Dr goodrow indoor garden 2022 review: Beware Of Scam! Read This Now!!”

Dr goodrow indoor garden review

Consumption of veggies and herbs is a necessity if you want to stay healthy. Medically, food rich in vegetables provide adequate vitamins, which plays an important role in boosting your body’s immunity against diseases. Unfortunately, getting these vegetables is becoming quite a problem. Unbelievably, finding vegetable in the market these days is turning into a problem and even when you find them, they are usually not fresh and consuming un-fresh veggie should not be part of your plans in anyway.

Un-fresh herbs and vegetables often serve as a breeding ground for deadly microbes. These microbes can do you a lot of harm when ingested with the herbs.

An excellent alternative is creating small gardens around your compound. This way, you can be sure of getting your veggies right from the source and fresh tool. But let’s be honest having a garden no matter how small can also have its limitations. One major limitations is your herbs exposure to attacks by weeds, birds, insects and so much more.

Another turn off when it comes to having a garden is stress attached to it. From time to time, you have to check on your herbs, water them and be sure to take out harmful plants from them and this I can tell you is very discouraging.

Not even everyone has the luxury of creating an outdoor garden. This is because most people live in public residential buildings, which do not offer the luxury of having their own outdoor space. So does this mean that they can’t grow their own herbs or veggies? With indoor gardens, it can be possible. However, a lot of care has to be taken, an indoor garden provides the best alternative but not all indoor gardens are conducive owing to the fact that some veggies only thrive by constant sunlight or even constant watering.

The invention of Dr goodrow indoor garden has been an answered prayer to a lot of people in their homes. I am also currently making use of it because I always prefer my veggies and herbs to be fresh.

This article is going to guide you to understand everything there is to know about the Dr goodrow.

So are you tired of eating week old veggies? Having to endure the stress of going to the grocery store almost on a daily basis just to prepare your meal? Are you not tired of having to worry about pest attacks or growth of unwanted plants?

You problems end here hope right in and read about Dr goodrow.

What is Dr goodrow indoor garden?

This is a self-contain hydroponic health growing system which serves you the p pleasure of growing your own herbs and veggies at the comfort of your own home. It is also a state of the art indoor self-growing garden meant to be suitable for any home.

Dr goodrow indoor garden review

What fascinates me the most in the appearance of this indoor garden is that on the first look, one can easily jump to the conclusion that it will be difficult to setup. On the contrary, it is one of the easiest indoor gardens you will ever see.

Dr goodrow was introduced just recently to the market and ever since then, it has made quite a name for itself. The Dr goodrow indoor garden can grow your herbs for you without you having to break a sweat over it. Yes! I can assure you that.

So if you are not a full fan of having to go to the market to get your vegetables which is definitely not fresh or or having an outdoor garden and going through all the stress of growing your herbs manually then I strongly advise you to check out the cutting edge self-growing garden

What are the features of Dr goodrow indoor garden?

Planter grow base: this is the entire base containment of this indoor garden this feature provides adequate room for the self-irrigation of the herb roots. Its depth also ensures the solid growth of your veggies most especially vegetables that have tall shoots. The strong foundation the grow base provides ensures the plants don’t fall off.

UV light: all thanks to the adjustable 72 red, white and blue LEDs the plants in this grower is sure to get a complete spectrum of solar light. This is one major outstanding feature of Dr goodrow indoor garden. A lot of veggies need sunlight to thrive which is what makes this indoor garden unique. This means you can have it at any corner of your home comfortably without having to worry about sunlight.

Programmable command center: this is simply the remote control that controls the whole activity of the Dr goodrow indoor garden. This feature makes usage of this self-grow garden very easy to use. It plays the role of stimulating the entire system in the way It grows your herbs, the remote also helps you to turn the system on and off any time you want.

Plant nutrient formula: the package comes with a bottle of plant nutrient which enriches your plants to grow more healthily. It has a special blend of nutrients that is guaranteed to have your herbs bursting with flavor when ripe.

Growth sponges: this helps to absorb all the water and nutrients that gives your herbs it unique taste.

Growth baskets: this helps to hold new plant shoots in place.

Grow pods: the system provides 10 grow pods, which makes it possible to grow more than one type of herb.

Super bud domes: this is a dome shape cover for the pods, it plays a key role of hastening plant growth.

Who needs to have the dr goodrow indoor garden?

The truth is that having this indoor garden is not a necessity in anyway because the truth is that there are people who still enjoy going out to get there veggies and also have an outdoor garden.

However this doesn’t prevent you from having one of this bad boys. If you’re the busy work type and you would love to make a healthy meal this fast grow garden system has got you covered. In fact, the easy setup of this indoor garden has made it the ideal kitchen gadgets for not just all mothers but for everybody as a whole!

You also don’t have any issues with the place you stay, you see this indoor garden is built to serve anywhere so no matter how small the apartment or there is lack of sunlight in the place you stay, the ultra-violet LED light it comes with will still help grow your veggies as if it came from a commercial plant farm.

What are the benefits of Dr grow indoor garden?

  1. You get to enjoy your veggies straight from the source with its full flavor without having to worry about any contamination at all.
  2. Get your dieting game to the top: a major discouragement in dieting not being able to get your veggies when you need them and that is one major setback Dr goodrow is here to correct. With this indoor garden in your kitchen, you get to cook meals that suit your diet without any hitch.
  3. Thanks to the UV light, you don’t have to worry about your herbs not receiving sunlight as it provides a broad spectrum of light rays equivalent to that of the sun directly to the herbs this helps your veggies grow much healthier and tastier!
  4. It makes your house smell great and releases more oxygen into the air.
  5. There is an ongoing price slash promo for early bird buyers given to the fact that it is a new product in the market so hurry now place your orders.

The Ultra-Violet light in the Dr goodrow indoor garden.

I want to emphasize more on this feature. Unlike many other indoor gardens out there, this particular self-grow garden provides the luxury of light which is an important factor to plant grow.

It is important to take note of the light, fake products always present with light that have only one color which is usually white light, but dr goodrow provides white, red and blue light which is similar to rays of actual sunlight.

The ultra violet light of the Dr-goodrow is adjustable which means it can be raised and lowered as your plant grows

It also comes with an automatic timer that turns on automatically for 16 hours a day and turns of for 8 hours in order to recreate natural growing conditions. The first and last 2 hours of the light are dimmer, this simulates sunrise and sunset.

What are the pros and cons?


  • It is very easy to set up
  • Does not leave any form of dirt.
  • Works with any kind of apartment or space.
  • Easy to carry around
  • No experience is needed
  • Less work is done is growing your favorite herb.
  • Because plants produce oxygen it will make the air in your home fresh and healthier.
  • You get to enjoy the ongoing 50% discount in price.


  • Unfortunately, the dr goodrow indoor garden is not meant for big plants like cabbages or spinach.
  • It can only grow herbs sufficient for family usage, and not for large scale veggie production.
  • It can only be purchased online.
  • The 50% discount in price will only last for a short while.
  • On the production of this device only limited stock is available so before you place your order be sure to check for stock availability by clicking the button below.

What makes Dr goodrow indoor garden special?

This is not my first time of getting and indoor garden system. But when I was finally able to receive the Dr goodrow indoor garden I knew something was different. This is a device that provides every factor a plant needs for healthy growth right in your kitchen without you having to move a muscle.

The irrigation system it provides for the plant root is simply unbeatable. And also the ultra violet light which is meant to imitate sunlight and also the timing of sunrise and sunset. How can you even begin to dispute the efficiency of this device?

I strongly believe that this indoor garden is an answered prayer to a lot of people around the world me especially. I had my doubts till I got one for this review and that is what I am currently making use of right now. The way is grows my spices so quick is something I still find amazing.

How can one use Dr goodrow indoor garden?

On seeing the device for the first time you can easily think it’s complex but that is not true the dr-goodrow is one of the easiest indoor garden systems you can set up.

Here I brought down the setup to three simple steps

Step 1: Place seeds into growth sponges in the baskets, and drop them into the seed pods

Step 2: add water and plant nutrients to the reservoir in the base

Step 3: Plug into an electrical outlet and turn on

Contents in the package

  • Dr-goodrow planter super grow base
  • Programmable command center (remote)
  • Superbud nutrient
  • x10 Growth sponges
  • x10 super growth baskets
  • x10 super Bud domes.

How can I get the Dr goodrow indoor garden?

This particular self-grow system can only be purchased online through the company’s official website. It may look like a downer but it come with its own advantages. By ordering directly from the company you can be rest assured you don’t get scammed of your money.

Also buying directly from the company’s website guarantees that to get to enjoy the sweet discount which would not last for long.

The web site is really easy to make understand and make use of its fast and lag free and provides a strong security for any payment method you want to make use of.

First step is to ensure you select the quantity of the product you want to buy and then proceed to checkout that’s all.

Dr goodrow price.

For an indoor garden producing this level of efficiency I will say that this device is very affordable not only do you get your money’s worth, you also get to use it for a very long time.

By implementing the discount promo, you can get a unit of the Dr goodrow indoor garden for $149.99

It doesn’t end there! You also enjoy more discounts when buying more that one unit of this indoor garden.

Personal planter pack- 2 complete units cost $299.99

Fresh friends pack- 3 units go for $336.99 (this is considered the sweetest deal)

Family planter bundle- 4 units cost $411.99

On checkout you can make use of multiple payment options which include: card payment (Visa, mastercard, Discover, AMEX, JCB) or Paypal.

30 day guarantee: The company shows so much faith in the quality of this device that they are willing to offer a 30 day guarantee to all unused purchases or unsatisfied customers. All you have to to is to simply the items back in its original packaging. On receiving the package you get your full refund.

Contact the company

In case you have more questions to ask or any complaints to make you can reach Dr-goodrow 24 hours customer care through;


United States (Toll free): 855 219 4892

Canada (Toll free): 855 219 4892

United Kingdom: 033 0818 0828

Australia: (02) 5133 5668

Email: support@shopdrgoodrow.com

Company’s address

 Quality performance Limited 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013.

Customer’s reviews- Dr goodrow indoor garden review

I absolutely love my Dr Goodrow indoor garden. Any time I want fresh herbs, I just cut some off my plants. They taste so much better than dried herbs, and I don’t have to buy them from the store. I notice the difference with every meal I make, and so does my family.

Diana D. – Syracuse, NY

I love gardening, but since I moved into an apartment I don’t have the space, and it’s too messy to do inside. Since I got my Dr Goodrow indoor garden, I have rediscovered how great it is to grow my own food, plus my plants are really great additions to my living space.

Marge W.  – San Diego, CA

I live in such a rainy city, its almost impossible to keep simple herbs growing all year round. I also live in a very tiny apartment with restrictions on what I can keep on my balcony, which includes any type of plants. This is the perfect alternative and its super easy to use. The plants also grow much faster than in soil.

Stanley B. -Vancouver, BC

I’ve been growing my own vegetables for years, but this is the first time I’ve attempted to grow them in an aero-garden. If there’s one thing I can say about it, its CONVENIENT! Saves money, time, and everything tastes super fresh.

Tony J. -Miami, FL

FAQs- Dr goodrow indoor garden review

How does Dr goodrow work?

Dr Goodrow is an aerogarden planter. These specific types of planters are designed to be used indoors and provide the ideal conditions for seeds to germinate and grow without the use of soil. Once seeds are inserted into the sponges, the lamp will perfectly simulate sunlight and the pump will deliver the ideal amount of water for fast, easy growing.

Is Dr goodrow indoor garden battery operated?

No. Dr Goodrow has an input voltage of 100-240V, which only requires a standard outlet. It automatically cycles its power to best simulate natural sunlight to optimize your plants’ growth.

What can I grow in Dr-goodrow?

You can grow almost anything with Dr-Goodrow. Most seeds are compatible with Dr-Goodrow, and a growing guide is included with the kit.

How fast can one expect the seed to grow?

Dr Goodrow indoor garden will germinate your seeds much faster than in soil, but different seeds grow at different rates. For more accurate results, refer to Dr-Goodrow’s list of seeds and cultivation cycles in the included guidebook.

Final verdict

the Dr goodrow has really come a long way to prove people’s doubts wrong just as it proved mine as well.

i will advise you to go ahead and get this indoor garden right now. it is safe to use, leaves no dirt and above all grows your veggies to their freshest.

the Dr goodrow indoor garden is not a scam in anyway that i assure you. so go ahead, make use of this discount and get yours now that you still have a chance.

Thanks for your time. Also feel free to checkout this awesome kitchen chop gadget the veggiemaster

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