Is the new Tigress alert really a lifesaver? Tigress alert review 2022

Tigress alert review

Just the way we priorities the things we eat so also we should prioritize or our securities. The police are also humans so they are not going to keep paroling the streets every time of the day. Sadly, a record increase of rise in crime always keeps people from moving freely without having to look over their shoulders. Every week there are reports of snatched bags, phones and wallets. It is not just the goods taken; it is the scar it leaves of these individuals.

No one is ever the same when they have been robbed or assaulted. The trauma of having to choose either your life or your belonging is nerve wrecking. My girlfriend once fell victim to these miscreants sometime last year. She was so traumatized that she would not even stand in the front yard unless I was there. I really felt bad for her because the issue started to affect her work and her social life as well.

Women and children are usual victims of these kind of criminals because they are practically defenseless and may not be able to physically overpower and outrun their assailants. These is nothing as displeasing as knowing you are entirely helpless if you’re assaulted on your neighborhood or your adventures especially if you have no self-defense tool nor self-defense skills.

There is every need for people to always protect themselves no matter what.   The question is how can one step-up in securing himself without the police? The truth is the police are not always in every corner of the neighborhood. Not everyone wants to have a gun or a knife strapped around his or her waists. In addition, even if they would want to do it. The weapon law may not apply to every country and in as much as it does in most states in America, many people are still not comfortable having a gun. It makes no sense carrying a gun in your purse or on your waist everywhere, you want to go including your work place. That is definitely a no for me.

There are other ways you can built your confidence and secure yourself without having to carry a weapon. Taking martial art classes is good it can build your confidence and strength but then you do not expect an elderly person to come and be learning kung fu or any other popular fight techniques. Pepper spray cans are also a good pick and quite easy to use among the elders but in most cases instead of the assailants to flee from you the pepper spray can make them angrier and instead of you scaring them away you may end up being brutally attacked.

So back to my story. My girlfriend hated the idea of going out with weapons of any sort, worried that she may not be able to socialize again anytime soon I was desperate for a solution. Surfing the web I came across a popular alarm buzzer that has been trending for quite a while. I immediately ordered one for her. This device is highly welcomed by her that she gradually picked the courage to step out a bit the following weeks.

The name of this gadget is the Tigress alert. I am very impressed with the efficiency of this little alarm buzzer so far. The reason I made this article review is to share with you every piece of information you may need to know about the tigress alarm and to reveal so truths most articles will not tell you. This review will help you determine if you would want this little gadget for yourself and loved ones.  

What is tigress alert?

 Tigress Alert is a portable security buzzer designed to protect people from attackers. Produces a sound level of 130 decibels. This is powerful enough to destabilize and flee the attacker. It is small and works with metal pins mounted on the sides. This gadget contains a keychain that can be connected to items such as wallets, wallets, belt loops and backpacks. The sound of this device can be heard from a distance of 600 feet  (185 meters). It works with batteries that can be easily replaced when the batteries run out. The 

tigress alert reviews

 Tigress Alert is designed to keep children, seniors, females and school girls safe on a hike, walk or  garage. This is especially true for older people who are at high risk of being assaulted or falling. People using this device feel safer and can easily notify authorities when they are at risk. 

Features of tigress alert  

Personal Alarm Setting: Tigress alerts you with a loud 130dB sound to alert nearby people.

Compact, lightweight and portable: security buzzer keychains can be attached to backpacks, belt loops, luggage and more. Suitable for students, jogging, seniors, children, women and night shift workers of all ages. It is also convenient for traveling, hiking, camping and walking dogs. The 130 dB alarm siren can be heard from a distance of 185 meters.

High quality material: ABS plastic and metal rod LR44 battery 110mA 6V (black). Weight: 37.7 g, item weight is 30 g.

Customizable: Tigress Alarm buzzer is always available, thanks to its convenient keychain design. Clip it to your pocket, purse, or jacket to prepare for violent situations.

LED Lights: The convenient safety built into LED lights is practical in the dark and at night. Quickly find keys, doors and locks. No more searches in the dark! B. Illuminate dark places, find keyholes, and look for belongings late at night.

130deciBel Siren Alert: Pull the Easy-See strap to trigger a deafening alarm. This alarm buzzer’s alert, which is louder than a drifter or ambulance siren, is comparable to a military jet engine taking off from an aircraft carrier. 

How does Tigress Alert work? 

By the pull of the metal pin tigress alert releasing a high pitched sound so powerful that it scars your attacker away with an instant. due to its ear piercing sound, it stuns anyone within meters near it so that even if your attacker doesn’t flee it can give you some minutes head start to run away from the assailant as the sound stuns them.

the sound of this alarm buzzer packs a punch and can be heard clearly from miles away. let me tell you, when this alarm buzzer is triggered someone will definitely hear it and come to your aid that is why the best option for these assailants is to flee as far away as possible

 Tigress Alarm is very easy to use and you can get in touch as soon as possible.  

How to use tigress alert

step 1
step 2
step 3
  • Pull the pin  on the side of the Tigress Alert.
  • A deafening 130dB alarm begins to sound.
  • Watch your assailants to see them flee from you as soon as possible. 

When the alarm goes off, remove the screws from the back cover and replace the batteries. To activate the alarm, remove the wrist strap. To turn off the sound alarm, reinsert the plug. The alarm clock is very loud, so keep your ears away.

Pros of the Tigress Alert:

Tigress Alarm Personal Security Keychain is understood to be a product that hails with commendable first-rate. It is due to its top-notch functions that this keychain has been always desired with the aid of using many. The majority of the customers were left awestruck on seeing such a brilliant product this is observed with the aid of using improbable functions. 

 For people who are proceeding to recognize approximately the blessings of Tigress Alarm Personal Security Keychain, may have a glance below: 

 It is virtually affordable. In only some greenbacks you have become a tool that could assist you store the lives of your family or even strangers who’re in need.

It is compact and portable. This keychain may be effortlessly carried and brought everywhere you will like.

It is lightweight. The reality that this safety alarm keychain is light-weight makes it even better. You will now no longer ought to convey massive and heavy key chains anymore. The Tigress Alarm Keychain is compact and mild in weight.

The keychain connects effortlessly for your bag, automobile keys, residence keys, purse, etc.

It additionally has an LED mild that could flash while the alarm button is pressed. This could make the humans be aware you.

The sound of the alarm is heard as much as a radius of six hundred feet/185 meters.

The sound first-rate of the siren could be very loud and clear. People can effortlessly listen the sound.

This safety alarm keychain is extraordinarily durable. 

Disadvantages of tigress alarm

Due to the high sound frequency, tigress alarm cannot be used indoors.

It can cause quite the damage if triggered in presence of children under the age of 6 years

Tigress alert is not waterproof

 Benefits of the using of tigress alert 

  1. Invaders will Avoid The Elderly – Unfortunately, the aged are often focused with the aid of using intruders due to the fact they’re considered as clean targets. Intruders are scared off with the aid of using private alarms like tigress indicators due to the fact they recognize useful resource is usually at the way. Personal alarm structures are taken into consideration to advantage the aged who can also additionally require scientific treatment; however, they are additionally an outstanding technique to defend predators from preying on your family. If an interloper breaks into your senior cherished one`s residence, your family can fast searching for help with the aid of using calling a toll-loose number. With the advent of a tigress alert, it will maximum possibly frighten off site visitors proper away. 
  2. Peace of Mind for People With tigress Alert – If you are antique or have a mobility difficulty, a private alarm consisting of tigress can offer you with peace of thoughts. You don`t ought to be worried approximately bringing your cellphone with you in any respect times. Instead, preserve a small, clean-to-use private alarm for your pocket, to your wrist, or round your neck and recognize that help is handiest a button press away. You can also additionally relaxation less complicated understanding that in case you fall and are not able to communicate, the operator will summon an ambulance and offer you the help you require. 
  3. For the sake of your loved ones or relatives’ peace of thoughts – It can be pretty scary to recognize that your aged cherished ones stay on my own and far from your cautious eye. All own circle of relatives participants can also additionally be relaxed and also with less complicated understanding that operators are to be had 24/7 to help with the occasion of an emergency in the event that they have a private alarm. Alarms like tigress can offer peace of thoughts to own circle of relatives whilst permitting the aged to preserve their independence and freedom. 
  4. Better Chances of Complete Recovery — Knowing which you have some thing to depend on with the occasion of an emergency can enhance elderly or kids self assurance and independence, in particular people who are in terrible health. The quicker help arrives after an accident, the better the probabilities of a whole and rapid recovery. Because useful resource is handiest a button away, private alarm structures boom the senior citizen’s probabilities of recovery. In catastrophic damage instances, each 2d counts, consequently acquiring useful resource as quickly as viable is probably the distinction among lifestyles and death.

Tigress alert price.

Tigress Alert is gaining popularity in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and many other countries due to its low price. The price of one unit of this alarm buzzer is $ 39.99. Other pricing packages are also available. Two Tigress Alarm are $ 79.98, three are $ 89.98, and four Tiger Alerts are $ 109.98. However, it is important to keep in mind that these are discounted prices and may increase in the near future.

Where to buy tigress alert buzzer

This gadget is available directly from the manufacturer’s website. In many cases, we encourage readers to purchase products directly from the manufacturer. This is to avoid being the sacrifice to one of many scammers out there, who may try to sell counterfeit goods. To purchase directly from the official website, click the green button below.

Company’s address and contact

Just incase you have additional questions or you are having problems with your orders you can easily reach the company through their customer care numbers as provided below.

Singapore: +65-6347 5958

You can also send them an email via

customers’ reviews

Don’t just take my word for it, hear from other verified buyers and users of this little device.

Amazing little gadget! Does exactly what it is supposed to do, and does it LOUDLY!!! Everyone needs one of these, and I’m getting some for my family.

Janelle M.– Madison, WI

My wife sometimes works late into the night and you can never tell who could be skulking around in our neighborhood. It makes me feel so much more at ease knowing she has one on her at all times.

David D.– Sacramento, CA

Boy! is this thing ever loud?! It’s amazing. I don’t know how anyone could assault you with this screaming at them! Whoever designed it is a saint. Good job

Sarah M.– Boston, MA

Frequently asked questions {tigress alert reviews}

What is Tigress Alert?

Tigress Alert is a personal alarm designed to keep you safe in dangerous situations.

How does Tigress Alert work?

Tigress Alerts projects an astounding 130 decibel alarm. The blasting siren is sure to scare off your attacker, giving you the precious few seconds to make a getaway.

Is Tigress Alert effective if I’m somewhere really noisy?

Tigress Alert is louder than a car horn, an ambulance siren, and a military jet engine taking off from an aircraft carrier. You will never be somewhere that Tigress Alert won’t be effective.

I’m not good with any kind of technology. Is Tigress Alarm the right personal alarm for me?

Tigress Alert is designed to be easy to use, even if you are in a situation of panic. Just pull the pin and the 130dB alarm will begin to sound. Tigress Alert is a personal protection device that absolutely anyone can use, from children to seniors, and everyone in between.

Is Tigress Alert simply a noisy keychain?

Not only is Tigress Alert useful for scaring off attackers, but it is also designed with an LED light. This can be helpful if you are looking in your purse to get your housekeys or if you are in a really dark situation.

How many Tigress Alerts should I buy?

While you yourself may only need one Tigress Alert, they are so valuable that we encourage you to get an additional one, or more, for a friend and/or family member.

Final thought

Seeing how freely my girlfriend moves around thanks to the tigress alert gives me joy, you have no idea how bothered i was when she was still indoors. in my humble opinion i think the tigress alert is the best buy if you need something to protect yourself it’s highly recommended by the police and it is very affordable.

Give yourself that peace of mind when you walk the streets at night or alone, you deserve it.

Thank you for time.

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