Watchtheroad dash cam 2023 review: is it the best affordable dash cam?

Watchtheroad dash cam has made the list of top trending gadgets in America and some parts of Europe. So far, it has received praises from users. Before we get into this, let us first understand the purpose of a dash cam. A dash cam is a video recorder mounted on the dashboard of a vehicle or anywhere else inside a vehicle to record occurrences in the vicinity.

Thanks to these devices a lot of cases are able to be solved most of them being car accidents or even car thefts. As a matter of fact, this device has actually provided evidence to a huge number of criminal cases including shoot outs. Hence giving it its nickname the “silent witness”.

The importance of having a dash cam in your vehicle cannot be overstated. A lot of people have been apprehended unjustly in cases of road accidents. And because there is no way to prove you’re not at fault you have to pay for the damages.

This particular incident happened to my wife, according to her, the car bumped into her. However she’s natural not an outspoken person, so she was blamed even though she was not a fault. I felt so devastated because if she had a dash cam in her car, she would have a concrete evidence of the event that transpired that day.

A dash cam will give you and your family the protection they need on the roads in case of accidents. This is what a dash cam is all about. Thankfully many modern vehicles have dash cams already installed in them. However, most of these vehicles are super expensive and most people cannot afford that. Buying dash cams for your old model cars also comes with its limitations.

Many dash cams out there have terrible video qualities and by terrible I mean very awful quality. You practically have to squint your eyes before you can be able to see a thing from the video feed. The better dash cams with higher video quality are very expensive and when one thinks of spending up to $700 just to acquire one of the good ones, its gets discouraging.

In this review, I’m going to be talking about the watchtheroad dash cam, which promises to offer you a HD video feed for just a fraction of the cost of those top dollar dash cams. Now in as much as this particular dash cam has a lot of good to offer, there are still somethings you might want to know about it. Things a lot of adverts won’t tell you.  

This article review will provide you with every bit of information you might need on the watchtheroad dash cam. The key purpose of this article is to help you make up your mind whether the watchtheroad dash cam is something you want for your car or not.


This is a high definition dash can that can be easily mounted to your rear view mirror or just above your car dashboard. With the sole purpose of video recording and the security of both the interior and exterior of your car.

watchtheroad dash cam

Watchtheroad dash cam will always help you proof you are not at fault by providing video coverage when you are driving with HD video feed. It is a pity today that there are many reckless drivers out there who deliberately disobey traffic rules putting themselves and many other people endangered. The worst it that they always blame it on the innocent people they might have collided with.

This is where the watchtheroad dash cam comes in. this dash cam provides concrete proof that doesn’t just clear your name, but also puts these clumsy drivers in check.

Unlike many other dash cams which are overly expensive and require professionals to install in your vehicle, the watchtheroad is actually very easy to install. You can do it yourself and it won’t even cost you an extra dollar.

I love the fact that watchtheroad dash cam comes with an external memory card slot this can help you collect video evidence and store up in your laptops or mobile phones for future purposes.

You also don’t even have to worry about a hit and run drivers anymore. As we all know, hit and run has become a very frequent occurrence in the United States. And with the HD video quality of the watchtheroad dash cam, you can actually pause the video feed and capture the license plate which will be used to identify the car’s owner.

This particular dash cam can also help you cover the interior of your car against car break in and car thieves as well. It can help you provide the identity of the assailant which can help the police substantially.


HIGH QUALITY VIDEO FEEDS: watchtheroad dash cam provides a crystal clear 1080p video quality. Making your video evidence solid wherever it’s being presented. This is made possible by its 5megapixel camera for clear pictures and videos without any distortion. This is an actually cool feature for a dash cam of its price.

MOTION SENSOR: this feature is kind of a brow raiser for me. In fact, this feature is part of the reason for this review. Watchtheroad dash cam actually comes with a motion sensor. On the detection of any movement, the dash cam automatically starts recording even if you’re not in the car. I needed to confirm if the motion sensors actually works as the company claimed. And it turns out that it works with moderate precision as well.

NIGHT VISION: this dash cam automatically adjusts for different levels of lights, this enables it to capture images even when you’re driving at night. This is also because it features the IR night vision LEDs making it convenient for you to record any activity even when you drive at night.

360˚ ROTATING CAMERA: this feature allows you to capture both inside and outside your car with ease. With the 360 rotating attachment which holds the camera, you can comfortably turn the camera to capture the interior of the car if you feel unsafe with the person you are carrying. This feature enables you to secure your car especially when you’re parked in a suspicious place.

SUBSTANCIAL RECORDING TIME: unlike many cheap dash camera, this car dash cam can record events for a long period of time. From my testing, it recorded for a total of 13hours 45 minutes. This is actually proficient as it is enough time to cover every road event that must have occurred throughout your driving. This feature is actually applauded by most users of this dash cam. With this, they can keep an eye on their driving teenagers and monitor their progress.

ONE TOUCH CAPTURE: personally I don’t see the need for this feature but it’s not a bad feature generally. This car dash cam can also be used to capture high quality images by the click of its button. Why this feature is not necessary is that you can actually pause your video recording from this camera and take any evidence you want.

Trying to touch the dash cam to take a picture can affect your concentration while driving. However, this feature is not a bad one. If you can comfortably take pictures of a road offender while driving then it’s fine. Alternatively, you can just pause the video you have recorded and get any screenshot you want as evidence since it has a high video quality.

EASY TO USE: watchtheroad dash cam is very easy to use. Installation is also easy as well. After installing this car dash cam, all you need to do is turn on the car ignition and it turns on automatically and goes off when you off the ignition. Remember the 12V power cable has to be connected to your car as well. It is up to you to turn it on again to still keep recording when you are out of your vehicle by pressing the red START button.


I know many dash cams that will require special professionals to install and also require you to go through a lot just to learn how to use it. Thankfully, watchtheroad dash cam is not one of them. You can actually install this car dash cam yourself all you have to do is to follow the guide provided below.

  • Attach the suction cup end of your dash cam mount to your wind shield or on your dashboard. Anywhere most convenient for you.
  • Connect the 12V car charger cable to where necessary on the dash cam
  • Once installed turn on your device by pressing the start button
  • That’s all, you can now drive with tranquility of mind


For an affordable device, this car dash cam really sets a pace in the market owing to the fact the many dash cams in the same price range as it barely have its features.

In fact, the watchtheroad dash cam can work substantially in place of the top dollar dash cams out there, not like they are better than the expensive one but if you should decide to spend less on dash cams and settle for this one, you will have absolutely nothing to regret.

The simplicity of the watchtheroad dash cam is another reason it should be applauded. Works simply by using the start button or if you like all you need to do is to start your vehicle and it automatically comes on.

One cannot take away the fact that road offenders are on the rise every single day, now it is important to be careful of this kind of people because they will never accept they were at fault in fact they can put the blame on you and make you pay for what you aren’t responsible for. This is where a dash cam comes in and not just any dash cam, a good one. Now in as much as these good dash cams cost a lot of money you can still settle for the watchtheroad which is budget friendly and still efficient.

Watchtheroad is the closest thing to those top dollar dash cams although it doesn’t match up to them is some aspect, it still delivers the most important thing needed in all dash cams, that is crystal clear video quality. This is the concrete proof you need to nail any road offender that tries to pin you to an accident you were not the cause of and make them pay dearly


  1. FIRST-HAND EVIDENCE OF A CAR ACCIDENT: this is the core reason why lots of vehicle drivers have chosen to get dash cams for their cars. However, it is also important to get a good dash cam which will cost money. This is where watchtheroad comes in as the best alternative. The camera will start recording as soon as you start your car engine and will provide real time, effectual and clear video quality for strong evidence. If a car accident happened with your vehicle involved, then you can prove you were not at fault and you can send the video tape as evidence. This will help you win your case should there be a trial. Watchtheroad dash cam can be the strongest proof you have in case of car crash. Instead of not having a dash cam at all, it is better to get one if you can’t afford to spend money on the more expensive dash cam.
  2. IMPECCABLE SOLUTION FOR UNDISCIPLINED DRIVERS: Another important benefit of having a dash cam is that it will help you report undisciplined drivers. Every one of us as a driver has had one encounter with a bad driver throughout out driving. These annoying driver can put lives of other drivers and innocent pedestrians at risk with only their reckless driving habits. However, reporting such bad behavior can go a long way in ensuring safety for yourself other drivers and innocent passengers. If you don’t have an eye witness to back up your case, it can get cold. So the best witness you could get yourself is a dash cam to capture the bad driving and put such drivers in check. Watchtheroad dash cam can do just that without any hiccup.  Most of the US states have special programs devoted to those who want to report bad drivers and make US roads a safer place for everyone to drive. It is up to us to take action against reckless drivers because if anything should happen to another driver we share the fault for not reporting.
  3. HELPS YOU AVOID ANY ISSURANCE FRAUD: the problem of insurance fraud keeps growing as the years run by. It has become one of the most common problems of the 21st century, when it comes to vehicle and traffic. This fraud affects the drivers the honest driver the most. Some drivers deliberately cause these car accidents just to put the blame on the other party and since the person has no way of proving his innocence. They are made to pay heavily for the damage. This type of fraud is widely practiced nowadays, those who commit it look for high-end car drivers to extort. These people also go the extra mile of faking injuries just to collect the insurance money from the other party’s insurance companies. To avoid this kind of problem, its best you spend that money and get a good dash cam with high video quality and with night vision supported as well should the scammers try to commit this fraud with the dark of the night as great advantage. If you can’t afford those expensive dash cams, then you might want to get the budget friendly watchtheroad dash cam as it can provide you with these two important features you will need.
  4. EFFECTIVE SECURITY AGAINST CAR BREAK-INS: If your vehicle is parked in a place where you don’t feel comfortable you can actually record what happens inside your card when you are not in it. Watchtheroad dash cam is a 360˚ rotating camera which allows you to turn it to record the interior of your car. It can record everything that happened in case your cash has been broken into, you can playback the video feed and see exactly what happened.


For a cheap car dash cam, watchtheroad is actually really efficient and works very well in recording your road activities. It may not be any match for other high-end dash cams in the market but for a fraction of their costly prices you get to enjoy the safety it actually brings with it.

This camera works really well and I’ll say it is one of the best affordable car dash cams currently. So if you need a dash cam but you can’t afford the expensive ones you can settle for the watchtheroad dash cam, you won’t regret buying this device.

Many car dash cam in this price range are practically rip-offs with poor video quality and sound, so it’ll be understandable if you are not sure of this particular dash cam. After much tests on the device, I can tell you that this device is really worth it. The 1080p video quality is the main reason you should get it, the video feeds are very clear and plays in real time also.



  • Very easy to use and install
  • One of the most affordable car dash cams
  • High quality 1080p video recording
  • Comes with night vision
  • Provides you with first hand evidence
  • Monitors your teenagers driving habits
  • Saves you from wrong accusations


  • It is not water-proof
  • Can only be purchased online
  • Limited stock is available


This car dash cam can only be purchased online from the company’s official checkout page. You won’t see watchtheroad dash cam in any other retail store. Buying from the site ensures you don’t get ripped off. The button below will take you directly to the check-out page if you want to make a purchase.

They also encourage multiple payment options. If you don’t want to pay with your credit card, you can check-out with your Paypal


There is a on going time limited offer for early bird purchases. By ordering from the site you enjoy an amazing 35% discount price.

This makes one unit of the watchtheroad dash cam to be acquired at just $59.99

The more the number of units you want the more your discounts.

2 units of this car dash cam will cost only $99.98


The company is currently offering a 30 day money back guarantee to unsatisfied purchases. So if you are not thrilled with your purchase or you package has a fault you can simply post it back to them and get a full refund or replacement.


If you have more questions you would want to ask them directly, or you are having issues with your purchase, you can contact their customer care. The always available. You can reach them through email or direct phone number.


Phone: (603) 696 3293


Just in case you are wondering what other people think of this car dash cam, well see reviews from other verified buyers

I installed this dash cam because I usually have to park my car in a parking lot that has no security while I’m at work. I forgot it was even there because it just sits on top of my rear-view mirror. It’s nice to know I’ll have video evidence if something ever happens.  

Josh Reed– Chicago, IL

Someone broke into my car while it was parked overnight in front of my very own house! Luckily, the DashCam caught everything on video and the quality was amazing! Turns out, it was my very own neighbor! You can’t trust anyone these days. EVERYONE NEEDS THIS IN THEIR CAR!

Sammy Price– Miami, FL

I noticed a long scratch on the side of my car. When I checked the video from my dash cam, I saw that my crazy ex had keyed my car! I had all the evidence to show the cops and he had to pay for it!

Thelma Harper– Los Angeles, CA


To be honest with you, watchtheroad is not a bad addition to your car. Its 1080p video quality is enough reason you need to have this dash cam. for as low as $60 you can have a dash cam that can provide you crystal clear evidence just like the high-end car dash cams.

If you can afford the high-end car dash cams that will be nice because indeed they’re obviously better. But if you can not afford to spend that kind of money, that does not mean you can’t secure your car with a dash cam. Watchtheroad is the best alternative for you. Give it a try and see.

Thank you for your time, if you have any further questions feel free to make use of the comment section below. Also check out the night glasses that can ehnance your vision while driving at night .

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