Everblade kitchen knife review 2022: Don’t be decieved again. new update!

Everblade kitchen knife reviews

Many people may find this hard to believe but kitchen knives are one of the major factors in cooking. To get your ingredients in their right integrity you need a good kitchen knife. If your tomatoes were not neatly sliced, there no way anyone would want to try your burger, no matter how delicious it actually is. In life, first impression always maters, the same thing applies in food. If your vegetables or your meat is not well cut, it totally affects your food presentation. Moreover, how can you improve this food presentation?  By making use of well sharp kitchen knives.

I love watching this particular show “Hell’s kitchen”. If you pay close attention to Chef Ramsay, you will notice how he always checks the knives whenever he is about to cook. I have heard him make a statement in one of the episodes where he said the chef knife should be your greatest ally in the kitchen. Those words stuck to my head like glue. So many Great chefs out there do not play with the kitchen knife because that is the main stepping-stone to their perfections in the kitchen. 

 The importance of a sharp kitchen knife is always underestimated in our homes and one thing I really hate is the persistent need to go through the extra stress of sharpening my kitchen knives anytime I want to cook. There are few things in life as frustrating as a dull blade. There is only one way to avoid that and that is by getting yourself a good kitchen knife. Most times, spotting a good quality knife in stores can be very difficult. Practically for me, I avoid buying those cheap ones because they go blunt after a month or two.

However, that does not put the expensive ones is the total spotlights either. I can remember ordering one of those Japanese handmade knives that was making trends on the internet last year. At first look, I felt that would be the best chef knife I have ever seen. Just two months after purchase I noticed these chippings on its blade. To make matters worse, it became blunt. I literally had to keep sharpening it before use every time.

This so-called Japanese handmade knife is a practical joke and I will strongly advise you not to buy wherever you see the ads. Sadly, this has been the case with so many mediocre products out there, having a fancy design and doing less than expected. 

Finding a good kitchen knife out there is gradually becoming a problem. A good number of kitchen knives out there are not even made of quality materials ranging from the metal durability to the comfort of the handle.

Things to consider when buying a kitchen

There are two major factors you have to look out for when choose a chef knife, these factors can be of great help to you especially if you are looking for a chef knife that will serve you for a long time.

  • Weight: this one important aspect to consider when choosing your kitchen blade. A heavy knife is good because it helps you cut hard veggies or even meat but it will not really do so well with soft veggies like the tomatoes and onions. A light kitchen knife is go for soft vegetables and gives your that precision when slicing or dicing but it won’t really do the trick in hard veggies like yams and even some kinds of meat. Because it is too light, the blades may keep bending and you won’t the accurate cuts. It is important to get yourself a knife that has a balance in weight not too heavy, not too light as well.
  • Length: another important factor to look out for when choosing your chef knife is the length of the blade. Generally, the ideal blade length of a kitchen knife should be 8 inches this makes cutting larger ingredients easy and won’t give much trouble cutting the smaller ingredients.

Much recently, I came across a new kitchen knife that has been trending for quite some time now. The name is Everblade knife. At first, I did not want to pay much attention to it owing to my previous ordeal with the so called Japanese handmade knife then. After many requests I decided to get one of these knifes to test is out. After 3 months of using the everblade I am ready to tell you my findings on it in this article review.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy the everyblade kitchen knife you might want to read this article first.

What is everblade kitchen knife?

The everblade is an innovative kitchen knife made from German steel and graced with razor blade sharpness which cleanly cuts fruits as light as grapes with just a drop on the blade. At first, I was scared that this knife was one of those mediocre products out there in the market but I am really glad I was wrong.

Why German steel? Well for a long time now, German steel has proven to be the best material from making knifes that actually last. This is because of it’s rust resistance and incredible flexibility. This makes German steel knives very popular in the market.

There is indeed something special about the everblade. When you hold it in your hand, there is this balance it has on your hand this is what you hardly see with other chef knives. Its like an extension of your own hand.

This particular kitchen knife has gotten nothing less than a 4.5 star rating from a lot of people and even professional chefs have made a positive remark on the everblade kitchen knife.


SELF-SHARPENING KITCHEN KNIFE: Do not get the wrong ideal when I say it is a self-sharpening knife, this actually because the interior of the knife’s blade holder is aligned with honing steel or whet steel. This helps to restore the original sharpness of the kitchen knife hence giving it it’s name the everblade. Thanks to this feature, your kitchen knife is always sharp and ready for use; you do not have to worry about your blade going dull on you again.

EASY SLICING AND DICING: Thanks to it razor sharp blade, the everblade is ready to slice and dice your meal ingredients to any desired shape or size you want with ultimate precision. No matter how soft the vegetable is, this knife will slice it like it’s no big deal.

Everblade kitchen knife

GENERAL PURPOSE KNIFE: In the kitchen, there are many knives each of them serving a specific cutting purpose. This why we have knife shelves which longer and shorter knives and you’ll have to use each depending on what you need to cut at that moment. The everblade knife is built to provide balance in your hand. With the balance in weight, I can use my everblade knife to cut anything from hard cheeses to the softest of tomatoes and cleanly as well. This feature makes everblade the only knife you’ll need in your kitchen. And honestly I don’t like alternating knives when I cook. Therefore, I applaud the makers for that.

HIGH QUALITY GERMAN STEEL: German steel have a high reputation when it comes to kitchen knives. It has a good tensile strength and it is also rust resistant. This ensures that it will serve you for a very long time. Everblade is made of German 1.4116 stainless steel. However, the knife itself was assembled in China.

CONVEX EDGE: The everblade kitchen knife has a convex edge, this ensure a reduced resistance and improved cutting speed. This feature also ensures clean slices in whatever ingredient you are cutting.

GOOD HANDLE: In the name of having a unique design, many expensive chef knives go the extra mile of making complicated handles for their knives. This makes it generally difficult to use and more often, the users mistakenly cut themselves while using these type of chef knives. I like the fact that this particular chef knife has a simple handle with it, giving me that balance in my hand whenever I hold it. This simple handle also makes cutting ingredients much easier and accurate.


There is no special know how in using the everblade. It’s just used like any other kitchen knife, to cutting veggies. However, it is highly advisable to put the knife right inside its holder before and after each use.

This is to make sure you knife is always sharp and ready for use. Put the everblade in its holder also ensures your safety as well, this knife is sharp and by that I mean razor blade sharp. Any wrong handling can cause serious knife wounds. I won’t even advise allowing your kids use it. It could be very dangerous.

Why are people talking about the everblade chef knife?

Before purchasing this knife, I could not answer this question. but after testing out the everblade knife, I figured out why people could not stop talking about it.

Everblade kitchen knife is one of a kind, the main reason people adore it so much is that it is a knife suited for every purpose, it can cover both hard and soft cutting with precision too. It much better than having so many knives in your kitchen and having to change knives every now and then.

Everblade kitchen knife has gained popularity in many countries of the world, this includes; United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.

A knife that is as easy to use as this one without any stress is worth talking about. I won’t be surprised if my next door neighbor already has one of these.


Honestly if I am to answer that question, I will say yes, everblade is a good kitchen knife. It may not be the best kitchen knife ever made but one thing I guarantee is that you will not regret buying this knife.

I myself had my doubts, especially after buying a fake handmade knife, which claimed it was from japan. I thought everblade was another fraud but thankfully, I’m wrong.

If you are seeing this article and you are thinking of buying everblade chef knife, go ahead and get one, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. It may be an expensive knife but it’s definitely worth it.


  • The only knife you will ever need in your kitchen: because of its balance in weight, everblade has proven proficient for any kind of cutting you will need in the kitchen, you don’t need to alternate knives when your you cook any longer, everblade can do it all.
  • Easy slicing through any food ingredient: no matter how hard and soft your food ingredient maybe, everblade chef knife is equal to the task. It will slice your food like its never a big deal.
  • Makes your food presentable: As I said earlier, no one is going to try out your burger if the tomatoes or onions are not well sliced no matter how delicious it is. With the everblade you are sure to get a neat and precise cutting of your veggies
  • Convex edge: for superior cutting speed, this helps you to get your ingredients ready and have your meal ready on time


  • Accidents can happen due to its extreme sharpness. It is however advisable to put the knife away after usage, far away from the kids. Always make use of the everblade knife holder.
  • It is only available online.
  • The price is a bit high but it’s really worth it. 

What makes the everblade knife special?

If you are familiar with German made knives then you will know that everblade is not here to play around. It’s really worth every dime and it is sure to serve you for as long as you need it.

What really makes everblade stand out in the market is it self-sharpening design made possible by it blade holder. Any time you place the knife back in the holder it sharpens and when you bring it out it’s like bring out a brand new chef knife. The built in sharpener in the holder ensure your everblade kitchen knife is ever-ready for cutting.

Everblade works just like many other good knives out there. Therefore, if you are looking for a good kitchen knife and you need the one that can serve you for a long time. Buying everblade is not a bad idea.

Is the everblade knife as sharp as seen on TV?

So I have seen a TV commercial where this knife was set blade upwards, a cherry was dropped on it and on getting to the blade the cherry split.

Well I tried out the same thing this time with a tomato. In addition, to my surprise the tomato split. This is because of the smooth convex edges. As the fruit hits the blade, gravity helps each split halve slide easily along the smooth convex edges.

To also check a knife’s sharpness. You can use a paper, hold out the paper and try cutting it from the edge. A sharp blade will make a clean cut. The everblade did it effortlessly.


This self-sharpening knife can only be ordered online, you cannot see it anywhere else. This is because many fake copycat products are being sold to people through these stores. Buying from the official web page ensures that you get exactly what you ordered for.

You also stand at a higher advantage when you buy from the official site. This means that you get to enjoy the ongoing 50% first purchase discount.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these self-sharpening kitchen knives, simply click the link below.

Price of everblade knife.

A single everblade knife, which comes with the knife-holder, cost only $40

You can also get more discounts when you order more than one of these knives

This means that you can get 4 units of the everblade kitchen knife for just $119.99

And three units for just $99.99

The site also allows you to make use of two-payment method, if you do not feel comfortable paying with your credit card you can alternatively check out using PayPal


The company is willing offer a 60 days money back guarantee to all unused purchases. This means that if you should change your mind on wanting to acquire this knife you can still post it back to them and get your full refund or replacement which ever you want.

Everblade knife company contact info

No article review is ever complete without an info about the company of the product. Just incase you have any questions you would love to ask them or you have an issue with your order, you can reach them

Via email: EverBladeShop@rephelpdesk.com

By Phone: United States: 888 976-2283

Company address: Ontel Products Corporation

21 Law Drive

Fairfield, NJ 07004


Do not just take my word for it see for yourself what other people think about this chef knife.

I highly recommend this cutting knife. Not only is it amazingly sharp, but it’s incredibly durable! I’m not easy on my knives and they always get dull and chipped so fast. Not EverBlade though. It’s still as sharp as day one, and I’ve never been happier with a simple kitchen knife! And it’s a minor detail, but the sharpener is quite stylish. It’s not an eyesore in my kitchen. Perfect.

Jack F.– Seattle, WA

Okay, I’ll admit it, I rolled my eyes when my wife said we needed another knife for the kitchen. Now, EverBlade is the knife I use for cutting everything: pineapple, squash, blocks of cheese, steak, even homemade bread. I love it!

Richard G.– Naperville, IL

The EverBlade Knife is my new favorite kitchen knife. I used to love my chef’s knife but have been reaching for the EverBlade almost every single time I’m preparing a meal. The blade is sharp every single time, the knife is well-balanced, and the self-sharpening knife block is small enough to fit on the countertop or even the smallest kitchen spaces.

Heather L.– Boston, MA

Long gone are the days when I reached into my kitchen drawer only to pull out a completely useless and dull knife! EverBlade is always razor sharp and it’s handled absolutely everything I’ve thrown at it so far, from turkey dinners to fruit trays. It says it lasts a lifetime, and after using it, I believe it!


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS {Everblade kitchen knife review}

What gives EverBlade its superior edge?

EverBlade includes its own knife block with a built-in ceramic sharpener which guarantees the sharpest blade every time you use it. The German steel convex edge is designed to reduce resistance for unparalleled cutting speed and the cleanest slices.  

How sharp is the EverBlade?

The short answer: very! EverBlade is sharp enough that you could drop a pineapple onto it in mid-air and it would still cut it cleanly in half. When slicing apples, it even cuts through the seeds with ease!

Do I have to be extra careful using a knife this sharp? 

Although you need to be cautious anytime you use any sort of cutting tool, EverBlade is safer in the kitchen than duller knives because you won’t have to apply as much force to use it. The clean-slicing design also prevents the blade from slipping.

Is EverBlade covered by any sort of guarantee?

There’s not much that can go wrong with your new EverBlade. However, each knife includes a 30-day money-back guarantee to put your mind at ease.

What makes EverBlade such a good deal?

With EverBlade knife, you won’t have to buy another knife block, knife sharpener, or multi-purpose kitchen knife ever again. Blades of this quality normally cost hundreds of dollars. By taking advantage of this special offer today, you’ll receive 50% OFF the regular price. You can save even more by purchasing additional EverBlades at the same time.


Are you not tired of having to change your expensive knives every year? Are you not also tired of having to use different knives in your kitchen just to get perfect cuts?

With this everblade kitchen knife, that problem is solved. knives as good as this deserve every bit of attention they get.

I will highly recommend this knife to anyone that needs a new kitchen knife for a long term use. It’s already being used by some professional chefs.

From how effective and precise it is with cutting your ingredients, I can tell you that this self-sharpening kitchen knife is worth its price.

This knife, will cut!

Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section and also check out another important gadget that can light up your kitchen cupboards or shelves

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