The new Handsan wrist sanitizer 2020 review: interesting facts you need to know

Handsan wrist sanitizer review.

With the recent corona virus pandemics upon us right now there is need for everyone to stay on guard and put up a good fight in protecting our families and loved ones. One of the most important steps in preventing the spread of this deadly disease is by employing this use of hand sanitizers.

A hand sanitizer is an alcohol based agent applied to the hands for the purpose of removing harmful pathogens which may be unconsciously picked up by coming in contact with contaminated surfaces. However everyone is not always as carful as taking their hand sanitizers with them when they go out, even the kids are also what we need to worry about in times like these. Children are more carefree in terms of washing their hands regularly.

So what is the way out? How to we be sure of regularly keeping are hands germ free? There is a solution. An automatic protection that ensures you always keep your hands clean and germ free no matter where ever you may find yourself. The fact is that a lot of terrible diseases people contact today all started with the exposure to pathogens with they pick up unknowingly with their hands.

So how can we ensure this automatic protection from harmful pathogens? This is the main aim of writing this article. We want to tell you about a product that has made a name for itself, a latest invention by one of the thoughtful individuals among us. Allows to introduce to you the handsan wrist hand sanitizer. A wearable wrist band sanitizer container which has served as an important approach in combating the spread of deadly pathogens among individuals of the globe.

In this review we will give you a well detailed information about this products so that you can see reasons why you have to get one of these not just only for yourself but for your kids who are about to return to school.

Let’s begin shall we?

What is handsan wrist sanitizer?      

This is a silicone bracelet which serves the purpose of a container for hand sanitizer gel. It comes with an adjustable wrist band which is designed to fit in all wrists on any size. This container dispenses minute drops of hand sanitizer whenever and where there may be a need for hand wash.

handsan wrist review

We all know how cumbersome and uncomfortable carrying a hand sanitizer bottle can be. The simple and portable design of this silicon hand sanitizer dispenser has placed it on high demand across the globe.

 The handsan wrist sanitizer is really fun to have and will easily be welcomed by your children given the different lovely color variants it comes in. suitable for any kind of cloth you put on so you have to worry about it making you look odd in anyway.

The carrying capacity of the handsan wrist is enough to hold a hand sanitizer gel which can be used for over 15 times before the need to refill the bracelet arises.

it also comes with a 59 ml starter hand sanitizer gel bottle  which is enough for about 6 refills alongside this hand sanitizer bottle also comes the applicator nozzle and a guide which you need in order to refill it.

What are the main features of the handsan wrist?     

Instant access (on the go)

It is always there on your wrists so you do not have to be skeptical about forgetting your hand sanitizer while you are about to travel. When need be just press on it and sanitize your hands


The handsan wrist is made totally of silicone this makes it very light and you may not even know you have it on your wrist.                                                                                                                                                                                  

Silicone body

As mentioned earlier it is made of silicon this makes it very flexible. Flexible enough to adjust to the largest of wrists. This material has also made the product to be waterproof. Do you can actually where it even if it’s raining.

Easy fill and anti-spill systems

This makes up the ergonomic design of this product. In fact, this is one of the key features of the handsan wrist. This system has made it possible for this product to be easily refilled within seconds and also made provision for an anti-spill lid which seals up completely to avoid spillage of the fluids.

Easy to use.

The application of hand sanitizers with the handsan wrist very simple. All it takes is just squeeze of a button and it spills out your sanitizer fluids the longer you press on it the more fluids you have on your palm.

Are there any precautions to be taken in using the hand san wrist?

Yes, there are two important precautions you have to take while using the handsan wrist.

  • Avoid contact with fire
  • Don’t leave it within the reach of children under the age of 7 years if you must let your child have it, let it be at your supervision.

Specifications of the handsan wrist

  • Made of 100% eco-friendly silicone
  • Right size for adults and kids with the adjustable band straps
  • Has a carrying capacity of 10ml which is sufficient for sanitizing your hands no matter how long you stay out.
  • Can be easily cleaned by washing with soap and warm water
  • Comes with a starter pack hand sanitizer bottle.

What are the pros and cons of the handsan wrist?


  • It has a simple design
  • It is easy to use thus create no form of confusion for you.
  • It is portabe
  • Highly user friendly and causes no form of reaction to the skin.


  • Care should be taken little children make use of it to avoid alcohol poisoning
  • Keep this product far away from fire
  • Stock is limited.

How do I use this product?

Handsan wrist is easy to use and requires no special skill because you can use it. It is simply a container all you have to do is fill and refill it should there be a need to do so.

To fill it, open your handsan from the opened cap, squeeze the band while filling from the opening and then gently release your squeeze to automatically draw the product into the handsan wrist. After which you close the cap and apply a little pressure to secure the fluid inside it.

To dispense fluid, open the cap and squeeze the top, this instantly pours out the fluid to your palm when the required quantity is reached stop squeezing and close the cap by gently putting it into place and pressing slightly on it to secure the remaining fluids.

Benefits of having the handsan wrist bracelet.

  1. You are sure of keeping you family safe from dreadful pathogens lingering around, no matter where they are.
  2. It saves your time and will not alter your schedules in any way you don’t have to worry about going late to work or important appointments because you forgot your hand sanitizer bottle, so good riddance to that!
  3. The beautiful color and simple design makes it a wonderful gift to your loved ones
  4. You get to enjoy a 50% discount bonus for buying this new product now
  5. Your best work partner since it’s always there with you just sanitize your hands before and after work easily.
  6. This product is sure not to give you a skin reaction thanks to its 100% silicone composition.
  7. It is not only used to carry hand sanitizers only, you can also use it to hold other fluids like sun screen lotions, mosquito repellents gels and so much more.

What places do I really need to wear the handsan wrist?

In the war against germs and also in periods of pandemics like this, it is advisable to wear your handsan wrist bracelet on every outing you embark on. But there are places where you must always be conscious when you find yourself there because these are the places you are easily exposed and have a higher chance of coming in contact with pathogens.

You should always have your handsan wrist bracelet when in places like

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Hospitals
  • Public rest rooms
  • Buses
  • Shopping malls
  • Factories
  • Laboratories

This is a durable product you can wear everyday so you don’t have to worry about over using it. Be on guard, let’s join hands together and stop the spread of this virus

Where can I buy this sanitizer dispenser wristband?

To purchase your handsan wrist sanitizer bracelet we advise you make your purchase directly from the manufacturer’s website by clicking here. This way you don’t fall a victim of scam. You as a buyer tend to enjoy a lot of benefits from buying directly from them and this includes a mouth-watering 50% discount in price.

That’s not all you get 1 free handsan wrist when you purchase two of the product and 2 free when you purchase 3.

So hurry now and place your orders while the offer lasts!

The site makes use of more than one payment options which include paypal, master card, maestro.

The site also provides a 256 bit SSL encryption which secures your payment information.   

Our final verdict

We can confidently tell you that handsan wrist is the ideal product for you. This period of pandemics calls for absolute awareness of ourselves in our day to day activity and by far this product is here to serve the purpose of making our hand sanitizers readily available for us.

Handsan wrist is the solution for tight schedules which may bring about forgetfulness in the basic practice of sanitizing our hands every now and then during our daily activities.

So make use of this discount opportunity and get your now. Keep your family and loved ones safe from this virus.

Frequently asked questions on the handsan wrist.

How many times do I have to use the handsan wrist before refilling?

The handsan wrist has a carrying capacity of 10ml. and you can use it for up to 12times before the need for refilling it arises.

Is the handsan wrist meant solely for handsanitizers?

The idea of inventing this product was for hand sanitization. But no, it is not only made to carry hand sanitizer gels you can use it to store other fluids which you would need for example sun screen lotions, mosquito repellants and liquid balms.

Can I buy in retail shops?

You may be able to see it on some retail shops but the owners of these shops purchased from the main site and enjoyed 50% discount. Which they will sell to you at the original price without the discount so we advise that you also make use of the opportunity and buy from there site as well.

Does it have any effect on the skin while wearing it?

Absolutely not! The handsan wrist is made of high grade silicone. Which poses no threat to the skin. So it is completely safe.

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