New ActionHero camera 2022 update: beware of scam!! Read now.

Actionhero camera review

“So I was going through my old stuff and I bumped into a picture of my prom night”. From this statement a lot of happy memories are being triggered in fact, James feels like he’s reliving his happy memories. This is of the reasons pictures are very important to us. Taking picture is an art, it’s a way of documenting your pasts and keeping with us those happy memories.

Furthermore a photograph authenticates events, this means that it can be used to serve as an evidence that a certain event happened.

A lot of people never got to meet their grand-parents but they actually know their faces this was made possible with pictures you pictures has a way of immortalizing you so that in years to come people can actually still know who you are.

Photography is a beautiful vocation, it can be a hobby it can be a life career. Which every way you see it, it is simply an amazing thing to do. Photography is the art and the skill of creating permanent image through recording devices like cameras, cell phones and other gadgets.

You may be a person that loves to travel around the world, go on some wildlife trips. It is always a wonderful idea to take pictures of these places and animals so that whenever you look at the you remember those moments

Over the years a couple of devices that improve the concept of photography is produced. Right now we have HD cameras that don’t just record your moments but captures everything around you with High quality resolution.

In this new era, almost everyone has a camera device like mobile phones if not an actual camera. As the world progresses innovatively, production of higher cameras with greater picture colors and quality became a reality.

This brings us to cameras, over the years the world has experienced the production of these devices and each product has an edge over the other. The very first camera which is the pinhole camera was first produced in 1500, in 1839 we had the daguerreotype camera, 1900 the Reise camera. The idea from these instances is for you to see how far back cameras have gone.

Modern day cameras compared to the olden day cameras

Modern day cameras are much smaller and easier to carry compared to the olden day ones and then it makes everyone an eligible photographer unlike before one needed to be skilled in order use them. We just want to prove to you how far the improvements of cameras have been over the age.

Everyone can have a camera but unfortunately there are limitations, not everyone can have a good camera and this is because of their astronomical prices. Which ranges from $1800- $4600. This continued to hinder the dreams of being able to venture into photography as a career or hobby. Until the release of the Gopro camera which was cost effective and still do the trick of HD coverages and recordings.

Do you think that there could be a camera out there like the Gopro camera and even over half the price of the Gopro camera? The answer is yes!!! Allow us to tell you about this new camera the name is ActionHero as you continue with this review we are going to unravel facts about this camera and know if it can actually be of the same repute with the Gopro.

 What is Actionhero camera?

This is a small innovatory camera praised for its ability to capture images in a stunning 4k quality display. It is considered in the market as the rival to the popular GoPro camera but much more affordable. This camera which is recently released is actually here to quench the desires of people who have always wanted a gopro and other similar sized cameras but cannot get it because of the price.

ActionHero is for individual that won’t want to spend much on handheld camera, but still want the best quality from their low budget. This mini camera boasts of a 4k Ultra HDR video quality and a Wi-Fi reception which allows you to upload your media to social media without the need of your laptop or your mobile phone.

You don’t have to also worry about taking it to the beach or the pool, the actionhero camera is fully water proof and you can take your photoshoots even under water.

actionhero camera

When hand held, it is light weight and small so small it can be fully covered up with the clinch of your fists, which is an important factor because it doesn’t cause any form of inconvenience to you when packing for travel or anything it can easily fit the smallest available space.

What are the key features of the action hero camera?

Here we are going to outline to you what makes the action hero camera stand out and able to rival other top cameras in the market.

  • Lightweight and portable: this is an easily spotted feature of the Actionhero camera. It is total weight is about 16 ounces. Not only that it is also portal and can easily be picked up and held in your hand without any effort. It can even easily slip into your pants pockets, ready to be taken with you to anywhere without stress.
  •  Amazing accessories: the Actionhero camera comes with a remote control which allows to take selfies or capture other things without the need to hold the camera.
  • High quality display: the ultra HD 4k display picture quality of the Actionhero is simply well defined, sharp and colorful.
  • External microphone: the Actionhero camera comes with a highly sound sensitive microphone that can capture sound clearly from a far distance.
  • Waterproof: the action hero camera has a waterproof design body which makes it able to be used even under water, it body material also makes the device scratch proof.
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi: with this feature you can upload your captured images directly to your social media account with your actionhero camera without needing to connect to your phone which sometimes automatically reduces the picture quality of your photos.
  • Crystal clear lens: it has a whole glass lens with a good sensor which certifies the crystal clear quality of the pictures and videos you make.
  • Long lasting battery: actionhero comes with a long lasting battery life which proved substantial, the actionhero mini camera comes with a 1400mAH Li-ion battery which can last for up to 2-3hrs on continuous HD coverage.

What is contained in contained in the box?

On delivery, actionhero comes with other accessories with no extra costs. These include;

actionhero review
actionhero camera
  1. Remote control unit for taking selfies and remote capturing
  2. External microphone from clearer recording
  3. A whole glass magnifier
  4. Hold fast clamps from attachment to surfaces

What are the technical facts of the ActionHero camera?

  • LTPs 2.0” viewing screen
  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • HDMI connectivity: supported
  • Micro USB cord for charging
  • Lens angle 170 degree
  • Battery capacity: 1400mAH
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11g/n/m
  • Waterproof: IPX7
  • F2.5 aperture
  • Compatible with almost all GoPro accessories

What do I stand to gain from this camera?

Oh, a lot my dear, you stand to benefit a lot from using this camera.

  1. You get your actions fully covered in ultra HD resolution.
  2. The small size allows you to take it with you in your pockets to anywhere you are going to
  3. It saves you a lot of money since you can get a 4K UHD video quality why go for the more expensive canon, sony or even GoPro cameras
  4. You stand to enjoy an amazing 50% discount from placing your order from the company’s site.

Action hero has proven to be the best buy in the action camera market today with its rise in popularity everyday

What are the pros and cons of the ActionHero camera?


  • Highly durable and portable
  • Inbuilt wifi that allows you to upload directly to social media account without the annoying need to use usb cords to connect o your computer
  • It is compatible with most GoPro accessories
  • Long lasting battery life.
  • Captures your actions in Ultra HD quality.
  • It comes with a 50% discount for buyers from their site
  • Also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.


  • Stock is limited
  • It can only be bought online
  • A lot of imitations to this product are being sold out there so we always advice that you make your order from their site, that way you are sure of getting the main product.
  • Shipping will take longer than usual instead of the normal 1 week and this is because of the corona virus pandemic but efforts are being put in place to get the issue settled.

Where can I buy the Actionhero camera and How much is it?

At this point of this review we will be filling you in on the exact amount you can get you actionhero camera, first of all we strongly recommend that you buy from their official site to avoid being a victim of scam.

You can only buy action hero from their official site here

Furthermore, buying from their official site qualifies you to enjoy an amazing 50% discount in price. That being said, a unit of the ActionHero camera goes for $69.99.

That does not end there. You can also get to enjoy much sweeter discounts on multi purchase packs this means that you can get 2 units of the ActionHero camera for $109.95, 3 unit for $129.95 and finally, get 4 units for $159.95

The site supports multiple payment options which include; Mastercard, Visa, American express, paypal and discover. This holds the prospect that if you send your product back if you don’t like it. You can easily get your money refunded

Money back guarantee.

The company has so much faith in the efficiency of their product that they offer the buyers a 30 day money back guarantee should they be unsatisfied with the product. The item must be returned unused and in the original packaged form.

You return it back to the post office you picked it from and post it back to the company with the return facility address given to you by the customer care representative. Don’t forget to provide the customer care with the tracking number when you are done posting it back. Once the package reaches the company you get an email confirming your full refund

About the Supplier of the product

We cannot complete this review without telling you about the supplier product and how to reach them.

The name of the company is Able look Online enterprise

You can locate them at 62543, G/F Bamboos Centre, 52 Hung To Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

You can contact them via;


Phone: Northern America (toll free):844 847 0660

Frequently asked questions on the actionhero

Is the actionhero camera a scam?

A lot of people have had this question on their lips probably because the price of this action camera is too good to be true. But we are here to assure you today that action hero is not a scam it is very much real you get the original camera once you order from their site.

Does it make use of accessories like the GoPro?

Absolutely, in fact it can also make use of exactly the same accessories with the GoPro, so you don’t need to discard your old gear. You can easily use it on this device.

How deep inside water can I use the actionhero?

Well the material actionhero was made with was made to withstand water in heavy density, this means you can still use your actionHero camera at a depth of up to 100Ft under water

Can this action camera take photos?

In as much as it is an action camera which is solely for video coverages the Action hero can actually capture pictures of course with the remote control accessory.

Our final verdict

From the review so far we can comfortably tell you that ActionHero is the best buy in the camera market that is if you seek to have a camera with a low budget in mind. Its inbuil Wi-Fi connectivity is another reason to have the camera, this enables you to upload directly to your social media with the exact premium quality.

So we give a green light to this camera and assure that you won’t have anything to regret once you have this camera. go get it now!

Thank you.

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