Byte impression kit review 2021: Could this latest teeth aligners be a scam?

Byte impression kit review

Nothing boosts confidence like a set of sparkling white teeth. One secret you must know is that a set of well-arranged teeth doesn’t just get you attracted to the ladies it gives this

White teeth are the guarantee for a bright smile – this is what the advertising industry is trying to convey again and again around tooth whitening kits and pastes. But let’s face the fact, even if your teeth is as white as snow it will still have little or no effect on your smile if your teeth are crooked and asymmetrically arranged.

This is really one of the problems affecting people right now, some of us don’t really have that fine dental arrangement and it’s no one’s fault actually, to tackle this problem braces were invented. Unfortunately, it is very expensive for adults to have the position of their teeth corrected with braces.

Even if you can afford braces are you willing to deal with the discomfort it carries along or the pain you have to go through putting them on and off. Braces are good and they will give you that alignment but the disturbing appearance when you try smiling with them is another thing that make people reluctant in getting them.

Are one of such reluctant people? Have you been searching for other alternatives? Well your search has ended because with Byte impression kit, a special brace that does not require you to spend a lot of money or see an orthodontist. Byte is also colorless, you can have your brace on and no one will even know it’s there.

I was able to lay my hands on one and I will be giving you a full writing review, this review article will be taking care of everything you need to know about the byte alignment kit. Is it worth the hype? Does it really work?

Let’s find out

What is Byte Impression Kit?

The byte alignment kit is a set of teeth realignment tools that will serve you the pleasure of reviving that confidence in your smile by correcting your misaligned dentition. The byte impression kits offers the double pleasure of getting your teeth whitened and at the same time realigning them.

byte impression kit review

People who use ordinary braces always find it difficult to smile in public and this is understandable because of the visible wirings, which can be untidy, but with the Byte invisible aligner, you can show that beautiful smile freely because no one will ever notice you have it on.

Byte’s invisible aligner promises symmetrically arranged teeth. The goal is to help you enjoy your smile again, correct misaligned teeth, and still pay a fraction of the cost of traditional braces.

A kit for invisible aligners is included: impression trays, spreaders, gloves and a storage box. The price also includes an individual treatment plan, an assessment by an orthodontist and support sessions.

All of this will be sent to you and you can get started. First of all, you have to check your teeth with the impression trays. You then send these back to the provider’s team. The provider’s team of orthodontists will then use these impressions to create a transparent brace that slowly but steadily moves your teeth into the correct position. To achieve this, you have to wear the aligner 22 hours a day – unless you decide to use HyperByte for straight teeth. In that case, you only need to wear it for five minutes a day.

Each Aligner is worn for one week, after that it’s the next one’s turn – until you have finished the whole program. Now your teeth should be in the optimal position to help you achieve a beautiful smile.

Bryte impression kit features and components

Now we are going to break down everything that is contained in the bryte impression kit box for your easy understanding

Impression tray: the impression tray was designed to contain the malleable mold putty; this molding putty takes an impression print of your dental alignment when you bite on the tray. The putty instantly takes the shape of your teeth alignment making it easy for the orthodontists to fashion your own braces for you.

Brightbyte: as earlier mentioned, the byte impression kit serves a double purpose of teeth whitening and alignment. The brightbyte is the secret behind the teeth whitening. The foamy solution instantly whitens your teeth and also cleans the colorless aligners

Transparent aligner: this is the most important part of this impression kit. It does the job of gradually realigning your teeth and still keep your confidence intact thanks to its transparence.

Hyperbyte: This is a rechargable device that comes with the kit. it makes use of high frequency vibrations (HFV). the gentle vibrations transmits to the root of the teeth. causing better aligner traction, more accurate teeth motion and much faster treatment time.

Other things found in the byte impression kit

  •  Putty gloves
  • Spreaders
  • Storage box
  • Molding putty
  • Smile stretcher

How does it work?

Here, I will be giving you a detailed guideline on how to make use of your byte impression kit. Read this section carefully.

  1. Get your byte alignment kit
  2. Send an impression of your dental alignment to Byte team using the included pre-paid shipping label
  3. Their team of orthodontists will personally examine the impression you sent, create a treatment plan for you and personally explain it to you using a highly interactive 3D model.
  4. They will deliver your custom aligners and step-by-step treatment plan right to your doorstep.   

Why should this product help me?

The manufacturer of the Impression Kits and HyperBytes, as well as the whitening technologies BrightByte and Snow At-Home Whitening Kit, promises that their products will help you achieve a brighter and more beautiful smile. While whitening technologies are designed to make your teeth brighter and whiter, aligner technologies aim to move your teeth into the correct position and produce straight teeth. When you smile, your teeth should be in the right place and in a harmonious way, making your smile and mouth look friendlier, healthier and brighter.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the byte invisible aligner?


  • Cheaper than traditional aligners
  • Proven system that has been in use for several years
  • all necessary tools are included in the price
  • should bring the teeth into a harmonious position in a gentle way
  • Target: beautiful and straight teeth


  • no regular control by an orthodontist on site
  • regular application necessary
  • careful preparation of the tooth impressions is important
  • unfortunately there is limited stock available, be sure to check availability by clicking the button below

Who is the target group for Byte Impression Kit?

The aligner for straight teeth has several target groups. The Aligner technology for beautiful teeth is aimed at all those who complain about tooth gaps, large interdental spaces, slanted teeth and other dental disharmonies. However, anyone who orders invisible aligners should be careful and disciplined. Because only if braces for straight teeth are worn at least 22 hours a day can they achieve the desired effects.

The whitening technologies presented by the supplier in his shop are aimed at everyone who wants whiter teeth, wants to combat yellowish discoloration or wants to prevent the development of such discoloration from the outset by consuming nicotine and coffee.

Are there any known side effects or problems?

When the aligners for beautiful teeth are worn for the first time, the manufacturer says it is perfectly normal for pressure pains or other minor discomforts to occur. However, these should disappear over time.

During pregnancy, you should use invisible straight tooth aligners with caution. In many pregnant women, the teeth shift. This means that the aligners need to be adjusted. In addition, some pregnant women find it uncomfortable to wear invisible aligners.

If you are missing a tooth, have wisdom teeth or an implant, you should consult your dentist before using the aligners.

Byte Impression Kit facts

  • no visits to the dentist necessary
  • Duration: only half as long as usual
  • lifetime guarantee

Where can I buy Byte Impression Kit?

You can only order the Impression Kit at the vendor website. By this, you are sure of receiving the exact thing you ordered for without any worries. Here you also have the possibility to order one or more kits. You will also receive a discount code. This promises a discount of almost 70 percent.

That is not all, ordering directly from their website also qualifies you for free shipment to your doorstep anywhere you are.

If you are in the shop menu, the number of Impression Kits you have selected will be reserved for a period of ten minutes. This way, while you are entering your data, you can be sure that no other buyer will snatch the kit from under your nose.

Once you have decided on the number of kits, you will receive an overview of the total costs. However, the shipping costs will only be added once you have entered your place of residence.

Now you have the possibility to choose a payment method. You can choose between Google Pay, PayPal and Amazon Pay. If you choose one of these payment methods, you do not need to provide contact information, as this information is already stored in your Google, PayPal or Amazon account. If you choose to purchase by credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover), your address information will be required.

With a click on “Continue To Shipping” you will be taken to the actual sales page.

Byte Impression Kit Reviews by customers

Online, many users have already commented on the Byte products. In the Google ratings, which are also integrated on the provider’s website, customers report that the aligners for beautiful teeth have already achieved the first visible successes within a very short time period. The extensive support provided by the service team is also repeatedly mentioned in a particularly positive light. Some reviewers even state that invisible aligners have even led to faster success with them than braces they wore in their childhood or even in adulthood.

You can also find some before-and-after pictures on Below. Here you can see not only how much success some users have had, but also how long it took to achieve this success.

Meanwhile see some of the comments by other customers on the byte impression kit

I was honestly super skeptical about trying Byte impression kit, because it wasn’t something my personal dentist had initially recommended. However, I needed something reputable and AFFORDABLE. I’d seen byte offers in my FabFitFun boxes several times and decided to read some reviews and eventually reach out! I’m so glad that I did! From the beginning to now, about 1/3 of the way through my treatment, it’s been so easy! Everyone has been helpful, and I can afford to see the progress in the mirror. A payment option that my husband and I appreciate is Affirm, because we’ve already used it for so much else before.

Briana swyers

I am about 3/4 of the way through the process and I can definitely see some significant difference…the worst part of my teeth was in the front lower area. I am on week 12 and am in need of an aligner adjustment. I contacted them, sent them some pictures and wala they started working on some new adjusted last week aligners for me right away.


Love how easy and convenient it is not having to go back and forth to the dentist and doing everything at home on my own! I love that they have a payment plan option that makes it so much easier for everyone! Im not done yet but so far my experience has been pretty good and the support team is very helpful and responsive, my teeth are starting to look great!

Kyria McDannel

So easy and simple to use with quick results! I was hesitant to get aligners in the past, but after finding out about the nighttime aligners from byte from a social media influencer, I was very interested. Best decision I ever made!

Allyson Gambino

I have struggled with my teeth forever and the byte impression kit has given me my confidence back!!! Costumer service is amazing and the products works wonders. I am so thankful I chose byte. Barely any discomfort and works so fast! My smile is almost where I want it to be only 5 more weeks to go just in time for my vacation.

Jessica Fiedler

What are the benefits of byte impression kit?

Using the byte impression kit comes with wonderful benefits let’s see some of them

  1. You get to save yourself a lot of money, because with a fraction of the amount spent on traditional braces you can get one of the byte alignment kit.
  2. The invisible aligners makes you feel secured as you beam your smile with more confidence, many people hardly smile because of their braces, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore.
  3. You will surely feel less pains of realignment compared to traditional braces
  4. You don’t have to worry ab out any in-office visits you can consult your assigned orthodontist from the comfort of your home
  5. Byte guarantees faster teeth realignment than any other method out there.
  6. It is a double win for you as the byte impression kit offers you both alignment and teeth whitening.
  7. Free shipment to your doorstep.
  8. The company is currently running a huge discount promo, unfortunately the discount won’t last long so make use of this opportunity now

Byte Impression Kit Seal of Quality

The quality of the aligners for beautiful teeth is proven by the fact that you receive a lifetime guarantee when you buy them. If the invisible aligner should ever break or if your teeth should shift due to pregnancy, you can easily order new invisible aligners.

It is also important that you do not have to make the impressions for the aligners yourself. You can get help from the trained specialists and save yourself a lot of time and trouble.

Information about the manufacturer

byte d/b/a byte

3435 Ocean Park Blvd #107-252

Santa Monica, CA 90405

Phone: 866-567-8681

FAQs- Byte alignment kit review

What are byte invisible aligners?

Invisible aligners are these amazing, totally clear plastic devices custom made to fit your teeth. They gradually shift your teeth so that they’re straight and your smile looks great.

Can you do byte treatment at night only?

Yes! The company now offer a premium aligner system that allows you to straighten your teeth while you sleep! Every night, you’ll wear your aligners for a minimum of 10 hours continuously paired with 10 minutes of the HyperByte.

What are byte aligners made of?

Byte invisible aligners are made of a BPA-free highly transparent, medical grade, polymer film. Byte cutting edge aligners are smooth and durable. Don’t let the good looks fool you though, these babies are high impact, tear resistant bad asses that keep your teeth in line while keeping you comfortable.

For someone that has his wisdom teeth removed. Is it too soon to start byte?

It’s a good idea to wait six weeks after having your wisdom teeth removed to start byte. You might be able to start sooner if your surgeon says it’s okay, but we would need a signed release form from the office where you had the procedure done.

Can I do byte if I have a dental implant?

It’s possible. Their dentists will need to take a look at your impressions to know for sure. If you’re not a candidate, you’ll get a refund for the Impression Kit.

Final thought- Byte impression kit

well there you have it. the byte impression kit proven to be the best option for teeth alignment. it is far more better and conducive than the traditional braces.

your teeth is one thing you should always pay attention to and i can guarantee you that byte impression kit will give you that optimum treatment. if you are the type of person that doesn’t want to put on braces because of it’s visibility then this product is for you.

Hurry now and get your hands of the byte alignment kit, it is affordable and you will also enjoy a huge discount.

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