[Latest 2020 offer] new fever patrol ring review: does it really work?

Fever patrol ring review

It is always safer and advisable to check your body temperature from time to time, that way you are sure to know your health status and request necessary help if need be. A lot of good people have lost their lives because of this, and with this dreadful pandemic upon us. This is the period we need to check our body temperature the most.

You see, increased body temperature can be an early symptom of certain deadly illnesses like malaria and also one of the main symptoms of the corona virus disease so this is why it is advisable to always get your body temperature checked from time to time.

But this seems to be a problem. Your busy schedules everyday may always consume your time so therefore you don’t often see the chance to check up your body temperature. Moreover, people always skip to check their temperatures probably because it skipped their minds or some other reasons.

What if we tell you there is a way out of all this? What if there can be a way for you to monitor your body temperature even in the busiest working days?

Allow us to introduce you to the highly demanded fever patrol ring. A wearable technology reputed for it accurate readings in body temperature. In this article we are going to be giving you a detailed review on the fever patrol.

So if you want to know more stay with us on this review.

What is fever patrol ring?

This is a smart ring which is equipped with temperature indicators in different colors, when the ring is put on, on contact with the skin of the fingers, it instantly displays numbers which correspond to your body temperature.

fever patrol ring

Now the ring comes in two variants. The Fahrenheit variant and the Celsius variant. The Fahrenheit variant displays the body temperature in degree Fahrenheit which the Celsius displays in degree Celsius, which right now is the most preferable in the market.

It may also interest you to know that the fever patrol ring does not rely on any form of electronic or battery for its power source. As you go further we will explain in full its functioning mechanism.

A piece of jewelry that gives you both class and an update on your current body health status is a welcome development if you ask us. The ring is so simple in appearance and comes in different sizes which can fit anyone, even kids!

What are the main features of the fever patrol ring?

  • Waterproof: yes you don’t have to worry about the rains to use your thermometer ring nor do you have to worry about taking it off to have a swim as this ring is likely not to get damaged on contact with water
  • Clear display: you can clearly and easily see you temperature reading much clearly all thanks to its moderate display which is discreet but yet clearly visible. This means that the numbers won’t stand out in your overall looks but it can still allow you monitor your temperature much clearly.
  • Comfortable: the fever patrol ring is graced with a comfortable feel, when you put it on the edges of the ring are smooth which allows you to easily slide your fingers through the ring when removing it or putting it on. It is lightweight and suitable for all sizes.
  • Easy to use: there is no complicated setup routine needed for you to use your fever patrol ringjust put it through your fingers and your body temperature displays. It’s as simple as that.
  • Quality material. This ring is made from a very bendable alloy which is highly resistant to rust and a very poor conductor of heat so no need to bother about get burns on your finger due to the hot sun.

Who can use the fever patrol ring?

There is no age restriction governing the use of this ring, everyone can have their temperature routinely checked from day to day with this ring. That is why it comes in a pack of three different sized flexible ring suitable for anyone in the family

How does the fever patrol ring work?

As promised earlier, we are now going to tell you about the functioning mechanism of the fever patrol ring. It may interest you to know that this ring does not need any form of power source or a battery to function. It uses the chemical changes in the strip around the ring to change color which display as numbers when your body temperature changes. This color change around inscribed numbers is an indicator of your body temperature.

Usage is also simple just wear and use.

What are the pros and cons of the fever patrol ring?


  • Easy to use
  • Light weight
  • Made of a harmless chemical free material
  • Very comfortable
  • 50% discount on buying from the main site


  • It might not give you the actual accurate temperature readings but it will surely give you the average number reading inscribed on the ring by color display
  • Delivery may come a bit later than usual this is due to the ongoing corona virus pandemics but not to worry progress has been made to hasten deliveries and you will surely receive you package
  • The 50% discount does not last long enough so make you order now.

How much is the fever patrol ring?

One thing we are sure to tell you is this, you don’t need to dig deep into your pockets to get your body temperature checked anymore. And we can tell you that acquiring the fever patrol ring is one way of making that happen.

Currently the site is running a 50% discount price promo making acquiring one pack of the fever patrol ring goes for $49.99.

That’s not all. There are more interesting deals.

Two packs of the thermometer rings go for $82.97

We highly recommend you buying a pack of three that way every member of you family is sure to get one of this thermometer rings. Three packs of the fever patrol rings cost $112.48

pack of three

Four packs cost $137.47

so seize this opportunity and place your order now

Where can I buy it?

The fever patrol ring can only be purchased from their official site.

This is the only way which you can qualify for the ongoing 50% discount

The site is fast and accepts multiple payment options which include; master card, visa, amex, stripe and paypal.

30 days guarantee

The site is also offering a 30 days guarantee on all purchases. If you are not completely thrilled with your fever patrol ring, simply post the items back to them from the exact place you picked up your delivery, once they receive your package you get your refund instantly excluding shipping cost.

Our final verdict.

If you seek our opinion on this device then we are going to be honest to you, we give this ring a thumbs up and highly recommend that you and your family get the fever patrol ring.  This is one thing that has shown to play two role for us and that is beautify our fingers and check our current body temperature. Its lightweight feature and simple design makes is ready to go with you in any attire you put on and suitable for any occasion as well.

You can carry an actual thermometer to every outing you want to embark on can you?  It’s is also important to know your current body temperature because of the current global issue at hand, this helps you get help before things could get worse.  

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