The Gx smartwatch [latest 2020 review]: is it as efficient as they say it is?

As you can see in these present days, the coming of technology has made life easier with some major innovations. One of which are smartwatches. Smartwatches have proved to be essential to our routines as it makes it easier to access information, reach out to people without the need for phone and quickly check up on ourselves. The major setback people had with having a good smartwatch was it was highly expensive.

But not anymore, yes! Today we are pleased to tell you about the gx smartwatch, this device has done enough for itself to earn a place in the spotlights, and yes we can confidently tell you now that you don’t have to break your banks structure anymore just to have a good smartwatch.

Gx smartwatch review
Gx smartwatch

The gx smartwatch comes with a whole pack of exciting features which only be rivaled by high end smartwatch, in other words you don’t need to be skeptical about getting the Samsung galaxy watch when there are more efficient products which can offer you amazing features for half the price.

You as a gadget enthusiast will be able to attest to the greatness of this smartwatch after this review.

The coming of this smartwatch has been a major boost to the smartwatch market as a lot of people who were skeptical to purchase a smartwatch due to its cost can easily afford the gx smartwatch.

Apart from being budget friendly this smart watch comes with a handful of fun features like tracking the amount of walks you take, showing you your pulse rate, playing music and most importantly shows time.

There is more you need to know about this smart watch, hop in and we will load you with information and key things you need to know before buying the gx smartwatch.

The gx smartwatch

What is this gx smartwatch?

The name is gx smartwatch. It is a budget friendly hybrid smartwatch with a touch of class and high efficiency in delivering smart features. Coupled with the fact that this smartwatch is 4x cheaper than other top dogs in the smartwatch market today it has edged ahead with more fantastic features. Hypertensive individuals don’t have to visit clinics more often to get their blood pressure and pulse rate check once they have this smartwatch. This stylish smartwatch can track your exercises by calculating your number of steps. That not being all, it can keep of your electrocardiogram which you can share with your doctor anytime with the gx smartwatch app

gx smartwatch

Another edge the gx smartwatch gave its competitors in the market is the long lasting battery life and the fast charging technology is comes with.

This smartwatch comes with quality materials that gives it a luxurious appearance. The front and the back of the smartwatch are covered with glass which is scratch proof and cleans properly, making it look really incredible.

In addition, the wrist strap is made of synthetic fiber giving it a leather feel and over all a mature look, making it perfect for any age groups and suitable for all occasions.

In as much as it accommodates all age group senior customers stand to benefit more from this device because it can allow them to take calls even with their hands occupied, give them updates on their body parameter levels, provide them alerts on medications. You can also enjoy location tracking with gps, Wi-Fi connectivity and remote connection to other mobile devices like phones to access galleries and other things

The gx smartwatch supports over 20 languages few of which include: German, Spanish, French, Albanian, Russ, Uzbek, polish, Thai, English, Portuguese and many more!

Some people classified it a just a health smartwatch, If you call it a health smartwatch you’re not wrong but it is more than a health smartwatch because it saves both the purpose of a health monitor and a personal assistance. It can serve you so well that you can just choose to leave your house without your phone and still be up to date on notifications meant for your phone for example your email notifications

What are the features of the gx watch?

  • Highly compatible with the android and iOS devices
  • Comes with an IP68 water and dust resistance
  • The watch comes with seven different faces to suitable for different occasions
  • Long battery life which comes with a fast charge technology
  • Eye catching design
  • Precise design with durable quality materials

The gx smartwatch [latest review]: what are the specifications for this device?

This is the most important part of this review, here we will take a look at the technical features of the gx smartwatch

DimensionFront to back – 12.3mm, side of circular frame -46mm
cpuNordic NRF52832
battery300MAh battery life
Quality standardGB 4943, 1-2011, GB/T 22450,1-2008
Screen size13TFT full touchscreen 240×240 pixels
Magnetic charge connectorsupported
Remote camerasupported
Blood pressure monitorsupported
Sleep monitorsupported
waterproofIP68 standard

What makes the gx watch stand out?

This device has a number of features that differentiates it from other smartwatches in the market, features that makes it be a rival to the much more expensive smartwatches out there

Long lasting battery life: earlier, we mentioned that the gx smartwatch edged out its competitors in terms of battery life. The confirmed high rechargeable lithium battery can keep going up to 2 days on continuous usage.

Easy to use by anyone: this is another feature that differentiates this smartwatch from others, people don’t like having to consult user manuals frequently before they can be able to make use of their smartwatch. The gx smartwatch is easy to understand, anyone can be able to operate this smartwatch, you just have to connect to your android or iOS phones through Gx smartwatch app, turn on Bluetooth and connect that’s all start enjoying your device!

Monitors heartbeat in real time: the heartbeat sensor and the ECG of the gx smartwatch is very specific so you can monitor your health and be assured of a precise result.

The slimmest smartwatch in the world: its 12.5 mm in depth, makes it the slimmest smartwatch ever you can easily mistake it for an ordinary analog watch because of for slim this smartwatch is.

What are the uses of the gx smartwatch?

Time/date:  Obviously, what is the use of   a watch without time? if it doesn’t tell you the time what makes it a watch then? The gx watch doesn’t just  tell time and date but has the ability to automatically update its time zone to anyplace you go with it. It is also efficient in giving reminder notifications.

Excersise: the gx smartwatch can help improve your workout routines by calculating the number of steps you have taken and estimating the amount of calories you have burnt doing your morning jog outs. In the gym, you use you gx watch to set timers for specific programs you want to run.

Calls: creating an avenue to take our calls when we are highly occupied or when we are far from our phones is something we should really appreciate. The gx smartwatch makes this feature a reality.

Notifications: you can receive all notifications which normally received on your smartphone through your smartwatch. Making life easier when you’re not with your phone but can be able to know whats happening around you.

Instant health check: this one of the most outstanding features of this smartwatch. With this little guy, you can check your blood pressure, pulse rate and your blood oxygen level its like running your medical check uo without having to visit the clinic. You can send your readings to your to your doctor for further medical advice.

gx smartwatch

Improves sleep: exactly what you’re thinking, how so? The gx watch has this amazing feature that takes record of your sleep pattern and tells you ways to improve then for a better night rest.


  • Long lasting battery life
  • HD retina full touchscreen display
  • Easy to use
  • Water and scratch resistance
  • Innovative design
  • Multiple language app for iOS and android
  • Fitness tracking
  • sleep monitoring


  • Limited stock
  • Discount applies for only few days

Our tests on the gx watch

The gx watch review to you right now seems too good to be true. We at thegadgetconn will never write a review on products without running some confirmatory tests on the device. We don’t work based on assumptions or based on other reviews, we like to confirm things ourselves before we promote them that way, we earn our customers’ trust.

A series of tests where run on the gx smartwatch. Tests like the durability of the glass covering which proved to be scratch proof, the battery life which turned out to be impeccable and its health features which it aced with accurate results!

We can confidently tell you that the things we post here about this smartwatch were not assumed but watered down. We can comfortably tell you yes! The gx smartwatch is worth the hype and the best buy in the smartwatch market.

How much is the gx smart watch?

Currently, there is a 50% discount promo. So you can get the gx watch for just 99$. A sweet deal and an opportunity you can’t allow pass you by.

To get your gx smartwatch at 50% discount price click here

How can you buy the gx smartwatch?

It’s really easy to get this smartwatch. At the moment its 50% cheaper than its original price

  • Order the gx smartwatch from their official site
  • Enjoy all features from the most expensive smartwatches for a fraction of the price

Do i benefit anything from buying this smartwatch?

Absolutely! when you get your smartwatch from the official site you stand a chance to enjoy;

  • 30 days money-back guarantee, due to the confidence in the efficiency of this product you can buy this product from them and if you are not satisfied with the way it works you can send it back and have your money refunded.
  • 50% discount only when you purchase from the official site
  • free shipping: during this special discount period, the company also grants free shipping to the buyers from anywhere in this world, you don’t need to worry about paying extra bucks for shipment anymore

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