Shadow X drone latest 2020 review: Is it worth your cash?

Shadow X drone review

There are so many reasons people want a drone. Mostly because they are fun. But another huge advantage of them is being able to take great aerial shots of anything . Are you wondering what’s beyond the barriers in state parks or what your house looks like from above? Do you wish you could take way, way cooler photos? Are you fond of taking your pictures from different angles? Or, do you wish taking group selfies was easier?

 Do you want some more fun while taking pictures? Or you’re just looking for a pastime? Well, then Shadow X Drone is for you! Even if you want to do something as simple as take family photos, the Shadow X Drone device is one of the best affordable drones that money can buy.

This powerful drone will add hours and hours of fun to your day. But, it won’t break the bank when you buy it

What is Shadow X Drone?

Shadow X Drone is the latest and advanced technological advancement; that is the fastest flying drone with excellent and durable features you cannot afford to miss out on.

shadow x drone review

It is a precision engineered drone which is specifically designed for easy flying, making it perfect to fly inside or to record action shots whilst on the move. This drone can be efficiently operated because its portable size, foldable structure and lightweight design makes it convenient to carry at all times for any adventure.

This foldable drone can be operated with a single click of the button on your Smartphone. How cool is that??? This technological advancement not only has the ability to take pictures and selfies with its quality 12-megapixel camera, but it can also record HD videos at 120 frames per second. The product comes with a flying speed of up to 19 meters per second. Also, the drone is equipped with inbuilt sensors are advanced and can easily detect obstacles so that collisions can be avoided and this makes its flying convenient. Besides, it is a price exclusive drone that is affordable for everybody.

What are the Exclusive Features of Shadow X Drone?

  1. Fast Speed: Though the size of this drone is small, it has a fast speed that has not been rivalled by any other drone of its size yet. Its flying speed is up to 19 meters per second along with 4 kilometers of top transmission distance. Without charging the drone, you can record a video of at least 20 to 25 minutes.
  2. Controlling Features: Shadow X Drone has all of the features needed to satisfy the pros, but it is extremely simple to fly and control. These excellent control features is such that anyone can use it. Its compatibility with your smartphone makes it the best device even for complete beginners.
  3. HD Camera: The drone is equipped with a high definition camera of 12 megapixels resolution. It also comes with in-built pre-programmed camera, such as the boomerang and the asteroid features, so even the least technical newbie can have professional-quality footage at the click of a button. It records videos in HD at 120 frames per second. You also receive a slow-motion feature that replays the highlights of your great moments in high-definition slow motion.
  4. Foldable with Inbuilt Gravity Sensor: This drone has a foldable feature so that you can carry it without any inconvenience. The propellers fold inwards to make the drone easier to carry and better protected during transit. Also, the gravity sensor quickly identifies the obstacles in your way and helps you monitor the hurdles from time to time. It detects the ground and other obstacles & change the flying course automatically to avoid collision.
  5. Increased Flying Time: You can fly and film for up to 21 minutes without having to touch the ground or change batteries
  6. Panorama Mode: This drone captures 360 degree photos from the air with just one click of a button

*Shadow X Drone techical Specifications:*

  • 720p High Resolution Camera
  • Can Record Video / Take Photos
  • Foldable So You Can Take It With You
  • Extra Battery of  1 x 3.7 V 500 mAh To Increase Flying Time
  • Three Year Warranty Available With It
  • Protection Travel Case Available, Too
  • It Comes With A Lightning-Fast Cable For Charging
  • Easy To Read Instruction Manual
  • It Comes With A Controller

Why Do You Need ShadowXDrone?

First of all, the Shadow X Drone Features are almost endless. You get an amazing camera so you can take all the shots you can dream of. Plus, it’s engineered to fly with precision. So, if you’re trying to fly around buildings, trees, or other objects, you have the ability to maneuver.

Plus, this makes it specifically great for anyone who hasn’t flown a drone before. That’s why this one makes such a good present! Not to mention, this drone is foldable. So, you can easily pack it and take it with you. That will make vacations way more exciting. Because, now, you can get action shots from above you while you do an amazing thing. Or, you can get an overhead shot of the landscape you’re in.

 Finally, it’s great for taking group selfies, because no one will get cut off or have to hold the camera way away from their body! Truly, if it’s not clear, Shadow X Drone is the #1 drone we recommend.

What makes the Shadow X Drone Different from others?

Just imagine receiving a mini-drone that can fit into your pocket and utilizing it to take the best pictures, selfies, and HD videos of an adventure or your daily life.This incredible flying contraption lets you play the life of a pilot even if you have a fear of heights. You can fly it around taking amazing aerial shots that no one else will have. Imagine how much cooler your vacation photos will be when you have an up above view!

A marvel of technology, engineering and design, the DroneX Pro was built to go wherever you travel. Inheriting the best of the Shadow X Drone series, this ultraportable and foldable drone features high-end flight performance and functionality for limitless exploration. It is now the fastest-selling drone over the internet, over 55.000 units were sold last week.

This drone is far better than many other products available in the market because of several reasons. First, this product is highly affordable and cheaper than many other drones. This drone can be operated from any smartphone, so even a beginner can use it without any hassle. The best part about the product is that it comes with 30 days money back guarantee. So many drones cost $300, $400, sometimes even $1,000. And, most of us don’t have that type of money. Thankfully, you can buy this drone for a fraction of that cost. Because, the Shadow X Drone Price is at just $99 right now!

Truly, combined with the Shadow X Drone App, this system makes everywhere you go more exciting. Photos are incredibly important in our online age. And, to stand out, you have to get the shot that no one else got. That’s why you need this amazing drone. It has a 720p High Resolution Camera so you can capture everything from group selfies to amazing aerial landscape shots in a crystal-clear image! Plus, with extra battery life and a 3-year warranty, you can’t go wrong.

How To Use The Shadow X Drone App?

If you don’t want to read the Shadow X Drone Manual, I’ve got helpful hints for you here. And I promise to get straight to the point, so you don’t have to read pages upon pages of instructions.

Here are some flying hints to help you begin:

  • Practice Hovering – Before you immediately fly your drone, figure out how to make it fly higher and lower before doing anything.
  • Figure Out Turns – Next, work on practicing your turning skills and see if you can do the 360 flip. Make sure this is done in an area without trees that it can get caught in.
  • Gage the Height – Lastly, gage the maximum height by flying your drone straight into the sky as high as possible. Just make sure that you’re in a soft area or have something to catch the drone in just in case.

Shadow X Drone customers’ Reviews

What are customers saying about the product? Why do people everywhere love this drone? And, why is it going viral online? Well, it’s probably because of the amazing low cost and the superior quality it provides! Already, we’ve seen Shadow X Drone Review after review talk about how much fun they’ve had with this drone. Many users commented that they never believed they could afford a drone this great!

According to Billy–  ” My nine-year-old child easily uses the Drone, and he does not face any problem while operating it.”

In the words of Kate-” This product is amazing, and its camera quality is also good. I take this drone with my every travel.”

Ben Popper– “I tested and tested the Shadow X Drone, pushing to the limits and it could still keep up. I couldn’t outrun the drone and I was so impressed by how far it could go without losing transmission”

Taran Nicolaou– “I’m usually extremely protective over my stuff, but this drone is so intuitive to use, and has so many anti-collision features installed, I handed it over to my 8-year-old son, it only cost him just minutes after he can make it flying in the sky.”



Now, drones are finally accessible to the rest of us. It used to be that you had to spend thousands of dollars on a drone to get one that was this high-quality. But, now, you can save tons of money on this offer today.Besides that, this product is also mind-blowing because of its long battery life. Plus, it offers a 720p high resolution camera for photos and video recording. So, if you want a great drone with amazing specifications, you’ve found it!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the exact price of the product?

Ans. You can get the product from its official website at $197.

What all is included in the product?

Ans. Controller, charging cable, user manual, and batteries

Where to Buy Shadow X Drone?

shadow X drone can only be bought from their official site, buying from the official site directly qualifies you for the 50% discount price promo which is currently ongoing.

make use of this opportunity and place your orders now!!

As we mentioned, you simply can’t beat all the amazing features on this drone. But, another thing you can’t beat is the Shadow X Drone Price! Most drones with this many amazing specifications will cost upwards of $800-1,000. And, for most of us, that isn’t a price we’re willing to spend on something like this.

Thankfully, you can get this amazing foldable, portable drone with high-quality features for just $99 today! So, you’re saving tons of money but still getting a drone with the same features as those $1,000 ones! Truly, this will extend your fun, since you know buying this won’t break the bank. Like we said, you simply won’t find a better price on a drone with this many features.

That’s why you have to try this one out for yourself. Plus, it’s a perfect gift for your fun-loving friends and family members. Are you ready to take to the skies with one of best drones on the market? Then, click on the button below to buy the Shadow X Drone before it sells out for good.

free shipping

the company has also graced buyers with free shipping coupled with the juicy discounts so that means you can order it and get no additional charge and you can also be sure of having it delivered to where ever you are in the world

Final verdict!!!

This product comes with excellent features and benefits. If you are fond of taking your pictures or your loved one pictures, you should give this product a try. This drone is best for beginners because it is affordable and easy to operate. Yes, you need the Shadow X Drone App to fly this. But, that’s what makes flying it so simple. The Shadow X Drone App makes it easier than ever to pilot your own drone! This incredible drone easily connects to any mobile device so you can see the view that your drone is seeing. The controller is simple to use and allows you to pilot your drone in a complete 360 if you choose to.

The app can teach you how all the moves work. And, it also helps you control your drone even when it’s far away from you. If you want to do tricks, the app can help you do that, too! Plus, while you’re using it, you can take incredible shots using the high-quality drone camera. This incredible drone is a total blast. Truly, the Shadow X Drone App makes sure you get the most out of your drone. So, even if you’re a new flyer, you can use it with ease. Plus, it can provide endless hours of entertainment for you and your family. Are you ready to become a free flyer? Then, get this drone for yourself!

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