Korescale gen 2 review: Ridiculous!!! See crazy findings

Many users can’t stop talking about the korescale gen 2 smart scale by korehealth. This smart scale has amassed an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 star review rating on social media platforms. Many  users regard the korescale gen 2 as a big time step up from its predecessor.

It is always a healthy choice to embark on the weight loss journey and one of the most important equipment you need is a weight scale. A weight scale comes in handy when there is a need to know your current weight. The importance of one being aware of their weights cannot be overemphasized. It gives you an insight on your weight loss progress, leaving you with an upper hand in your diet regimen.

Just like your blood pressure, blood oxi level and heart rate, your body weight is another important data you should always be aware of. Sadly many people are unaware of their body weight data either out of sheer ignorance or because they lack the resources to get this data. For that reason the use of home weight scales is highly encouraged. Doctors all over the globe will always advise to form a habit of watching your weight from time to time. This is highly beneficial for you to prevent the development of certain heart diseases in connection to excess weight gain.

The use of weight scale has proven to be of immeasurable importance in the health sector. As someone looking to lose weight or build muscle mass it is important to keep track of your weight progress using the measuring scale. However, many of the scales you buy may not give you that accurate weight measurement which can be frustrating.

The mechanical scales have been used widely back in the days to determine body weight measurement however the working mechanism was only confined to a spring balance and an analogue dial which only gives you a broad range of your weight instead of giving you the actual weight. Not long after, the more-accurate digital scales were introduced. With this you can see your body weight in its actual measurement and also track your progress better.

As the world advanced technologically, smart scales were introduced. Smarts scales have been around for over a decade now with the first wifi connected scale was introduced in 2009. Initially smart scales didn’t do much different from the regular scales except for the fact that they allowed to record your body weight on your smart phone. However, with the advancement in technology, smart scales could now do so much more than just taking your body weight measurement.

Example of health information that can be measured by a good smart scale include;

  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Body mass percentage
  • Muscle mass
  • Fat mass
  • Bone mass
  • Heart rate
  • Body water percentage.

There are many exceptional smart scales in the market currently. However the price has been the major discouraging factor. You must understand that if you’re to keep an accurate reading on your body data you need to make use of a good smart scale and a good smart scale ranges from $200-$450.

Of course, there are cheaper options currently and one of them is the korescale gen 2 which is the main focus of this article.

In this article we are going to be talking extensively on the korescale gen 2 smart scale. This is not an advertorial article. So be sure that every information you’re seeing from this page is as a result of constant tests and finding from using this smart scale.

If you are looking for alternative to the expensive smart scale then, the korescale may be the right one for you.   


Korescale gen 2 is an advanced smart scale that makes use of biometric sensors to give you your health data. Korescale gen 2 made significant improvements from its predecessor the first gen. korescale released back in 2020. These improvements include additional health metrics which are highly crucial to tracking your body composition and fitness progress.

korescale gen 2 reviews

People who are not really into fitness may not have a need for smart scales since the bathroom scales just gives them their body weights. If you love to workout then you really need to watch your body composition at every given time, this will help you achieve you much desired fitness results. One major limitation people have with smart scales is their prices. Yes, they are expensive and the ones that are a bit affordable may be deficient in giving you some body metric information, this is where a product like korescale gen 2 comes in.

Korescale gen 2 provides you with up to 14 thorough body metrics, this leaves you with more than enough information about your body composition and makes your fitness goal a huge success. Korescale goes far beyond weight measurements. As a fitness enthusiast, there are thresholds you should always be aware of, a typical example is your body fat and water percentage. In as much as these metrics have a huge role to play in your weight loss and body building regimen, it is important not to exceed the threshold of these particular body metrics as it can put your health at risk. A smart scale like korescale makes sure that you don’t exceed those limits.

Like many smart scales, korescale gen 2 can also be connected to your smart phone through the Bluetooth with its smartphone App to set up a profile that keeps you informed, the phone app also allows you to store these data for future reference and also to help you understand the diet plan and work out routines that work best for you.


Like any other smart scale you might have heard of, korescale gen 2 estimates your body composition through biomedical impedance analysis (BIA). How does this work? The korescale gen 2 has two electrodes that sends painless and negligible electric current through your feet. This allows it to calculate your body composition metrics with ease.

To get accurate reading on the korescale smart scale, there is need for you to take off your socks and shoes. The electric current from this smart scale safe for adults and even children. However, if you have pacemaker or any other implanted device, don’t use korescale gen 2 or any smart scale at all because BIA could interfere with it.


 WEGHT UNITKilogram, lb
LOW BATTERY INDICATOR“lo” inscription on the LED display
OVERLOAD INDICATOR“EEr” inscription on display
WEIGHT LIMIT0.2kg-180kg, 0.4lbs-400lbs


Korescale gen 2 smart scale is not just meant for checking your weight, it does so much more. Even a bit more than other smart scale within the same price range as it. The bio-metric data that can be estimated by the korescale smart scale are;

  • Body weight (lbs, kg)
  • Body max index (BMI)
  • Bone mass
  • Body fat percentage
  • Visceral fat
  • Subcutaneous fat
  • Muscle mass
  • Protein
  • Body water
  • Skeletal muscle
  • Metabolic age
  • Fat-free body weight
  • Basal metabolic rate (BMR)
  • Heart rate


Making use of the korescale gen 2 smart scale is also very easy, just as you mount on your manual and digital bathroom scales. The only difference with the smart scale like korescale gen 2 is that you have to:

  • Install the mobile App: To download the APP, got to your App store, then click on the search bar and type “Feelfit”. Once you have downloaded the feetbit app you need to pair it with your korescale smart scale and create a new profile. This is where you can be able to get your needed health insights and biometric data.
  •  Afterward, place your korescale gen 2 on a hard flat surface and stand with your bare feet on it for 5 seconds.
  • When you look down on it, it will only display your body weight. However the bio-metric sensors will scan you automatically and send a full report on the 13 remaining biometric data on your smart phone through the feelfit App.


The readings on smart scales are hardly inaccurate and a device like korescale gen 2 smart scale is no exception. Korescale gen 2 smart scale will give you an accurate reading of not just your weight but a vast number of bio-metric measurements in your bod.

Korescale gen 2 smart scale gives you a completely accurate reading of your body weight and many other bio-metric information you may want to know.


The korescale gen 2 is a successor to the first generation korescale which was released in 2020. The first generation korescale smart scale proved to be an efficient device on a certain level. In as much as the first gen korescale didn’t receive a heavy amount of criticism for users, korehealth decided to up their game a bit with the production of korescale gen 2.

If I’m being honest, the difference between the two smart scales is not much. Korescale gen 2 only included additional bio-metric body readings. So if you already have the first gen korescale you’re not really missing anything.


If you wish to purchase korescale gen 2, the best way to do so is to place your order on the korehealth official website. Buying from the website give a high advantage with no risk of being scammed. There are many fake copies of the korescale smart scale distributed in retail shops. The mediocre copies look exactly like the korescale but are only cheap fakes, you can barely differentiate. This is why it is advisable to purchase online in order to avoid falling victim of such scam.

Purchasing from the company’s website also qualifies you for the ongoing discount promo of up to 50% discount price. So if you nurse plans of getting this smart scale, this might be the perfect opportunity for you. To navigate to the official check out page of the korescale smart scale. Please click the button below.

The company is also offering a 30-day money back guarantee to unsatisfied purchases. Simply post the product back to them to get a replacement or a full refund.

Delivery is also swift, especially for purchases in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.


Once you click on the link to the official website, you automatically activate your discount bonus. This makes a unit of korescale gen 2 priced at $99.99

2X korescale smart scale cost $199.99

3X korescale gen 2 smart scale sells at $224.99

4X korescale will cost you $274.99


As earlier mentioned the main reason people get discouraged from getting a smart scale is the price. Now a smart scale like core scale is not all that cheap at all but it is the most cost efficient smart scale of its grade with its counterpart at expensive price of at least $450. With just a fraction of the price, you can settle for the korescale gen 2 which can serve you in a similar way.

Furthermore, korescale gen 2 smart scale is the easiest smart scale to set up and operate unlike most of its competitors with apps that are quite difficult to understand. The feelfit app on the other hand is quite straight forward with user friendly interface which can allow you monitor your workout progress with ease.

Korescale does the efficient job of helping you to comprehend the results of your fitness practices over time. Putting you steps ahead in making the right exercise regimen and fitness plans that can hasten your goals.


Adding korescale can be a big boost to your fitness journey. Unlike your regular weight scales, a smart scale like korescale goes the extra mile in providing you with more body composition which always acts as an insight for your overall health. Now let us see some benefits the korescale gen 2 can offer you

Personalized fitness programs: think of it as a gym coach that is always around you. it evaluates your body composition in respect to your current workout regimen and gives you results which you can use to deduce if you’re making progress or not. A very good example is your body fat percentage after every week of workout, korescale will keep track of this data for you on your smartphone. This will help you change your workout routine if there is any need for it.

Can help you monitor your progress with ease: keeping track of your body weight off hand may not be an easy feet for some people. However with korescale gen 2 it can be achievable as it keeps record of all your body weight right from the first time you started using it.

Helps you to prevent serious health conditions: weight increase can be one of the key factors of hypertension. Hypertension is one of the major causes of heart diseases and heart attacks. A device like korescale helps you keep your weight in check by helping you form a routine of constant weight check

Fuels your motivation: it is highly encouraging when you see progress every time you mount on a scale let alone a scale that gives you the full insight about your overall bio-metric data and stores them over time. This will encourage you to take your workout serious. This is why smart scales are most times referred as the “non-human gym coach”.



  • Glossy design
  • Portable and light weight
  • A unisex device
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Compatible with iOS and android devices
  • Accurate bio-metric reading
  • Measures up to 14 vital body compositions


  • This smart scale is quite expensive at $100 but it is worth the money
  • Korescale can only be purchased online


The scale is so helpful! It made staying on top of my diet easy and helped me conquer my health performance goals.

Brittany F. 

If you work out, you NEED one of these! Super accurate results and the app makes tracking fast and easy. It’s worth every penny!

Ron H.

I’ve lost 6 pounds since I started using KoreScale! Losing weight is infinitely easier when you know how your body reacts to different foods and workouts. It used to feel like it was a guessing game, but this takes all the mystery out of it. I finally know what my body is doing!

Wiliam R.



In conclusion, the use of a smart scale like korescale gen 2 is highly beneficial. The App is easy to understand and also connect. It allows you to monitor up to 14 body composition metrics from the comfort of your smart phone, something that was initially limited to its high dollar competitors.

In my humble opinion if you are looking to only check your weight there may not be a need to purchase this smart scale, the regular bathroom scales can serve you just right at little price too. However, if you are a fitness enthusiast and you have need to monitor your body bio-metric data constantly, a smart scale is the right device for you and it is always advisable not to go for the cheap ones. For the sake of accuracy in results you need to dig deeper into your pockets. That is why the korescale gen 2 was made, it’s not totally cheap but it is cost effective and also delivers to your full satisfaction.

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