Solar scape 2.0 reviews: shocking untold truth you must know

The security of your home is something you should not play with. The much improved solar scape 2.0 outdoor lighting is here to serve you a very efficient security gadget which will serve you over a period of time. People cannot stop talking about the new solar scape 2.0. In fact, it has gotten an average of 4.6 star rating globally.

Aside installing home surveillance cameras, outdoor lighting is another important security gadget.  It provides luminous security at night as many intruders and burglars prefer to carry out their operations in the dark. If you take a survey, you will discover that many reported cases of burglary or home invasion occurred in houses with improper outdoor lighting.

Installing outdoor lighting is highly beneficial. Not only does it brighten you’re your front yards to keep intruders away. It also work hand in hand with your front door camera or any surveillance camera you may have installed in your house. This helps you to comfortably monitor and spot any irregular activities happening outside your house.

Aside securing your home, there is this fascinating look a house has when the exterior is properly lit. Outdoor lighting gives your house an enthralling appearance. Some people may love to spend more time outdoors and indoors because of well-lit front yard.

In as much as these lights are very important and beneficial to us, there are also a few drawbacks to having outdoor lighting installed around your house. One major drawback is the cost of installing these kind of lights. Installing a good traditional landscape light can cost you up to $6000. This alone discourages people from installing these kind of lights around their houses.

Another issue people also complain of when making use of these lights is the spike in electricity bills. Traditional landscape lightings are often connected to the home power circuit, this adds up to your electricity bills and you may end up paying way more than you budget for electricity alone. So does this mean you have to be super rich to enjoy the fascinating view of your house landscape glowing at night? Absolutely not!!

Thankfully, there are cheaper alternatives in the market that can give your home landscapes that luxury appearance and the best part is that you don’t need to connect it to your house electric circuit. These types of outdoor landscape lights come with solar panels which are their principal source of power.

However, you must be very careful when purchasing these type of products. Most of them are so substandard that they won’t even work for two days, you will even discover that most of these cheap landscape lights cannot even survive the rain. This is why it is always advisable to read reviews about any product you might come across on these social media video ads like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube shorts

If you want to know the truth about the new solar scape 2.0 outdoor lighting then you are definitely in the right place. In the review, you are going totally enlightened about this particular landscape lighting. You will also be learning some shocking facts which nobody wants to tell you. This information will help you to determine if solar scape 2.0 is the right tool to install in your landscape not.

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get right to it.


Solar scape is a solar powered spotlight that lights up your home front yard or back yard landscape instantly. Solar scape 2.0 is the great successor of the solar scape. In as much as its predecessor was well applauded for how it helped thousands of consumers give their homes an esthetic feel, solar scape 2.0 was made to be an upgrade with brighter lights, multiple color LED variants and a minimized maintenance.

solar scape 2.0 review

Installing solar scape 2.0 is relatively the easiest job, it only takes less than 15 minutes to give your home landscape that million dollar feel. When compared to its competitors, solar scape 2.0 has the most hassle-free installation.

Just like its predecessor, Solar scape 2.0 does not have any wires and thus it does not require any form of wired connection to work. This can help you to substantially manage and conserve your electricity bills. Like many of its competitors solar scape comes with a solar panel which is its primary source of lighting.

Solar scape 2.0 is IP44 rated a huge improvement from its predecessor. Brightology , the makers of this outdoor spotlight stepped up their game in this aspect to develop an outdoor landscape light that cannot be disturbed by the harshest of weathers.


Solar scape 2.0 works like any other solar powered lighting. It is equipped with self-charging solar panel which comes already assembled to the spotlight. Installing solar scape 2.0 only takes minutes. All you need to do is to stake it to the area of your front yard with direct sunlight, switch it on and let the sun do the rest.

It’s not like other landscape spotlights where you need to couple the solar panel or change the bulbs. Solarscape charges all day and when the sun goes down its dusk to dawn sensor is automatically activated which in turn switches on the LED spotlight immediately to give your landscape that dazzling appearance at night.

One more interesting thing you must know about the solarscape 2.0 is that it has no wires, so it solely depends on the sun, this gives no alternative power source, no extra connections needed what so ever. A lot of customers may not like this most especially people living in places with limited sun exposure. However, the main goal is to make its installation very easy and for the price, it’s really not bad.


SOLAR POWERED: just like many landscape lighting, the solar scape 2.0 spotlight makes use of 100% solar energy. It depends mainly on the sun as its major working component and does not use any power cable of any sort for its light source. This feature allows you to substantially save money on electricity bills since your entire house hold won’t be connected to your home grid.

ADJUSTABLE SPOTLIGHTS: this feature gives the new solar scape 2.0 an edge over its competitors, the head of solar scape 2.0 spotlight can be adjusted to any angle you desire. You can adjust it to reach any area of your choosing on your landscape. Whenever you want.

11 ULTRA-BRIGHT LEDs: solarscape 2.0 packs 11 super bright LED bulbs that makes it light up the darker area of your home, this is the huge improvement it has over its predecessor. For an affordable landscape light this feature is highly appreciable

AUTOMATIC ON/OFF: just like most of its expensive counterparts, solarscape 2.0 automatically turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn. This is because it features a “dusk-dawn” light sensor which is very precise, many customers complained about this feature no being so timely and accurate in the previous version of this landscape lights and it’s really commendable that Brightology took this into consideration and came forth with a much improved version of solarscape spotlights.

EASY TO INSTALL: this is another amazing feature of the solarscape 2.0. it offers you little to no hassle in installation, installing these LED spotlights along your yard will not take you up to a total of 15 minutes and the best part is that you can do it yourself, you don’t need to pay an extra dime to any professional to help you install your landscape lights

PRE-CONNECTED SOLAR PANELS: In a bid to be a step ahead of its competitors, the makers of solar-scape want to make things as easy as possible for their users that is why the solar scape 2.0 comes with pre-connected solar panels. This makes it much a lot easier for you to install it in your front yard or back yard. In as much as this feature is highly commendable, it also has its downsides, because everything is fused together, extreme care is needed in the packaging because during the course of delivery some packages may turn up faulty.

IP44 GRADE WATERPROOF: Solarscape 2.0 boast of IP44 level protection from harsh weathers and storms. The feature makes your outdoor landscape spotlight of to stand the test of time. A lot of doubts surrounded this feature but after series of water tests after which the solar scape 2.0 maintained its efficiency and brightness. It can be confirmed that the waterproof feature works just fine and for its price, it is really commendable.

7 UNIQUE COLOR LED: if you think white is the only color this bad boy has, think again! Solar scape 2.0 has ultra-bright LED which displays up to 7 unique colors. This color variations go an extra mile in giving your landscape that million dollar feel it demands. The seven colors include; red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange and white.

3 LIGHTING MODES: solar scape 2.0 also offers three different lighting modes to improve the enthralling appearance of your landscape at night. You can choose how you want the 7 different colors of your solar scape spotlight to illuminate. The light patterns include: steady white, steady color and alternating color mode.


If we’re going to be honest, solar scape 2.0 may not be as expensive as the other thousand dollar lightings but for its price, it does a terrific job. In fact, the price is one to raise doubts among the customers because it’s hilariously affordable, many people believe it won’t work as efficiently as it boasts. However on the contrary, solar scape 2.0 spotlight gives you an ultra-bright performance with the little price. This sets solar scape 2.0 apart from other competitors given the fact that most spotlights within similar price range with solar scape 2.0 are just complete garbage

Another reason why people probably prefer this outdoor spotlight over others is the ease in usage. No one likes a device that is difficult to operate, solar-scape 2.0 gives you that much needed ease in usage. Installing the solar scape is simply the easiest thing to do, it won’t take much of your time at all. All you need to install solar scape spotlight around your house is just a maximum of 15 minutes. The best part is that you can install it yourself unlike many other landscape light which requires the aid of a professional personnel to install


As mentioned earlier, solar scape is the easiest outdoor spotlight to install. The steps provided below will help you to easily install your solar powered spotlights.

Step 1: Map out the area of your landscape you want to illuminate, it is important you choose an area that receives adequate sunlight during the day.

Step 2: Drive the mounting stake through the ground on that area. You may want to use a hammer for a firmer grip to the ground.

Step 3: Mount the solar scape spotlight on the stake by gently pushing it on till you hear a click sound.

Step 4: Turn it on and enjoy the enthralling view of your front yard landscape at night.

If you have any more confusions which is less likely you can consult the manual. The manual is comprehensive


This is one question people keep asking about this product. Well it turns out that solar scape is not a bad product after all. In fact, many people love the fact that it is one of many outdoor lights that has its solar panel already pre-connected this really takes away the need of calling a professional to help you install them and saves you extra bucks. However, this feature may come with issues especially when packaging and delivery is concerned.

In addition, solar scape 2.0 has 7 different unique colors from which you can select your choice. Most of its competitor have only the white color while some others may have just three colors. The best part is that you don’t need to change any bulbs. Solar scape 2.0 give a well desired ease in general usage no wonder people love it so much.


For now, solarscape 2.0 cannot be seen in any retail store. You can only purchase solarscape 2.0 online from the company’s official webpage. Making your purchase from online has lots of advantages.

One major advantage is that you don’t get ripped off. There are many fake copies of the solarscape spotlight being sold on retail stores for way cheaper. Purchases from the official site ensure you avoid these knock off copies and get the original product your ordered.

In addition, you also get to enjoy up to 55% price discount only when you purchase from their webpage. To purchase your solarscape 2.0 simply click the button below.

Meanwhile the website is user friendly and you can be rest assured that your payment is secured. The checkout page allows you to make use of double payment options either by credit card (AMEX, VISA, MasterCard or DISCOVER) or using PayPal

Delivery is also prompt, if you are ordering from the United States or Canada, you can expect your order delivered within 3 business days. If you are ordering from the United Kingdom, LATAM, Germany or anywhere else. Your order will be delivered within 7 days from the day the order was placed.

30 Days return policy: Brightology LLC is offering a 30 days money back guarantee for all faulty deliveries. So if you received your order with any fault simply post it back to them within 30 days to get your full refund or to get a replacement


Revitalize your landscape and pathways: solarscape 2.0 with its 11 bright LEDs will give your front yard landscape that enthralling appearance it has always craved. The new multi-color function is simply the icing on the cake.

Provides security: No uninvited guest would dare to infiltrate a home with solarscape 2.0 installed around it. They would have to think twice because solarscape 2.0 shines so bright at night you can spot anything odd in seconds.

Saves you money: this is the most important benefit solarscape 2.0 brings to the table. With solarscapes spotlights you get to save a lot on energy bills. Outdoor lightings alone take up to 35% of electricity bills. Solarscape 2.0 only needs sunlight as its only source of power and so does not depend on the house electricity in any way.

Spend more time outdoors: if your landscape is well lit, of course you would love spend more time chilling outside your house even at night. A well-lit landscape has a luxurious feeling you just can’t resist being a part of. Solarscape 2.0 is here to give you that luxury at an affordable price.

Disadvantages of solarscape 2.0

  • It is not shatter-proof so avoid dropping it accidentally, handle it with care.
  • The pre-connected solar panels makes delivery packaging clumsy. Some deliveries may turn up faulty
  • It can only be purchased online for now
  • There is limited stock available.

CUSTOMERS REVIEWS (solar scape 2.0 reviews)

See what other verified buyers think about this outdoor lighting

We are pleased with these lights. They are easy to adjust – the solar panels can be rotated independently of the lights, for optimum aiming/charging. It was very overcast here yesterday, but they still worked, and remained lit.

Shannon W.

“First off, they’re solar, which is always great. They charge very well during the day (even on cloudy days) and last throughout the night, which is a great thing. Packaging was small and very nicely done. All items are bubble wrapped and easy to put together out of the box. They include stakes, which is good for rougher areas or areas that have dirt. Overall, great set of lights. Will be purchasing more to complete the outdoor area of my yard to brighten things up without sacrificing my energy bill.”

Rossy T.


How is Solarscape 2.0 better than the original?

The new and improved model of Solarscape boasts 11 super-bright bulbs to light up any area of your home. We upgraded Solarscape with vibrant, full-color LEDs that can display 7 beautiful colors and 3 pattern modes.

How many should I get for my home?

We recommend getting at least 12 SolarScapes for your home. 4 Lights will typically light up 2 trees or a small garden area.

Will Solarscape work in the rain?

Absolutely, SolarScape is IP44-rated which means it’s built and tested to withstand heat, moisture, and dust. SolarScape’s durable housing also protects it against water splashing from any angle, making it truly ideal for outdoor use.


In conclusion, solarscape 2.0 is offering the most affordable way to brighten up your home landscape with little cost. It is currently the best alternative to the big money landscape light.

It gives you that much important security from intruders with its ultra-bright LEDs. To top it off it has a relatively easy and hassle-free installation process. The lights are also adjustable, which is something you can hardly see in any of its competitors.

Solarscape 2.0 is really worth the praises thrown at it. Will you regret buying the solar scape 2.0? The answer is no! You won’t. So if you cannot afford to spend close to $8000 on landscape lights for your home’s outdoor space, give solarscape 2.0 a chance. It’s affordable and the best part is that you get to enjoy a discount as well.


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