Illumalyte headlamp review 2023: beware of scam!! Is it as good as they say it is?

Illumalyte headlamp review

It’s not every day we get to see gadgets that actually wow us but thankfully, innovative minds always work tirelessly around the clock to make this a reality. Have ever been put in a situation where you have to work in the dark? Let’s say in your garage? We all know how difficult it can be having to hold the torchlight on one, leaving you with only one free hand to work. The use of a flashlight in this case is cool but to get your work done smoothly and faster, you need an extra hand. However, if you are working along in the dark you may find out that using just this torchlight won’t work.

Records of hiking accidents keep piling up on a daily with darkness as one of its leading causes. Hiking may be all fun but it can be also dangerous particularly night hiking. You see, some wild animals like the bears are often more active after the dark, and you are less likely to see them until it’s too late. That is why the use of torchlights is highly advisable, not just any torchlight, a very good torchlight.

If you are also a fan evening hiking, camping and early morning jogs you may also find out that a hand torchlights may not be your perfect tool in the dark. Sadly we have a lot of mediocre flashlight products that do not even last. So what is the best gadget for this case? For me, it’s a headlamp.

A headlamp will allow you carry out any activity in the dark without much hassle. Headlamps are also crucial in cycling. I love riding my bike in the early hours, it is the best part of my cardio workout regimen. To ride my bike I do not necessarily depend on my bike’s headlamp, it’s often not bright enough for me. I use my headlamp.

 Buying a headlamp may be cheap and that is because of so many sub-standard products people get from retail stores. This reason alone has discouraged a lot of people from buying this type of gadgets. Most of this headlamps are not water resistant and also have an adverse effect on the eyes of the user.

Only a few headlamps out there can stand the test of time and in as much as this are quality headlamps, people are still going to be reluctant to acquire them. One reason is the price. This class of head lamps will cost you close to $250. In addition to this, these headlamps are also heavy, you can literally feel the weight when you put them on. These headlamp can give you neck pain after a long use.

The brand new illumalyte is actually one of the most exceptional headlamps I have seen. With its light weight and cost effectiveness. It has comfortably set a pace for itself in the market. Illumalyte is a new product but it is already trending and getting good reviews from buyers.

I recently ordered one and tested it out with my cycling routine. This review article was prepared based on my personal findings from testing out the illumalyte headlamp. This review also contains every piece of information you have been looking for on this device.

The aim of the illumalyte review is to help you determine if it is the right gadget for you or not.


The illumalyte headlamp is the new-age safety headlamp which has been highly acknowledged by outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its multi-function design and top notch features. This is a rechargeable headlamp that has the capacity to completely light up a dark space, making your outdoor activity a fruitful one. This gift of modern day innovation has been highly recommended by top extreme sport athletes across the globe.

illumalyte headlamp review

It has a stylish minimalistic design thanks to its lightness in weight. This makes is more preferred to its competitors. In addition the illumalyte can be adjusted to accommodate any user, both male and female with different head sizes thanks to its adjustable headband. This headband also ensures that it does not slip off, you can adjust it till it is firm on your head.

The 350 lumen brightness of this headlamp is sufficient enough to completely light up the darkest of areas the best part is that you can adjust the brightness to any level that best suits you. It is also motion controlled, by just waving your hand across the motion sensor you automatically turn on your headlamp.

The illumalyte is no doubt the best equipment you can take with you to any outdoor activity. I like the stylish minimalistic design and the feather light weight. It surely would not cause you any hassle which is more than I can say for its competitors. Illumalyte is fashioned with modern technology, military grade materials this makes it impact resistant and long lasting.


230˚ wide angle illumination: this feature is what makes this gadget more preferable to a handheld flashlight. The curved LED strip on the front of the headlamp offers unrivaled 230˚ field of view for the best in class illumination area coverage. This feature allows you to observe your surrounding easily in the dark. When you go on some outdoor activities like night hiking or even night walks you don’t necessarily need a torchlight which only narrows your coverage. It is very important to observe what happens around you so that you can always have the head start should there be any need to flee. This is one unique feature many headlamps really lack.

Lightweight: this is a very admirable feature of the illumalyte, the headlamp is relatively lightweight and most times you may forget you still have it on. Illumalyte motion sensor headlamp weighs just 0.16lbs. Meanwhile an average cap weighs 0.25lbs. This headlamps is considered to be the lightest high end headlamp in the market today. The lightweight of this headlamp makes you feel no single disturbance while using it. Most of its competitors are so heavy that you can’t wear them on your head for long without having neck discomfort.

XPE LED light: the XPE light is situated on the side of the headlamp the light can help you with narrowed down coverage and even a brighter coverage when turn on with the COB LED strip. The XPE sidelight can also be dimmed if there is a need for that

5 Lighting Modes: illumalyte motion-sensor headlamp has 5 different light intensity levels for which you can easily select the mode that suits you best. There are some cases you might need your light super bright and there are some cases you might not. The importance of this is to avoid you from straining your eyes. Combination of COB light strips and XPE LED light of this motion sensor headlamp offers 5 lighting modes each of which is meant to meet your lighting needs. The 5 different lighting modes are; COB High mode, COB Low mode, XPE High mode, XPE Low mode and Strobe Mode.

IPX4 waterproof: one major problem I had with some of these mediocre products was water resistance going outdoors under the rain was a bit of a problem for me because my headlamp was not water resistant. I looked out for this feature in the illumalyte headlamp and thankfully, it is water resistant. So you can take your headlamp out in the rain or even have a swim with it. You don’t have to worry about it getting damaged by water.

Impact resistant: the illumalyte headlamp is made of military grade alloy this makes it one durable and long lasting product that will serve you as long as you need it to. This motion-sensor head lamp proves it strength again drops from as high as 20 feet above the ground. Illumalyte makes its competitors look unserious with this feature alone.

Long lasting battery: if you are going to order a rechargeable gadget, the battery life is the very first thing you look out for. The illumalyte really stepped up to the task in this aspect with the rechargeable 1200mAH battery. Which can last for 8hours with constant usage at the highest brightness. With this, one full charge of the illumalyte is all you need to enjoy your outdoor activities.

Motion sensor activated: This is the sweetest feature of the illumalyte headlamp. I like to call it the killer blow to all its competitors. This headlamp comes with motion sensor which allows you to easily turn on your headlamp with little effort. You can turn on or off the headlamp with a simple wave of your hand on the side that activated the motion sensor. Thanks to this motion sensors I can turn on my headlamp with ease without any need to search for the “on” button.

Adjustable headband: the headband of the illumalyte motion sensor lamp can be adjusted to fit caps and heads of any size with ease.


Brightness350 lumen
Water resistanceIPX4
SensorsMotion sensor
Power source1200mAH rechargeable battery
Lighting coverage230˚ wide angle illumination


Illumalyte headlamp is motion controlled. In this, all you have to do is just to wave your hand across the sensor. This headlamp makes use of a properly arranged strip of COB LED light as its primary light source. This type of LED lights are highly adored for their high illusion efficiency and low power consumption properties. This is simply why illumalyte is the best buy in the market. The COB LED consumes less and produces more. This motion sensor head lamp also includes a powerful side light along the wide coverage COB LED strip on the front, this delivers the benefits of a super bright headlamp and flashlight in one.

 Illumalyte is powered by a 1200mAH battery that allows you to use it for over a substantial period of time. With the low power consuming COB LED strip, you can see why this product in in the spotlight. Illumalyte headlamp will not give you the stress of always needing to charge one full charge is all you need to enjoy your evening adventure or your early morning routine.


This motion sensor headlamp is very easy to use. Using this device will not cause you any difficulties. You can also consult the user manual if you have any confusion but I believe this gadget is very straight forward.

Here I will be showing you four simple steps on how to make use of your illumalyte headlamp.

Step 1: it is important to charge the device once it’s delivered to you. This is to ensure efficient battery usage. Connect your device with the USB-C cord to your laptop’s usb or your phone’s USB Adapter.

Step 2: once it is fully charged turn on your motion sensor by clicking the sensor switch next to the power switch.

Step 3 fit the headlamp on your head or your cap by adjusting the headband to your desired fitting.

Step 4 wave across the sensors with your hands to automatically turn on the light and carry out your activity.

It is also important to note that you can manually turn on the lights of your headlamp without your motion sensors. Simply click the motion switch to deactivate the motion sensor then press the “ON” button. You can keep pressing the button to select any of the 5 lighting modes of your choice.


People pay less attention to headlamps owing to the fact that there are lots of inferior products in the market. Initially I had my doubts about the illumalyte probably because of the budget friendly price. However, illumalyte is not a scam product and it delivers a high quality efficiency for just a little price.

You will not regret getting this gadget. The military materials it’s made from will ensure it serves you for a very long time.


There are two key specialties that make illumalyte stand out as the best buy among its competitors and they are the lightweight feature and the motion sensor. The illumalyte is feather weight and is believed to be the lightest headlamp in the market if you put it on you might even forget you still have it on. I compared its weight to that of my cap and I found out that it was lighter. My cap weighed 0.25lbs and the illumalyte weighed 0.16lbs

The beauty of illumalyte being light is that it does not add any stress to your neck. Why most consumers don’t buy headlamps is majorly because the weight causes them neck discomfort especially after a long usage. But that can never be the case with the illumalyte headlamp. You can have it on for the whole day and you won’t feel a thing

The motion sensor is another specialty of the illumalyte, there are only a few top dollar competitions with motion sensors. However, the motion sensors are not as precise as that of the illumalyte headlamp. In fact the sensors most times stop working leaving you with the only option of turning them on manually. The motion sensor of the illumalyte is precise and always responds to the wave sign promptly to deliver that much needed bright light.

In addition to this, the price of the illumalyte is another sweet aspect, for a fraction of the price of top dollar competitions you can get your hands on this motion controlled headlamp. You will be amazed how you can spend so little to enjoy high end technology.

With this, illumalyte headlamp is currently on its way to become the best outdoor headlamp you can get your hands on.


If you are an outdoor person then a gadget like illumalyte is for you. Using poor lighting is the number one cause of hiking accidents when you are hiking on mountain tracks without good lighting you are at risk of losing your footing and spraining your ankle in most severe cases, you might just fall so bad that you end up having a fracture.

Bears are another thing you should look out for. The brown bears are commonly situated in mountainous areas and they are most active at night. Here, the importance of this headlamp is to give you a wide angle illumination this will help you spot these bears from a safe distance and safely avoid any attacks.

Having illumalyte as a gadget for your vehicle is another good thing. We can’t always predict when our vehicles develop faults. In some cases your vehicle can stop you while you’re out at night. Using your mobile phone’s torchlight is not totally safe. But with your ultra-bright illumalyte headlamp, you can fix up your vehicle with ease.


Illumalyte headlamp is a revolutionary step up when it comes to head lamp thanks to its military grade material, lasting battery and light weight. This makes it the best alternative to the traditional bulky headlamps which is also very expensive.

Now let’s us look at a quick comparison between illumalyte headlamp and other traditional headlamps.

Lightweight comfort0.16lbs0.35lbs
Battery life8 hours3 hours
Motion activatedSupportedNot supported
Lighting modes54
Lighting coverage230M160M
Money Back Guarantee30 DaysNone


Illumalyte head lamp can only be purchased online through their official web page. In as much as many people may not like this idea, this is to ensure that you don’t get ripped off. There are a lot of fake copy products of illumalyte in retail shops. To avoid falling a victim of such scam it is advisable you purchase the gadget online. This ensure that you get the original product delivered to you. To place your order simply click on the button below.

Deliveries within America and Canada are super-fast. You get your order delivered to you in 3 days. If you are purchasing from Europe or Australia. It may take a little longer but you will surely receive your order within 7 days.

Buying from the official page also qualifies you to enjoy up to 50% discount in price which unfortunately won’t last so make use of this opportunity and get yours at a discount now while you still can.  


  • 1x illumalyte headlamp goes for just $48.98 (35% off)
  • 2x units of illumalyte motion sensor headlamp cost $75.00 (40% off)
  • 3x illumalyte headlamp will cost you $104.97 (50% off)

The website allows you to checkout with multiple card payment option (MasterCard, VISA, AMEX, and Discover)

30 days money back guarantee: the company is offering a complete money return policy for unsatisfied purchases. If you are not happy with your order you can post it back to the company and get your full refund. Remember to do it within the 30 days given window.

Illumalyte headlamp company contact.

If you have any further questions or you have a complaint to make regarding your order, I will be providing you with the company’s customer care helpline below.

You can also contact them by E-mail at

Customer care phone number: (603) 696 3293


Illumalyte motion sensor headlamp promises lots of benefits. So what are these benefits? Let’s find out.

You don’t have to worry about the weather: the weather is currently the number one hindering factor to consider when go out for some fun outdoor activities. In fact, you going for your hikes, camping and mountain climbs depends on how friendly the weather is. This is because most traditional headlamps and flashlights are not actually water proof. They stop working at any slight contact with water talk more of the rain. With your water resistant illumalyte headlamp, this should not be a problem to you. You can actually have your early morning jogs even under the rain

You only need to spend once: thanks to the military grade material the illumalyte was made from, it will surely stand the test of time. Unlike many substandard headlamp products, the illumalyte can serve you for as long as you need it and by that I mean years. The impact resistant feature has ensured its durability. You don’t have to worry about accidental drops because this device is absolutely solid.

Budget friendly gadget: getting a quality gadget at an affordable price is actually a blessing. The illumalyte only costs a fraction price of its expensive competitors. Buying this headlamp saves you a lot of money. In addition to that, you only have to spend on the headlamp just once.

Illumalyte can be a life saver: the wide angle light coverage of this headlamp give you an advantage at night. It gives a full coverage of what is happening around you. With this no assailant can actually take you by surprise, it always gives you the upper hand and that is by spotting the assailant first. This is also applicable in hiking. Many people are victims of bear attacks and that is because they couldn’t spot it on time. With illumalyte headlamp wrapped around your head, things are going to change.

Illumalyte can be the right car gadget: this importance of having a torchlight in your car can never be over stated. It’s not only portable air pumps and dash cams that you need. You need to have a good source of light in case your car suddenly stops you in the middle of the night. You can easily put on your headlamp and check it out. Remember you cannot use your phone’s torchlight it very dangerous. Illumalyte headlamp with make you work better on your car with no hassle at all.


  1. Illumalyte can only be purchased online and not from any retail store.
  2. The discount promo may not last long.
  3. Only limited stock is available.


I’m very pleased with this. it’s very comfortable to wear, provides great light in wide area just don’t look at anyone’s face as it will blind them

Sara W. -Lomita, CA

I’ve been a mechanic for 25years. I’ve used various types of headlamps over the years and have never loved any of them until now. this headlamp is awesome. It’s lightweight, easy to use and compact. it is perfect for working under the dash of a car, in the bowels of a jet engine or under the sink at home.

Jonathan H. -Dallas, TX

Really like having a multisource light when working in dark spaces. the fact that you can switch to a focused light is also nice. the ON/OFF sensor was a little too sensitive for me. I’m getting another one to keep in the car.

Caleb N. -Seattle, WA

Great for walking the dogs at night. Always used my phone to see where I needed to pick up after my dogs. This allows me to be hands free.

Amy C. -Las Vegas, NV

Saw this on TikTok. Works better than I imagined and it’s comfortable to wear.

Jack J. -Cincinnati, OH


What does the package include?

1 x Illumalyte 230° LED Headlamp, 1 x USB Type C Cable

Do I need to remove the batteries to charge them?

No, the Illumalyte is USB Type C rechargeable. With that, Illumalyte battery is not replaceable. If you face any issues with your batteries, please reach out to our support and we will do right by you

Can I turn off the motion sensor?

Yes, the motion sensor can be turned off by just pushing the button to activate or deactivate.

Does the Illumalyte fit on hard hats?

Yes, the adjustable headband can be easily adjusted to fit any size hats and heads.

Is the wide beam blinding to others around me?

When you are surrounded by others, you can easily switch to the side beam feature to narrow down your coverage. Don’t forget both frnt and side lighgts are dimmable as well.

Is Illumalyte made for the outdoors?

Yes, the no-bounce technology allows for amazing experiences when taking part in your favorite activities. It will feel natural instead of an external light bouncing on your head.


Without any doubt, illumalyte is the must have tactical headlamp that will help light up  the dark when you need it the most to help you see better & also be seen. Illumalyte is trusted by outdoor enthusiasts the world over and for good reason.

It is the best outdoor you ever going to need. if you are into activities like Night hiking, Night cycling or Night jogging then this motion sensor headlamp is the ideal gadget for you. it’s light weight will make sure you get no disturbance of any sort.

I highly recommend this product and give a bit thumbs up to the manufacturers for most importantly making it affordable for everyone.

If you want to get the illumalyte headlamp hurry now and click the site link so you can enjoy the juicy discounts!

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