Blaux heatcore portable heater latest review 2021: does it really work?

Blaux heatcore portable heater review

Okay first of all I would want you to know that it is highly important to maintain your body temperature and by that I mean keeping your body warm. Now I know how fun and refreshing it could be to be around places or a room of could temperature but have you really thought about the risks you expose yourself to?

Now dropped body temperature medically knowns as hypothermia is a condition which occurs when your body temperature drops below 95 degree Fahrenheit. This medical condition is often overlooked but the truth is that it has actually caused a large number of deaths over the years.  Now one of the dangers of this condition is that it affects your ability to think clearly and that includes reducing your likelihood of seeking for help.

So you see my friend hypothermia is no joke. Now what are the causes of hypothermia? The primary cause of hypothermia is cold weathers like the winter seasons, even fall is cold enough to expose you to such a condition.

I know how refreshing it could be to have your room cold or the coziness it feels to have to wear a blanket but this is a matter of life and death and should not be taken easily.

The good thing is that hypothermia can be treated or better still prevented. The commonest way people employ is by wearing winter jackets but you can’t keep wearing a winter jacket even when you are at home can you?

Another method is making use of fireplace inside your home well this is one very good method to heat up your home but your fireplace has to be always watched to avoid fire outbreak. Well if you are the type to sit around in your home with nothing important to do that will take your attention then use of fireplace is very much okay.

The commonest limitations with building a fireplace in your home is that it is very expensive to acquire, in most cases the whole house may have to be restructured just to build one and I am taking in thousands of dollars.

This coming cold season is possibly going to alter a lot of activities, like at work at home in your car, because you are definitely going to spend majority of you time fighting the cold. Which might threaten your productivity at work or your business. Nothing feels better than walking into a warm room after being out in the cold, it gives another level of coziness honestly.

So how can we be in a season like this and still maintain our A game in our daily lives. allow me to me show you the answer and that is the blaux heatcore portable heater. This product promises to be the breakthrough you are going to need to get through the coming cold season.

In this review article I am going to water down everything you need to know about the blaux portable heater even parts other review sites won’t you about it. After which you can be able to finally make up your mind whether to buy it or not.

Tag along!

What is blaux heatcore?

The blaux heatcore is a portable ceramic based mini heater which serves the purpose of heating up a small room and mainly for personal use. It is a desktop based heater that give you that pleasurable warmth you desire on a budget friendly level.

blaux heatcore portable heater review

The blaux portable heater has three different setting with each having its own heating intensity which you can easily change to your desired warmth level. The body of the blaux heatcore is made of complete plastic material that does not heat up, this makes it safe to be carried by the user without the risk of being burnt.

It work with convection ceramic heating technology this makes the power consumption low and blaux portable heater an ideal option for you this coming fall.

Unlike other home heating gadgets available the blaux heatcore does not make use of any external or harmful material for its heating source.

The sweet selling point of the blaux portable heater is that it is easy to use. Follow me further in this review and I will give you three easy steps by which you can use your portable heater.

What are the feature of the blaux heatcore?

  • Quality material: this portable heater comes with plastic cover that does not heat up and allows you to still carry it even when it has just been used and a ceramic component which conventionally heats up and produces warmth that heats up the room.
  • Anti-microbial filters: the blaux heatcore portable heater comes with antimicrobial air filters which are interchangeable. This filter plays a key role in preventing the growth of micro- organisms like bacteria, molds and fungi. Which gives off a very irritating musk. By this the filter prevents the recirculation of harmful airborne contaminants and purifies the air in your room.
  • Powerful fan: now this is a key feature of this portable heater, it comes with a powerful fan that works in two ways by drawing in the cold air from the back of the portable heater and dispensing the warm purified air to the room.
  • Simple and straightforward design: one feature I like about the blaux heatcore portable heater is that its design is made to be simple and straight forward for users making it very easy and convenient for you to use without the need to consult any manual. It has three buttons at the top that paves way for you to easily turn it on and change to the intensity of your choice.
  • The OFF safety switch: a lot of good heaters in the market come with a safety switch. This safety switch play a precautionary role of making sure no hot air comes out of the heater until the switch is turned on. Thankfully the blaux portable heater comes with this safety switch. So it’s a big step up from the company in the game.  The blaux heatcore portable heater has its safety switch locked at the back this is a very good safety measure as pressing any button on the device will not work until the safety switch is removed from “off”
  • Timer feature: I saved the best ones for the last. This is one outstanding feature of the blaux portable heater. This portable heater has a timer that allows you to set the duration or period of time you want the heater to work. This feature helps you heat your room without having to monitor it or anything. You can turn your timed heater and go out, once the set time elapses the safe switch automatically turns off. Furthermore this timers allows you to control amount of heated air that blows out of the heater.

What are the technical facts about the blaux portable heater?

Mode of operationConventional transfer of heat
Timer1-3 hours
Minimum power700 watt
Maximum power1200 watts
Safety switchGravity safety switch( switches of the portable heater when it is not upright)
Heat dispensation modeFan mode
Filter materialZinc pyrithione (ZPT)

Components of the blaux heatcore

Now let us have a look at what makes up the blaux portable heater

Why should I buy this blaux portable heater?

Of a truth, there are many reasons I would like you to have this portable heater. Now there are other heating methods in the market today which you can still go for but what you should consider is the one that puts you and your family at the lowest possible risk.

Aside from that do you know that an average home spends approximately $1000 just to get the home heated up during the winter period? That’s an an outrageous price if you ask me but hey! There is a cheaper alternative and that is the blaux heatcore which will only cost you less than a fraction of that amount when you buy one for each room in the house.

In these coming colder months you may discover that your electricity bills have highly increased but it is important you keep yourself warm. Even with the expensive it is important to keep your house warm because your health depends on it. Now look at other familiar means by which you can heat up your home

  • Control heating systems: this is now seen in modern homes now, it has a furnace that blows hot air around the house. This is really good if you live in big houses. But the downside is that it is very expensive and I mean tens of thousands of dollars and then it really takes time before it can heat up a whole room. But with a cheaper blaux heatcore portable heater it gets your room heated in no time and at a very cost efficient price.
  • Oil filled radiant heaters: now I have seen a lot of people talk about this product. I can tell you that it really works. Radiant heat comes from the surface as a result of the heating of the oil contained inside of it the boiled oil heats up the surface which in turn heats the room. It is more affordable than heating system. But it is very harmful. Since the surface always heats up it is considered dangerous to the user as it can readily burn you when you touch it. This is not the kind of thing you would want to keep in a house with your little kids is it?
  • Fireplaces: well fireplaces is also a good method to heat up your homes. But we cannot overlook the fact that it is expensive and takes quite a lot to construct some fireplaces like wooden one produces soot which is considered to be very harmful to breathe

Above all blaux portable heater has proven to be the best buy against other methods that is if you are to consider your budgets and spend less.

What are the benefits of the blaux heatcore portable heater?

  • Saves you a lot of money, money that would have been spent on more expensive control heating systems
  • It can be taken with you to anywhere you want to go to and that includes your work place.
  • The blaux portable heater has no risks the plastic coverings makes it possible for the user to still move it around even when it is on, so you don’t have to worry about getting your hands burned.
  • Safe to be kept around your kids.
  • The blaux heatcore plays a keyrole in purifying the air in your room. This portable heater traps air pollutant microbes getting your small room rid of musk and toxic smells
  • If you hurry now you can also be a beneficiary of the ongoing 50% discount promo right now sweet deal!
  • It doesn’t make use of any element like oil filled heaters so you don’t have need to bother about oil stains and something like that.

How do I operate the blaux portable heater?

The manufacturers of this device have made it in such a way that it is easy to use and require no skill to operate I’ll show you for steps through which you can operate your blaux portable heater

Step 1

Set the blaux portable heater on your desk, table, Nightstand or wherever you would want to use it. The stand it has makes it able to adapt to any surface it is being placed on 

blaux heatcore portable heater review
step 1

Step 2

Make sure the safety switch in the back of the portable heater is in the “on” position.

Step 3

Use the button on the top to turn it on and to also set heating level and timer.

Pros / advantages of the blaux heatcore portable heater.

  • blaux heatcore is very affordable
  • Easy to use
  • No risk of accidents
  • Purifies the air
  • The blaux heatcore is lightweight
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Ensures rapid, accurate personalized heating
  • Has various adjustable power modes which can easily be interchanged by the pressing of a button

Cons/ downside of the blaux heatcore

  • It is for personal use only.
  • Don’t depend on it to heat up a large space or a whole house to get that satisfaction it is advisable you buy more than one unit of this portable heater.
  • It can only be purchased online
  • The 50% discount will not last long.
  • Limited stock is available so check availability here.

Where can I get the blaux portable heater and how much is it?

The blaux portable heater can only be purchased through the company’s official website. Buying from their site ensures that you don’t get scammed and you are sure to get the original thing you paid for.

Furthermore buying from the site qualifies you for the currently ongoing 50% discount price slash. Don’t relent be a partaker in this great deal

Prices of the blaux portable heater

The advantage the blaux heatcore has over other heating methods is that’s is very affordable coupled to that there is a 50% discount price so that makes a single unit of the blaux portable heater go for $89.99

Further there are juicier deals especially for those that want to purchase more than one unit of this device

2 units of this portable heater costs $179.98

3 units of blaux heatcore goes for $202.48

4 units of the blaux portable heater can be gotten for $247.47

The site makes use of multiple card payment options which includes VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, discover.

30 days guarantee

The company offers a 30 day guarantee to all unused purchases, simply send the item(s) back to them in its original unopened packaging and get a full refund or replacement.

About the company.

Blaux is the brains behind this wonderful innovative breakthrough. They have been known to make products inspired by the everyday people who need more convenience and simplicity in their daily routines.

Company’s contact

In case you may have any questions or need help. I will drop the number you can reach them with.

You can reach them by



United states and Canada (Toll free) 855 756 5448

United kingdom: 033081 80842

Australia/New Zealand: (02) 5133 5672

Customers’ reviews on the blaux heatcore

Katrina M. Vancouver, BC- I’ve had some other heaters in my home and this one in particular is my favorite. It’s smaller and compact, so it’s perfect for a desk or countertop. I use it at work while working with my computer and I also have one for my room at home. It’s a great value and works better than others. I will strongly recommend the blaux heatcore to anyone.

Thomas K. Seattle, WA – This has been a great addition to my home. It can get quite cold, especially in the basement. Other heaters are too hot or are unsafe for children and pets, but this one is very safe. I use it for my personal use and it does quite an amazing job at that. I also like how the power button is located at the back of the device as an extra safety measure. It heats up fast for a small device. Perfect for a small home like mine.

FAQs on the blaux heatcore.

How does the Blaux heatcore Personal Heater work?

The Blaux Personal Heater does it trick by gradually warming up the room using one of the 3 preset settings to suit your comfort.

What is so unique about the filter of the blaux heatcore?

The filter traps dust and prevent mold and bacteria from growing if there is moisture in the air. it also plays the key role of removing air contaminants from your small space

How often do i need to change the filter of the blaux heatcore?

It totally depends on your environment. If it seems clogged with dust or particles, we would highly recommend changing the filter.

I have tender kids Is the Blaux Portable Heater safe around them?

yes it is. the blaux portable heater has a safety off switch on its back the switch is always off except turned on by you, as far as the switch is on the heater can not be able to blow hot air no matter how the press the buttons on top. that is why this safety switch is located at the back of the mini heater and its hard to detect by kids.

Can the blaux portable heater heat up a whole room?

well, for it portable size, this mini heater does a decent job of keep you personally warm when you are using it but this portable heater cannot be able to heat up the whole room. the blaux portable heater is for personal use.

Where should I set up the Blaux Personal Heater if i want to use it?

It is best recommended to set up the Blaux heatcore Portable Heater on a flat surface and keep it far away from objects or material that may easily catch on fire.


Finally we have gotten to the end of this review and I can guarantee you that the blaux portable heater is a device you need in your home or your office.

It is important to take the necessary measure to avoid any fatalities as a result to exposure to cold. The blaux portable heater is the easiest way out it is easy to use and light weight to be taken with you to anywhere you want to go to. The affordable price and the early bird discount is what you would love to miss, so hurry now and get yourself one!

Be rest assured that blaux will do the trick.

Thank you for your time.

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