Blast auxiliary desktop ac 2021 review: is it really worth your money?

Blast auxiliary desktop ac ultra review.

I believe I speak for everyone when I say that no one is a fan of heat. Me personally, I cannot stand a hot environment not even one bit! A hot environment has its own way of ruining your mood. First, you get very uncomfortable from the profuse sweating and that is why people detest hot weathers.

Now let us look at the health aspect. A very hot environment can also be a danger to your health. When you stay in a very hot environment for a very long time, your body temperature begins to rise as a result. The increase in temperature may continue until it gets to a specific body temperature threshold. Exceeding this threshold leads to hyperthermia, the dangers of hyperthermia cannot be underestimated. The dangerous and life threatening form of hyperthermia is called the heat stroke.

Heat stroke occurs when the body temperature rises to or exceeds 140 degree Fahrenheit when this happens the person shows symptoms of the following: strong rapid pulse, dry flushed skin, lack of sweating, staggering or coma. Hyperthermia can be treated with proper medical assistance but ultimately, it can be well avoided. How? By simply stabilizing the temperature of your environment.

This coming summer is going to be one of the hottest summers we will see. It is important for everyone most especially the older adults to take the precautionary measures as to avoid the risk of hyperthermia. Naturally, people will find ways to cool their body temperatures during the hot weathers.

The best method of fighting heat is by making use of air conditioners. Installing an AC unit is going to come in handy this summer but unfortunately, it comes with its limitations and that is the price. The cost of buying a good Air conditioner alone is a major reason why not everyone can have it in his or her homes; let us not even mention some couple of bucks you will also have to pay someone to install the AC unit in your home.

People will always look for alternatives and if you are one of them, I can tell you that your search ends here. With inventions of portable air coolers, which can serve you very, well this summer. Of a truth, there are scam products all over the market. Nevertheless, one particular product has really gained popularity over the recent months and that is the blast auxiliary ac unit portable.

Before making this review, I was able to order a unit and check it out for myself before making any write ups here. In this review I will be telling you about my findings with the blast portable ac, facts no one will tell you, and also where you can order yours if you want to buy.

If you still want to know more about this portable air cooler then dive right in.  

What is blast auxiliary desktop ac unit portable?

This is a portable air cooler mainly built to give you a long lasting and refreshing relief from hotter days, the blast portable ac  is believed to be the perfect alternative to a wall air conditioner, wish would most definitely cost you a fortune to buy and install. Personally, I like the look of this portable ac unit. It has a very simple cubic appearance the size is another factor that impresses me it makes it easy to carry around with you to anywhere you want.

blast auxiliary desktop ac ultra review

Blast portable ac unit is cost efficient and very easy to operate and maintain. Unlike your regular wall air conditioners which require continuous reference to the manual just to operate them.

This particular portable ac unit consumes very little power to give you a full refreshing blast of cool air and this is what gave it the name “blast”.

What are the features of blast desktop air cooler?

Blast power fan: this is one of the main features of the blast auxiliary portable ac. The fan is powerful enough to blow cool air at a very high speed. It works the double function of collecting hot air from your space and at the same time blow out cold and refreshing

Water curtain: this is the feature I love the most about blast auxiliary desktop ac. It has a water curtain, which plays the urgent role of trapping dusts, microbes and many other air pollutants, which can pose a threat to you when you inhale them. The water curtains allows moisture to evaporate taking away the dry heat and blowing a cool breeze. The water curtain is easy to access and can easily be removed and cleaned when there is need to.

Three different fans speeds: Unlike many other portable coolers out there in the market, that has just one speed level, this is where the blast auxiliary desktop ac beats its fellow competitors in the market. You can easily interchange your fan speed to any level you want.

Multi-purpose air cooling system: I was also fascinated to discover a feature I have never seen before. The blast auxiliary desktop ac can serve as a humidifier. It’s really amazing. One thing you are definitely going to face this summer is dry heat, which is going to be harsh on your skin. That put into consideration blast portable ac included this amazing feature, which makes it blow of cold mist, which keeps your skin moist and fresh. Blast auxiliary portable ac can also create a cooling breeze or be switched to a regular fan. Whichever you like.

It is wonderful to know that for a low amount of money you can get a fan, a portable ac and a humidifier all in one device.

Noiseless: no loud and obnoxious fan noise to disrupt your concentration, it blows to keep you cool and fresh and you will not even know it’s there.

Adjustable louvers to help you direct cool air to where ever you prefer.

Big capacity tank: this is where water that aids in humidifying your space is stored. I tested how long a full tank can last and found out that a full water tank of blast auxiliary desktop ac can last for up to 48 hours before the need for refilling arises. The tank is very easy to refill when it runs low.

Please note that your blast portable ac will still work perfectly even with an empty water tank. The only difference the cold mist will not be produced if there is no water in the tank. Therefore, to keep yourself fresh from dry heat it is important to fill the tank.

Technical features of blast auxiliary desktop ac.

Product dimension(L) 145mm x (W) 165mm x (H) 165mm
Cooling time3 fan speed in 30 seconds
Water tank capacity450ml
LightingLED night light inside water chamber
Power source5V USB-A port
Input voltageDC 5V

How does it work?

Principally, how blast portable ac works is quite simple, the ac unit portable makes use of evaporative cooling technology to blow cool air turning your room from unbearable to pleasant. With the speed of the fan, blast auxiliary portable ac is able to cool your little space from burning dry hot to refreshing cool.

With the aid of the removable water curtains, this particular portable ac unit also produces a cool mist, which is able to cool dry hot air and give stuff moist breeze, keeping your skin fresh at all times. That’s not all, the water curtains in the same process also act as a filter, trapping Dirt and harmful substances therefore removing any bad smell in your surroundings.

 How can I use the blast auxiliary desktop ac ultra?

Making use of this portable air cooler unit is very easy and straightforward. This is why I can actually call it a device made for everyone.

I’ll be showing you just three easy steps you can operate blast auxiliary desktop ac

Step 1: set your desktop ac on flat surface, attach the power adapter into the port, and plug the other end into a wall outlet.

Step 2: remove the water curtain from the drawer, soak in water and insert back into the drawer.

Step 3: fill the tank with water, choose your preferred setting, and enjoy cool air instantly.

Pros and cons of the blast auxiliary desktop ac ultra


  • Cost effect from of combatting the summer heat.
  • Very easy to understand and use.
  • You can easily take with you to anywhere you want.
  • Can be used as a powerful air cooler or as a regular fan
  • Works as a humidifier
  • You enjoy a 50% early bird discount in price.
  • Superfast doorstep delivery


  • Its only meant for small spaces like your offices or living rooms and might not work when you are trying to cool a large space unless you buy more than one unit
  • Can only be purchased online
  • The 50% discount lasts only for a short while so if you want to enjoy it now maybe your best chance.
  • There is limited number of stock available so before you make your purchase be sure to check if it is still in stock by clicking the button below.

Benefits of blast auxiliary desktop ac ultra

  1. Convenience is the key thing I look out for when I buy products and so far, blast portable ac provides that convenience, due to its size, it can be easily carried from room to room wherever you want it. You can also pack it along with you should you need to travel this summer.
  2. Cost effectiveness is another benefit of this particular portable air cooler. You get to save yourself a lot of money, which would have been spent on installing wall air conditioners and paying extra for the electricity bills as a result of that.
  3. Your surroundings turns from hot to cold in a matter of seconds
  4. Let us not forget about the health benefits this product has to offer. Blast auxiliary desktop ac ultra has a unique way of removing impurities from the air that can be harmful when inhaled.
  5. The sweetest part is the 50% discount price. You get to save so much more if you show buy now.

How can one get the blast auxiliary desktop ac ultra?

Blast auxiliary portable ac can only be purchased online through the company’s official website. This is to ensure that you are not scammed and you will have the guarantee of getting the original device you ordered.

Furthermore buying from the official website qualifies you to enjoy the ongoing 50% discount in price, which is only exclusive to the website.

The website also provides more than one payment options for you to choose from, this include; Paypal option and card payment option (Mastercard, visa, AMEX and many more) this makes more convenient for you

Price of Blast auxiliary desktop ac ultra

Thanks to the 50% price-slash promo, you can get a unit of the blast auxiliary desktop ac ultra for $89.99

That is not all. There are other sweeter discounts you stand to enjoy when you order more than one unit of this portable desktop ac from their website.

Having said that 2 units of the blast auxiliary portable ac sells for $179.98

3 units of this portable air cooler cost $202.99 (best deal)

4 units of the blast auxiliary desktop ac cost $247.99

30 days return policy: the company has shown strong fate in the efficiency of this product and are willing to offer a 30 days return policy to customers who ordered only for their website. so should you not be completely thrilled with your portable ac unit all you have to do is to package it and send it back to them and you get your money refunded.

Blast desktop ac customer care contact

Get connected instantly to the company’s customer care directly for any questions you may have at all. I will be providing the phone numbers below

with the numbers provided above, you can reach their agents, who are active 24/7 to attend to you.

What makes blast auxiliary desktop ac ultra very special?

This is the particular question I kept asking myself before making this review, why are people rushing this particular air cooler online? What made it special? However, when I ordered to check it out myself, it turned out that this portable air cooler is really worth every praise people threw at it.

Unlike many other air coolers units and traditional fans the blast desktop ac adds moisture to the air serving the additional role of a humidifier. This prevents your skin, eyes and nasal passages from drying up and becoming irritated because of the burning heat. It can also serve as a normal fan if you want.

Furthermore, this desktop ac can be easily adjusted without having to move the entire unit. This is one thing many other air coolers lack. You can easily move the louvers to whichever direction you want.

Who needs blast auxiliary desktop ac ultra?

If we are going to be honest, not everybody really needs this portable air cooler, if you can afford the expensive wall air conditioner and pay the electricity excess bills as a result of using it then, using a portable ac like blast ac unit portable may not be for you.

However, considering the need to save money and at the same time combat the annoying summer heat, even people that have wall air conditioners go for the blast portable ac as an alternative. Making this desktop ac unit a device for everyone.

Furthermore, there are people that may find themselves in parts of the world with little or no electricity, the ability of the blast desktop ac ultra to blow chilled air with very little electric consumption makes it fit to work perfectly with any low-end generator.

Cautionary measures to take when using blast desktop ac ultra

  • When the device is filled with water, please don’t tilt or invert to avoid leakage.
  • When transporting while filled with water keep the base parallel to the ground
  • If you don’t plan using blast portable ac for an extended period of time. I strongly recommend that you empty and let the unit and water curtain to dry before store. For immediate use, pre-soak the water curtain with water for 45-60 minutes before placing into the device.
  • If there is a mold on the water curtain discontinue use and discard the water curtain

Customer review on the blast desktop ac

I used to sleep with a fan beside my bed, but I found it to be too loud! If I was reading beforehand, the breeze was always bothersome. The Blast Auxiliary Desktop AC Ultra unit gives me all the cold air I could ask for, but without all the hassles of my old fan. It’s great.


I bought this as a present for my dad who has a tiny workroom for his rock polishing projects. He loves it. Now he can do what he loves for longer because he’s more comfortable.


“I’m really bad with technology but this was way easier to use than an AC unit with a billion buttons. I just filled up the water tank and on really hot days added ice and I was cool in seconds. My husband keeps stealing one so I may just get another!”


FAQs- Blast desktop ac review

Is the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC Ultra noisy?

absolutely not, with blast desktop ac next to you on your work desk you are sure of maximum concentration. it does not give off that obnoxious sound unlike most other portable ac units in the market

How often do I need to change the water curtain?

it depends on the usage, the water curtains should be changed every 3 to 6 months

Does the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC Ultra use a lot of electricity?

No, the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC Ultra runs highly efficiently using evaporation technology that removes heat and produces cool air at low power consumption.

Can I buy this product in store?

No you can not, blast desktop ac is only available online with limited stock, this ensures you get the correct product you ordered for and also enjoy the ongoing 50% discount

How do I set up the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC Ultra?

It’s very simple, all you need to do is plug it in. Every Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC Ultra ships with an easy-to-understand user guide with care instructions for ease-of-use.

How many people will the Blast Auxiliary Classic Desktop AC Ultra cool?

now this a very important question. it is important to know that a single unit of is recommended only near each single person’s space of work or leisure.

Final verdict- blast auxiliary desktop ac review

It is no longer news that in these modern days new innovations keep surfacing to make life easy for us, the use of portable ac has proven to be a major alternative to wall air conditioners but the blast auxiliary desktop ac ultra has its own uniqueness and I can attest to how well it will serve people this summer.

if you are currently here on this page it means you want an alternative to the power consuming and expensive air conditioner and i can confidently recommend you get this particular air cooler it is easy to handle, cost effective and most importantly consumes very little electricity

I personally will rate blast auxiliary portable ac as one of the best buys in the portable air cooler market today

I have not seen an air cooler that performs up to three different tasks yet this affordable like the blast portable ac, it serves as a normal fan, an air cooler and also a humidifier

i will advice my customers to take part in the ongoing 50% discount and get this device for the summer before its becomes late.

Thank you for your time

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