Something new!! Liveguard pro latest 2020 review: is it really worth your money?

Liveguard pro review

Okay, have you ever been put in a situation whereby you are away from home but yet you really need to keep an eye of what’s happening in your house? Every caring parent or house owner have this same particular urge and it is highly understandable. But other members may not understand you but we most certainly do.

A lot of homicide, burglary, and domestic violent cases have been swept under the carpets simply because there is no concrete evidence to push the case. And this is a very hurtful situation to be in.

So what is the way out of all this? Installation of cameras of course. That is the only surest way to monitor anything that happens and keeps you at alert. The use of micro cameras has really been helpful over the years but it also brought its side effects especially given how obvious most of them are when mounted.

But with this new article everything is about to change for the better. In this review we will be telling you about something new, revolutionary and ground breaking. And that my friend is the live guard pro this home monitoring cam has really gone a long way making a name for itself around the world.

In this review we are going to be give you a full and watered down information about this device. By the time you are done with this site you will see more than enough reasons on the importance of securing your home.

Let’s hop right into it shall we?

What is liveguard pro?

The liveguard is a sophisticated surveillance camera, at first impression you would think it’s just a light bulb used in homes but this little baby is so much more. A light bulb camera with LED ligh, this means it can actually serve as both a light bulb and a surveillance camera. We love to call it the perfect “spy tool” because no one can ever suspect it’s a camera.

liveguard pro review

A 360 degree bright white bulb sufficient enough to brighten up an entire room. This device is also graced with energy saving technology this simply means it does not consume much power to give that bright light which is a winning situation because you can be sure it won’t affect your electricity bills in anyway, so anyone in any country around the world could have this without any worries.

This surveillance camera also has an amazing picture quality, it would amaze you to know that this little thing produces a 1080p image quality. Surveillance cameras with this image quality are far more expensive in the market, by expensive we are talking about thousands of dollars.

This surveillance camera lets you keep an eye on your home, you shop even your warehouse by remotely live streaming its video coverage from your phone or any other device with its super-fast Wi-Fi connectivity

What are the features of the liveguard pro?

Here we are going to be telling you some key features of this surveillance camera

  • 12 megapixels camera: that brings out high definition crystal clear quality of the images it captures.
  • LED light: bright enough to light up a whole room and plays a key role in concealing the camera itself. The 5W LED light comes in handy for dark areas. It may also interest you to know that this device also comes with a 3W infrared LED light for night vision HD surveillance
  • 128 Gb storage: this spy camera also comes with a support for broad storage capacity of up to 124gigabyte which allows you to save and store important footages for future reference, so your favorite spy camera has more than enough storage space to store up your HD video coverage which is always demanding in terms of memory space.   
  • Wifi connection: with this, you can connect your liveguard pro through you iOS or android mobile devices and get a live feed coverage.
  • Motion detection: you get an alarm notification on your smartphone from wherever you are whenever motions within the coverage of the surveillance camera is detected.
  • Battery: a built in battery with backup power of up to 30 minutes that allows you to save your data when there is power outage
  • Mobile app: the liveguard pro comes with an app that supports both iOS and android mobile devices this app allows you to monitor your home from wherever you might be.

Technical features of the liveguard pro.

Camera resolution1920*1080p
Operating system supportediOS and android
Video encodeH.264
infrared LED3 watts, 940nm
Light LED5 watts
Power supply85-263V, AC
LED colorIce white, warm white
Backup power supply time30 minutes
technical features

What do I stand to benefit from this device?

Well, you stand a change of benefiting a lot from this product both as a user and a buyer. So we would just let you in on some of the key benefits around this light bulb camera

  • You get to keep your eyes on your valuable belongings even from wherever you are.
  • This light bulb camera plays a key beneficial role in safe guarding the well beings of your children, so you don’t have to worry much about your kids or with whose care you leave them under.
  • The camouflage light bulb feature of the liveguard pro has made it hard to easily detect even by the most enlightened minds. No one can ever suspect it’s an actual surveillance camera unless you tell them.
  • With the high image quality this camera produces you are sure of a concrete evidence should any burglary or theft incident occur in your home or anywhere the camera is placed.
  • There is an ongoing 50% discount in price for buyers right now.
  • Does not need any wired connection during installation.

What are the pros and cons of the liveguard pro light bulb camera?


  • Its lets you keep an eye on your home and loved ones with high picture quality from anywhere you are
  • The most affordable piece of tech when compared to other cameras that share the same high end features.
  • Does not consume my power during usage.
  • Easy to use by anyone


  • Stock is limited get yours now before it finishes
  • The 50% discount on the sale of this device will not last that long so hurry and get yours now

Where can I buy this device?

If you read to this part of the review kudos to you! We appreciate it. This can never be a complete review without us telling you about the sellers of this device.

The liveguard pro can be purchased through the company’s official site

Sadly there happen to be a lot of fake imitations of this particular product currently selling today but by making your purchase from their official site, you are sure to avoid being scammed and get the original product. The site is fast and supports multiple payment options which also includes paypal.

By buying directly from the company you automatically get qualified for a 50% discount price. That’s not all you also enjoy free shipping, once you make a purchase you device will be delivered to you anywhere around the world.

This bonus does not last long so we advise you to make use of this opportunity and get yours now.

How do I install the liveguard pro camera in my home?

There is no much skill required in mounting this surveillance camera but we do advice you to consult the user manual that comes with it for a better guideline on how to setup the App.

  • Before anything you must make a direct wired connection from your home power source to the place you want to fix the lamp holder of the camera.
  • First after opening the box take out the lamp holder from the box
  • Place the lap holder on the wall, roof or anywhere of choice in such an angle that I could cover the whole room or the area of interest
  • Hold fast the lamp holder with the fixing screw
  • Finally fit in your fish eye light bulb camera and connect to your phone through the app

Our conclusion on this device.

We understand what it means to be paranoid, to be worried about the safety of your business, your house hold and nobody deserves to be put through that stress. The liveguard pro has actually ranked up to expectations we can confidently tell you that this particular light bulb camera is the best buy in quest for surveillance cameras. If you are one of such people that is always busy away from home and have worries on what is going on in your home then this surveillance camera is the ideal device for you.

Thank you for your time.

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