NERLOS Locator 2021 Review: could this new device be a waste of money?

To be honest, there is nothing more annoying than realizing at the very last minute that you can’t find the remote control for the TV. You know how you decide to just hangout and chill all by yourself (#SelfCareSaturday), you take a long warm soapy bath, wear fine loungewear, light up candles, pour yourself a bottle of champagne, cozy up with your blankets and decide to just watch Netflix. But then, boom, you realize you’ve misplaced the remote control yet again. We can all relate to how incredibly frustrating and upsetting this can be. Uggghhh.

And the more you try to find it, the more irritated you become. IT WAS LITERALLY JUST HERE A COUPLE OF SECONDS AGO. WHERE IN THIS HOUSE CAN IT POSSIBLY BE??

Well, all of that changes with the new NERLOS LOCATOR. This tracking device has truly made my life a thousand times easier. Buy one NERLOS gadget and get millions of applications. From your luggage to your keys, this device can be used to track any item.


The NERLOS LOCATOR is a device that allows you to find your misplaced belongings and prevents them from going missing in the first place by alerting you when you have misplaced something. The particular Bluetooth locator is small, sophisticated, and has a streamlined appearance. It is roughly the size of a coin and may be attached to a variety of items, including bags, handbags, key chains, and other accessories.

nerlos locator review

When you connect this gadget to your object, it will beep and blink a red light to alert you when you wander too far off from it, and it will also assist you in finding it once you get near it by beeping and blinking a red light for clear recognition. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and is controlled using an app that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. This software works on both Android and iOS devices. Super cool, right??? Yesssssssss!!!!!

The NERLOS LOCATOR is pretty easy to use and was definitely created with everyone in mind.


Now, bluetooth technology is used by most modern electronics, particularly phones of various kinds. Like several other trackers and key finders in the market, the Nerlos locator works by linking to your smartphone.

You can monitor the location of the matching sensor on your keys as long as your phone is in your possession (and the battery isn’t flat). The link works in both directions: you may use your smartphone to locate your keys, or you can use the sensor on your keys to locate your smartphone. It is also quite simple to set up and use.

What’s more? This NERLOS LOCATOR comes with a number of useful features. Its adaptability is the key. Because almost every smartphone has Bluetooth capability, you can use your phone to retrieve your keys—so there is absolutely no need to buy an additional tracking device, and it functions both ways. You can use the locator to scan and locate your phone if you have your keys but can’t find your phone. Amazing!!!!!


Choosing the right locator isn’t always as straightforward, though, as a lot of devices are vying for a place on the end of your keychain. However, the NERLOS LOCATOR is better equipped for the job than others. ONE NERLOS LOCATOR, A THOUSAND USES!

1) If you’re often scrambling to look for your keys or bag as you’re heading out the door, the NERLOS LOCATOR is a lifesaver. Your BLUETOOTH LOCATOR can assist you in finding your item, as far as 75 feet away, thanks to the Bluetooth signal it generates.

2) You’re probably wondering what happens when your device is farther than the specified range. Well, there’s nothing to fear, because even if the NERLOS tagged item is currently out of range, the NERLOS app on your phone will provide you with its most recent known position. So don’t panic when you forget your wallet at your neighbour’s house party, the NERLOS app will immediately tell you exactly where they are!

3) Still not satisfied? Well, there’s even more! The NERLOS APP also has a lost and found feature. Once this is turned on, the app will notify you when another NERLOS user gets within 75 feet of your item. You’ll get a notification telling you exactly where your belongings are. So did you forget your luggage on the bus, in a different part of town??? Don’t worry! The NER-LOS LOCATOR has got your back!

4) And not only that, when you press a button on your phone, the NERLOS tag makes it easier to locate your keys by beeping loudly. And this sound can be customized to whatever you like. So whether you have a cat who loves to hide where nobody would find him, all you need to do is to tag the your ner-los locator on his collar and now, you can track him down, no matter where he goes. Boom! All the worry taken off from your shoulder.

5) One of the most appealing characteristics this device possesses is its ability to prevent you from losing your item in the first place.

If all NER-LOS LOCATOR did was to assist you find your misplaced belongings, that’d be pretty cool. But guess what’s even cooler? This gadget can help you stop losing your stuff in the first place. Ever left the office without your wallet? With your Bluetooth locator, you can avoid such situations, and get alerted when you leave your home without your wallet before it’s too late. Your phone will send you an alert as soon as you step out of range of your NERLOS tagged-items, letting you know you’ve left them behind before you even notice they are gone! It will also direct you to the exact location where you left it!

6) This feature is also useful for preventing theft of your belongings. I installed a NER-LOS tag beneath the seat of my motorcycle, and if someone hops on it and attempts to sneak away, I get an IMMEDIATE alert that my bike has just been stolen! So even though I always chain my motorcycle, the NER LOS LOCATOR serves as a double protection measure.


  1. It prevents you from misplacing your phone. You won’t realize how important your phone is until you lose it. I always thought I wasn’t attached to my phone until I lost one for the first time, and then I learned the truth. Let’s be honest. Losing a phone may be agonizing, and one of the best ways to avoid it is to invest in a NERLOS LOCATOR  today. A Nerlos locator can assist you in locating your phone, and you can also use your phone to track the location of your tracker.
  2. Boosts productivity and efficiency. What exactly do I mean by efficiency in this context? You are definitely going to save a lot of time with the NER-LOS LOCATOR. Just because you can’t seem to find your car keys, you may be late for work or miss a major conference. You would be surprised at how much the time you spend looking for small items like keys and wallets may impact your total performance. Get the NERLOS LOCATOR today and have plenty of free time to do other stuff. I mean, every day, everyone has a range of duties to complete, and in order to complete them successfully, one must be efficient and make the most of one’s time. If someone misplaced their wallet and then needed to go to the store to buy lunch, the time spent looking for their wallet would cause them to miss other appointments later in the day. A Ner-los locator may be all you need to get through these daily annoyances.
  3. Keeps you at ease: “Where is my phone?” is a single thought that can send your adrenaline soaring, and guess what? Your blood pressure is also rising because you believe you are in danger. If you’re the type who’s never sure where they put stuff, a NER LOS LOCATOR is a must-have, if only for your own piece of mind. It will not only assist you in locating your items if you misplace them, but it will also provide you with the confidence that you will not misplace them easily in the first place. This will spare you a lot of time and energy, as well as the unwarranted stress, uncertainty, and irritation that comes with misplacing an object or any other valuable possession.
  4. Security: There are numerous benefits to utilizing a Ner-los locator, one of which is security, and this is a very important one. Consider mistakenly dropping your keys carelessly and having them picked up by the wrong person. The rest is up to you to figure out. You certainly don’t want to picture losing your house keys accidentally and it being picked up by the wrong person. Don’t you think so? One of the most important things a Nerl-os tracker can accomplish for you, aside from saving you time, is to protect your valuable possessions, which, if lost, can lead to heartbreaking scenarios. With the tracking device in situ, if you lose your keys, you may quickly locate them and save costly replacements or time-consuming searches, assuming they can still be found.

There are a couple items that are extremely easy to misplace but are the most terrible to lose. For instance, suppose you misplace your wallet or pocketbook. It is frequently catastrophic, if not fatal. It’s even worse if you have your credit cards, cash, or any other crucial document with you. So, if you lose your wallet or purse, you’ll have to call your bank to deactivate all of your cards, and, under the worst situation, you will have to battle a fraud claim with your bank because someone has stolen money from your account without your permission. In the worst-case situation, a significant amount of money or other goods could be stolen.


  1. Metal and plastic build
  2. Button cell battery that can be replaced
  3. The long-lasting battery lasts a year without needing to be recharged.
  4. A major button
  5. Indicator of LED status
  6. There’s a built-in beeper.
  7. If you forget your keys, NERLOS will send you an instant notification to your smartphone.
  8. You can program the alert system
  9. If you can’t find your phone, simply tap the NERLOS tag to have it start ringing.
  10. Controlling the level of the ringtones
  11. Expected Bluetooth range of 25m
  12. Optional wrist strap included
  13. Comes with 3X stickers so you may attach the tag on a surface properly
  14. You can connect NERLOS to anything: your keys, wallet, handbag, or even your pet’s collar!


This device operates through a brilliantly straightforward principle: First of all, simply download the free NERLOS app, available for both android and iphone. Then, attach the locator to the item you want to track. The locator is only about two inches square (approximately the size of a huge coin) and fits nicely on a keychain. It constantly generates a Bluetooth signal that the app on your phone can automatically detect.

The NERLOS app on your smartphone will use Bluetooth to determine its location, making it much easier to locate your item. Simply tapping on the button on the NERLOS app to start beeping and blinking the NER-LOS Locator’s LED light, makes it extremely easy to detect. The excellent thing is that the beeping and flickering of the LED light provide both audible and visual clues at the same time so that you can hear the sound even if you can’t see the flashing light, and  vice versa.

So did you lose your keys?? Voila!!! Simply launch the NER-LOS app on your phone and it will detect their location immediately. Isn’t that so cool??? So now, you can track the exact location of your tagged-items. Plus, it is relatively lightweight and portable and will work with any item you possess.

And that’s it. The NERLOS LOCATOR is quite simple to operate, and only requires a couple of seconds to configure!


A Nerlos locator is intended to help you save time and increase efficiency. You could use that time on something more valuable and beneficial rather than spending it seeking for lost keys or remote controls. The Nerlos locator is a high-quality product with the most advanced functionality, including a long-lasting battery, GPS, and verified expansive performance. If you are seeking for a Bluetooth device to assist you find your misplaced belongings and avoid going missing, Nerlos Locator may be what you are searching for.

They detect misplaced keys. Keys are one of the most frequently misplaced items, regardless of whether you are negligent or not. Keys can be misplaced by anyone. More importantly, if you frequently find yourself in this circumstance, chances are you will benefit even more from this device, as it will relieve you of the headaches of searching for keys on a regular basis, allowing you to devote your time to more important tasks.

The good news is that a Ner-los locator can also monitor a variety of other items asides from keys, such as a wallet, remote control, or luggage, and the even better news is that you can share your tracker with another user to hunt down a lost item together.

They relieve stress, allowing you to keep your sanity and peace of mind. There are already enough things to make one uneasy for a lifetime; adding the burden of “searching for stuff” only makes matters worse. You can find your stuff in seconds with the Ner-los Locator and save yourself a lot of time and frustration. You don’t have to be concerned or anxious about where you left your belongings after the last time.

They save you time. It is no secret that retrieving misplaced objects takes time and results in a lot of wasted time. It is also no surprise that a tracking device like Nerlos Locator can assist in resolving this issue.

 So, what’s keeping you from purchasing the NERLOS LOCATOR right now?


The NERLOS LOCATOR has proven to be a lifesaver as demonstrated by several of our customers.

I arrived in Japan on business a couple of months ago and made the mistake of driving away with one of my luggage still at the airport lounge. Thankfully, NERLOS informed me that I had forgotten my box within a block. I’m not sure what I would have done if I didn’t have access to my documents and belongings in a completely different country, but that never occurred, thanks to NERLOS.

Griffith J.- San diego, CA


Winifred, my four-year-old daughter, strayed away as we were setting up our tents during a camping vacation. NERLOS sent me an IMMEDIATE notification, and I dashed off to discover her seated by the riverbank! Who knows what would have followed if it hadn’t been for NERLOS! I’m able to keep tabs on every one of my kids with the NERLOS LOCATOR, especially in theme parks.

Allan P.- Chicago, IL

NERLOS LOCATOR assists me in locating my vehicle in a congested driveway. I used to have to roam around the store for hours, wheeling my shopping cart and struggling to recall where I’d parked the car. NERLOS LOCATOR, however, allows me to locate my vehicle in a matter of seconds! How wonderful!

Karen C.- Manhattan, NY


I had a huge presentation for a couple of investors at the office but somehow, I didn’t hear the alarm go off. I had a quick bath and got ready hurriedly, but I couldn’t find my car keys until the very last minute! My keys had slipped beneath my couch, according to the alert I got from NERLOS.  I made it to the office just in time, thanks to NERLOS LOCATOR.

Jason H.- Portland, OR


The NERLOS LOCATOR tracking device has simplified their lives, relieved a great deal of stress, and prevented them from misplacing certain irreplaceable objects in public. NOW IMAGINE HOW MUCH MORE IT CAN DO FOR YOU!!!

So do you often misplace or lose everyday things like your keys, wallet, phone, bag, backpack, or umbrella? You’re not the only one! Luckily, with NERLOS, you can find your missing things with just a few simple taps on your phone screen.


  • If you forget your keys, wallet, or other valuables, NERLOS will send you a notification on your smartphone right away.
  • The battery has a one-year warranty and does not need to be recharged. Isn’t it incredible?
  • Nerlos can assist you in locating your phone. If you can’t find your phone, simply tap the NERLOS tag and it will begin to ring.
  • NERLOS may be clipped to everything, including your keys, wallet, handbag, and even your pet’s collar!


  • It can only be purchased online.
  • the discount promo will only last for a short while.
  • Only limited stock is available, so always check stock availability before you buy.


STEP 1: Enable the Bluetooth on your phone: The Bluetooth must be enabled on your phone for Nerlos to work. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. If you disable Bluetooth, the App will notify you and then exit when you tap OK. If this occurs, re-open the app and switch the Bluetooth on again.

Attach a ner los locator to the item you want to keep track of.

STEP 2: Sign up and Log in to the NERLOS app available on apple and Android devices. To use the Nerlos app, you must first create an account. You may sign up for it for free or connect in with one of your favorite social media accounts. To create a new account, click Register. Use your Google, Facebook, Apple, or email address to log in.

Register the locator on your phone using the nerlos app

STEP 3: Turn your Nerlos tag on and off: The device will beep twice and the blue light will flash if you press and hold the button for 3 seconds.

Use the app to keep track of your devices.

STEP 4: Click the Add (+) icon on the Nerlos App. Your Nerlos tag will be scanned and displayed by the app. When you select it, the NERLOS App will begin the connection process. When the Nerlos tag is linked, it will beep once and the light will turn off. Once the link is established, your new tag will appear on the My Nerlos screen with one of the following statuses:

  • Connecting: The blue light indicates that your tag is processing the connection.
  • Connected: The tag will beep once, and the light will turn off, indicating that it has been correctly linked.
  • Disconnected: If your tag loses contact with the Nerlos App, the phone will immediately set off an alarm, and the Nerlos tag will beep continuously while simultaneously flashing the blue light. You may turn it off by pressing the “Stop” button on your phone or pressing the button on the tag for a few seconds.


The NERLOS LOCATOR is available for purchase by clicking on the link below. You can also select your preferred payment method, plus, there is a return policy put in place to ensure a seamless return in the event that you do not find the goods to be particularly beneficial.

There is an ongoing SPECIAL 50% DISCOUNT for all customers that purchase the NER-LOS LOCATOR right away. Simply, click on this link right now to get access to the best Bluetooth tracker ever!!!!! Hurry up because this limited-time discount won’t last long.


Finding lost items is, without a doubt, a difficult and stressful experience that I’m sure we’ve all had. What makes these situations even more unpleasant is that they usually occur when you have a limited amount of time, leaving you uneasy at best and angry at worst. Beyond the irritation, there’s the possibility of losing anything valuable if these items are misplaced and stolen. Your car keys, house keys, wallets, and even credit cards could be among them. You don’t want to think about it.

The good news is that we don’t have to deal with these headaches of looking for things all of the time. There are already too many stressful situations in life, and the best we can do is reduce the amount of stress we experience.

The NER-LOS LOCATOR is a small and compact device that can help us track missing stuff and, in the best-case scenario, prevent them from becoming lost in the first place by alerting you when you’re getting too far away from your prized possessions. Click on this link right now to get the NERLOS LOCATOR and watch it change your life more than you ever imagined.

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