SNAPSHOT SHELFYSTAND 360 review 2023: Is it that efficient? read this new fact first!!!

It’s summer time!!! The best season of the year, yeah? It is bright and warm and everything is just so cheerful. And this time, everybody is literally outside, especially with the end of the pandemic.  The people are happy, strappy clothes and colorful hats are all over, tipsy cocktails are sipped all day long and nothing seems better than this. Every picture and selfie fan understands the importance of capturing the perfect shot that shows every detail in every moment. Without altering the image or diminishing the pixel count, a superb photograph will take in every single detail.

Given that not all smartphone cameras are capable of taking nice selfies, there is a need for a device that can solve this problem. INTRODUCING THE SNAPSHOT SHELFY STAND 360!!! This is the dream gadget of every selfie lover and it is so perfect that they’ll want to have for a very long time.


The SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 is a fun mobile phone mount that gives photo enthusiasts a fun and reliable method to take pictures. It features 360-degree object tracking and advanced facial tracking, ensuring that users do not miss any action. Taking selfies and photos of pets and babies have become way easier with this device. You can now make your extra leisure time more entertaining with the SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360!

snapshot shelfystand 360 review

Many people have resorted to finding inventive methods to pass the time now that they spend the majority of their time at home rather than at work. But what faster way to be engaged, busy, and deeply connected than through photography?

Taking a selfie does not have to be difficult. The SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 is the newest go-to device for anyone who appreciates shooting photos and taking them when they have free time. Plus, it can be used both at home and in the office.


This device stands apart from other related products on the market because of three particular features:

  1. Detection of objects: The SNAPSHOT SHELFY STAND 360 is the greatest way to capture incredible footage of your baby’s first steps, your new puppy beautifully playing with his favorite toy, or that bouncy friend who bounces around a little too much! The SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 precisely follows your subject, allowing you to enjoy the moment rather than wasting it attempting to capture the ideal photo.
  2. Face tracking: Simply put, this is the best selfie camera you will ever use. The SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 detects and follows your face, ensuring that you are always in the foreground of your greatest photos. With the two-person shooting option, you can create amazing romantic shots without any tension or arguments! How adorable!!!
  3. Horizontal 360-Degree Rotation: The SNAPSHOT SHELFYSTAND 360 phone mount can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 37 degrees vertically so it is a guarantee that every moment will be captured. Just set up the SNAPSHOT SHELFYSTAND 360 and let it do the rest. 


The SNAPSHOT SHELFY STAND 360 comes with a variety of features that allows you to just sit back and relax while it takes sophisticated photos of you and your family. The only thing left for you to do is choose the filters they want to utilize and Voila, you have the cutest picture ever!!!!

With the sophisticated 360 degree phone mount that you won’t be able to get enough of, you can now up your selfie game to the next level and never lose another precious memory. The SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360 is also an ideal equipment for photographers!

The SNAPSHOT SHELFYSTAND 360 provides the following features:

  • Switching from portrait to landscape mode
  • Horizontal rotation is limitless at 360°.
  • Face recognition
  • Simple to use
  • AI computation
  • Filming a vlog
  • Tracking of objects
  • Astute shooting

The snapshot shelfy stand 360 is a perfect complement to any home or workplace because it comes with an integrated rechargeable battery that can be recharged via USB by a power bank, computer, laptop, or wall charger and lasts for more than 50 hours on a single charge. This guarantees that you obtain high, smile-filled images at all hours of the day and night.

The integrated Bluetooth remote shutter, which is supported on iOS iPhone and Android phones, allows users to take selfie images and movies from a distance. This provides users with stress-free control, allowing them to express the right emotions when taking photos.

The SNAPSHOT SHELFY STAND 360’s sleek design and build makes it most suitable among individuals who want to preserve memories for the sake of storing them or for reference. Its foldable design features a flexible and collapsible joint that makes collapsing it a breeze. Folding this equipment takes no time at all, allowing it to be taken anywhere and at any time.

When using the Shelfy stand 360 Phone Camera Mount in this mode, you have three options for taking photos or recordings. This one-of-a-kind smart capture feature allows the user to shoot photos or record movies without even touching the phone. Users can capture the scene in this example by clapping their hands, speaking, or stretching their arms horizontally. Any or all of these clever strategies can be used to capture everyone’s attention when taking personal or group photos or videos. Users can set the snapshot shelfy stand 360 at a safe distance and take photos using one of the shooting techniques.

With the auto-tracker technology, you can swivel, twist, and monitor the Snapshot Shelfy stand 360 degrees. Every expression and movement made by users is recorded by the SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand’s 360° object tracking. With this device, you may make video calls and watch live streaming videos. For human face identification and image production, this auto-tracking mount uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This is a one-of-a-kind function that allows the user to record all angles and features of a photograph without losing a single second of activity.

Started tripod compatibility for maximum performance

The Snapshot Shelfy stand 360 Facial Tracking Camera Mount rotates quickly, allowing it to capture vloggers quickly and monitor face movements, guaranteeing that all angles and motions are captured. This is in contrast to other auto-tracking devices which rotate slowly.


Even though the SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 features are enough reasons to purchase this device, the following bonuses are additional benefits you stand to gain when you use the SNAPSHOT SHELFYSTAND 360:

  1. Guaranteed High Quality: The SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360 smartphone mount is made from superior components to guarantee longer lifespan and optimum sturdiness. The strong, solid clamp can hold phones up to 4 inches wide and will never lose its grasp.
  1. Convenience: The Snapshot Shelfy stand 360 is compatible with all smartphones. Everybody who owns a smartphone, without exception, is eligible to use this incredible selfie accessory, which enables users to snap high-quality photos and videos with ease.
  1. Quick & Simple Setup: The SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 tool was designed to be operated right out of the box. It has a simple setup approach that is free of any hassle. In a nutshell, it is ready to use right away after you unwrap it.
  1. Small and portable: The Snapshot Shelfystand 360° is popular because of its portable design, which allows users to easily put the device into their pockets, bags, or even carry it with one hand while shooting photos. Other snapshot stands are so large and hefty that they require their own transport case. Aside from being aesthetically impressive, the compact design of the SNAPSHOT SHELFYSTAND 360 makes it more durable and less vulnerable to breakage during wrecks.
  1. Rotating 360 degrees: When shooting images or recording video, the SNAPSHOT SHELFYSTAND 360 keeps its focus on the target, even if it is drifting.
  1. Boost the user’s selfie game to new heights: One of the most significant advantages of Snapshot Shelfy stand 360-degree smart photography is that it will elevate the user’s selfie skills to new heights. As more people come out and enjoy the wonderful weather, the SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 is becoming increasingly popular since it is the quickest and most convenient way to record completely stress-free images and movies with no effort on the user’s part. Users will be able to take their images to new levels of creativity by utilizing the advanced tracking functions.
  1. Return policy is hassle-free: We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of our purchases. Individuals who don’t like the gadget or are unhappy with its built capabilities can return it for a complete reimbursement throughout this time period.
  1. With large Capacity Batteries, the SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 can capture images for hours and hours with just three batteries!


  • Rotation angle: 360 degrees
  • Flip: X: 360 degrees (left and right) / Y: 315 degrees (up and down)
  • Unit weight: About 220g
  • Travel: Max: 8.2 / min: 5
  • Speed: about 42° / S
  • Field of view: 105°
  • Battery capacity: 3000 mHh
  • Endurance: about 50 hours
  • Charging port: Type-C
  • Power: 5V 1A
  • Base size: 10cm/3.93in


The SNAPSHOT SHELFYSTAND 360 is essential for everyone who wants to take amazing images without worry and wants to capture all of life’s moments. Everyone, males, females, boys, girls, teenagers, and adults, must have a SNAPSHOT SHELFY STAND 360 for their images in order to achieve this goal. The SNAPSHOT SHELFY STAND 360 is not a male or female-only app and so can be used by any individual of any gender.

Students, social media users/influencers, sportsmen, tourists, hikers, explorers, and others require the Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Phone Mount in order to capture the best possible photographs and recordings at all times. For human image design and size assessment, this device uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The stand can rotate 360 degrees, allowing customers to take the greatest selfie possible. As soon as the user moves, the stand will instantly swivel to the spot, assume a posture, and capture the user within three seconds.

Snapshot Shelfystand 360 allows users to record video during lectures and athletic events, as well as presentations and group photos, and then share them on social media networks like Instagram and Facebook. The fact that it is affordable is also a compelling reason for why no one should ever be denied the opportunity of possessing even one piece of this magnificent selfie gadget.


The SNAPSHOT SHELFY STAND 360 is such a huge sensation with most people, swiftly becoming a best-seller across the country. It is no surprise that this product is selling out all around the world. This device is really amazing. Really, what’s not to like about it? Pick up your own smartphone SNAPSHOT SHELFYSTAND 360 mount and learn why people all over the world are falling in love with better, easier personal photography that looks like it was done by an expert.

The incredibly smart design and ease of use of the SNAPSHOT SHELFY STAND 360 has left thousands of our users extremely happy and content.

Many buyers have left their heartfelt testimonials thanks to the quality of this excellent phone mount. The following are a few of these reviews:

I love this! It is the best!!! My kids used to HATE family portrait day, but now they want every day to be one. They are amazed that it follows them around the room and takes pictures automatically. Actually, I am pretty amazed with that feature, too. Worth the price and we all love it.



I needed a small selfie setup for my partner and myself that is simple to use. Super glad I purchased the SNAPSHOT SHELFY STAND 360. You can take much better selfies with this than you can with just holding your phone in your hand. Guaranteed. Our selfies now appear to have been paid for. We were able to get amazing quality at a reasonable price. We are glad we came across the Snapshot Shelfystand 360.



Well made, sturdy, and works well so far. Add 3 AAA batteries and you’re all set up for taking selfies. Great idea. I use it mainly for recording my home-repair vlog and I couldn’t ask for anything better, actually and I have only good things to say about it. Great value for the price. I’m blown away.



My friend raved about her Snapshot Shelfy stand 360, so she bought one for me. I don’t own many gadgets, but I love my Snapshot Shelfy stand 360. I can program it to snap pictures of me automatically, and I enjoy that if I run out of battery while wandering around town, I can just pick up new AAAs and I’m back in business! It’s quite practical.

~ Sabrina


Works so well! It’s amazing how it tracks you wherever you go. It’s very smooth as it moves and is completely noise-free. Great value for the money.  I like that you can take amazing pictures or videos. I will definitely be using this a lot.



I had this thing up and running in no time, and my partner was blown away by all of the features. I had a feeling she would enjoy it. What’s not to like about that? This thing is incredible. It is excellent for capturing all those first-time newborn moments, and it’s 360 degrees smart tracking works for selfies or your pets. This is a fantastic device.”




We’ve all been in that situation. We’re out having a great time with our pals and want a memento of the occasion. Everyone is instructed to scrunch up together in order to fit into the shot, and after much jostling, everyone is in place! You take the photo, but you discover that not everyone is included! You attempt again, but someone else is cut out this time! The ghetto!!!!

Well, with the SNAPSHOT SHELFY STAND 360, annoying problems like this are solved forever! The SNAPSHOT SHELFY STAND 360 offers the following advantages:

  1. Group photos with your friends and family just got even cuter. The SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360 is jam-packed with features that make using it a joy. The SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360 is your number one guaranteed way to record your precious moments, whether you’re out with your pals creating amazing memories or at home with your family taking stunning photographs. The SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 is the easiest and most reliable way to capture your most important moments in breathtaking clarity. Set it up and let it take care of the rest. We all want to enhance our social media game, and the SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360 is the best (and easiest) way to do so.
  2. A Phone Stand That Is Smarter Than Your Average Phone Stand: The ideal accessory for 2020 has arrived, allowing you to raise your selfie game and boost your social media engagement to spectacular proportions. Nobody wants a dull Facebook or Instagram account. The SNAPSHOT SHELFY STAND 360 is fantastic for that head-turning selfie or those mind-blowing photographs. The clever AI in the SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 will frame your shot for you, delivering the finest possible results. You and your loved ones only need to smile.
  3. Inventively Designed for Maximum Performance: The SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360 is, hands down, the ultimate selfie accessory! It’s lightweight and handy, with anti-shake technology that provides crystal-clear and stable filming, and it even connects to standard 14″ tripods for added convenience. You see why the SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360 is the must-have mobile accessory of the year?


  •  It’s only available online
  • There’s a limited supply and so, endeavor to get yours today! You definitely do not want to miss out on this one!



The SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 features a simple setup process, as described above in this review. It should just take a few minutes to have it set up for use. While there is a user manual included, the following steps will assist you in getting started:

  • Remove the device from the package and insert three AAA batteries.
  • Then, mount your phone or tablet on it. You have the option of attaching your phone horizontally or vertically.
  • Hard-press the power button to turn it on.
  • Take advantage of all of the functions and you’re ready to snap.


  • What is the SNAPSHOT SHELFYSTAND 360?

For individuals who enjoy taking head-turning selfies, this is the ideal selfie accessory. The sophisticated AI tool is ideal for taking photos outside and will guide you through the process of framing the perfect shot.

All you have to do is grin and it will take care of the rest.

  • What Is This Device’s Working Time?

Users should expect to receive about 50 hours of use out of their three AAA batteries before they need to be replaced. If they run out, make sure you replace them right away and continue enjoying your gadget.

  • Is the SNAPSHOT SHELFY STAND 360 long-lasting, or will it break after only a week of use?

The Snapshot Shelfystand is made of robust ABS plastic and is meant to be both pressure and abrasion resistant for long-term use.

  • How To Order The SNAPSHOT SHELFY 360?

Click on this link right now and choose from the available bundles. The more units you purchase, the greater the discounts you will receive. Before choosing your preferred payment option, double-check that you’ve entered the proper mailing address.

  • Is it possible to cancel a purchase?

Clients who received the incorrect bundles or who want a refund can do so within thirty days after the purchase date.

  • Will the tripod mount on the SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 accommodate every user’s camera?

It ought to. If the user’s camera has a normal 1/4 thread, they’ll be OK.

  • How does the Snapshot Shelfy stand 360 get its energy?

Three AAA batteries are used to power the Shelfy stand 360. The battery, on the other hand, must be bought differently.

  • Is it possible to change my order after it has been placed?

Customers who wish to change their orders should contact customer service as soon as possible. If the transaction has not yet been finalized at the company’s logistics center, adjustments can be made.

  • Which phone models are compatible with the Snapshot Shelfy stand 360?

To be safe, the user’s phone should be running Android 8.0 or iOS 10.0. If users are unsure of their phone’s model, they should simply check the phone settings for the model.


Our Customers’ feedback indicates that a large number of individuals genuinely enjoy this product. It demonstrates that there’s a lot to like about the SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360. Its rarity reflects how rapidly the device has sold out across the country.

The official company website offers SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 for purchase. If you buy it now, you’ll get a 50 percent discount. A 30-day money-back guarantee protects every purchase.


People began exploring ways to make passing time at home more enjoyable this year in huge proportions as a result of the pandemic. This resulted in a rise in the quantity of images, videos, and audio files shared on social media. To quench the unending thirst of the people, a plethora of photographic accessories have been manufactured and pushed into the global market.

Customers no longer need to hold their phones to take a professional-looking selfie thanks to the Snapshot Shelfystand 360. This movable mount gadget enables seamless 360-degree sophisticated human and object tracking, ensuring that you never miss a moment of activity. The Snapshot Shelfy stand 360, which is great for photographing children, pets, or adults brings a whole new level of convenience to life at home.

The SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360 is an intelligent and highly innovative camera mount that snaps and tracks and is designed for all selfie lovers. The Snapshot Shelfystand 360 is a true smartphone mount that rotates with the user while taking photos or recording videos. The mount will follow the user around in the same direction. This is an excellent opportunity to create bright and fascinating selfie videos for use on social media, as well as virtual events and conferences. The tool provides an intuitive smartphone app for stress-free use, a motorized auto-turning phone stand, intelligent object and facial tracking features, adjustable tilting angle and built-in tripod mounts for cameras

The SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 is becoming increasingly popular as more people get out and enjoy the nice weather. It is the quickest and easiest method to capture stress-free photos and videos with no effort on your part! You will adore the sophisticated tracking features, which will take your photography to incredible new heights.

Consumers do not even need to fret about not being near a power source because the mount has an inbuilt rechargeable battery. Snapshot Shelfy stand 360 users can now carry it with them wherever they go. From the official website, you can order your own SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360. For actual results, get the genuine article. Don’t be deceived by replicas or substandard imitations that make promises but fail to deliver. Get the authentic SNAPSHOT Shelfy stand 360 and see your social media reach new heights!

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