Shelfystand Triangle phone mount review 2021: Shocking facts you must know.

It’s your birthday tomorrow and you’re trying to host the best party that will have everybody talking for a very long time.  Well, to have the best birthday party ever, you need to have the best birthday cake too, right? But then, what happens when you need to watch a video of the perfect recipe for your birthday cake while making the cake? I know how frustrating it is to try to do two things at a time and everything just begins to fall apart!!!!! Uggghhh!!!!!

Well, there’s no need to have to go through all that stress anymore. Allow me to introduce you to the perfect assistant for your kitchen that will make everything very seamless. You can now stop worrying about your phone or tablet falling out of your pocket or hand whenever you need to watch or read something on it! The non-slip, balanced Shelfystand Triangle phone mount is the ultimate kitchen accessory you have been dreaming about because it holds your recipe right in place. When you’re following a recipe, the Shelfystand phone mount secures your tablet or phone just where you want it!

Watching movies, taking notes, or reading recipes is such a walk in the park with the Shelfystand Triangle Phone Mount! You can mount your Phone or Tablet in Seconds for maximum viewing comfort.


Other than your pocket or the bottom of your bag, your phone sometimes needs somewhere else to go. That’s what a phone stand is for! When you just want to be hands-free, it is always there to hold your smartphone.

What is the purpose of this mobile accessory? Why would you want to use one? Take a break from all your texting and read through while I brush you up on the facts!

Phone stands are little items that you can use to support your phone. They are made to sit on a hard surface like a table or desk, allowing you to enjoy hilarious videos, swipe through photos, and keep your phone safe and secure. You can also place your phone on this special stand on your desk to keep it safe. That way, you will be able to put down your phone and stay focused until your next break.

So do you have a number of projects to complete as a professional or a student? You can easily glance at two gadgets at the same time with the help of the Shelfystand phone stand. Driving in Your Car? With the Shelfystand phone mount, you can keep your smartphone visible while keeping your hands on the wheel.

Play your Spotify music while staying on track with the GPS. Going to sleep? The Shelfystand phone mount allows you to watch your videos in bed. If you don’t have access to a television or want to listen to a podcast while falling asleep, this is an excellent option. Working in the Kitchen? You can use the SHELFYSTAND TRIANGLE PHONE MOUNT to watch a video while scrubbing those pots and pans, or to follow a recipe the next time you want to try something new! Going Shopping?

shelfystand triangle phone mount

To drive a cart around the store, you must be able to do so without using your hands. You can look at your grocery list without brushing against people, all thanks to the Shelfystand phone mount. Just attach it to the trolley and you are good to go! Lawn mowing? While mowing the lawn, you can use the Shelfystand phone mount to watch YouTube.

Your neighbors will be so envious of you! Golfing? Don’t let your phone get in the way of your next hole-in-one! In a phone mount that attaches to your golf cart, it will be safe and secure. Using the Bathroom? It may sound nasty, yet many people use their phones while using the restroom. The Shelfystand phone mount is a phone holder that fits straight on the wall in public restrooms.

With the Shelfystand phone mount, you won’t ever have to be concerned about your phone falling out of your pocket or being dropped on the ground. For practically every situation, the Shelfystand phone mount has got you covered.


These days, we use our smartphones for almost everything. Because many of us do not have built-in navigation in our automobiles, we frequently use our smartphones as our primary GPS device when we require driving directions. The catch is that driving with your phone in your hand is extremely dangerous, and in many places, this is even illegal.

If you need to look at your phone’s screen while driving, it has to be in a position where you can quickly peek at it while still paying attention to what’s going on around you. Driving around heavily-trafficked roads and city blocks with your phone on your lap, displaying your directions, is a very easy way to get into an accident, especially if someone in the car behind you is distracted.

Rather than continually holding your phone up, you can finally relax and appreciate the view while the Shelfystand phone mount takes care of everything.

Shelfystand phone mount provides three pleasant sight positions for your phone or tablet, allowing you to relieve your hands during use. You’ll have more time to play games, write with a stylus, browse recipes while cooking, or stream your favorite programs and films with your hands free!

The Shelfystand Triangle phone mount makes it much easier to watch and share your contents with friends, with display degrees of 20°, 30°, and 50°.

The angle of 20° is similar to that of a desk, making it ideal for writing with a stylus or typing text.

30° is ideal for kicking back in your recliner and viewing movies or YouTube.

The 50° angle is sturdy and upright, making it ideal for video chats.

So no matter what you want to do, the Shelfystand Triangle phone mount has got you covered!

 A 4MM thick aluminum, which is 25% thicker than most metals, is the main component of the base of the Shelfystand phone mount. Due to the superior material used, the Shelfystand Triangle phone mount is more stable than other brands, despite the smaller size. It is three times more sturdy than others, and it may be the most secure phone stand you’ve ever used, so that you never need to purchase a replacement. 


  • Stand Design and Build: This is where the SHELFYSTAND TRIANGLE Phone Stand excels, especially given its affordable price. It is made surprisingly nicely for a product that costs approximately $14 and is frequently on sale for considerably less. The aluminum body is light and sturdy, weighing only 7.8 ounces. This is due to the fact that the device is made up of two solid metal components: the base and the holder. A revolving hinge connects them, allowing the tilt to be adjusted.
  • HIGHLY FLEXIBLE HINGES: The quality of a phone stand’s hinges, if it has any, is a crucial consideration to consider while picking the proper phone stand. The hinge of the SHELFYSTAND TRIANGLE PHONE MOUNT has a high degree of movement flexibility that can be adjusted to fit any position.
  • Easy Maintenance : You don’t have to be concerned about the unit’s heavy-duty build causing damage to whatever it comes into contact with. The padding applied strategically protects both flat surfaces and your valuable equipment. Nothing will be scratched or damaged.  Because of the materials used, washing this accessory with any cleaning agents is a breeze.
  • You can recharge your phone at the same time while you are using the phone. The Shelfystand phone mount is a stand for my phone to sit on and charge. At the back, there is  a hole makes it very easy for your phone to keep charging even while mounted on the stand. So yes, you can charge the phone and use the phone at the same time. Thus, it is extremely beneficial to individuals who use their phone for business and need to be on it or use it  for 8+ hours a day. 
  •  Product Reliability: The Shelfystand phone mount works as needed and will make a huge difference in your work-from-home life. This will last a lifetime and is great for anyone who needs continued access to their phone while working. You will definitely love having your phone within view as you are working and will forever be thankful for the purchase.  


It’s not easy to find the right smartphone stand. This is not because there are not many options but because these alternatives are far too many. I mean, a simple Google scan will yield a slew of options with individual functionalities, distinct components, and a variety of price ranges. Only just a couple of devices stand out, and the Shelfystand phone mount is one of them.

The Shelfystand Triangle phone mount allows you to precisely position your phone or tablet for the optimum pleasant interface with all of your gadgets.

  1. To keep itself in position, the Non-Slip Shelfystand phone mount has non-slip silicone feet. So, even if you’re using the biggest iPad or tablet, you do not have to fret or worry about it falling down. The Shelfystand Triangle phone mount is very sturdy.
  1. The Shelfystand phone mount comes with an eyelet that can be used for fastening a strap. Now, this makes carrying the Shelfystand phone mount around a lot easier!
  1. The Shelfystand phone mount has a reinforced base for added stability. Say Goodbye to those cheap and fragile gadget supports that sway about in the breeze! The base of the Shelfystand phone mount is balanced, making it strong and secure enough to hold heavy tablets like the iPad Pro.
  1. A magnet is incorporated into the base of the Shelfystand triangle to facilitate its attachment to metal surfaces. This is an additional way to guarantee that your Shelfystand phone mount will always be stable and upright, even with the heaviest and biggest tablets!


The Shelfystand Triangle phone mount is a device that allows you to prop up your smartphone. It is particularly useful if you need to use your phone while your hands are occupied with something else. Surveys have shown that our esteemed users have been found to use it most often while cooking or multitasking. This device makes it possible to watch a video on a phone while concurrently working on a laptop. You also get to enjoy watching recipe videos while cooking with it. The possibilities are endless with the Shelfystand phone mount.

  • Comfort: Holding your phone up to watch a video can be tiring. Most smartphones, for example, can weigh as much as 0.3 pounds! If you put your phone on the Shelfystand Triangle phone mount, your arms and neck will applaud you.
  • Allows You to Take Incredible Selfies! Of course, Shelfystand phone mount serves a dual purpose because aside from just securing your phone, it also allows you to shoot fantastic photos! Simply choose one of the three perspectives, set your self-timer, and snap away! It’s quicker than a tripod stand, more stable than a selfie stick, and more adaptable than your arm! I mean, what else can beat that? Get beautiful selfies you’ve never been able to capture before and watch your Instagram page blow up with likes and comments.
  • Safety: When you’re on the go, a stand or holder is extremely useful. Every year, an astonishing 1.6 million crashes are caused by cell phone use. Place your phone in a secure place like the Shelfystand Triangle phone mount until you can look at it again.
  • Serves as the Ultimate Culinary Companion. The Shelfystand phone mount is an excellent kitchen buddy. When you’re following a recipe, it keeps your tablet or phone just where you want it, so that you no longer have to worry about your phone or tablet falling out of your pocket or hands when you need to watch or browse through your recipes! The non-slip, balanced Shelfystand phone mount holds your recipe securely in place!
  • Productivity: At work or school, you should avoid looking at your phone excessively. This can result in a five-hour loss of productivity. A stand allows you to focus on the task at hand by keeping your phone out of sight and out of mind.
  • Cleanliness: If your phone has its own space on your desk, it will be less cluttered. You won’t have to worry about losing it among your notes, folders, and other office items anymore.
  • Compatibility Range: You can benefit from utilizing the Shelfystand phone mount whether you have an Android or an iPhone or a smartphone or a tablet. Make a wish list for this helpful mobile item!

The Shelfystand Triangle phone mount  helps you stay organized while also giving your hands a rest. It can improve the security and hygiene of your phone, as well as your comfort and productivity.


The Shelfystand Triangle Phone mount is ideal for use as a phone stand. It has a robust construction that nearly resembles a unibody design, but  it also comes with some tilt adjustment flexibility. Isn’t it the finest of both worlds?

To use the SHELFYSTAND TRIANGLE PHONE MOUNT, simply select your preferred display angle and place your phone or tablet into the corresponding slot provided. Voila!!!! Your gadget will remain firmly in place, exactly where you really want it!


The Shelfystand phone mount is without a doubt the greatest phone accessory mount in the industry. The longer you keep the Shelfystand Triangle phone mount, the more hooked you will become! Take self-portraits that are both precise and massive! Enjoy your favorite tv shows And movies on YouTube! Alternatively, you might just sit back and relax while watching Netflix.

Act quickly and order your own authentic Shelfystand Triangle phone mount on the official website by clicking here. Do not be fooled by low-cost imitations.

Order yourself an original Shelfystand phone mount today and discover what you’ve been losing out on.


  • Eliminates Distractions. While the Shelfystand Triangle phone mount will not eliminate all distractions, it will ensure that your cellphone is in front of you and at eye level. Many car accidents have occurred because the motorist reached for his or her phone while driving. This difficulty is solved by the Shelfystand phone mount, which places the smartphone directly in front of the driver without impeding their view of the road. Because most smartphones come equipped with AI-driven voice-activated assistants like Google Assistant and Siri, the driver will be able to play music, answer or make phone calls without fumbling about or even touching the phone after it has been positioned conveniently.
  • Improved Hearing. We have all had the “can you hear me now” automobile talks that seem to be an unavoidable part of travel. We lose focus on the road when driving while attempting to hear what the other person is trying to say on the phone clearly, which leads to accidents. Thankfully, if you use the Shelfystand phone mount, you will be able to properly hear the caller because the phone will be placed near you. You would very certainly be balancing the phone between your ear and shoulder if you didn’t have a Shelfystand phone mount in your car, making listening and driving safely difficult.
  • Easy Music Access. While most smartphones now include AI-powered voice assistants, you must be within a certain distance from the phone speaker to activate them. If you’re speaking from a distance, the voice assistants may misinterpret your orders. In these scenarios, a Shelfystand magnetic phone mount is useful since it positions the phone in front of you, allowing you to control the music with your voice. As a result, instead of driving with one hand while browsing through your playlist with the other, you will be able to play music simply by speaking out loud and without taking your eyes off the road.
  • See the Screen Properly. Installing a high-quality Shelfystand phone mount on your car’s air vent keeps your phone at eye level and near to your face, so you don’t have to glance down or take the phone in your hand every time you want to see the screen. With a magnetic phone holder, all you have to do is look at the screen to view it and accomplish any task you need to.
  • Uses the GPS Smoothly
  • The build is really sturdy.
  • It is appealing to the eye.
  • For a metal stand, it’s reasonably priced.
  • Compatibility with both phones and tablets is excellent.


The impact of magnets on phones presents a slew of issues. You may have read about how magnetism can cause problems with GPS, compass, and battery life. Internal magnets are, after all, present in the most recent electronics. This raises the question of whether magnets have an impact on smartphones.

The basic answer is yes, if you have a big enough and powerful enough magnet. However, your normal household magnet is unlikely to produce any significant interference, and the magnets in the Shelfystand phone mounts are not powerful enough to create any significant interference. As a result, magnetic force is used in a variety of major Shelfystand Triangle phone mounts without generating any issues with your smartphone.

In the off-chance that the magnets do cause interference with your phone, simply recalibrate it by moving it in a figure-eight motion with your arm and continue using it normally.


The brilliant design and flexibility of operation of the Shelfystand Triangle phone mount has left thousands and thousands of our users very happy and content.

It’s no surprise that this product is selling out all around the world. It is really popular. And really, what’s not to admire about that? So how about you pick up your own versatile Shelfystand phone mount and see why all our customers all over the world are raving about it!

Here is what a couple of them had to say about the Shelfystand phone mount:

I really love products that can do more than one thing, and the Shelfystand phone mount certainly qualifies! I use it to watch movies on my phone at work during lunch. Then I attach my iPad and do all the various kinds of paperwork my job requires. It never slips or slides, and makes my day just so much easier!



I used to lean my tablet against a stack of magazines, my backpack, whatever I could to get the viewing angle I desired. Of course, everything would slip and drift around… once my tablet nearly went crashing to the floor! Using the Shelfystand phone mount is just a hundred times better. Everything just feels safe now, there really isn’t any comparison!



You never know how much you need it until you try it. Totally changed the way I work, my workflow is so much more efficient now. I bought multiple Shelfystand phone mounts and used three of them at the same time. There’s no substitute for having all my data instantly viewable to me at all times.



The Shelfystand phone mount fits properly horizontally and vertically, and the viewing angle isn’t an issue. Sits at a nice vantage point and presents with the perfect viewing angle, especially for my phone that uses a face I.D. 100% recommend.



I’ve used several phone stands but the Shelfystand phone mount comes with a better material than the others I have bought. I totally love the material and quality of this product and I am glad I bought it. It is sturdy and has silicone padding in the phone cradle and bottom for non slipping. I use this well made Shelfystand phone stand with my iPhone 11 and mini iPad and I can proudly say for sure that this is a very good product.



I like how I can glance over to my phone while it is mounted on the Shelfystand phone mount without picking it up to see notifications. I put it on my desk and as I get notifications, I can take a quick glance as it unlocks with face I.D. Super nice!




Without a question, a magnetic phone holder is a lifesaver and an investment worth making. The Shelfystand Triangle phone mounts are available in a wide range of designs and this enables you to select the best option that best meets your requirements. This modest but vital automotive item has the potential to save your life and prevent serious car accidents.

you can also get another awesome phone accessory from shelfystand, and that is the shelfystand 360. To know more about this device click here

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