Owl vision binoculars review 2023: A genuine product or another trash? 

People just can’t stop talking about the owl vision binoculars. These night vision binoculars is on a league of its own pulling nothing but positive feedbacks from customers all over America. The main brow-raiser about the owl night vision binoculars is the facility it provides for you to be able to record and store images in the dark.

In as much as night hiking is one of the most exciting outdoor activities, it is also the most dangerous. Many people fall victims of bear attacks or even attacks from unsuspecting bandits. This is probably because you may not be able to see these dangers ahead of time because of the dark.

Second to an ultra-bright headlamps, Night vision pair of binoculars is another important survival equipment you should consider getting for yourself. It ensures your safety by giving you an upper hand on what dark alleyways would look like from a safe distance.

Are night vision binoculars meant for just survival? Absolutely not! These devices are actually fun to have. If you’re a fan of camping trips, night vision binoculars can play important roles of helping you scout your environment in the dark hours. This helps you to determine safest spot to set up your tent and avoid any form of danger.

Night vision binoculars are also used by people who study wildlife. Some of the wild animals are basically dangerous to approach or they flee from you when you get too close making use of optics is sure to be one of the best ways to get your work going.

People don’t often pay attention to optical gadgets like binoculars and the reason is basically because of the high cost of acquiring these type of gadgets. A good quality binocular can cost you close to a thousand dollars. Mind you, these types don’t have night vision features on them. So you can now imagine the cost of a night vision binoculars.

Are you a lover of night hikes? Do you love binoculars? Have you always wanted to get one for yourself but the price keeps discouraging you? Your search has come to an end because I’m about to introduce you to this new pair of digital binoculars that just recently got introduced its called owl vision binoculars.

This digital pair of binoculars provides you with the luxury of not only viewing your favorite wild life in the dark but also being able to record them for proper documentation and future reference. You can agree with me that these type of binoculars are difficult to find and even if you do, they are overtly expensive. But owl vision is bringing it to your reach for a fraction of this price. The beauty about night vision binoculars is that they create advantage you can’t get anywhere else, you get to record whatever you spotted it the dark of the night and brag to your friends with the high quality video recording as evidence.

In this review, I am going to be give you a full detailed information on every aspect of this digital night vision binocular. You are also going to be seeing some shocking facts about the owl vision binoculars because all is totally not what it seems. Is owl vision worth your money or is another mediocre? The only way to get your answer is to keep reading this article


The owl vision is a digital night vision enabled binocular that can help you see clearly in the dark. It is suitable for both day and night use but the night vision mode makes it more unique. Not only can you view dark areas with this pair of binoculars but you can also record your favorite moments and take pictures of anything no matter how dark in high quality too. This captures the interest of consumers globally

owl vision

Owl vision portable and compact and only weighs 387gm. It is also made from high quality material which helps it to be scratch resistant and ensures its durability. This digital night vision binoculars also comes with 7 adjustable different Infrared light levels, which can facilitate a brighter rendering of the image you are viewing at night. That to its high IR level lights, view object appear as clear as the day time only that I would appear in black and white.

As mentioned earlier owl vision is both suitable for day and night time viewing. You can still use it in the daytime to zoom and capture your favorite animal or view. This is one reason the owl vision is a step ahead of its competitors, most similar products can’t work in the daytime you have to wait till its dark to be able to use them.

Owl vision digital binocular is also IP65 waterproof and also dust proof. Your night exploration cannot be disturbed by the rain. Owl vision was basically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. It can work under a temperature of about -20˚C to over 60˚C.


Full HD video & photo recording – this is the major unique feature of this night vision binocular. With owl vision, you can record high quality videos, capture stunning photos in full HD. The captured photos and videos can be transferred to your computer or mobile devices for future reference purposes or for evidence.

20x zoom – the owl vision binoculars are equipped with 5x digital zoom and 4x optical zoom this feature helps you capture stunning images from a safer distance. Wildlife explorers opt to use this type of binoculars for this purpose, so if you love observing wild animals then owl vision is just perfect for you.

Interchangeable 7 level Infra-red – the 7 level infrared of the owl vision binoculars allows you to see in complete darkness more clearly. Adjust the level of the IR ray by the simple press of the button. The good thing about this feature is that it made this device the major gadget you will need for any kind of evening activity you want to carryout.

Built-in LCD screen – the 2.4 inch built-in screen on this night vision binoculars gives you a clear picture of whatever you are viewing. It also allows you to get a wider field of vision.

Day and night use – unlike most of its competitors, the owl vision binoculars are not limited to night time use only. You can also use it in daytime. Original color scenes are displayed without infrared in the daytime while the night scene will turn into black and white, the invisible infrared beam allows for more concealed monitoring.

The ideal multipurpose device – owl vision binoculars can be the best gadget companion you would want to get for yourself, it suits perfectly well with any kind of outdoor activity you wish to do. And thanks to its portable wait you can have it strapped around your neck with ease. This digital binocular can go along with you for night hunting, camping trips, night hiking, night fishing, sailing, bird watching and survival expeditions. In addition, it is recommended to employ the use of owl night vision binoculars for your home security monitoring to prevent intruders

Large battery capacity – owl night vision binoculars also comes with a sufficient battery capacity. This night vision binoculars use 6xAA batteries, which typically lasts for 8-11 hours of usage with IR LED switched on.

IP65 waterproof – the owl night vision binoculars is IP65 waterproof, this means that it cannot be damaged by water of any minimal density. You don’t have to be worried about the rain or an accidental drop into water. This property also makes the owl vision completely dust proof

Expandable memory capacity – the owl vision binoculars comes with a memory card slot that can accommodate an SD card with a memory capacity of up to 128GB. The owl night vision binocular comes with a free 32GB SD card but this is only exclusive to online purchases.


  • 1X Owl vision digital binoculars
  • USB cable
  • User manual
  • 32GB SD card
  • Free strap


Zoom4x Optical zoom 5x Digital zoom
Lens diameter24mm/0.9 inches
LCD screen measurement2.4 inches
IR LED3W 850nm
Observation distance300m/984ft
Low light observation distance3meters to ∞m


The owl vision binoculars have a number of buttons and this makes it a bit complex to use. But that should not be a problem. Below you can find the full description of the buttons and each of their functions, I will also show you a complete outline of the owl vision features

  1. Focus wheel
  3. IR Up/zoom in/up button
  4. IR Down/zoom out/down button
  5. Power button
  6. Strap hole
  7. IR LEDS
  8. Menu button
  9. Mode button
  10. Shot button
  11. Eyepiece/TFT screen


This binocular simply works like any other night vision binocular you can think of, there is little difference if you put them in comparison. However, Owl vision binoculars is simply praised by its unique ability to work both in the daytime and night time as well. This is the great edge it has over its competitors, most night vision binoculars are only restricted to night usage only and won’t work in the day time.

But the owl vision provides you with the satisfaction of both day and night usage. So instead of buying two binoculars, you can actually save a lot of money getting just one the owl vision and it will serve you at any moment of the day when you need it.

Another thing I commend about this night vision binoculars is its video and photo capturing facility, you can totally capture you favorite birds, wild animal and even landscapes from a distance, which you can save and brag to your friends afterwards. This feature can also ensure your security and that of others, you can capture a crime scene from a distance after which you can provide HD video or picture evidence.

Unlike many high dollar night vision binoculars, owl vision does not have thermal night vision. In as much as the owl vision has only a black and white night vision, it still efficient enough to help you see the in the darkest of nights. This is made possible by the adjustable 7 IR level


The truth is that not everyone really needs the owl vision binoculars, if you are not a fan of outdoor evening expeditions then a night vision binoculars is probably not what you need. However, if you like outdoor night activities like camping, wildlife observation, bird watching, night fishing and cave exploration then a gadget like owl night vision is ideal for you. It may not total beat the top dollar competitor but it’s definitely the best low budget night vision binoculars you can think of.

Owl night vision was designed to withstand the harshest conditions possible, so if you are worried about your binoculars not working properly under the rain then it not a good product to start with. Gadgets like binoculars should be water proof, this is the first feature of a quality product.

If you have an interest in owning a binocular but cannot afford to spend so much to get one, you might want to give owl vision a chance. It is ridiculously affordable and you can also enjoy a massive discount when you place your order from their official website

Owl vision has also passed many drop tests thrown at it, it is made out of high grade plastic material and not metal. It’s not like many other binoculars in its price range that easily gets compromised when accidentally dropped. This digital night vision binoculars will stand the test of time


If you have an interest in purchasing the owl vision binoculars for yourself or for your loved one, the best place to get this gadget is online through the company’s official webpage. You will not find owl vision in any physical retail store. To avoid getting ripped off, it is highly advisable that you purchase from the official website. The link to the website is provided in the button below.

Buying from the company’s website actually comes with the advantage of getting your order delivered to your doorstep on time. You also qualify for the ongoing discount promo of up to 50% price slash and also free delivery within the United States. 

The website also comes with safe payment options that ensures your card details a well secured.

The company is also willing to offer a 60 days money back guarantee for all unsatisfied purchases, all you need to do is to post back the delivery to them get your full refund or replacement.


You can get a single unit of owl vision binoculars for just $129.99

2 units of owl vision cost $199.99

3 units of owl vision goes for $279.99


Now, let’s what you stand to enjoy while making use of the owl vision binoculars

Day and night time usage: as mentioned earlier, owl vision is the only binocular you will need. It can serve as a day time binocular and also serve perfectly well in the dark. You don’t need to spend an extra dollar to get two different binoculars, you also don’t need the extra weight of two different binoculars strapped around your neck.

Monitor from a safe distance: the 300m distance coverage of the owl vision binocular makes it possible for you to study your favorite wild life from a safe distance. Most wild animals can be dangerous if you get too close, some can get spooked and flee from you as well. With the 20X zoom feature of the owl vision all you don’t need much closure.

Record your favorite moments: this is the beauty about the owl vision binoculars, you can effortlessly capture and even record your favorite birds as they perform the mating dance or wildlife as they feed. And with the included SD card you can have the photos and videos saved for feature referencing.

A proficient security gadget: Night watch officials have employed the use of night vision binoculars in their work. With your vision you can keep your household safe and watch out for any intruder

Can serve multiple function: the owl vision is suitable for many occasion and not just limited to animal observation only. You can take your digital night vision binoculars with you on camping trips, night hunting, sailing trips, rescue search and so much more. As mentioned earlier it is not restricted for only night use, you can use it comfortable in the day time.

See 100% at night: with the adjustable 7 level infrared LED, you can be able to see clearly in the dark no matter how dark the place is. Keep adjusting the IR level you get to your most desired level.

Fast doorstep delivery: this benefit is only enjoyed by those who purchased their owl vision binoculars from the official website. If you stay in the United States or Canada, your order will be delivered straight to your doorstep at no extra cost.


  • Owl vision can only be purchased online
  • It’s not military grade
  • There is limited stock available
  • The ongoing price discount can only last for a short while


Don’t just take my word for it, see what other verified buyers think of this gadget.

These are awesome. I will never use binoculars again. If you can get the money to spend on this item when looking at some binoculars, choose this one. Binoculars don’t even come close to this product. The same pic you see in the viewfinder is the pic you get on your computer.

David – Buffalo, NY

I was very impressed with the night vision IR. You can shoot long-range short-range. As a bonus, after finding the detailed view, you can then zoom in… I mean, that is crazy.

Amber — Chicago, IL

I’m really enjoying this unique product. Image is definitely more clear than I would’ve imagined. Awesome product.

Richard — Vancouver, BC


After an extensive assessment on this device, I have come to a conclusion that owl vision is good buy. It may totally beat the top dollar binoculars but it’s definitely worth the praise. If you are a lover of outdoor evening activities and you cannot afford the expensive night vision binoculars. Then the owl vision is the best alternative for you it’s very affordable and you can still enjoy some discounts if you purchase from their website.  

It creates the facility for you to capture photos and record videos of intriguing landscapes and lovely animals, this is something most of its competitors lack. Even some of the expensive binoculars don’t have this feature. Make use of this discount opportunity and get yours now, but you might want to hurry, there is only a limited number of stock available.

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