The Usmile pro 2020 review: learn new facts about this amazing device.

Usmile pro review

“Dude, why is your teeth so brown? How could you even be smiling like that man close your mouth”. This is a basic example of the problems and insults that everyday individuals have to face for not having white enough teeth.

The beauty of a humans face is brought by it’s smile and nothing spices up this smile other than sparkling white teeth.

 The teeth is a very important part of our lives, we use it to chew up food, eat biscuits and complement our beautiful smiles. When our teeth are badly taken care of due to bad dental hygiene or due to genetics, we develop dental problems or our teeth become discolored.

 It is expensive to treat or whiten and it can take away our beautiful smiles which is a very sad situation to be in. Well in a situation with seemingly no way out, modern technology comes through and delivers a device that can make dental problems and teeth discoloration a thing of the past and the device is the Usmile pro electric toothbrush.

In this article we will be telling you all you need to know about this product and why you may or may not want to buy it.

So tag along let’s roll


The Usmile pro is an advanced, proven and complete teeth brightening unit made by a group of certified dental specialists that aims at whitening teeth and maintaining great oral hygiene.

Usmile pro

This product effectively whitens your teeth in just 6 applications daily, for 10-15 minutes. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and makes use of brightening gel and LED lights to achieve optimal teeth whitening and it does this with no side effects at all.


The USMILE PRO is an antibacterial silicone 360 u-shaped toothbrush with light therapy. It cleans both upper and lower teeth at the same time with an easy vibrating motion.

The Usmile also makes use of the BASS brushing improved technique as recommended by professionals. The Usmile is productive because it makes use of ultrasonic technology.

The Usmile pro produces 5000 vibrations per minute conveying the toothpaste between the teeth and the gum line, bringing about a profound cleaning without being excessively harsh on the teeth.

This device also has a Usmile pro brightening mode for brighter and whiter teeth and lasts for 5minutes, you can forget about expensive teeth whitening services and products because it uses blue light for teeth whitening.

 The light turns on while you brush to whiten your teeth while it cleans your teeth effectively. The Usmile pro u-shaped electric toothbrush covers more tooth surface in less time in order to fully clean your teeth and gums in as little as 30seconds. The built in rechargeable battery of the Usmile pro can last up to a month of usage on a single full charge and is waterproof. The Usmile pro comes in and with a luxury and stylish case box.

Having mentioned all that the key features you need to know about this advanced brush is that

  1. It is portable and can be taken to almost anywhere you want to go without anyone noticing.
  2. Easy vibration.
  3. The waterproof feature of this device is quite outstanding as rival products tend to lose function on exposure to water.
  4.  Thorough whitening and cleaning is ensured with its  Bass brushing technique


The Usmile pro is really very easy to use that even little kids could use it themselves, no more supervised brushing you can as well not worry about that anymore.

 You only just have to charge the device (LED light gadget) and then place the toothbrush on the top of the device.

 Apply the amount of toothpaste or whitening gel you want (a pea sized amount is recommended), press the on/off button and place on your teeth and the device goes to work on your teeth, and then you rinse it off after use, easy as ABC.


Basically everyone needs a Usmile pro in their lives. Discolored teeth reduce the self-esteem of individuals and to return such self-esteem, some steps have to be taken such as purchasing the Usmile pro to effectively whiten the teeth within a short period.

For parents who wish to train their growing up kids to be more independent and still brush properly, the Usmile pro is the way to go because it is easy to use and it is also hands free (other tasks can be performed while brushing).

For older people who do not want to exert a lot of energy while brushing, the Usmile pro is the solution.



EASY AND SAFE TO USE: This advanced toothbrush is very safe and easy to use, just put toothpaste on it and put it in your mouth and voila!!! You have got brighter and cleaner teeth. It is painless and doesn’t cause any unwanted side effects

EFFICIENT CLEANING: The Usmile pro has advanced technology which removes impurities from your mouth in just 30 seconds using thousands of vibrations per minute. It also includes an array of various settings e.g. deep clean (for extra deep cleansing), gum wellbeing (involves a light massage for your gums) and kick the basin (includes an additional moment for brushing gums with low force). The Usmile pro is so reliable and effective that it does not damage fillings or crown implants and it can be used on dental prosthetics.

COLD LIGHT TEETH WHITENING: Even severely discolored teeth can become brighter and whiter in less than 2 months while using the Usmile pro in brightening mode just for one minute per day. Results appear really quickly and the Usmile pro makes the teeth 8shades whiter and brighter

TIME SAVER: When you use the Usmile pro, you get cleaner and brighter teeth in about half a minute or a minute. Time may vary for various individuals but the time taken would not be as much as that expended while using a manual toothbrush.

COST EFFECTIVE: The Usmile pro is very affordable considering its features and uses and it provides the same results as professional dental whitening which can be very costly.

HANDS FREE: You do not need to clean every tooth by yourself, all you need to do is to add some toothpaste or even teeth whitener, bite into it and that’s all. You could go about your usual morning or evening routine while having the U-smile pro in your mouth maintaining your dental hygiene.

LONG BATTERY LIFE AND STYLISH: The amazing thing you must know is that, when this device is fully charged in an hour and can bolster 30 days of utilization on that single charge( that’s absolutely mind-blowing) before it requires charging again. The casing and compact structure of the Usmile pro were created with the word “stylish” in mind becomes it comes with a luxurious and stylish case box.

the Usmile pro can be used at home or while travelling.


The only otherwise stain on the perfect record of the Usmile pro is the fact that it can only be purchased online on the manufacture’s website but then this in itself is not a huge problem seeing as there are a lot of business conducted online these days


For a limited time, the Usmile pro is running a promo in world-wide that allows you to get the electronic toothbrush more cheaper than you think

Worldwide the Usmile pro is going at a mouthwatering discount of 50% off (unbelievable) and worldwide delivery is available.

There are also special offers for those who buy 2 or 3 units of the electronic toothbrush device on their official website. 2 U-smile pro devices come with another free one, while 3 U-smile pro devices come with other 2 free Usmile pro devices.

Payments can be made via card, visa or MasterCard and PayPal. Three years of warranty is available on the product and the site is protected by McAfee secure TRUSTe and Norton. It also has a 256-bit SSL encryption to secure all payment transactions.


The Usmile pro is only available for purchase online and can be found on the Usmile official website. Buying directly from the official website ensures that you get the best quality and price, and most importantly not get scammed.


Contact Customer service team:

International: +442038089234, available 24hours

Brazil: +552135003992, 9:00am to 2:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil time, GMT-5)

Send an email to 


The Usmile pro has all the qualities and features to make your teeth whiter and give your that extra confidence needed to show off your bright smile. It is an all round excellent electric toothbrush which charges rapidly and is easy to carry on you anywhere. It possesses all the features you would expect in a cutting edge 360 u-shaped electric toothbrush and the price is so sick (pretty cheap) for all its features. The Usmile pro is definitely a 10 for me and I would totally recommend it.

Thanks for your time.

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