Airjoi charcoal purifier review 2023: Buyers beware!! see shocking facts!

Airjoi charcoal purifier review

Nothing changes moods like a foul smell. No matter how happy I am, a foul smell will always change my mood negatively. Foul smells are awful in all aspect most especially in the health aspect. Now health wise, we must know that a lot of these foul odors are as a result of harmful microbes which can be toxic when inhaled. Therefore, in other words, most bad smells can actually leave you with some serious health issues.

Statistically, it was discovered that 15% of lung cancer cases recorded in the United States where not caused by Cigarette smoking. Therefore, you do not need anyone to tell you what those alternate causes are.

It is important to make efforts to remove these odors not just for your health but to protect the health of our little kids at home whose lungs may not have strong resistance to these airborne microbes.

Therefore, the interesting question here is. how can you get rid of odors? In your homes or your cars? A quick answer might pop up to you and that is Air-fresheners. Air fresheners are good no doubt, it gives you house that sweet smell right? And then wears off in matter of minutes if we’re lucky hours. The truth is that air fresheners do not take away the foul smells it only envelopes these microbes for a period of time. That is why the bad smell comes back right after.

Air fresheners are cheap, I used to be a huge fan of air fresheners until I had to sit down one day and calculate the total amount of money I have spent on only air freshener cans just this year. That was when I found out that I have spent close to $700 on just air freshener cans. Do they get rid of the foul smell completely? Absolutely Not.

I started seeking alternatives, better alternatives. Then a friend of mine introduced me to one product currently trending right now. In fact, she sounded so sure about the product that I had to get one for myself and check it out. What could go wrong? it’s very affordable anyway. In addition, that product is the airjoi charcoal purifier. I’m going to be honest, my first impression of this product when it arrived wasn’t really that positive and that’s because of its small size. I kept wondering how this could really do the trick. After 2 months of usage, I decided to make this article review on this product, so that people can actually learn the truth.

So, is the airjoi worth the hype? Is it worth your money? You can only find out if you continue reading this article.

What is the airjoi charcoal bag?

The airjoi charcoal purifier bag is a natural odor absorber that effectively cleans and purifies the air around you. Which in turn takes away the bad odor around you leaving you with fresh and refined air. An air deodorizer uses bamboo charcoal as its working mechanism to get rid of bad smell. It does this by killing off air borne microbes which can cause you harm when inhaled.

airjoi charcoal purifier

By doing that, it keeps your airspace fresh and free from bad odor, without any use of chemicals or fragrances. This means that you do not have to be bothered about your safety and that of your kids due to any strong smells or safety issues. It is 100% organic and eco-friendly too.

I also like the way it was packaged. The bags are small in size, which makes it convenient for you to keep it at corners of your house without it been spotted by your visitor or your kids


From its looks, you might start to have doubts on how this charcoal bag purifies the air in your space. Knowing how airjoi works is very important, it will help you determine how helpful the product can be in your particular home environment.

Each bag of airjoi contains activated charcoal. The bamboo charcoal are actually porous, they contain tiny air spaces. These airspaces do not only soak up air contaminants they are also germicidal to those harmful microbes in the air. By trapping these contaminants in its air spaces, the activated charcoal in the airjoi charcoal bag takes away the bad odor in your homes or cars for good.

Activated charcoal in the airjoi makes use of the principle of absorption. Collecting pollutants on the surface of the material as it passes by. It’s more like sieving out the bad air from the good one.


For effectiveness, the best places to use your airjoi charcoal purifier for a more perfect result is in small rooms or vehicles where air does not escape. Airjoi is not meant for big room spaces but you can always improvise by buying more than one of it.

The bag will take several days to a week to remove bad odors completely. And this depends on the degree of the airflow in the room you are placing it in.

Place the airjoi bag in the room you want to purify; wait a couple of days and you should start to see changes your room’s smell.

Once a month, you will need to place your airjoi charcoal bag in direct sunlight for at least two hours. This is to allow the UV rays from sunlight to completely neutralize the contaminants your charcoal bag has absorbed.


This part of this review is actually my favorite; initially for me I never thought the airjoi could actually have an edge over other air purifiers.

A scentless air purifier: The number one reason airjoi charcoal stands out is the fact that emits no fragrance unlike other air freshners in the market. Some fragrances can actually be very coarse and as such a nuisance to the user. Furthermore, some people are actually allergic to some fregrances. Therefore, if you are one of such people, then you will have no problems at all using airjoi.

Leaves no room for pollution: when compared to air ionizers, air ionizers release fumes that traps the particles causing these bad smells by binding to these air borne microbes and bringing them to the ground or on any surface. This can make your room very dusty and you will to clean up after usage. Airjoi is at times preferred for the fact that it leaves no particles or dusts during usage.

Spend less while getting rid of the bad smell: although the air ionizers and air purifiers do an amazing jobin taking away 99% allergens and odors in little to no time. I’m still going to prefer the airjoi over them. The airjoi charcoal purifier is very affordable and with just a fraction of the amount used in purchasing these advanced purifiers you can get yourself on of these bad boys. You see these machines range from prices as from $85 to beyond $500 depending on how big your room is. The downside of these machines is that you will need to keep spending at least $15 to $25 extra to have their filters replaced from time to time.



  • Very easy to use
  • The most affordable method of air purification
  • The safest method of removing bad odor
  • Airjoi does not release and form of chemical nor fragrance.
  • Convenient to take with you to anywhere you want.


  • A single bag of airjoi charcoal bag will not be enough to purify a larger room. It is specifically designed for smaller rooms. To do that you will have to improvise. This is done  by purchasing more than one bag and placing each bag at different corners of the room.
  • It is not effective to remove pollutants from carpets and this is because airjoi bags take a lot of time to work. I am talking about 4 to 7 days before effectively removing bad smells
  • The airjoi is not good for places with dust, pollen or pet dander.


If you are the type of person that likes to store your shoes in your room, airjoi charcoal bags can actually be helpful. Shoes are known to actually house these harmful microbes and bacteria. To remove these germs its better you place your charcoal bags in those rooms.

If you have allergies to fregrances, then airjoi is the best method for you, as it has no fragrance at all. the airjoi charcoal bag contains no chemical substance nor scent so you don’t have to worry about a thing when making use of it.

You can improve your personality at home, your workplace or even inside your vehicles thanks to airjoi. By using this product, you don’t have to feel embarrassed by the shabby smell in your rooms or your cars. Place the bags inside your room and in matter of days and watch it boost your confidence.

Its really easy to use, it requires no skill nor procedures what so ever compared to other products in the market. All you need to do is just place the airjoi bag in your closets, rooms or cars and that’s just it.

Where to buy the airjoi charcoal bags.

Because of the level of popularity these bamboo charcoal bags, airjoi can be found in almost all stores in the United States. If I am to give you my honest opinion I’ll advise you to make a purchase from their company’s official website. Buying from the company’s website certifies that you enjoy any ongoing discount and it also ensures that you get the original product.

You don’t have to worry about any delay in delivery. Once your ordering from the united states your product get delivered to your door step the very next day. That’s how good they are.


From their website a single bag of the airjoi cost just $19.99

$39.99 gets you two charcoal bags and an extra free bag making it 3 bags in total.

$59.95 gets you 3 airjoi bags + 2 free

$99.95 gets you 5 airjoi charcoal bags + 5 free airjoi bags and free shipping

$159.95 gets you 8 bags + 12 free bags and then free shipping

The site makes use of two different payment methods, which are paypal or credit card method.

If you are ordering from the website, you can also enjoy a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your order.


Absolute black magic. I have a few examples but by far the best example is my dogs’ bedroom. I have 5 dogs, they all nap in the same room because the floor is cold and it’s Texas. I hooked one of these up on the wall behind one of their crates and high enough up no one could get it and left it for about 4 hours. When I came back four hours later, There was no smell at all. These are fantastic!

Stephanie L. – Dallas, TX

I’ve used other brands of these in the past and these are by far my favorite! I even got an email from the owner asking me about my purchase and if I was satisfied. Seems like now with everything that customer service is nonexistent but not with this company!! Super pleased with the product and the company. I will definitely buy this again in the future!

Joseph M – Vallejo, CA

I am a part time smoker. I only smoke in one designated room in the house. I put these little wonders in the room and by the end of the day…voila…the room smelled fresh again! Truly did not expect such great results! Will order more when these are ‘used up’. Do not know, yet, how long they will work. But I am super glad to have an alternative to smelly air fresheners or noisy air purifiers.

Ashley R. – Chicago, IL

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Final verdict

Honestly, the airjoi charcoal purifier is a good buy to get rid of the bad odor but i am still not going to rate it higher than the expensive air purifiers and air ionizers out there given the fact that it takes a matter of days to get rid of the bad smells.

but then when it takes away these bad smells it does so very thoroughly and with no side effects whatsoever. if you are a person that is allergic to fragrances then the airjoi charcoal bag will serve you perfectly.

another good thing about it is the price. with as little as $30 dollars you get yourself one of these charcoal bags which will serve you nonstop for years unlike the more expensive purifier which will require you buying filters every now and then.

thank you for your time.

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