Korejetpulse blender review 2022: Buyers beware! Don’t buy this blender without reading this!

Korejetpulse blender reviews

People will always appreciate innovations that has the capacity of making their lives a lot easier. Portable blenders like the korejetpulse are one of those innovations. The invention of portable blenders has been applauded by many people, most especially people with on-the-go lifestyle. These devices ensure that you have your blending needs settled without any delays. Portable blenders are applauded for their unique way of making instant smoothies which is highly essential for your dieting plans.

One major advantage portable blenders have over the old kitchen blenders lies with the fact that most of these old kitchen blenders are built with much bigger blades, which will not effectively blend your fruits and veggies to their fine required textures.

Thankfully, modern kitchen blenders now have this feature improved in them. However, price is a major discouraging factor. A single unit of these types of blenders are so expensive that you may have to think twice before acquiring one for yourself.

Portable blenders don’t only offer to be the greater alternative in the price aspect, they also offer more with fast and instant blending.


Before trying to buy these type of blenders you must first of all come to understand the specifics of why you really need it. Many people prefer portable blenders to kitchen blenders solely because of their compact sizes, these type of blenders are typically lightweight and easy to pack and take with you to the gym.

Furthermore, a brief comparison in the blending speed of the two blenders shows that the portable blender blends up your smoothie a bit faster than the kitchen blenders

Another important reason people love portable blenders is the fact that they work on rechargeable batteries. This makes it possible for people to take it with them to wherever they want without having to worry about power supply.

One major reason people prefer to use their portable blenders over the bigger ones in the kitchen is that the kitchen blenders are difficult to clean after use. You may have to dismantle the entire thing and also expose the blades just to clean your blender, users are often injured from the sharp exposed blades as a result of this. Portable blenders are very easy to clean after use. You can thoroughly get it cleans in less than 30 seconds


In as much as portable blenders are notable for the increased benefits they come with, one cannot totally overlook the kitchen blenders. The kitchen smoothie maker blenders can come in handy when you want to make smoothie for multiple servings. This is as a result of the bigger jars or containers.

Kitchen blenders are also capable of blending tougher ingredients like the Tiger nuts and the coconuts. Some personal blenders may not have the capacity to effectively blend these tougher ingredients to your desired texture.

So we are going to be looking at this new personal blender that just hit the market a few months ago. It’s called the korejetpulse. After an in-depth inspection on this device. I’m about to give a full detailed information about the most convenient personal blender you can afford. I am also going to be telling some hidden facts about this blender no one wants you to know.

The main purpose of this review is to help to you determine within yourself if korejetpulse is the right personal blender for you or not.


korejetpulse blender

The korejetpulse is one of the most convenient personal blenders you can get your hands on. If you are a lover of smoothies, then this personal blender is probably the right device for you. Korejetpulse has the capacity to make instant smoothies with any fruit you prefer. It is so versatile that it can be used not just for smoothie making but some much more like blending up your food ingredients, mixing up your favorite protein powder and so much more.

This portable blender is so good that it could make you totally forget about their big kitchen blenders. And this is because of it rechargeable batteries. No one wants to be pinned in a certain place just to make smoothies, korejetpulse gives you the luxury of blending up your fruit smoothies wherever you want.

The korejetpulse is your perfect compact and lightweight, this helps you pack and take it with you to anywhere you want. You don’t have to stick to a wall socket anymore just to make your favorite fruit blend. 

This personal blender is already preset with a powerful blending speed, which is sufficient enough for making smoothies without any hassle. Compared to the old kitchen blender it is very easy to use, with the push of one single button, you can make your smoothie in no time.


High quality material: korejetpulse is totally made from the safest of materials. A 100% food grade Tritan™. Tritan™ is considered to be the safest plastic out there and that is because of its BPA free property. It is also free of BPS and many other bisphenol compounds. The material is also shatter prove so you don’t have to worry about dropping your personal blender accidentally. Thanks to this high end material, korejetpulse will surely stand the test of time.

Good capacity blending chamber: this rechargeable blender comes with a blending chamber that can accommodate up to 300ml/10oz. This makes it the ideal personal blender for your personal usage. With one single use, you have enough smoothie for one serving

Easy to use: making smoothie has never been easier. Then, when I used my kitchen blender for smoothies I had to do a lot of work, I had to change the settings and I also had to change the entire blending chamber as a whole. You might have experienced similar fuss with your kitchen blender. The beauty about korejetpulse personal blender is that it makes smoothie making the easiest job in the word! All you need to do is to make use of the single button the portable blender came with. Cleaning this blender is also a walk in the park as well!

Powerful blending function: this feature is one thing you have to look out for when trying to buy personal blenders, a lot of substandard products have blades that are too weak to effectively blend the softest of fruit into required texture. The korejetpulse is up to the task in this aspect. With its 304 stainless steel four-leaf blade, it can handle a vast variation of fruits you throw into it. These steel blades make blending quick and easy.   

Compact and portable: it won’t be called a portable blender if it lacks this feature would it? Thanks to its lightweight and compact appearance this personal blender can easily be packed into any bag or backpack and taken with you to anywhere you want, be it your office, the gym, the park anywhere!

A cordless blender: like many portable blenders the korejetpulse does not require any form of wall socket to work. This is because of the inbuilt rechargeable battery it comes with. This battery makes it possible for you to make your smoothies anywhere you like. You do not have to be pinned to a wall socket to get you smoothies done anymore, the personal blender allows you to make you smoothies, protein shakes or baby food on-the-go.

FDA Approved: the issue of safety to consumers is one of the major concerns surrounding this type of gadgets. Making smoothie with blenders made from unsafe substances puts at great health risk. Korejetpulse is FDA approved and safe for consumers to use. Always look out for the FDA batch of approval around the package of any portable blender you want to purchase.


Just like many other counterparts, this portable blender is powered by a rechargeable battery of 5200mAH capacity. This massive battery life allows to make up to 12 smoothies once fully charged. Korejetpulse is operated by a single button, this button makes it super easy for you to make your smoothie or protein shake with just one click.

This portable blender has blade made of durable 304-class stainless steel, this is a four-leafed blade which ensures maximum blending efficiency. And with a rotational speed of 16500 rpm, you don’t have to wait all day just to prepare your smoothie.

Korejetpulse blender is activated with the single button unlike the traditional blenders that have complex buttons and settings. All you need to do is to add your desired fruits with little water and click the button just once. Once you click the button, your personal blender starts to blend up your fruits, it’s up to you to stop the blending once the required fruit texture has been achieved. To stop the korejetpulse just click on the button again and it will stop blending.

This personal blender is also very easy to clean, no matter where you find yourself, you do not need to take your portable blender apart to have it cleaned. You can clean it in your office restroom sink or even in a drinking founding. Add just water and turning it on and it will automatically rinse its jar in matter of seconds.


If you think this personal blender is just for the sole purpose of making smoothies, you might want to think again. Apart from smoothie making, korejetpulse portable blender can be used for;

  • Mixing your favorite protein powder which is essential for your workout.
  • Preparing your baby’s meals from the freshest of ingredient, this helps you to avoid commercial chemical additives which can be very harmful to them.
  • The korejetpulse can also help you to prepare your favorite alcoholic mix with ease.
  • This personal blender can also be used to whip your egg whites. This can help you easily make delicacies like pancakes or meringues


Making use of your portable blender has never been this easier. Like I said easier, making smoothies or your favorite food drink is the easiest job in the world once you have your korejetpulse. This portable blender is so easy to use that you do not require any skill neither do you have to refer to its user manual for any assistance.

I am going to be giving you three easy steps through which you can make use of your personal smoothie maker.

STEP 1: Add your desired fruit, veggie, protein powder or baby food into the 300ml blending chamber of the korejetpulse and screw the container onto the blending unit.

STEP 2: Add a little water or milk to your taste to get your desired liquid texture. Then press the mix button and blend your ingredients until you reach your desired consistency

STEP 3: Once your desired consistency is reached press the mix button again to turn off the blender, pour the content into a drinking glass and serve.


If you use this personal blender, you will instantly tell it’s different from most of its competitors in the market. Korejetpulse has built a lot of positive reputation and satisfaction among customers globally. You can barely go to anywhere without spotting of it there. This is because of the amazing features that made it very durable and special. These are key feature that its competitors lack.

The number one specialty of the korejetpulse is the battery capacity, most portable blenders really flop in this aspect. As a matter of fact, many user where beginning to lose interest in portable blender simply because they don’t have sufficient battery capacity. Many big money portable blenders have battery capacities lower than 1800mAH. And this is sometimes very frustrating especially if you are somewhere without your charger. Thankfully the korejetpulse has successfully tackled this issue with it giant capacity 5200mAH battery. This battery is super-efficient and last you enough to make up to 12 cups of smoothies once fully charged.

four-leaf blade

Another key distinguishing factor is the blades of this personal blender, the blades are made of class 304 stainless steel. Unlike its competitors with two leaf blades, korejetpulse personal blender comes with a four-leaf blade. This ensures that your fruits are efficiently processed to give you that quality consistent smoothie

The blades spin at approximately 16500 rotations per minute getting your smoothie, protein shake or baby food  ready in absolutely no time!


Korejetpulse portable blender can only be purchased online. This is to make sure that you get the original device and also to help avoid falling for imitation products being sold in retail shop. This personal blender has so many low quality copies and imitation and they are often sold very cheap at these retail stores. I need you to be careful so you don’t make a mistake you will regret later.

It is highly advisable you make your purchase from their company’s official checkout page. To access this page click the button below.

Buying directly through their website qualifies you for the ongoing discount of up to 50% price slash. That’s not all, you also become eligible for the 30 days money back guarantee.

Delivery within the United States, Canada and Mexico is very fast, it only takes two days for your order to be delivered to you


  • 1 unit of korejetpulse blender cost $49.99
  • 2 units of this portable blender goes for $99.99
  • 3 units of korejetpulse personal blender cost $111.99
  • 4 units of korejetpulse cost $136.99


Honestly, it is quite glaring that this blender proves to be versatile. Honestly if you are happy with your kitchen blender and you can stand making smoothies with them even with the hassles you may face before and after using them, then korejetpulse might not be for you.

However if you are always a busy person and you want something that is totally compactible with your on-the-go lifestyle and won’t give any form of stress, this blender is the best thing you can ever get your hands on! As earlier mentioned this personal blender is versatile, it doesn’t just serve the purpose of making smoothies. You can do so much more like mixing up your protein powder to make your protein shake, whipping up your egg whites, stirring up your soup and so much more.

Its ability to perform multiple tasks makes it a perfect gadget for everyone. And don’t think price is a limitation it’s very affordable so everybody can have one for themselves.  


There are lots of benefits you stand to gain from using the korejetpulse blender

  1. SAVES YOUR TIME: This personal blender makes smoothie making very easy and prompt too. Imagine the stress of spending minutes to setup your kitchen blender, it is also more stressful to stay glued to your wall socket just to make your fruit drink. Korejetpulse will not cause you any delay. The high speed blades ensure quick blend in no time.
  2. SAVES YOU MONEY: This is the major benefit this person blender offers you. You don’t have to spend money at the gym anymore buying protein shakes. You can instantly prepare yours. In addition to this you can also save more money making your own smoothies and not having to buy regularly
  3. EASY TO CLEAN: One major discouragement people have when making smoothies is the stress of having to take apart the entire blender unit just to get it cleaned. No one likes that kind of chore, most users actually get cuts from the sharp exposed blades of the blender. This one benefit korejetpulse offers you. You can clean your personal blender anywhere you want without any fuss.
  4. ENJOY 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Making your own smoothie or juice with ease will help you reduce buying commercially made smoothies which are most times made with unsafe chemical additives and preservatives. Korejetpulse ensures you stick to a healthy lifestyle by taking smoothies or fruit drinks made from 100% natural ingredients.
  5. LONG LASTING BATTERY LIFE: This is something most personal blenders really lack. With the giant 5200mAH battery, you can take your personal blender with you to work, to the gym, to the park and anywhere you want without any worry of it disappointing you.


  • This blender is only for personal purpose and can make smoothies for only one serving
  • It might not effectively blend hard ingredients like walnuts, tigernuts, and coconuts.
  • This portable blender cannot be used for dry blending you must add water.
  • Korejetpulse personal blender can only be purchased online.
  • There is limited stock available.


If you are skeptical about this portable blender probably because of your previous experiences with some substandard brands of portable blenders it is highly understandable. Korejetpulse has really merited every hype and praises thrown on it by users. You may have your doubts because it seems too good to be true but as someone who has tried out this product, I can confidently tell you that everything about korejetpulse checks out and this blender will serve you efficiently.

There are a lot of fake copies of the korejetpulse being sold in retail shops. These products are complete knock offs and I advise you to avoid them. Yes, they are very cheap but they are basically substandard and will not work as effectively as you want.

To avoid this, simply order your korejetpulse from the original webpage and you’re of getting the original product delivered to you.

CUSTOMER REVIEWS (Korejetpulse reviews)

I love drinking smoothies but the cleanup on my kitchen blender made the hassle not worth it. That’s what I love about the KoreJetPulse – it’s easy to use, gives great results, and best of all, the cleanup is a SNAP. I used to make smoothies only about once a month, but thanks to the KoreJetPulse I can enjoy a delicious smoothie every day of the week.

Ashleigh K. -Toronto, ON

I know this thing was designed for making healthy smoothies, but who’s kidding who here? I use mine to make all sorts of delicious snacks and desserts! I add a few scoops of ice cream, some milk, some chocolate sprinkles, or maybe a few blueberries… let me tell you, it comes out a THOUSAND times better than anything you could buy in an ice cream parlor!

Alonzo J. – Albany, NY

My new baby is a real picky eater. Half of the things I stick in his mouth he just spits out. That’s where the KoreJetPulse comes in! I use it to make him delicious and nutritious smoothies that even he can’t say no to! It’s made him a much happier eater, and it sure has made my mom-duties a whole lot easier, too!

Adriana B. – Oakland, CA


What is KoreJetPulse?

KoreJetPulse is portable blender running on a rechargeable battery, meaning you can take it with you wherever you go. KoreJetPulse has all powerful features you need:

  • Simple to use One-Touch blending
  • Compact and lightweight design goes with you everywhere
  • Unit is easy to clean and can be washed out in an ordinary sink in seconds

What are the KoreJetPulse product specifications?

  • Rechargeable 7.4V 5200mAh battery allows you to charge and bring it anywhere
  • 304 Stainless steel four-leaf blades can handle almost all foods and even ice rushing
  • BPA free jug
  • Single press of a button is for normal blending
  • Double press of the button is perfect for blending ice and smoothies
  • FDA certified

How do I use my KoreJetPulse?What makes the KoreJetPulse different from other personal blenders?

  1. Just add your fruit, vegetables, protein powder, or even ice cream to the KoreJetPulse’s 300 ml mixing chamber and screw the container into the blending unit.
  2. Once filled, just press the mixing button and mix your ingredients until you reach the desired consistency.
  3. Pour the contents into a drinking glass and enjoy!

I like smoothies but what are some other things I can make with the KoreJetPulse?

In addition to nutritious smoothies, you can also make fruit or vegetable juice, ice cream shakes, baby food, and even delicious cocktails.

What makes the KoreJetPulse different from other personal blenders?

The most unique aspect of the KoreJetPulse is the powerful rechargeable battery that makes this blender perfect for on-the-go lifestyles. Simply charge the blender and you can take it anywhere with you, blending smoothies as you go.

How many smoothies can I make on a single charge of the battery?

A single charge will allow you to blend approximately a dozen smoothies.


If you love your smoothies and have limitations making one for yourself probably because of your busy schedules. Korejetpulse is definitely the best thing you need trust me. It gives you the freedom of being able to go anywhere and blend your favorite smoothies, shakes, margaritas or baby food without the limitations of a regular blender.

The substantial battery life and the four-leaf blade makes the korejetpulse the best personal blender you can get your hands on in 2022. It works great at home, in the office or even at the gym. The durability is another thing I love about this personal blender, it is shatter-proof so you don’t have to worry about dropping it.

I highly recommend this portable blender and I strongly believe it will serve you effectively. It will also make a great gift for any of your loved ones.

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