[Latest offer!] The new musclerelax pro 2020 review: is it really worth your money?

Musclerelax pro review

No one is a fan of body aches. It is completely normal for a person to have pains that shows you are actually in good health because pains is a way by which the body communicates to us of any form of discomfort probably brought around by external surrounding factors.

The most common pains every human encounters is what is medically called the “musculoskeletal pains” or commonly called “muscle aches”. These are pains that occur in the skeletal muscles and they can be so serious that they can hinder your normal body movements. The most common among men is the back pain, lower back pain to be precise.

musculoskeletal pains

A lot of things can easily expose you to body pains these include your kind of work, a visit to the gym, hard impacts, terrible falls or even the dawn of old age.

Muscle pain can happen to anyone. They usually affects the support structures that allow you move about in your daily activities: bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

When the pain is strong it can even keep you from sleeping, make you fatigued and affect your entire daily routine.

Fortunately there are many ways to treat body pains, but this is where you have to be really careful because most of these methods may have some side effects. Some of these side effects can be even life threatening

The commonest method people use in treating body pain is use of pain killer drugs, painkillers are good and will always work the magic of relieving the pains. Now in as much as its effect is immediate, side effects may follow for instance a person that suffers from stomach ulcer is advised not to take any pain killer drugs as it aggravates the pains of the stomach ulceration.

Furthermore most painkiller drugs are known for its drowsy effects which makes a lot of people begin to abuse its usage this is what leads to drug addiction among the youths.

Another way people through which people get relieve from body pains is by paying a visit to a chiropractor. A chiropractor is a healthcare practitioner who treats disorders of the musculoskeletal system through manual adjustment of the spinal vertebrae to correct the nervous system dysfunction. We recommend this method it’s totally safe and effective but the downside is not everyone can afford this method visiting a good chiropractor can cost you quite a fortune and also take your time.

Use of balms can also work and it’s a common method used by almost everyone in treatment of body pains. It has been confirmed that some of these balms or gels can cause some reactions to the skin reactions may include: dry skin, stinging sensation to the skin and in some rare cases some can cause skin burns.

We would like to recommend a product specially built to give that instant pain relief this is currently the most welcomed method right now. The name of this product is musclerelax pro. A fine massage gun designed specifically for the musculoskeletal relaxation giving you instant relief to pain. This product is considered to be an answer to the prayers of a lot of people right now. Most importantly is made to be budget friendly and can be afforded by anybody no matter the financial status.

Without wasting much time let’s give you a full detailed review on the muscle relax pro. Uncovering facts that you would not see from other sites.

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What is musclerelax pro?      

The musclerelax pro is a wireless portable massage gun built for instant relief from pain and stiffness of musculoskeletal system. Its simple design and lightweight has placed it on high demand globally.

musclerelax pro

The sleek design and lightweight of the musclerex pro makes it possible to be taken with you easily to anywhere you want to go without any inconvenience. This gives it quite an edge over other massage guns which are quite heavy and cumbersome.

A unique gun shape designed device that works on the mechanism of vibration. Through this mechanism the he3ad which is the vibrating part is used to deliver concentrated relief to the affected part of your body.

One important factor that makes musclerelax pro stand out is that it’s more of an L-shape than other percussion massagers this make it easy for people to use in order to navigate places much harder to reach for instance the back or the shoulder blades.

Musclerelax pro has four different head attachments. Flat head, ball shaped, spear point and a U shaped head each head play it our unique role in pain relief and they are very easy to interchange.

What are the key features of muscle relax pro?

 Now let us talk about the important features of the musclerelax pro. This is part of this review you need to read carefully so that you can understand why this device is considered one of the best buys right now.

  •  Lasting and durable battery life: the muscle relax pro runs on the high quality Li-ion battery which packs a capacity of 2200mAh, once charged this device is consider to last up to 6 hours on consecutive usage another good thing about the battery feature of the musclerelax pro is that it takes so little time to charge up.
  • Portable and lightweight: unlike other percussion massagers the musclerelax pro is surprisingly lightweight this makes its usage very easy. This device weighs on 2.5pounds light enough to work on yourself with one hand. Its slick L-shape design makes it easy to hold in your hands, the lightweight of the musclerelax pro makes it portable and easy to fit into briefcases hand bags without any inconveniences.
  • Made of high quality material: the musclerelax pro is coated with top aluminum alloy housing. This alloy is effectively harder than the normal plastic coating not only that, it makes qualities like; corrosion resistance, sound proof, poor conduction of heat and prevention of heat radiation possible in this device
  • Sound proof: the musclerelax pro operate with minimum noise even with its powerful 90W motor. You can easily have a conversation with this device on at its highest speed setting. At its highest gear, it makes sound as low as 65 dB
  • Easy to use: this device is equipped with a button at the rear end of the handle to prevent any form of accidental clicking when holding it. This same button controls all its operation 
  • Different gears: this device has four gears each of the gears serving different functions. The first gear moves at 1600 ppm and basically for muscle stimulation. The second gear moves at 2000 ppm and mainly for muscle relaxation. The third gear moves at 2400 ppm and its function is basically for breakdown of lactic acids and finally the fourth gear moves at 2800 ppm and it’s for deep massages.
  • Massager heads: the muscle relax pro comes with for replaceable massager heads for different purposes. Now the flat head is mainly for back and large muscles, the U head is mainly for the neck region, spine and Achilles heels. The spear poin head is mainly for deep tissues and finally the ball head which is for large muscle groups like the thigh, calf and gluteus.

Technical facts of the musclerelax pro

Dimensions9.34 x 6.34 x2.5 inches
Battery capacity lithium-ion 2200mAh
Operating gears speeds1 -1600 percussions per minute 2 -2000 percussions per minute 3 -2400 percussions per minute 4 -2800 percussions per minute
charge110-240V 50/60Hz – 5A 24VDC – 1A
weight2.5 pounds
sound50-65 decibels

How does musclerelax pro work?

This device does its tricks by the percussion mechanism, this involves a concentrated vibrating area placed on the affected part of the body do relieve pains the head of the musclerelax pro is placed where you are having the issue like muscle cramps, sprain or strain. It works by delivering vibrational therapy to the tissues muscle tissues, fascial tissues and tendons of the body part where it is placed.

The vibration breaks the pathway of those aches thereby changing the way the body communicates with the brain with respect to those pains. Through this it has broken the cycle of that pain and when the pain cycle is broken there is an immediate recovery in movement capability.

How do I use this device?

To change the speed there are four blue LED lights which are indicators to any change in the gear speed to desire.

Musclerelax pro comes with four different head attachments. These attachments are easy to interchange. When using an attachment, push the attachment allotted for the different heads. You can also easily interchange the heads by simply pulling out the initial head and gently pushing in the next head into the opening allotted.

This process is super easy and can be done in no time.

What are the benefits of musclerelax pro?

Now we will tell you what you stand to benefit by using this product

  • Improves blood circulation: muscle relax pro does not just relief pains in also play an important role in increasing the rate at which blood flows in that area as well, which is also beneficial to the health of adults especially the older people.
  • Saves expenses: this is an important benefit from using this device ones you have the musclerelax pro you can kiss goodbye to the chiropractor who would have charged you a lot of cash to get your pains treated.
  • Gives you an instant relief from pains caused by muscle cramps strains and sprains in no time.
  • There are also testimonies of increased energy and improved sleep after using the musclerelax pro
  • You can also benefit as a customer, by buying this device from there official site, you get a 50% discount hurry now the offer won’t last!

What are the pros and cons of the musclerelax pro?


  • It is easy to use
  • It has no side effects
  • It is lightweight and portable to carry.
  • There is a 50% discount for early birds so hurry now and get yours.
  • Long lasting battery life


  • People that sustained injuries from severe accidents or pregnant women are advised to consult a physician before using a percussion device.
  • Due to the pandemics delivery may take a bit longer than expected but they are currently working on it, and you will be sure to receive your device in a good time frame
  • The 50% does not last long so hurry now and get your musclerelax pro

How much is this device?

There is currently an ongoing price slash high discount promo for the purchase of this device this is because it is still a new product in the market, so buyers can enjoy up to a 50% discount in price while placing their orders from the official site.

1 unit of the musclerelax pro goes for $144.97

That’s not all there are order sweeter deals! You can get 2 units of the musclerelax pro for $320.09

3 units go for $436.84

You enjoy these sweet deals with a free one year warranty.

There is also a 3 year warranty which only costs $8.76 but this is optional so you can just ignore it if you like.

Where can I buy this device?

Musclerelax pro can only be purchased through their official site and this is to avoid you being a victim of scammers or buying imitation products. So we strongly advice you make your purchases from the site so that you can benefit from the 50% discount promo

The site supports multiple payment options which include paypal, mastercard and visa.

You payment details is also strongly secured by AES-256 encryption.

Frequently asked questions

How long do I need to charge it when I purchase it?

Once purchased newly its important you plug your musclerelax pro to charge for up to 2 hour to get the best battery efficiency.

 Does it have any side effects?

Absolutely not! The muscle relax pro is completely chemical free and completely safe to use.

How long does the battery last?

When charged fully the muscle relax pro can function for up to 6 hours before the need to recharge arises.

Can anyone use the muscle relax pro?

Yes of course, this device was created to be understood and used by anyone no matter the age grade


In conclusion, we acknowledge this device and we would advise you get yourself atleast a unit of the musclerelax pro. We can tell you that this device is currently the best buy in the quest for percussion massagers. With it four different head attachments which play specific roles. You are certain of giving yourself that relief after a hectic day at work.

Thank you for your time.

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