Camolighter review 2024: is this another waste of money?

Camolighter review

A lighter is the number one thing you should always carry with you when you want to embark on some fun trips. The importance of having a lighter cannot be swept under the rugs! Because you are not a smoker does not mean you should not carry a lighter with you.

Meanwhile, do you know that a lighter can actually save your life? Take for instance you are lost in the woods and you need a means to make a smoke signal, which can give a clue to the exactly place you are. I am speaking from experience. Lighters has become the prime survival tool to take with you if you plan to go camping. Making important campfires can be made easier with your lighter.

Lighters may present their downsides, and that is why people are always reluctant to have with them. One major downside is water. Your lighter becomes instantly useless when it gets wet you are going to have to wait until it dries up before you can light a cigar or make use of your grill? I do not have that patience.

Another downside is that lighters are disposable owing to the fact that it is fueled by gas and once it runs out of gas its trash. Recent innovations have paved way for lighters to be refilled once it runs out of gas. Practically it is very unsafe and when not done properly you stand a risk of burning yourself. The truth is nobody really wants to take such risk over a little lighter so he or she simply just throws it away and get a new one.

So recently, something new popped up in our radar, a new lighter that got a lot of people talking. It is called the camolighter. This lighter just hit the market recently and has promised to be way better than any other lighter you have seen. The hype around this particular lighter was so high that it caught my attention.

Therefore, I ordered one and after 400hours of testing, I am ready to give you my review on the camolighter. This particular lighter brag to be a breakthrough in technology but it is important we checked on these products so as not to mislead people into buying something they will regret later. So, I decided to put it to test. However, you will be amazed by my findings.

If you are here to know about this lighter before you buy I can assure you that this article will give you nothing but watered down information and even shocking reveals.

Without wasting time, let us get started?  

What is camolighter?

This is a self-contained lightning generator which produces a windproof and waterproof flame, this flames produced by this particular lighter is so powerful that it count actually light up a wood without the need for fuel or anything. Of a truth, there are many other windproof lighters in the market but the all run on fossil fuels which makes them useless ones the fuels are exhausted. This is one of the major factors, which made the camolighter stand out in the market. It does not depend on any kind of fuel nor chemical to work rather, does it make use of a rechargeable battery as its main power source.

camolighter reviews

The flames produced by the camo lighter is a plasma arc, which stay lit even under water. I will call this the “alpha male” of lighters. You simply cannot just do without a rough, tough and rugged essential tool like the camolighter.

The camo-lighter has become a huge success since its launch everyone talks about it and there is a rush online right now for it. In fact, it has become a highly adopted tool in the United States military, every military personnel has this lighter not only because of it camouflage design but also for its awesome features and the quality it can deliver.

The camo-lighter is non-disposable thanks to its rechargeable ability. Unlike many other lighters that depend on fossil fuels. The price I got this tactical lighter for is what still amazes me. It is very affordable with an extra 50% discount

What are the features of the camolighter?

Quality material: the entire body of the camolighter is made of ABS and zinc alloy. This makes the lighter super strong and resistant to hard drops and most importantly non-conductive owing to the fact that the lighter is works with electricity.

Waterproof: this tactical camouflage lighter is waterproof, I put it to test by dropping it in water for two whole hours only to bring it out and see it still lights perfectly. That is not all another cool thing is that the camo-lighter also lights under water it’s simply amazing. This one feature boosted the camo lighters fame relying on the fact that ordinary lighters when exposed to water becomes trash.

Windproof: When you try to ignite a normal lighter flame outdoors maybe to light a cigarette, you always have to provide wind shade with your palm. But from my finding that is not so with the camolighter you can easily make use of your lighter not minding how windy it maybe

Double arc plasma ignitor: this is the main source of flame in the camo-lighter. When the lighter is ignited, the double plasma arc produces the electric flame stable to keep burning until a piece of wood is lit up. Yeah you heard me, a piece of wood. This camo lighter can set a piece of log ablaze thanks to the constant flame produced by the plasma ignitor

Integrated tactical flashlight: so I couldn’t help but notice that the camolighter cannot just serve you as a lighter but can also serve as a substantial source of light the camo lighter has a powerful LED flashlight built into its bottom this flashlight is sufficient enough to light up a small space hence optimal for just personal usage. When you’re charging the camolighter you also charge the flashlight automatically.

Long lasting battery life: as you already know this tactical camouflage lighter is rechargeable, the battery life is one good feature about this lighter. Originally, I thought it would not last long given the fact it also has a flash light but on the contrary, camo light can last for up 12 hours of constant lighter and flashlight usage before a need to recharge arises thanks to its powerful 500mAH li-ion battery.

Micro USB port: from where the device is charged. The device also comes with a fast USB cord this makes it possible for you to charge your lighter even with your laptop

How does the camolighter work?

Now this is the most impressive part of this review. Before I laid my hands on this lighter, I kept on wondering what the real thing behind this lighter was. How could it produce such powerful flames without any fuel? However when I finally got this lighter that mystery was solved.

You the genius behind the invention of the camolighter adopted the old invention of the legendary Nikola Tesla (the tesla coil) this coil paves way for the conversion of energy from electrical to heat energy. It is like having full powered lightning in the palm of your hands

This modern day a little variant of this tesla coil was modified by some great minds. This coil, coupled with a lithium ion battery creates a plasma arc. In physics we all know that there are three states of matter Solid, liquid and gas but there is actually a fourth state and that is plasma and this is what lightning is made of.

When the lighter ignites, the plasma arc activates lightning, which in turn produces a powerful and stable 1800-degree wind and waterproof flame, capable of lighting up a damp wood. 

Who can use the camolighter?

Trust me when I say that everybody needs to have a lighter, you don’t have to be a smoker to carry a lighter. It is generally considered a kind gesture to light up a cigarette for a stranger; you can easily make friends with that person.

The camo lighter was made to be easy to use and that is why I will say it is a gadget for everybody, except for kids of course

As a matter of fact, this tactical lighter has found its way into the heart of the military. Every military personnel has at least one of this lighter and it is because of its ruffed design and camouflage color.

Furthermore, the camo-lighter is guaranteed to boost your outdoor experience if you are a fan of camping trips in the woods, with this lighter in your hands making camp fire is not going to be a challenge anymore.

In comparison to other top brand windproof lighters, it is going to take much longer to light up damp woods owing to the fact that you can get burned by holding that lighter on for a period of time. I tried out that same thing with the camo lighter and found out that you can actually hold it on for a very long time and not get burnt thanks to the ABS and zinc alloy it’s is made of. This alloy is a very poor conductor of heat

Comparison between the camo-lighter and an ordinary lighter

CamolighterOrdinary lighters
Makes use of rechargeable batteryMakes use of fossil fuels
Total waterproof They are non-waterproof
Lights up even under waterCannot light up under water 
Can stay lit up for a long period of time without risk of burnsWhen lit for a long period of time the handle becomes too hot and might end up burning your fingers

What are the pros and cons of the camo-lighter?

Pros (advantages)

  • Very safe to use
  • The camo lighter is very affordable
  • Made of high quality materials
  • It is water proof
  • This lighter does not make use of any fuel nor chemical
  • Rugged shock proof lighter that can withstand hard falls.
  • Enjoy a 50% discount in price when you buy from their official website

Cons (disadvantages)

  • This lighter can only be purchased online
  • The 50% discount can only last for a short while, so if you want to have this lighter make use of this opportunity.
  • Right now I can tell you there is limited stock available so check stock availability in the button below

How can I get the camo-lighter?

You can only get the camo lighter through their official website

Buying from the site puts you at huge advantage

One of the advantages is that you get to take part in the ongoing 50% discount promo, which is only exclusive to the site alone.

Another advantage is that you get the original product you ordered. A lot of customers has complained about this when they purchase from online stores you stand at a risk of receiving another product or even worse, the fake imitated version of your product.

Buying from the official site also makes you enjoy a 30-day return policy given by the company. Due to so much faith they have on the quality of this lighter, the company is willing to offer a 30-day money back guarantee to all unsatisfied customers all you have to do is to post back the product to them and you will instantly be re-credited

How much is the camo-lighter?

The camolighter is affordable, from its rugged first impression you would probably think it’s worth a fortune. But in the actually affordable on its own then when including the 50% price slash.

You can get 1 of the camouflage lighter for $29.99 instead of $59.95

The sweet part is that the more you buy the more discount you get. That being said, 2 units of the camo-lighter gets you up to 58% discount making the price $49.96 instead of $119.90

3 units gets you a whopping 61% discount. Making it $69.96 instead of $179.85.

The site has made provision for you to make use of multiple payment options, which include Shoppay, googlepay, PayPal, apple pay, MasterCard, visa and AMEX.

Benefits of the camo-lighter.

  1. The plasma element flames ensures that you use you lighter comfortably anywhere you like including outdoors, when you want to light up your grill or smoke a cigarette.
  2. Consumer safety is one thing one should always look out for when buying a product and from my findings with this lighter, your safety is guaranteed, unlike those other lighters, which can burn your fingertips when you let it lit for a long time.
  3. You don’t have to keep spending money buying lighters because their fuel is finished, with camo-lighter you get to save money and still get the best quality from your spending. This is made possible by the fact that the camo lighter runs on 100% electricity through a rechargeable li-ion battery.
  4. Thanks to your camo-lighter camping in the woods won’t have to be much of a problem in terms of lighting camp fire out of damp woods. Initially this would take hours to light if it were to be traditional lighters. However, that is not the case anymore; with this new electric lighter, your damp wood will be in flames in matter of minutes.
  5. You get to enjoy 50% early bird discount if only you purchase the lighter from their official site.

What makes the camo-lighter special?

The specialty of the camolighter lies in its distinguishing features. It is so amazing to see that a powerful inventions from the legendary tesla can be harnessed into a small handheld piece. It’s like having lightening in your own hands.

When you light up the camo-lighter, its flame defers from any other lighter, this is because the flame of the camo-lighter is a plasma arc and this makes it stay lit under water. Apart from this fact this camouflage lighter is totally waterproof even the flashlight. Whereas other traditional lighters instantly becomes useless when they come in contact with water.

Another special distinguishing feature light source, camolighter makes use of 100% electricity, the very first of its kind. Not only do you get a powerful flame to carry out your activities but also you are sure of continuous usage when you plug it to charge, unlike other lighters that depends on fossil fuel no matter how stable there flames maybe.

Let me also tell about the most important specialty of this lighter. The price, when I first researched this lighter, I was sure it would go for $100 or even $200. However, you will be surprised to find that you can get the right now for up to 61% off thanks to the ongoing discount promo.

Customers’ reviews

I think this think is an alien device. I bought mine out of curiosity because it was really cheap I just wanted to know if really what the site claimed. right now this camouflage lighter has become my pocket device. it goes with me anywhere.

Bryan Dean– Chicago, IL

I loved the fact that this lighter is rechargeable, the intensity of the flame it produced is very powerful and most importantly, buying this lighter has saved me a lot of money.

Peter Linfield– Newburgh, NY

The last hiking trip we went for turned into a disaster because our lighter got wet, a friend of mine told me about camo-lighter. I got mine in matter of days after i placed my order and I have never regretted it for once this lighter is simply amazing

Larry Gomez– San Diego, CA

Final thought (conclusion)

Calling this remarkable piece of technology a “lighter” does it a real disservice. This is a quality piece of gear and should be an essential addition to anyones bag or overall kit. When coupled with the optional camoCharger accessory, this combo is essentially a perpetual power generation machine which can provide nearly unlimited, clean burning plasma arc flame which can never be extinguished.

if i am to give you my thought i can guarantee you that the camo-lighter is the best buy right now in the market. its stable waterproof flame and electricity usage sets its high above its mates. the price is even very affordable so make use of this opportunity and get yours now while it’s still in stock.

we have come to the end of this review i hope you enjoyed it feel free to ask about anything in the comment section below. We are always online to answer any of your questions swiftly

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