Automatic, there is no need to turn it on or off. Just open the closet or kitchen cabinet door and Blast Lighting turns on automatically.

I can say they designed a miracle explosion using various sensors such as motion sensors and light sensors. Motion sensors are sensitive to all forms of movement. Assuming you have Blast Motion Lighting installed on the stairs, it will turn on automatically when you go down. And it can detect motion from up to 4 feet away. And when it stops detecting motion, it automatically turns off after 15 seconds. The light sensor allows the Blast Lightning strip to only turn on in the dark.

If the zone is already on, it will not turn on by itself due to this feature of the sensor making it sensitive to light. The auto-on function is a very important feature of Blast Motion Lighting. First, it only needs to be turned on when needed, prolonging battery life and making this product extremely energy efficient.
Second, it improves performance and makes Blast Lighting easier and safer to use. Blast-Motion Lighting is very compact and lightweight. It’s also portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. It will also be an ideal option for family camping and recreation.

This rechargeable light is equally affordable despite its amazing features. The sad news confirmed by many reviews of Blast-Motion Lighting is that the demand for Blast Motion Lighting is so high that the risk of automatically selling out is very high.

So, if you want to use Blast-Motion Lighting right now, get it from the official website right now! Also, the discount offer is only valid for now. If you are not in a hurry, you may miss a great opportunity! What makes


In this section, let’s take a quick look at some of the unique and outstanding features of Blast-Motion Lighting. Some of the unique qualities we highlight are:

Easy to use: this is one feature that makes people interested in buying these gadgets. One must always consider if the device would make life easier for them before going for it, thankfully this motion light is one of those devices. I would say this is the easiest piece of gadget I have laid my hands on just let the sensors do the work for you.

Small and Lightweight: Blast-auxiliary Lighting has an ultra-thin design. It is also lightweight, making it very easy to transport from one place to another. It also takes up negligible space no matter where it is installed. Unlike some LED lights that take up too much space in your home. Blast-Motion Lighting has a rectangular shape and is equipped with 10 powerful LEDs.

Super-bright LED Light: The Blast portable light comes with an LED light to illuminate every dark corner or spot in your home. According to the manufacturer, each LED has a lifespan of about 80,000 hours. In other words, you can enjoy it for a long time.

Light Sensor Equipped: Blast-Motion Lighting has a built-in light sensor. The ambient light sensor is what makes the Blast Lightning band only turn on in the dark. If a specific area is already on, it won’t turn on due to this sensor’s ability to make it sensitive to light.

Motion Activated: The Blast-motion light also comes with a motion sensor. The auto on/off function is mainly based on this function. Motion sensors are sensitive to all forms of movement. Assuming you have Blast Motion Lighting installed on your stairs, it will automatically turn on as soon as you go down the stairs.
Energy Efficient: Blast Motion Lighting consumes a negligible amount of energy. It has a rechargeable battery that can last for several days when fully charged. This significantly limits the level of energy consumption. That said, Blast Lighting would add almost nothing to your energy bill.

Sensitive 120 angled sensors: the sensors can detect mover of a wide range of angle, giving you more freedom when placing the light where you want.
Turns on and off automatically: this is what made the blast motion lights very easy to use, it turns on automatically when the motion sensors are triggered or when you are within the range of the sensor and turns off automatically after 15 seconds of no movement. This simple feature to me, can enhance productivity and improve your personal safety.


There are nooks and crannies of the house and areas where light is not transmitted as needed. Walking in this area almost feels like you’re walking in darkness, so you’ll need additional lighting to show you what you want to see. Thanks to the flashlight that comes with smartphones, the solution is usually to use your phone’s flashlight.

However, can you keep on depending on your flashlights and smartphones? There are cases you might forget to take your smartphone with you. So making use of your smartphone lights cannot be the ultimate solution here.

This is where this particular Motion Light comes into play. Many customer reviews of Blast Motion Lighting in the say it works great wherever lighting is needed. Pantry, cabinets, shelves, stairs and kitchen cabinets are just a few examples of locations where this is very important.
The Blast Lighting consists of 10 LEDs, so it can lit up any place in matter of seconds. The device has an automatic sensor function that can detect when it is dark and when there is movement and turn it on. But without this, the lights will remain off. These sensor functions only turn on when and when needed, helping to extend battery life.

Enjoy the high performance of the Blast-motion lights at a very cheap price. First, you don’t have to pay for any install the lights to electricians. The device comes with a magnetic strip that attaches to any surface on which you place the device. And the sweet deal here is that this motion lights doesn’t require an electrical outlet, all you need here is your USB cord.

blast auxiliary motion lighting

The blast Lighting does not require an electrical outlet and can be used for hours on a USB rechargeable battery. A bright array of 10 LEDs can illuminate any place, and the combination of light and motion sensor means the light only turns on in the dark, therefore preserving its battery life.

The Blast-Motion Lighting is charged using the USB cable and can provide hours of battery life when fully charged. Second, it consumes very little power. Third, there is no maintenance cost required. Four, the market price of Blast-Motion Lighting is reasonably cheap, and the provider is presently selling the product at a 50% discount rate. In addition, clients equally have the right to return their purchases within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.


The blast-motion lighting can only be purchased online from the manufacturers’ official webpage. While some might not like the idea, I feel it’s for the best. You see, by placing your order directly from the manufacturers you are sure of not getting scammed also you get to enjoy the ongoing 50% discount which can only be enjoyed when you buy from the site

The site also makes use of multiple payment options so if you are not comfortable purchasing with your credit card you can also make use of paypal.


According to the official page, a single unit of the blast motion-sensor lights sells at $39.99
You can still enjoy further discounts if you order more than 1 unit
2 Units of blast LED lights sell for $79.99
Three units cost $89.99
While 4 units cost $109.99


As mentioned earlier, installing this motion sensor lights are so easy that you can actually do it yourself. You do not have to pay anyone a dime to install your lights for you. I am going to be breaking down the installation into the three

STEP 1. First, be sure to charge your motion lighter the first time you unpack it. It is very important; connect the USB-A cord to either your laptop or your power bank

STEP 2. The second step is to use the magnetic foam strip to mount the lighting wherever you want. The magnetic strip sticks fast and firmly to any surface of any type; concrete wood or metal and it’s not affected by moisture

STEP 3. Place the lighting on the magnetic end of the strip and start using your motion sensor lights to see clearly in dark places.


Now let us look at some benefits you stand to gain from the blast auxiliary motion lights.

ENJOY LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE: The Blast Motion Lights a rechargeable battery that can serve you for weeks on end. Once it is full charged after the acquisition, you can enjoy it for a very long term without stressful need of recharging the battery frequently.

QUALITY MATERIAL: The Blast-Motion Lighting will serve you for years due to how effective it’s been made. It became made of professional-grade materials. It is way better than the most LED lighting you purchase this minute, and the subsequent minute they’re worn out.

IMPROVES YOUR PRODUCTIVITY AT HOME: you don’t have to blindly search for your clothes in your wardrobes or miss your footing when using the staircase any longer, blast motion lighting is here to make sure of that. You can now see clearly when going about your home activities

JUICY 50% DISCOUNT IN PRICE: I also noticed that there is an ongoing 50% discount when I was ordering one of these motion lights the good news is that the discount promo is still on so if you still want to get this deal make use of the link below.

NO-HASSLE RETURNS: If in any respect you aren’t happy with how your Blast-Motion Lighting works, the company’s return policy permits you to return the acquisition within 30 days of shipping for a complete refund or you may have it changed instead. This coverage offers a degree of confidence when shopping the Blast-Motion Lighting due to the fact you recognize deep down which you aren’t dropping whatever actually. If it does not serve meet up on your expectations, return it and get a complete refund with no hassles.


• These motion lights cannot fully replace you home electric powered lights, there are not big enough to brighten up big spaces
• They are not water resistant
• They can only be purchased online
• I fear the 50% discount may only last for a little while.


If you have some areas, or spots in your private home that are poorly lit, then Blast-Motion Lighting is your quality alternative out of darkness. One spot you may locate this product in general beneficial is the closet, staircase and the kitchen cabinet, specially the closet. There is infrequently any cutting edge houses without those noted regions, if so i recommend the Blast Motion-Lighting for all of the cutting edge households.

Those who live in international locations and locations that suffer regular black out ought to actually root for the Blast-Motion Lighting. For such people, you can set up the tool in all of your rooms. So that once there may be blackout, you may use the Blast Motion Lighting to light up your whole home.

The Blast Lighting may be very smooth to put in which makes it best for simply anybody to use. You definitely will not need the help of the electricians in getting your Blast-Motion Lighting to lit up your space. Blast lighting fixtures is likewise cheap for all people to afford. Plus, shopping comes with a 50% cut price off the everyday fee of buying the product.


Don’t take my words for it, here are so reviews from other verified buyers

Lights that get left on is a real pet peeve of mine. A light on in a closed closet? Arrrrgh! I hate wasting money like that. These lights have been great.

Jill G. – Orlando, FL

The cost of refitting our old, dark house was staggering. I’m so glad I tried these lights—they’ve saved me a boatload of money.

Ben W. – London, UK

I’m absolutely useless at DIY, and don’t mess around with electricity at all. These were a breeze to install, and they are really bright. I’m getting a bunch more for other rooms.

Donald R. – San Francisco, CA

Half of my time cooking was actually spent rifling through kitchen cupboards trying to find the right bottle of spices or herbs. It was so dark in there that it was impossible to find the right bottle! The Blast motion lights make this a thing of the past – they pump out so much light it makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Jason K. — Columbus, OH

I used to stumble around at night trying to make my way to the bathroom. I’d stumble on everything that my kids and pets would leave lying on the floor. It’s a really great way to smash your toes! But now when I walk through the hallway at night, the Blast motion lights turn on automatically, guiding my way. It works perfectly, and I don’t need to go searching for the light switch before I can walk down the hallway.

Mike P.— Newport, OR

FAQs and answers (blast auxiliary motion lighting reviews)

How long will Blast Lighting last?

Lifetime of the lamp is around 80,000 hours. If you were to run the light non-stop,Blaux Lighting would last approximately 11 hours before charging again.

Does the Blast Lighting save you money?

Blast Lighting only turns on when it senses motion, saving you from having to run an electric light 24/7.

Is Blast Lighting difficult to move around?

Not in the slightest! Blast Lighting lets you move it wherever you like with its combination of magnets and foam for easy mounting.

Will the Blast Lighting be going on every time the motion sensor senses movement?

Only if the room is dark. If the room is already lit, the Blast Lighting will not activate.


After carefully testing out this device, I was convinced that blast lighting is a must have. i purchased many more units for my house and I will honestly recommend you to buy this gadget if you are having a tough time carrying out you regular activities because of the dark spots in your home.

its very effective and I’m impressed with the product. most importantly its very affordable

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