Buzz B gone new 2020 review: Does this device really work?

Most people always watch out for obvious things that could be harmful to them, things like snakes, scorpions and other wild animals out there but they pay less attention to the ones that pose much more threats and by that we mean bugs yes, bugs!

These creature are not only notorious for causing discomfort among us but also for carrying harmful pathogens within them which they transmit through their bites. Chief among them is the mosquitoes. We all know how annoying that thing can be. According to the statistics released by the world health organization (WHO), a record number of over 1 million people die every year from mosquito bites.

Thankfully some people are aware of the dangers of these bugs and put up a fight against them. But do these measures work? Some people make use of crude ways such as; burning rosemary or planting lemongrass while some stick to using insecticide sprays. These methods cannot guarantee your safety from these bugs. Insecticides will only manage to stun the mosquitoes for some hours to let you sleep not kill them. This is the truth most of these companies won’t tell you.  

You may be reluctant to go out on camping trips or hiking because you are worried you or your kids may get ill from mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are not the only things you should be worried about right now there are other bugs out there that are hardly repelled or stunned by these insecticides. The buzzing sound of these bugs are so irritating that it could disturb your goodnight sleep and that’s not a healthy way at all.

Finding the best bug killer in the market has been a priority for families online, if you are one of those people we are happy to tell you that your search has come to an end. Allow us to introduce to you the buzz B gone. From the name of this device, you don’t need anyone to tell what its purpose is for. This is one of the best-selling mosquito and bug zapper on the market as of this instance.

On this review we are going to fill you in on everything you need to know about this awesome device, by the time you get to the last paragraph of this review you will not only know how it works but you’ll be also convinced on whether to buy or not to buy. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get on to it shall we?

What is Buzz B gone?

The buzz B gone is a compact USB enabled bug killer that efficiently traps mosquitoes and other bugs that invade your home, it works by emitting ultra violet light which dehydrates the bugs with the aid of a powerful 360 degree fitted fan which turns at high speed creating a suction which drags the bug to the dehydration compartment. It is cylindrical and also light weighted, portable enough to be carried around to any outing of your choice because it’s sure to fit into any kind of bag.

Buzz be gone

One thing that fascinates us about this device is that it is made to be conducive for us, what we mean by this is that it does not emit any substances like chemicals or even foul smells that can be harmful to you during usage’

Another good thing we noticed about this device is that it comes with a USB cable from where it is powered. Yes this is good because in a situation where you go on a camping trip with no power supply you can power your favorite mosquito killer with your power bank another instance where this is applied is when you’re working with your laptop and you have this terrible hoard of mosquitoes disturbing you, you can easily connect it to your laptops USB port and work peacefully.

Buzz B gone

Another good thing about this device is that it can be handled even by little kids because it is portable, easy to use and most importantly poses no threats.

What are the features of buzz B gone?      

features of Buzz B gone

The buzz B gone comes with some exciting features.

USB cable

The device comes with a 1meter long USB cable which can be connected to a USB port adapter, the cool advantage of this device coming with a USB cable is that it makes it convenient to be also powered using your power bank, laptop and any other USB port, so yes you don’t need to bother about power outage before using your mosquito killer.

360 degree fan  

This is one of the most important features of this device, the buzz B gone has a 360 degree fan which whirls at a speed powerful enough to suck in the mosquitoes or the insects into the containment where they are dehydrated by the UV light.

LED UV light

This is another important component of this device. This is an advanced technology which has been tested and confirmed the ultraviolet light plays phototaxis-thermotaxis role by attracting the bugs to it. The intensity of the UV light is soft so it poses no threat to the user but enough to dehydrate the bugs.


The buzz b gone is built to be convenient to costumers making it easily hand held and able to be carried to where ever you want to go, it fits into any small available space and you can easily slide it into you briefcase when you’re travelling

What are the technical features of buzz B gone?

measurement17cm by 13cm
Power usage5W
Power source1cm USB cord
Toxicity100% non-toxic
RangeUp to 40 meters
technical specification

How does it work?

The buzz b gone works naturally using the using the principle of photo-taxic attraction. We’ll explain.

All these bugs and mosquitoes are naturally drawn to Ultraviolet light. When the device it turned on the UV light attracts the bugs it, and with the aid of the 360 fan, the bugs are sucked through the funnel into catching tray of the dehydration compartment where they are trapped and dehydrated by the rays of the UV light  

What are the benefits of this device?

As a costumer you stand a chance to enjoy a handful of benefits this device comes with

  • Health benefit: You and your family are safe from the pathogens these bugs transmit from their bites thanks to the buzz B gone insect trapper thereby saving you and your family the cost of going for checkups. Generally you get to save money you could have spent on getting expensive drugs to cure treat your family.
  • Freedom to go anywhere: Yes, it’s a benefit, with your portable mosquito killer you can go on that camping trip or vacation with your family without having to worry about mosquito bites.
  • Easy to use: This device doesn’t not require any special skill to operate, it’s easy to operate by almost anyone.
  • Portable: The light weight and portability of the Buzz B gone makes it easy to be carried around, even by a child. It does not take space so you can easily put it into your bag and go anywhere with it.
  • Harmless to the user: this is one problem other mosquito killers have, they pose a kind of threat even to the users insecticides will give choking smells which can be risky to the users mosquito zappers are not safe for the kids as their skin are still tender and can be easily hurt by the electric zaps of that device. The buzz B gone has checkmated all those issues, it does not have any chemicals contents, it does not release any fumes or gas and the ultra violet light is soft and can pose no threat to the user. You can use it in your living room, kitchen and bedroom without any worries.

Pros and cons of the buzz B gone.


  • Very portable
  • Does not contain any chemical component
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable
  • Does not produce sound when functioning


  • A 100% effective bug kill in large area is not fully guaranteed
  • The stock is limited

The untold truth about this device

This is a fact no review site would tell you about buzz B gone, but we will be honest with you about it, if you want to take care of bugs over larger spaces like big fields or ware-houses then a single unit of this device is not enough to do the trick.

So if you are thinking of acquiring this device for that purpose it won’t be that satisfactory unless you purchase more than one unit. But if it’s just for your household, your office or your backyard then go ahead! One unit is enough for you.

How do I operate this device?

As mentioned earlier there is no special skill to be acquire in other to use your favorite bug trapper. The manufacturer of this product produced it bearing in mind it’s meant for everybody. That is why this device was to turned out to be simple and less complicated. These are the steps to using your device.

  • Plug the device in a USB electrical outlet or your powerbank
  • Place in a area where mosquitoes and other bugs pester
  • Turn on an leave the fan to run for atleast 12 hours or over the night
  • After usage, clean up by removing the dehydration compartment which can be opened by turning the handle of the main unit anti-clock wise until the compartment is fully detached
  • After you’re done with discarding the remains of the dead bugs reattach the dehydration compartment by aligning the main unit and the top of the compartment and then turn clock wise continuously until you hear the click sound

Now that wasn’t difficult was it? 

How much is the buzz B gone?

We cannot completely this review without telling you how much this awesome device costs.

 We strongly advise that you purchase from their manufacturers website to avoid being scammed, it may also interest you to know that there is an ongoing discount on the price of this product, but of course you can only enjoy this privilege when you make your purchase from their website.

You think that’s all? Oh no that’s not all, there is a 30 days money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers this shows you how much trust the company has that this product will deliver.

A unit of buzz B gone costs 39.9$, that’s not all there are more interesting packages. Two of this device costs 79.98$ three at 89.99 and get four units at 109.99$. These prices are actually due to the ongoing discount promo, so you may want to take advantage of this opportunity and get yours now.

You can make payment directly through the official website it is totally secured and your detail privacy is guaranteed.

Who is the manufacturer of this device?

 It is important that you know about who you are buying from. Buzz B gone is the brand name of the manufacturer of this device, the same name with the product. This shows you how devoted they are to producing devices like this. They have prioritized the well-being of people and thus produced this safe and harmless device.

You can contact them

By phone:

  • US: 855 265 4475
  • Canada: 844 846 3268
  • AU/NZ: (02) 6145 0887
  • UK: 03308 089391

By Email:

Our conclusion on this device

Before we published this review, we were able to get a unit of this device we tested it out to confirm its amazing features for ourselves and thus far, this device proved its efficiency. We advise you get this device for your family now that the promo is still on

With the buzz B gone in your homes you can kiss goodbye to mosquito terror and other annoying bugs. Give your family that healthy life they deserve

Thank you. 

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