NutriStrips sleep ASAP reviews for 2023: the best solution for sleep disorder?

GENERAL OVERVIEW (Nutristrips sleep ASAP reviews)

The ability for one to sleep at night is actually an underrated blessing. Sadly many people have lost that pleasure or at verge of losing it. Your body needs sleep just as it needs air and food to properly function. As you sleep, your body replenishes itself and restores its chemical balance. Your brain fashions new thought connections, which helps memory retention.

Sleep also has its own benefits to the heart. During sleep, the body’s blood pressure and heart rate drops. This is highly beneficial as it helps to ease tension, relief stress and also reduce the risk of developing a heart disease

Lack of sleep can affect you adversely in so many ways, one of which includes your productivity the next day. Constantly getting less than 8 hours of sleep can eventually lead to health consequences that can affect your body as a whole. Many people often believe that denying themselves sleep is a kind of key to success. That is totally incorrect. Constantly depriving yourself sleep can do you more harm than good.

Sleep deprivation is sadly ignored most of the time and most times overlooked but the truth here is that constant lack of sleep have severe detrimental consequences. Medical researchers have been able to reveal that the brain eats itself during the course of chronic sleep deprivation. This happens when the brain has to clear some amount of neurons and synaptic connections in doing, this the brain is poorly replenished for the next day without making up for lost sleep.

Due to this discovery, it was finally concluded that people who constantly find it difficult to sleep or constantly deny themselves sleep are at high risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease when they advance in age.

Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder that can arise as a result of constant deprivation of sleep. In fact, it is the major risk factor. This sleep disorder makes is totally difficult for you to fall asleep or even stay asleep. Therefore making you drowsy during the day and less productive as well.

Sleep disorder may have causes that are not due to underlying health issues.


Stress: concerns about work, school, relationship or even finance can actually affect your night sleep these thought can cloud your mind so much that you end up losing sleep. Traumatic life events like death of a loved one, divorce may also lead to a sleep disorder.

Work schedule: sleep disorder can also be classified as an occupational hazard now. Studies have shown that about 60% of adults living in America don’t get enough sleep because of the kind of work they do. These jobs may require you to work night shifts or even work only at nights. This disrupts your circadian rhythm (your circadian rhythms act as an internal clock that guides your body’s homeostatic mechanisms such as sleep and wake cycle, metabolism and temperature regulation) when the circadian rhythm is disrupted a sleep disorder may be triggered.

Poor sleeping habit: many people have adopted really poor sleeping habits. These habits in turn hinders them from having a good night rest. And when this continues, it forms a pattern of continued insufficient sleep. Habits like eating close to bedtime, performing stimulating activities before bed (video games), working on your laptop while in bed or even eating in bed can adversely affect your sleep patterns

Intake of stimulants: people that take stimulants to enhance their work output always end up paying the price with lack of sleep. Caffeine rich beverages like energy drinks and coffees can increase your heart rate and your blood pressure keeping the body active even when it is time for a good night rest. Also nuts like the kolanuts and bitter kola which are also rich in nicotine work in similar way to deprive you of sleep. Smokers and tobacco users can also experience difficulty in sleeping.

Other causes of sleep disorder

Sleep disorder can be caused by some other factors. Sleep disturbance or sleep disorder can be seen in people with severe hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia or heart disease. People with anxiety disorder also find it difficult to have a good night rest.


To get the best solution for sleep disorder, it is always important to determine the cause of the sleep disorder. This is why it is always advisable to consult your physicians and communicate with them. Through this, the perfect solution can be proffered

For years, the oral administration of drugs that help people sleep has been used. These drugs maybe effective however they tend to lose their effects over time, people with chronic insomnia would constantly need to revisit their doctors for newer and better prescriptions. Another downside of these drugs is that they can be addictive because of their drowsy effects.

Please note that before taking these drugs, consult your health care provider and ask some important questions on the drug interaction with other medications, underlying conditions and dosage to take.

The good news is that there are safer solutions to sleep disorder, one of which is the new and approved nutristrips sleep ASAP. Do you find it difficult to sleep at night probably because of your tight work schedule and constant night shifts? Are you a restless sleeper or over thinker? Then nutristrps sleep ASAP may just be the perfect solution for you.

This edible supplement strip has been applauded by many consumers around the world, even some verified medical practitioner also endorse the product.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about nutristrips sleep ASAP supplement. If you have an interest in getting this supplement you might want to read this review thoroughly.


This is an exclusive formula developed from a blend of five major sleep ingredients. This is one of many products of Sera Labs NutriStrips which has been formulated as an advanced thin film strip. Nutristrip sleep is edible and it basically requires no water to take with.

nutristrips sleep ASAP

This revolutionary sleep supplement has been branded RAD3- for rapid activation delivery. The effects of sleep ASAP nutri-strips kicks in the instant you place it on your tongue. The oral film strips delivers targeted dosing, this means that it has a process of individualizing medication doses by taking into account an individual’s genetic data or clinical characteristics. This makes the sleep ASAP nutria-strip a supplement for everyone.

Another beautiful thing about this supplement is that it is non-addictive with no known side effects when compared to other sleep aid drugs. The strips are sealed in an airtight packaging to maintain its potency and eliminate chemical break down through oxidation. This supplement is the very best sleep aid one can ever come across in years.


Great taste: the sleep ASAP nutria-strips have an amazing taste. You do not need water to take them and unlike pills, you only need to place the strip on your tongue. In respect to this, nutria-strip is made to have a great taste which encourages users to continue taking the strips. So if you hate taking pills because of their bad taste then you can be rest assured that you will enjoy taking the nutria-strips

Rapid action: this supplement is highly praised across the globe by users because of its rapid action. The effects of nutristrip sleep ASAP kicks in as soon as few minutes from the moment the strip is placed and dissolved in your tongue. The rapid activation delivery mechanism allows for fast action of the strips when placed on the tongue so that you can start feeling sleep few minutes after taking nutristrips.

Targeted dosing: nutristrips sleep ASAP function on targeted dosing, the advantage of targeted dosing is to help pin point the actual dose that is sufficient enough for the strips to work most perfectly on you. To actualize this, your data such as; demographic, body mass index (BMI) and other vital information are taken into consideration by their team of experts when sending the strips. This will help them get the right dosage you will need to achieve sleep.

Tightly sealed packaging: the nutria-strips are individually packed in airtight packets, this is helps to eliminate exposure to heat, moisture, light, oxidation, bacteria, chemical and structural breakdown. Most pills you buy lack this capacity because of the containers they are stored in. they may begin to lose their potency each time the container is opened.

Easy to swallow: the strips are very easy to swallow. You don’t even need water, just place it on your tongue and it dissolves instantly when mixed with saliva. This is much better than pills which would definitely require water to swallow. So if you are not a fan of pills, nutria-strips may just be the right thing for you.

Non-addictive: one other cool feature of this supplement is that it is non-addictive. Unlike pills, nutria strips are made from natural ingredients which the body can produce on its own that is the hormones and vitamins. This makes it difficult for one to get addicted because the brain would not clamor for them unlike the pills. In fact, a major challenge with pills is that people get so addicted to them that they buy them even when they are fine. When these pills are not available anymore the user can suffer serious insomnia and anxiety attack.

Manufactured in the USA: nutri-strips is proudly manufactured in the United States, recognized by the food and drug administration (FDA) in strict compliance with cGMP guidelines


To understand this supplement better, let us first identify the five chief ingredients it’s made from and understand each of them as well as their roles. The five ingredients are as seen below

Melatonin: This is a hormone in the body that plays the important role in regulating your circadian cycle. This hormone is produced in the brain in the response to darkness. This makes sense why it is a sleep and wake regulator since its concentration is at its peak at night which induces sleep and at its lowest in the blood during the daytime to wake you up.

Melatonin supplements are produced commercially to aid patients suffering from insomnia and many other sleep disorders to attain sleep.

GABA: GABA means gamma aminobutyric acid. This is an amino acid, which is naturally produced in the body. GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. It slows down the brain by blocking specific signals in your central nervous system. GABA is known for producing calming effects by controlling nerve cell hyperactivity associated with anxiety, stress and fear

The natural calming effect of GABA in the brain is the reason why GABA is produced commercially for people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks

Beta-caryophyllene: beta-caryophyllene is known as the first dietary cannabinoid. This is the most common sesquiterpene in cannabis and also the most abundantly produced terpene in nature. This terpene is present in black pepper, oregano, basil and many other spices and herbs.

Beta caryophyllene is an analgesic and it produces anti-inflammatory functions, beta caryophyllene easily attaches to CB2, this means that it doesn’t cause any psychoactive effects of cannabis while still giving the anti-inflammatory benefits. BCP supplement

BCP supplement is used for people whose sleep disorder is caused by pains from inflammatory reactions examples is seen in patients who can’t sleep due to constochondritis.

L-Theanine: L-theanine is an amino acid found largely in green tea and some species of mushrooms. It can also be commercially produced as pills or tablets. It is said that L-theanine helps ease stress, anxiety and reduces insomnia. In addition to this, this ingredient is also beneficial for blood pressure and heart rate control, better immunity and tumor treatments.

Vitamin B6: vitamin b6 is one of the B vitamins. It is also called pyridoxine and is important for normal brain development as well as keeping the nervous system and immune system healthy

Vitamin b6 can be derived from food sources such as poultry, fish, potatoes, chickpeas and fortified cereals. This vitamin can also be taken as a supplement either as an oral capsule or syrup. Vitamin b6 helps facilitate the production of adequate melatonin and serotonin which are required for sound sleep.


The efficiency of the nutria-strip depends on its five primary ingredients. These key ingredients are activated with the help of RAD3 to instantly help you sleep and sleep longer. The key ingredient melatonin is carried to the blood stream in order to boost the melatonin concentration in the blood. This increased concentration induces drowsiness and makes you fall asleep effortlessly.

The ease and specificity of the nutria-strip sleep has greatly contributed to the praises that it is receiving from consumers globally. Nutri-strip is not addictive and has no known side effect and this is because of the ingredients used these ingredients are simply basic body necessities  


Taking this supplement is easy and stress free. The best part is that you don’t even need to swallow it neither do you need to take it water. Here are three simple ways you can administer your nutristrips sleep ASAP supplement.

STEP 1: Place a strip of SleepASAP on your tongue and allow to dissolve in just a few seconds.

STEP 2: Allow the natural ingredients to activate in just a few minutes

STEP 3: When the drowsiness must have kicked in lay down on your bed and enjoy your good night sleep. You deserve it.

Please ensure to consult your physician first before taking the nutri-strips. This is a necessary precaution.


This is the most important part of this review. Apart from achieving much desired sleep there are other health benefits you stand to gain when taking the nutria-strips sleep.

INSTANT STRESS RELIEF: a stressed mind is a restless mind and as such your night sleep is affected. These kinds of stress are not caused by strenuous work, it is mainly emotionally ignited by events like relationship issues, financial crisis or academic failure. Even life events like death of a loved one can induce such stress. This is where Sleep ASAP nutri-strips come in, one of the key ingredients, GABA helps to ease off stress by inhibiting specific hyperactive signals in the brain. This brings a total calming effect and makes it much easier for you to sleep.

CONTROLS BLOOD PRESSURE: this is another benefit the nutria-strips can give you. In most cases, some people may find it difficult to sleep because they have elevated blood pressures. Hypertension has been termed the silent killer because it shows no symptom at all. People with hypertension are always advised to get enough sleep often. Sleep helps to bring down your heart rate which in turn eases tension on your vessels and bringing down your blood pressure. If you are hypertensive then you don’t have any problems taking this supplement. One of the ingredients, L-theanine plays the important role of blood pressure control.

HELPS IN MEMORY RETENTION: when you constantly lack sleep you put your brain in more danger. Studies have shown that people who have problems recalling events that happened at some while ago also presented with constant lack of sleep. One of the long term risks of sleep deprivation is Alzheimer’s disease. Nutri-strip does not only provide you with the much needed sleep it can also help your cognitive ability by improving your memory retention and knowledge assimilation.

PAIN RELIEF: nutri-strips can also provide some pain relieving effects. This is because of one of the five ingredients, beta-caryophyllene which is present in the supplement. BCP serves as an analgesic. Giving instant pain relief. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. So if you’re lack of sleep is caused as a result of pain, this supplement is probably the right one for you.

MANAGE ANXEITY: nutri-strips sleep can help with anxiety. An insomniac suffers anxiety, depression and many other mental health issues due to sleep deprivation. Nutristrips plays the key role of relaxing your mind. By doing this, it eliminates any mental health issue that hinders your sleep. The good thing about anxiety management is that it gradually improves your self-esteem, approach to life and work rate

NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECT: So far, no consumer of nutristrips sleep supplement has complained of any side effects. It also does not contain any addictive substances so it will not cause any dependence. They are safe to use and can easily be stopped when you regain the ability to sleep naturally.


Nutristrip sleep ASAP can only be purchased online through their official webpage. The advantage of buying online is that you get to enjoy awesome discount of up to 17% off. You also get to enjoy free shipping to your door step. When you make your purchase online you instantly get connected to their experts who will guide you to achieve your target dosage. If you want to purchase your own nutria-strips sleep ASAP supplement you can click the button below

The website allows you to purchase with your credit cards (AMEX, MasterCard, VISA and Discover). The site is secured so your payment details will be secured. You can also choose to checkout with PayPal.


Currently, a month supply of nutristrips sleep will only cost you $49.99 with free shipping.


Nutristrips is highly preferred to sleep aid pills right now. And this is principally because it is much easier to administer. A lot of people hate taking pills because of their bitter tastes, most people even go to the extent of missing their dosage because they don’t like the taste of these pills at all. Nutristrips comes with great taste and this is what makes it much preferred to pills. You also do not need water to take them. Just place the strips on your tongue and your good to go.

Another edge nutristrip has over sleep aid pills is the rapid action. Most sleep aid pills begin to take effect an hour or more after taking them. However with sleep ASAP nutri-strips sleep that is not the case, the supplement begin to take effect within few minutes of placing it on your tongue

In some cases, some sleep aid pills lose their potency. This results from the packaging of these pills. Constant opening and closing of those containers can expose the pills to oxidation, moisture, chemical and structural break down. Thankfully, the manufacturers of nutristrip put this into consideration and each strip is sealed individually in an airtight packaging. Each packaging is then sealed in a bigger airtight packaging to maintain its maximum potency.

Another thing to put into consideration is the addictiveness of most of these sleep pills. Nobody wants to be in a position where they are so dependent on their pills that if they can’t find them they slip into anxiety. Most of these pills are made with addictive ingredients. Nutristrip sleep is completely made of non-addictive natural ingredients and totally safe to use.


In case, you need to make additional enquiries or you have questions about your order. You can contact nutristrips customer care agent with the information provided below

Phone: 1-800-341-6119


PROS AND CONS (sleep ASAP Nutri-strips reviews 2022)


  • Targeted dosing
  • Tight sealing to ensure prolonged potency
  • Now water required
  • Great taste
  • Non-addictive
  • Zero sugar
  • Delivers rapid action (Rapid Activation Delivery)


  • Nutria-strip sleep should only be taken at nights when you want to sleep. Taking nutria-strips at daytime can make you drowsy (do not take nutria-strips when you’re about to drive)
  • If you are currently on any medication for a chronic health problem, it is highly advisable to please consult your doctor prior to taking NutriStrips.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (nutristrips sleep ASAP reviews)

Q: When should I take Sleep A.S.A.P.™?

A: For best results take Sleep A.S.A.P.™ 30 minutes before bed.

Q: Will Sleep A.S.A.P.™ make me feel groggy in the morning?

A: When you get a better nights sleep you will wake up feeling refreshed

Q: Can I take Sleep A.S.A.P.™ while pregnant or breastfeeding?

A: Consult with a health care professional before taking Sleep A.S.A.P.™ if you are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are nursing.

Q: Can I take this with my current prescription?

A: It is best to consult your physician


Nutria-strip is safe and effective. Available worldwide, this supplement has the world’s most advanced because it is infused with five principal organic ingredients specifically for sleep.

Are you a heavy thinker or a restless sleeper? Nutri-strips is the solution you need to enjoy a blissful sleep. The best part is that it is not addictive, you can stop taking it as soon as you can sleep effectively on your own. It activates on the tongue, then swallow and it delivers efficient sleep agents like GABA, L-thianine, Beta-caryophyllene and vitamin B6.

It’s unlike those sleep aids that lose potency over time and make you feel groggy when you wake, nutri-strips make you wake you refreshed.

Nutri-strip is highly recommended by highly qualified medical practitioner all over the United States and Canada. Make use of this discount opportunity and order your sleep ASAP now for quality sleep.

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